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Report: Arsenal 5 – 0 Nottingham Forest (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 5 – 0 Nottingham Forest
Competition: Premier League
Date: 30 October 2022
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus

Subs: Hein, Tierney, Holding, Cedric, Lokonga, Vieira, Nelson, Marquinhos, Nketiah

Concerns about a loss of form were premature as Arsenal romped past Nottingham Forest 5-0 at home.

Martinelli scored early in the first half but Arsenal raised their tempo after the break, resulting in a brace by Nelson (came on for an injured Saka), a lovely long range effort from Partey and a strike from Odegaard seal an emphatic home win for the Gunners.


Arsenal’s starting line-up remained unchanged from the away game to Southampton. It sees Tomiyasu keeping his place on the left side of defence alongside Gabriel, Saliba and White.

Young goalkeeper Karl Hein replaced the injured Matt Turner on the bench.

First Half

Seeing how Nottingham Forest defended so deep from the whistle, it looked like an attack v defence routine at the Emirates.

Arsenal had to be patient and it was not always easy for the defenders and Partey to find a passing option further ahead. Come the fourth minute, Arsenal made some headway down the left wing. Martinelli sent a nicely zipped pass for Saka on the right who returned the ball into the middle for Martinelli to bravely dive and head the ball in to goal. 1-0 Martinelli

“Everyone has a plan until you get hit in the face” – Forest were unsure on whether they should commit to their plan or push for an equaliser after conceding so early. No such problems for Arsenal who probed patiently for a second goal. Jesus was particularly impressive charging down lost causes and valiantly putting his body in front of defenders to receive long passes, even when dwarfed by the opposition centre back.

One worry for Arsenal fans was the substitution of Bukayo Saka on 26 minutes. The winger was on the receiving end of a couple of tackles on his ankle. He tried to shake off the discomfort but eventually had to make way for Reiss Nelson.

The substitution also coincided with a lack of cutting edge and obvious chances created against Forest for the rest of the half despite dominating possession. The biggest chance of the half arrived for Forest though, with Gabriel nonchalantly passing out to Lingard in the box whose attempt was blocked by White who was quick to sense the danger.

Second Half

The start of the half was all about raising the tempo. Arteta was seen from the sides shouting to get the team to pass and move more quickly. A quick pass on the 48th minute down the inside left channel for Xhaka opened up the Forest defence. He pulled back for Jesus who laid off for Nelson. Nelson’s attempt was saved but made no mistake with the rebound. 2-0 Nelson

The winger was flying. It didn’t take long for him for double his tally, again coming from a quick counter attack. Martinelli moved the ball to the right for Jesus and Odegaard. The two couldn’t find a way past the retuning defenders but Nelson found some space in the 6 yard box. Jesus floated a simple ball in and Nelson needed only a tap-in to put the team three goals ahead. 3-0 Nelson

Just before we had time to savour the moment, Nelson was involved again in Arsenal’s fourth. He received the ball high up the right and laid off for an oncoming Partey outside the box. Partey’s curled side foot evaded Henderson and sent the stadium wild. 4-0 Partey

Jesus, who was excellent throughout, deserved a goal and was ever so hungry to make his mark. However, his finishing was just slightly lacking when the opportunities arose. A chipped ball in by Partey for Jesus offered him a 1v1 with the ‘keeper only for a touch to push the ball a little too wide for him to finish.

Jesus was also a fraction off from connecting with White’s flick-on at a corner that would have given him that gloss on his performance.

But if you can’t score, assist. After he set up Nelson for his goal, Jesus had his second assist of the game for Odegaard on the 77th minute. He held the ball really well on the edge of box and passed it on the captain. Usually preferring to pass, Odegaard fought his instincts and lashed the ball in to make it five goals for the Gunners. 5-0 Odegaard

All the worries about slipping standards and fatigue from a gruelling October were laid to rest with the best result of the month.

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Five star

Bleeding gums murphy

Needed that. Goals will come for Jesus. If partey stays fit, you never know. Such a wonderful player.

Living stone

What a dominant performance! This is what an actual RESET looks like! Don’t know if city,breathing down our neck,will propel morale and keep us on top but whatever pushes us to perform like this is most welcomed.I’m elated.


Great result to get us back on track, and a clean sheet to boot. Fantastic impact also from Nelson – MOTM for me. Well done lads!

Walter White

Reiss feels like an early Christmas Present.



We really need our fringe players to step it up. Can’t just keep running the same starting XI into the ground, as saw today with Saka. I’m really glad that Nelson made such a strong impact, long may it continue!

Cooked Patino

Nelson pulling an Nketiah from the hat. Chapeau


Great result! Hope Nelson can continue his goalscoring performance. And….Jesus needs to get the monkey off his back, should’ve scored 2 or 3 goals….


Reiss was brilliant. But Partey man of the match for me. When he is on song he is just simply out of this world. He was spraying passes all over the place today like bullets racing out of an AR.

Already know Potter is sitting somewhere thinking of how to mark him heavily on Sunday.


Agree. When he is good the team is good. When he’s not, like on Thursday, the team suffers. And when he is absent, well, look at the end of last season

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Even the goals aside, he did look very composed on the ball, had some neat touches, and good movement. Very good game Reiss.

Gervinho is Driving

Quick, sell him to Newcastle



Olawale Olayemi

Arsenal got her groove back

Bleeding gums murphy

You can’t say her 😜


Partey was an absolute beast today


When was the last time we crushed a team that easily? No heart attacks etc.
I`m really looking forward to the game against City.

Reality check

Spurs, Brentford..


Flawless victory!


But Saka


Hes just saving himself for chelsea

Aussie Gooner

Reis Nelson played like that 50 million winger we were so desperate to sign. If he keeps his cameos up, why not sign him up. But that’s a big IF.

Back where we belong..

Aussie Gooner

I meant keep the level of performance in his cameos up..


The goals did him a whole world of good. He started playing a lot better after. Hope that shot of confidence takes his level a notch or two up — especially if Saka is out for a while.

Nice, quiet cameo from Cedric, too. They are going to help us during this nightmarish fixtures.


Agree. He felt a bit lost on the right side mostly passing it backwards, but a big change after scoring.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m assuming it’s a minor knock and he’ll be alright for Sunday or possibly Thursday, but if he were to miss the world cup, wouldn’t that benefit Arsenal


And by the way Gareth Southgate, Ben White is also excellent at CB too.


Sssssh !!! Let’s keep him fit for us but you’re right Easily the best defender at Englands disposal Wherever he plays in the back line

El Chapeau

I’m pleased as punch for Reiss Nelson.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He has certainly earnt a start against Zurich this week.


It’s great to finally see some goals in Nelson’s column.

Delicious Beer

Have to say I wasn’t brimming with confidence when I saw Nelson coming on but, man, he was excellent and not just on the goals and assist. He looked so assured and waltzed right in like he plays in the first 11 every week. Finally a fringe player stamping their authority on a game!


Hahahaha who needs raphina when you have Nelson?

Guns Up

Nelson now has more goals on the season, I believe!!


Raphina was destined for Europa League…he just chose the ling way hahaha


So happy for Reiss. You could see his confidence grow and grow as the match progressed. And Partey…such a boss.


Has saka been pipped? Of course not but per an announcer Ress has given the manager a selection headache. Next sentence was about lack of depth. Sometimes you shake your head.

nice win


The ‘Real real real acid test is now Chelsea’… Jokes aside, great performance with top goals. Hope Saka is okay for the Chelsea clash.

Onwards and upwards!


I daresay the BBC will be reporting again that we are “only’” two points clear of City….

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I would like to know how many teams have had a better start after 12 games, in say the last 10 years.
As Jose would say “Respect”


Normal service resumes. Take a bow Reiss Nelson


What a performance! Reiss was really excellent. Shout out to him. Jesus really made me laugh though. He tried everything today, never let his head drop, made some great assists, but whenever it looked like he might score something conspired against him. He’ll score again, probably against Chelsea. He’s too good not to.


3 assists from Jesus today. I’ll take it.

We’ll call those three assists Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Spanish Gooner

He’s reminding me more and more of 2014-2018 Benzema with his linkup and unselfish play.


Arteta: the lack of goals has to end.
The lads: yes boss, here’s 5 for you!
Great showing COYG

Man Manny

That is it! That was always going to come someday. Bring on Chelsea.
I hope we didn’t make more than five changes though: I couldn’t keep up with the substitutions anymore.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Saliba being subbed off was sensible management. He had just committed a soft foul, so the next one would have been a yellow, which would have been his fifth of the season and ruled out for Chelsea.

Arteta thinking two steps ahead.

You’re spot on mate. But why keep Partey on beyond the 70th minute when we were already 4 goals up? Same argument could also be made for Jesus, who was one yellow card away from missing the Chelsea match.


Feels like something to moan about for the sake of it.

Partey has to be able to do 90 mins, and I think he wanted Jesus to get the goal he needs. No big deal. Don’t worry about shit that didn’t happen! Enjoy the win 😉

Hair on Ram's Tail

You can’t sub out everyone. I think he chose the right ones.

Guns Up

I also think Arteta and the players consider things like this a LOT less than some of us do. I imagine Arteta is very aware of the situation and trusts his players to not pick up a silly yellow. And if they do, he trusts the next man up to do the job against Chelsea.

Brady’s bunch

God we were good today 😊 Ben white had a great game as did partey you could see Nelson’s confidence rising as the minutes went on, his first goal was quality 👍🏻

Nelson made a great fake on the first goal, left one defender completely out of it and another too far away to do anything. That’s why he was able to get the rebound after the save, those 2 defenders couldn’t get near it.

Alan Sunderland

The love island Lauren has been player of the season for me so far.

Brady’s bunch


Living stone

What a dominant performance! This is what an actual RESET looks like! Don’t know if city,breathing down our neck,will propel morale and keep us on top but whatever pushes us to perform like this is most welcomed.I’m elated.

I’ll take 3 assists from Jesus in every match, even if he doesn’t score.


Nelson – he was buzzing today! Now, he should build on that, we need all the help & rigor from across the team to go the distance!!


Lovely beginning to 4 games in 11 days. Squeaky bum time in October.

Teryima Adi

Apologies to Sir Ferguson – squeaky bum time😄


I’m so happy for Reiss, man! And how good was Thomas Partey today?


Sorry but I meant to add difference this week vs Leeds or Southampton is NF did not kick or grab on every Arsenal possession. NF tried to play within their limited system.

Boy Bastin

A game of two (different) halves. Same old, same old in the first 45 minutes really – early goal, great build up, but little cutting edge. Completely different in the second half as we all know. Presumably Arteta pushed the reset button at the break. Well done all, particularly young Nelson.

The only two small negatives were Saka’s injury – hopefully not serious – and Jesus not scoring, although he did almost everything but.

One Gooner forecast 5:0 earlier, so I hope he had money on it!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I’m not a gambler, but I will stand on my sofa and take a bow.

Just had a gut feeling for 5-0.

It was the first time our strongest team were playing at home since the Liverpool game, Forest will probably finish 20th this season, and we were due a big win.


I love this Arsenal! Strange sight, Arteta seated and chilled during a match. Long may it continue! Buzzing for Reiss, who’s arguably the first real spark from Team B this season. Not sure how Jesus managed to miss those sitters. Got to be the mental thing Arteta talked about then. Hope Saka’s injury isn’t serious. Aside that, fantastic performance and result overall !


I just feel so bad for Jesus at the moment. He is trying hard but the goals are just not coming his ways. Very unlucky guy. 5 goals to Arsenal and Jesus not on scoreboard is weird.
But I know certainly the goals will come against Chelsea.
Great job team. I am so happy


The goals will come for him, no doubt about it.

The great thing is that even though our main striker is going through a lean spell, everyone else is weighing in with some well taken strikes and headers.

And as for Jesus – his hard work alone ensures that it’s a case of sooner rather than later.

A couple for him against Chelsea would be just what the Doctor ordered.

Brady’s bunch

Don’t worry Jesus will rise again 😊

Dave Cee

Lovely! Great to see Reiss Nelson make such a positive impact too. Would be really happy to see him make the grade with us. The talent is there, the self belief just seemed to be lacking before. Hopefully this performance is the spring board for him

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I think Reiss has more potential to make it than Nketiah does. Let’s see how they go

Dave Cee

Also, Partey is so inconsistent. When he plays badly he is awful, when he plays well, wow, the difference is just huge


2.3 points a game last season when he played, 0.8 a game when he didn’t. Only loss this season in the PL he didn’t play. Consistent enough?

Pastor Simon

The Arsenal of our dream.
Partey is an underrated gem
Saliba a sleek Rolls-Royce.

5 Star performance




Emi Rates

If all the nay sayers, spud fans and other begrudgers were to be believed today was meant to be the day it all came apart. It didn’t. Instead we shoved it right up their negative arses. Nottingham Forest included.



Where’s almighty ‘gOD’? 😂


A fantastic result and a good all round display from everyone, particularly Nelson, who stepped in well when Saka had to go off. My MotM and surely an immediate replacement if required on Thursday. Which brings me nicely to my only gripe; how many more injuries is it going to take for us to sustain before someone gets a fucking grip on these utter frauds who have the gall to call themselves Premiership referees? Seriously, are we talking another horror story of the Eduardo/ Aaron Ramsey variety? Sorry to moan after a 5-0 victory, but I sincerely hope Mikel Arteta… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Extremely poor standard of refereeing this season right across the board even var is worse this year 🤬

Emi Rates

Cue some Guardian guff about “refs are sacred and criticising them equals harassment”.


Agreed, and MOTD were complicit in their usual fashion. I only listened to the game(on the radio) and wanted to see the challenge for myself. As usual, they whitewashed it out, their highlights beginning a few moments later with the Martinelli goal. It meant that when he went off, there was no clear reason as to why. I hoped that there would be some discussion of the incident in the analysis, but as usual nothing, save mild worries about his England place. If this doesn’t change, he could end up as another Wilshere. A career ruined by lesser players constantly… Read more »

Maul Person

So so glad Nelson got the opportunity and those goals. Of course it sucks that his appearance came at the expense of Saka but he certainly took it. It may just be a fluke but I’ve wanted this for him for so long.

Beyond that, what a way to put Thursday’s disappointment behind us. COYG!!

Hair on Ram's Tail

All we are saying, is give Reiss a chance!

Maul Person

Hope to hear a slightly different tune on the Arsecast tomorrow! Neither is ever positive about Nelson. It’s probably the one thing I disagree with them on.

Brady’s bunch

I’ll get your coat for you


Nelson is a traditional right winger not a inverted winger, same with Jordon Sancho. They some how see the game better from the right, why this is so I don’t know. I hope arteta see that now and be more incline to use him when saka need a break or earlier sub rotating with saka, well at least until season ends.


Those goals did Reiss the world of good and he started taking players on which he was always reluctant to do. Great win and a clean sheet at home which will hopefully shut up commentators who seem to love stats like that. Happy days


and no-one is talking about why Tomi started ahead of KT !

Brady’s bunch

My guess would be trying to keep him fit for the whole season


Nelson was great from the right side but on switching sides he was not that effective. Don’t know if the instructions were different or playing style didn’t help. Did anyone else notice it?

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