Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tomi at left back again: Arsenal v Nottingham Forest team news

Arsenal take on Nottingham Forest at the Emirates today, looking for three points to return to the top of the table.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus

Subs: Hein, Tierney, Holding, Cedric, Lokonga, Vieira, Nelson, Marquinhos, Nketiah

Nottingham Forest: Henderson, Cook, Awoniyi, Gibbs-White, Lingard, Kouyate, Yates, Freuler, Aurier, McKenna, Lodi

Subs: Hennessey, Worrall, Mangala, Williams, O’Brien, Surridge, Johnson, Dennis, Boly

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Bounce back time after a couple blips. Jesus will be in the goals today #COYG

Baron the pit

Strongest starting eleven..at home..COYG!


There are no easy games in EPL! Let’s do this Mikel’s Armada!


Kieran to come on and score


Same team that has struggled in PL last two weeks in a row. Pity we don’t quite have the squad to be able to change things around?
I would have liked White in CB for Saliba who has made a few mistakes recently, Tomi and RB and Tierney at LB. Beyond that not much we can do.
Come on guys, let’s get a W to go back top of the league.


We haven’t changed things around because this is, or is close to, our best starting 11. I say play them every week. As for Saliba, I think he gets even better by playing through those mistakes

Boy Bastin

The trouble with that is that we can’t play them every week over the 38 games season, never mind about the three cup competitions. Sooner or later fatigue, injury and/or suspensions will whittle down the first-choice team. That’s where the strength (or lack of it) across the squad will be a (the) main factor. So far, the evidence is that we don’t have that strength and unless Arteta/Edu can do something in the January window it may well come to haunt us in the second half of the season.


Not quite though, is it, if we’re leaving our LB on the bench and playing our RB at LB instead?


Honestly our bench is too light ..we dont have players who we can beat our chest to say this one can change the game.all the same i hope whoever is on the bench when called upon comes to play as if he want to take the position ..
Lets get 3point n move on
#COYG 🔴⚪


Need to see all of our Gabis playing well today. If we don’t get quick start we’ll need to show patience against a low low block. When we score, don’t just sit back, go for the goals.


At home against a team who will park 10 men behind the ball it seems bizarre to me that Tomi is still ahead of KT at LB….

Glenn Helder Trio

Yeah agreed, love Tomi but I thought after last week that KT would start today for sure, especially as he went off quite early on Thursday (I thought because he was being saved to come I to the first 11). Starting to think something must be up now…


Maybe he’s been saved , because he needs to rest for Thursday game and is not 100% fit.


I’ve seen people say similar for the last 3 weeks. He’s just not being picked.


I guess everybody thought KT would start because it is obvious that he is far more comfortable playing forward. I could understand why Tomy played LB because we had Mo Salah to defend against. But if we’re not playing counter attack at home against Forest then I guess only Ma knows any other plausible explanation. As if we want to push KT out of the squad and he has not deserved that. If I remeber correctly before the Liverpool game MA told KT that playing Tomy on left back before him was tactical decision.


He only went because he was awful against PSV.

Go Mik

Tomi to play like a left sided Partey is why


Tomi vs Liverpool looked an inspired idea, weeks later its starting to look a worry. Every report I read said we’ve looked better once Tierney’s come on, why the hell is he not starting??


Tierney at LB is like having another attacking option on the pitch especially against a team that will sit deep. His continued absence– especially with Zinchenko out — continues to baffle me.


Totally agreed with you. Something’s definitely up with Tierney and the boss, Tierney doesn’t look like he’s not fit or something so I’m wondering what’s going on with him. Tierney offers more attacking threats than Tomi will ever offer on the left IMO. Another thing might be that inside field support that Zinchenko does and Tierney is not too comfortable with I guess.


Re: the inverting thing, Tomi is not comfortable with it either. We have not really done that particular move with Zinny out Starting Tomi at LB has limited us in attack. It was easy to mark Martinelli out of the game last Sunday because he really didn’t get overlapping runs from Tomi. (This is not a barb at Tomi at all. He is one of my favourites).


100% Henkamp. I definitely get picking Zinchenko over KT if that’s a key requirement but Tomi is no better than KT at it


Can anybody suggest a decent streaming site showing the game?

Naked Cygan

Tommy is a great defender on the left but going forward we don’t get much from him. Tierney gives us better options going forward but his form has been poor lately. Not the same player he was when he joined us. Won’t be an easy game today for sure.


Until today KT had played more minutes than Toni, about 700 each. So let’s not make an issue about this. COYG

Man Manny

Apart from the Liverpool game, I am yet to see what Tomiyasu at LB accomplishes. Rather, what I have seen is a near non-existent attacking threat from him and a poor combination with Martinelli. I hope we get a win of any sort today. Nottingham Forest are gradually perfecting their defensive game – they are now the most difficult team to break down in the EPL.
Our boys must do better than Thursday to stand any chance today.


Be a good game to stop looking glum & feeling sorry for ourselves Just get back to a bit more enjoyment of playing get the crowd going early & look to impose ourselves on them ! Enough of the we’re a bit tired & a bit under pressure shit ! Have a look man we’re top for a reason !

Boy Bastin

The problem is that the form that took us to the top of the PL isn’t the form that we’ve shown, generally speaking in the last few PL games (and in the EL as well – so it’s not just a “PL problem”). The Forest game would seem the best place to start to recapture that earlier form. We have to really as continuing to play as we have been simply will not keep us at the top of the PL for much longer.

Boy Bastin

We must get the three points and the team selection confirms it.

cereal killer

Honestly i am scared of forest …. I hope we win.

At home to the worst team in the league so if I don’t predict 5-0 today I never will.

Boy Bastin

On paper, you’re 100% correct. On the pitch …


Why do I have this persistent feeling this is going to be a tough one…


almost there !!!

Frimpong Diplomacy

spot on with the prediction


Well done! Now please advise me on next week’s lottery numbers.


Squeaky bum time here we come again… Why are we so blasé at 1-0 is a mystery to me.

Boy Bastin

So far, it’s “same old, same old” isn’t it. Arsenal, as usual, start like a train – early goal, great build up play, more goals surely and then … The problem is that it’s almost all build up – there’s very little real cutting edge at the end of it. I’m still not clear whether we’ve had the Arteta “reset” – if we have, he needs to push the button again – and probably unplug from the mains as well – as I can’t see anything that’s really different from the last few games. Hopefully, we’ll get a second goal… Read more »


That aged as well as I’d have liked it


I think your squeaky bum sorted by grease nelson


Give it to Nelson cos we want a goal !


Give it to Nelson coz he needs a ball !!


Reiss Nelson, take a bow son!!!!
Wow, wow
PS. Lokonga take your chances


It’s rare to watch a game with no nerves and just enjoy it…..GOYG flawless victory!!

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