Sunday, April 21, 2024

Martinelli: We’re talking, I want to stay

Gabriel Martinelli says he’s in talks with Arsenal over a new contract and “of course” wants to stay.

Signed from homeland side Ituano in 2019, the Brazilian attacker has become an integral part of Mikel Arteta’s squad in the last couple of seasons.

He last signed a contract extension in July 2020 while he was recovering from new surgery and the deal lasts through until 2024 with the Gunners retaining an option to extend it by another year.

“Of course, I want to stay,” he told reporters after scoring in Sunday’s 3-2 win over Liverpool.

“We are talking. Let’s see what is going to happen. But I want to stay, of course.”

While there’s no major rush to tie down Gabi to new terms, the club seem keen to reward him with a payrise commensurate with his growing presence.

William Saliba and Bukayo Saka have also indicated that talks are taking place about extending their current deals. In each case they would become free agents in the summer of 2024.

Last Arteta touched on talks with all three players, saying: “Obviously we have to plan for the future. We’re all working on it, obviously Edu is on top of it and all the board.

“We’ll try to do things in the right way, being fair and trying to plan in the best possible way and reward the players that in our opinion have a big future for the club. When we have something to announce, we will do that.”

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fuck yeah Gabi. I’d like him to retire here personally. We need to tie him, Wilo, Saka down asap.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Willow is a great player on his day, the only thing that lets him down is his height


What position does he play, the ball?


he’s got a wand of a right foot, quite literally

So No-Go.

Literally literally or figuratively literally? If the former, why hasn’t the attachment of this prosthetic wand-foot been made public? Strange decision from an exciting young player with the world at his foot.

Mayor McCheese

Do you mean he has the world at his foot figuratively, or should we expect to be squashed very soon by the appendage of a colossus? Or perhaps you mean he dropped his toy globe on the floor next to his right foot? Or that he is standing on stage at the Globe?

So No-Go.

Any such scenario is not only viable, but highly probable, quite literally.


I see the fun police are down voting your quality comment..boring old farts!

Mayor McCheese

Destiny is all!


Or too young to know the reference


I always thought he’s accent was odd. But Alfred loved him so it’s all good

A Different George

Makes me cry to watch him.


Show them the money, Edu….

Teryima Adi



This is an A-plus reference right here.


And of course we want him to stay.

I’d be amazed if the three of them don’t see the age, the mentality, the quality and the desire of the team/manager and want to stay for years. Saliba was an Arsenal fan when young, Saka too and Gabi is a potential great.

Hope it all goes smoothly and they are all here for the next 10+ years.


I hope they all stay too. But I don’t buy this “he’s an Arsenal fan” thing. So was Ashley Cole. Footballers are pretty well always fans of a better salary and prospects than they are fans of clubs unfortunately. If Man City or Real Madrid came in for Martinelli, Saka or Saliba we would have a fight on our hands to extend their contracts, let’s not delude ourselves.


I hope we manage to tie all of our youngsters down. They should be excited about where this team is going and sign up. I love the fact that Martinelli is overt about his desire to stay.

I read somewhere that Saliba actually has an option in his contract for an extra year. Does anyone know if that is true?


I thought it was James in a recent Arsecast Extra that or it was James Benge in the other recent Arsecast that reported both Martinelli and Saliba having a clause in their contracts that the club can extend it another year


Sign da ting.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Music to my ears!


Given a chance in the premier league at a young age. He must be grateful, especially when you consider other top 6 sides would just loan them out. And in Chelsea’s case forever on loan to be sold one day.

He deserves a decent contract as he has been nothing short of energetic since he arrived. And such a model professional in all aspects of his own development. That combination of talent and work rate really exemplifies the youngsters we have in this squad.


And to think that he trained with ManU 15-20 days a year for 4 years, they didn’t offer him a deal.. and we managed to get him! I consider this as an effortless revenge for the CR7 case.

Boy Bastin

Arsenal has “lost” some very good young players over the years, but all clubs do from time to time, so it tends to even out, I guess. This is one up to us. Long may it continue.

Man Manny

He is doing his talking on the pitch, while his agent does his in the boardroom. But Martinelli’s reverberates louder than that of his agent.


The social media video the club release where Martinelli passes the pen to Saka who passes it to Saliba is gonna break the internet! God, I hope these boys stay together long enough to show what they’re capable of. Good be an era defining team.


That would be a massive PR coup for certain!


Mention this to Arsenal PR now!


Saliba to Martinelli to Saka would be sweet – with commentary.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Commentary by Peter Drury, anyone?


Saliba – to Martinelli – to Saka – to Xhaka!

With Jonathan Pearce screaming his head off. 😂


Mate, that’s fucking brilliant! 😊🍺

An Arsenal PR stunt worthy of David Dein!! (His autobiography, “Callling The Shots” is a great read, by the way)


Perfect demonstration of how a recognition and reward philosophy operates. Quite simply showing what a small man Auba is.

What we have is an opportunity to have a truly stellar and talented group of young men eager to learn and develop with the hope of achieving whilst alos enjoying themselves because that in and of itself is a reward.

Th3se young men clearly love and admire each other, repaebt the manager and above have love for the TheArsrnal. That can nevr be bought.

Upward and onwards.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Trent couldn’t sleep last night because of Gabi


Trent, like every RB this season, is gonna be left with a genetic memory that means his children will fear Brazilians, that is the power of Martinelli. Saw some Chavs saying James is gonna pocket Martinelli. I don’t think peak Cafu could pocket our diamond. He is the definition of ‘irrepressible force’

Teryima Adi


Brady’s bunch

He was still trying to get out of his pocket


Break the bank if we have to, but all three need to be signed long-term.

Boy Bastin

I hope we sign all three to new contracts, and I think they all will sign, but I’m sure that the club has an overall limit on new contracts (for any player, not just these three) so I doubt we’ll be “breaking the bank” although all three will get very good (much improved) offers of course.

You have to remember Arsenal have taken years, and many £millions, to remove players on huge contracts that couldn’t be sustained so I think it’s unlikely they’ll increase the current wage bill to potentially dangerous levels again.

Teryima Adi

You’re right. We need to tread carefully on the monies offered in wages.


I agree that we’ve been badly stung by big contracts in recent years but I think a key difference here is their ages.As with Jeses,Martin,,Zinchenko and perhaps Fabio and ESR too – if big contracts are what’s needed to keep them I hope we do it.The difference is that when these 4-5 year contracts expire they’d still retain a massive sale value.I don’t think, particularly with Saka,Saliba and Martinelli, that it’s ” the form they’re in”, I think the way they’re playing is just how good they are and they won’t lose it,apart from odd bad games. It would be… Read more »

Teryima Adi





My favorite player since he scored in his friendly debut for us via an awkward header from a narrow angle. He just seems to have so much hunger and plays with fearless enthusiasm. Wanted him to grow into a striker but he’s developed into a truly menacing winger. Sign da ting and make history with the Arsenal!


Such a good point. People forget just how good he is in the air, not CR7 but the boy can power a header home.

Boy Bastin

Good to read. Let’s hope he signs soon and the same for Saka and Saliba, of course, as negotiations that drag on (as some do) can eventually become a distraction from matters on the pitch.

Cliff Bastin

Picture it. We sneak a 1-0 win against City. The following Monday, Arsenal publish a photo of those 3 signing contracts.


Or another 3-2, with each of them in the scoresheet

Mayor McCheese

Those type of photos usually only follow losses. A pleasing salve to disappointment. A tonic, if you will, for the gin we use to forget. In other words, we might be waiting for those photos for a while!


Gary Neville must be scratching his head, our strategy with players like Martinelli is such a mystery……


Gary Neville? I’d love to pour a giant tub of itching powder all over that little weasel and watch him scratch himself to oblivion .

A Different George

After the match, both Alison and Firmino had long talks with Martinelli, arms around him, etc. In the past, I might have worried they were saying “yeah, you should come to Liverpool.” I think they were actually saying “we’re going to talk to Tite, you’ve got to play for Brazil.”


Based on our respective beginnings of the season, I doubt many Arsenal players would seriously consider switching teams right now – the other way around is a different story.

Teryima Adi

That’s music to my soul.

Eazy Deezy

I was really bought into the original Project Youth 15 years ago, and was hit hard when it fell apart when Cesc and Nasri left (for sums we couldn’t properly replace them with)

It feels different this time though, perhaps I’m being naive again but I feel like this crop is much more invested in the club


They are all still very young and they don’t have to wait so long to achieve something big I feel. The team is more complete this time and much better planned from all angles. If we win things in next 3-4 years, the only reason they would want to move is to experience something different which is justifiable.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

True, it’s different now because back then we had to sell some assets to pay off stadium debt. We don’t need to do that anymore.

Teryima Adi

Martinelli is the boy on fire.


Gabi Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard William Saliba.
These three are the players we build around. Can’t remember the last time we had this extremely promising core of young players. What a time to be an Arsenal fan.


I agree, those four are definitely the three players we build around!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Martin Odegaard William Saliba is a fantastic player. Always seems to be in two places at the same time.

Cape Town Gooner

I think we’re sleeping on ESR here. I think he has just as much potential to be a great. Can’t wait for him to smash the second half of the season…


His injury record is disconcerting. Hate to see a young guy with so much potential get derailed by injury. I just hope his career doesn’t wind up getting Wilshere’d

Peter Cechs helmet

We already have a team that is built around them. I have to say I had my doubts, but there’s very few- if any holes.
As a first team we can’t really be any better. Please don’t get injured.


I was re-watching the highlights ( you know you did too!) and on his goal two things stood out to me. Once the ball is on it’s way from Saka to Odegaard Martinelli is at full gallop and he never stops or hesitates – it appears he just knows that if he keeps going Odegaard will get him the ball. And two the quality of the ball.

That mutual trust / understanding is what is building here. Excited


Just to clarify, Odegaard Martinelli is no relation to Martin Odegaard William Saliba.


You are correct no relation, but if that mythical creature, Martin Odegaard William Saliba exists we must get Edu to sign him post haste.

Trust Cylan Masukume

Saliba is the one of best defenders in the world


Who else is waiting for the “by the numbers” article?


Haven’t bought any of this years jerseys yet, but I think there is a long sleeve away jersey with Martinelli on the back just waiting for me. Fucking love this guy.


The great thing here, is that all these guys want to stick around because of the manager, the set up, the club and their teammates and what they can all achieve together.

Get Saliba, Saka, Martinelli and ESR – in fact make that the entire squad – all tied down on long contracts and the future will be rosy red.

I’d be especially inclined to line up extensions to Xhaka, Partey, Gabriel, Ramsdale, Tommi and White – their excellent form, commitment and leadership have been indispensable to our recent success.


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