Sunday, May 19, 2024

Arteta dismisses Barcelona links

Arsenal are top of the Premier League. Barcelona are out of the Champions League. Mikel Arteta used to play for Barcelona. Therefore Barcelona must want Mikel Arteta as their new manager.

Judging by some of the stories doing the rounds today, it’s as simple as that.

Facing the media ahead of Arsenal’s Europa League clash with FC Zurich, the boss was pressed on the links.

“What I can say is that I’m extremely happy and proud to be where I am.

“Barcelona are on a really good path, they have a phenomenal coach [Xavi], a coach that has been an absolute legend in that club and has lifted the whole place and we have to be very respectful of that.”

Who knows, maybe Arteta will end up back at the Camp Nou one day. But it’s not happening any time soon. So we can put that to bed.

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The Only Olivier is Giroud

We’ve got Super Mik Arteta 🎶


If his project is successful, which I think it will be going by our progress, I see a Wenger Version 2 coming.
So Barcelona can going on “wishful thinking”

kampala gooner

They should fuck right off


Whenever the Arsenal are doing well under Arteta, and Barca are possibly looking for a new manager, we will get this story. Again. Every time. Let’s resign ourselves to that fact and resolve to ignore it for the clickbait that it is.

Tankard Gooner

Barcelona should do the right thing and stop existing as a club. Oh well, here’s to hoping their financial problems keep compounding and it happens anyway.


Selling TV rights 50 years into the future to stay afloat today isn’t a real solution. Barca is swirling the drain financially. Why Arteta would ever want to go there under the current circumstances– is something none of these rumormongers will ever explain.


it would be a huge step down to go to barca from any PL club, let alone one currently top of the table


He will go to Barca the first chance he gets, so he and Xabi Alonso can manage the Clasico


Accepting any job at Barcelona at the moment, whether as a manager or player, is to take a chalice of warm, frothy urine that is laced with arsenic. Mikel gave it the short shrift it deserved.




They may be out of CL but are still second placed and just a point off of Real in La Liga. Even by Barca standards, It would be farcical to fire the manager who also happens to be one of their most celebrated home grown player.

Merlin’s Panini

It speaks to the state of Spanish football at the moment. Real are only a point clear but they’re streets ahead in real terms. Evidently the rest of the league are poor. Atletico didn’t even qualify for Europa from their CL group. Managing Barca is now like managing Man United. Toxic, expensive, terribly managed from the top, with expectations through the roof.


Barcelona would not go for a manager who has no experience in the champions league.

Boy Bastin

But Barca wouldn’t be interested in sacking Xavi anyway. No club president, particularly Laporta having let Messi go, would survive removing the “favourite son” as well which Xavi undoubtedly is.


It is more likely a club who have strong positional play would pursue Mikel.

Otherwise a club who are looking to rebuild after sacking a manager with strong personality by being efficient in the market would look at Edu and Mikel as a pair.

That would likely be a top 6, Spanish club, especially since La Liga has been hit hard financially and the Latin influence would combine well with Edu’s contacts and Mikels linguistics.
Athletico Madrid springs to mind.


*Edu’s Brazilian contacts

Boy Bastin

We’ll have to get used to other clubs becoming more interested in our coaching and playing staff as we become more successful. That doesn’t mean that any interest will be turned into a move away of course. Frankly, I don’t see either Arteta or Edu leaving “the project” that they’ve both worked so hard for at this (very early) stage of it.

Boy Bastin

It’s a silly story. There is no way that Barca will sack Xavi any time soon. He hasn’t been there for a full season yet coupled with the fact that he’s the “favourite son” (and genuinely loved there) returned to the club in their hour of need means that he’s safe.


The usual suspects – our ‘friends’ at the Daily fucking Mirror.

Spud loving wankers.

Das neck

Go on, jog on, walk on, goodbye, bon voyage, fuck off.

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