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“I just need to get a pen” – Martinelli ready to sign new Arsenal deal

Gabriel Martinelli has further underlined his commitment to Arsenal by suggesting a contract extension is a mere formality.

The Gunners are keen to tie down the Brazil international to terms more befitting of his growing status in the first team squad and in the process aim to extend a deal that currently runs until 2025 (including a one-year extension option).

Facing the media ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash with FC Zurich, the 21-year-old said:

“I’m very happy at Arsenal. I said it many times, this is my club, I love to be here, I love the city, I love the club, I love everything about Arsenal. I want to stay, I’m very happy. I just need to get a pen.”

As he admitted, Martinelli has spoken very openly about wanting to stay at Arsenal. In March, he memorably said:

“Arsenal are a giant team. If I can, I’ll stay here my whole life. I want to conquer things, I already said, I want to stay here and win titles, with this wonderful crowd, my teammates.”

Arsenal are also understood to be close to tying down Bukayo Saka to a new deal and also want William Saliba to commit his long-term future to the club.

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Great news. I believe Saka is a very good bet as well to sign so we just need to get Saliba to get his pen out too and we’ll have three great players with great prospects too!


The amazing thing is that them 3 are not part of our 25 squad list, but our under 21 list


My god, do you not just fucking love this guy


More than chips


More than a perfectly poured creamy pint of Guinness. No higher compliment !


Don’t know how it happened, but I read “do you not just love fucking this guy” 🤦🏽‍♂️

Bleeding gums murphy



Brings tears to my eyes each time he talks his undying commitment to Arsenal. He’s absolutely a dream come true for fans after years of helplessly watching our best talent leave for other clubs!

Merlin’s Panini

I love that he feels like this but I also recall Hector saying the same thing years ago. Things change. I would love to see him here his whole career but I don’t expect it either.


“I just need to get a pen”. My favorite quote at the moment from my favorite Arsenal player. His name is on the back of my Arsenal jersey too. Definitely looks like another breakout season for him.


First time in a long time we dont have to worry about players jumping ship. No big egos ruining the dressing room, this is the humblest crop of youth youll see.


It’s fantastic news, especially considering the strides he’s making this season. His rise has been meteoric from the beginning, but to think he’s just 21 years old… he has a huge future, and he has it with us.
Kudos to Edu for finding him, and Mikel for developing and managing him carefully when it was needed.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Although he signed during the reign of Unai Emery/Raul Sanllehi


When this squad gets us into the top 4 and champions League, they will have earned raises. We are going to have a “Top 4” wage bill again once we pay them to reflect that. As of writing, AFC is leading the league on the 6th highest wage bill, which is remarkable.


Won’t someone hand this kid a f*cking pen?!


Saka has taken all the pens. But alas he hasn’t signed either.


After the euros I’m glad saka is taking all the pens! I don’t think he will miss another in his life!

Mayor McCheese

I’m glad he takes our pens, especially after all that overblown nonsense when he misplaced that England pen.

Brady’s bunch

Give him a sharpie it’s permanent

Here’s hoping he also gets a couple of pens against the Chavs on Sunday.


On my way to W H Smith’s to buy every pen, pencil, to crayon and felt tip they have, I’ll have them dropped of to his house this evening.


Crayons are sold out in North London. Harry Kane bought them all.


*ate them all

Mayor McCheese

*had to have them all surgically removed from his nasal cavity.

Merlin’s Panini

He just wanted to know what purple smells like.


I just hope Arsenal doesn’t take advantage of his obvious love for the club, and offer him what he deserves or at the very least a competitive and highly incentivised deal. COYG.

Edus Steak Handbag

That’ll be unprofessional. Mikel is PROFESSIONAL.

William Nilliam

Best news of the day

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Mikel, Edu, Vinai, whoever.
Give this young man a pen already!


His poor agent has no more bargaining power, haha!

Edus Steak Handbag

Not necessarily needed. There’s a range for value system , you earn what you deserve and since Mikel wants you to pull rabbits out, there’ll be rewards/bonuses for magic


But he’s not due a contract renewal now. The club is making the offer because they recognise his worth. No one will take advantage of his love for the club and his desire to continue to play for Arsenal


I just ordered a crate of pens to London Conley. Gel tip, hope he’s not a ballpoint man.

Man Manny

Great news. Arsenal is truly on the cusp of something thrilling. Martinelli, Saka, Jesus and Ødegaard would find themselves with their eyes closed in the next two seasons of playing together. Exciting. Add a better striker than Nketiah there, and one more winger, we are almost unstoppable. I hope Saliba stays too, but I am not 100% certain if I am being honest. If he doesn’t, sell him for good money and bring in a replacement. I hope he stays though. A settled back four of White, Saliba, Gabriel and Zinchenko, with Tomiyasu, Tierney and Holding’s replacement, is a title… Read more »


Absolutely wonderful attitude! I do have a slight fear about Saliba not signing though. Saka is just a matter of time. Good time to be a gooner.

Naked Cygan

So the delay is due to pen shortage?


i hope he’s leading the arsenal line for years to come. he is van persie-esque in how he plays, in his control, instincts, runs and finishing and he seems a lot quicker. brazil would be mental to drop him from their WC squad.

Merlin’s Panini

I see him more as a Sanchez/Reyes hybrid.

Ashburton Red


Gunner J

All the Pens are in Saliba’s pocket.


Give the man a pen!

Eric Blair

With a moustache and goatee like that I fancy he’d rather a quill.

Mayor McCheese

He does have a bit of a dashing Renaissance man about him. He seems to have styled himself after a brooding portrait of the young John Donne. I have a sneaking suspicion that in his spare time, Martinelli haunts the National Portrait Gallery.

Cliff Bastin

Why does no one have a pen ffs

Red Fred

Can you imagine where we would be if Fabregas, Henry, Cole and whole host of others had said that.


A bunch of ungrateful c**ts💀💀💀!


The irony of your post is clearly lost on you.

But, then again, if you were that intelligent you wouldn’t have written such ignorant tripe in the first place.


Does a pen cost a lot? I can donate one for him to get the contract signed as soon as possible.

agboola mathew

Please Edu & Arteta, get this guy’s sign now before world cup. If Saka, Saliba & martinelli go to world cup final & perform, there value will increase & suitors will flood around them, and that will mean more headache for arsenal. Please do the needful now.


Wonderful news! ✒️

🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾 🥂 🍾

Hopefully, this gets done sooner rather than later and will consequently have a ‘domino’ effect on the others; once each guy sees the others signing long term deals then he’ll want to stick around and strap in for what could be a rollercoaster few years ahead.

Martinelli signs = Saka signs = Saliba signs = Xhaka, Odegaard, White, Ramsdale, Tommi, KT, Partey et all.


⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾 🥂 ⚽️ 🍾


Can someone just give this guy a pen 🖋… Pronto


Whenever I look at Martinelli I imagine him with a pair of glasses on and think ‘trainee Airline pilot’. Don’t know why. Amazing player.

Boy Bastin

Let’s hope he signs soon. Not only would that be good news, but it may encourage the remaining two players in a similar position, Saliba and Saka, to commit to the club as well.

If we could get all three signed up before the season resumes at the end of the year after the WC break it would be a huge boost going into the second half of the season which is going to be the real test for our youngsters.

Frog In Ze Room

And we love you!

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