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Jesus & Martinelli selected by Brazil, Tomi gets Japan nod

Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli have been included in Brazil’s squad for the upcoming World Cup but Gabriel Magalhaes has failed to make the cut.

While the news will definitely be disappointing for our centre-back, who has been included in previous squads but never actually made his Seleçao debut, it’s absolutely massive for the two attackers and a big reward for their stellar form since the start of the season.

Jesus will be hoping to get on the scoresheet in Qatar having failed to do so at Russia 2018 while Martinelli gets a first taste of the big time at just 21. He only has three senior caps to his name but was an Olympic gold medallist with his country in Tokyo.

Brazil have been drawn in Group G alongside Serbia, Cameroon and Granit Xhaka’s Switzerland.

Elsewhere, Takehiro Tomiyasu has been included in Japan’s squad despite concerns over the muscle injury he suffered last week. According to Arsenal, the defender “should be available to feature in the tournament”. Whether he recovers quickly enough to play any part in the matches with Brighton and Wolves remains to be seen.

Japan face Spain, Costa Rica and Germany in Group A. Their first game is on 23rd November versus Germany.


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Brazilian gooner

So happy for Martinelli, no one saw it comming, but he deserves it so much

Brazilian gooner

By no one I mean the media that covers the national team here


His dad did!


That squad is insane.


Although not sure what Telles, Alves (who must be about 50 by now), Fred, Paqueta and Richarlson are doing in it.

A Different George

Dani Alves was probably the best box-to-box fullback (yeah, I think I made that up, but it explains what I mean) of the past two decades. (Maybe Lahm, if you think of him as a fullback.) He is not quite 40, but plays like a man years younger. Two years younger. I do not understand the choice, unless Neymar insisted.


Get that pen out for Gabi to sign up for many years!


Sad for our defensive Gabriel. Thought he has deserved to be in the squad at least.
But happy for Martinelli and especially for Jesus as I had the feeling the fact that he wasn’t nominated for the recent games took away some of his confidence.

VAR will solve all the problems

Was Tite not watching Chelsea vs Arsenal? In what world, would someone pick Thiago Silva over Gabriel Magalheas. I think Magalhaes is even better than Marquinhos or Militao. It’s like Benjamin White with England. It’s either purely political or they just don’t like Arsenal players. Perhaps coaches are not able to replicate Arsenal’s system, who knows. Gabriel will be gutted I’m sure.


Silva was probably selected because it’ll be his last opportunity given his age- but imagine picking Alex Telles over big Gabi


Telles is a full back.

A Different George

Thiago has been Brazil’s captain, their actual leader in and off the pitch, and still a brilliant player. Blogs, who–as he says–almost never praises opposition players after an Arsenal match, spent a fair amount of time on his quality. I agree, though I don’t think he can play at that level every match in the compressed and pressurized World Cup schedule.


Blogs picked Thiago Silva out for a special mention. Said he stopped us from making it a riot.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Silva was actually fantastic in the game, he was surrounded by shit.

VAR will solve all the problems

Agree to all that. Silva was excellent. But Gabriel was better and the match winner. He contributed to 5 points with his goals this campaign from what I can remember. Fulham and now against Chelsea. Brazil could end up in a scenario where they will have to play a 39 year old right back and a 37 year old center back. Doesn’t matter what kind of attacking talents they have, with that defensive line up opponent will always have a chance. Only silva lining is probably it will give Gabriel enough motivation to cut out those odd mistakes from his… Read more »

Brazilian gooner

Gabriel lost hist spot to Bremer (very good player), Thiago Silva is very respected in the dressing room and has the experience of a world class CB for the last 10 years, sadly Gabriel made many mistakes lately and the media is saying he didnt impress as much as Bremer at Brazil’s training sessions. Next one he will be in for sure!

The optimistic

I think it’s more that some managers are slow to change and actually have to see the players career burn out in front of their eyes on the pitch before they can bring new blood in.


Thought Silva was excellent against us. Result would have been very different without him imo.


Great for morale, although neither are likely to see a huge amount of minutes. Maybe the best result all round for Arsenal!

Gooner from Alberta.

I believe Jesus will start.


Who starts at CF for Brazil over Jesus?
Genuine question, don’t know how they line up.


They play Richarlison as a cf in a lot of their recent matches and they like to also bring on Pedro who plays in the Brazilian league more like a target man.
Happy for both to have got a call up especially Martinelli as it was his dad’s vision when he was 5 that he would play for Brazil at the 2022 world cup. Even if he comes on as a sub once I’ll be happy. In fact if both can just come on every now and then score a few goals and then rest up id be happy.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Hasn’t it been Richarlison lately? I think he’s been scoring quite a few goals

Me from here

Martinelli maybe. Jesus will play almost all the games. Which striker is better than him on that list?


i am not saying he’s better, but richarlison has been more games for brazil and scoring more goal


Also it is worth remembering that international football is mostly of a lower standard than the Premier League, so Richarlison is probably fine:-)

A Different George

It’s not that the standard is necessarily lower. It’s that it is almost impossible (given that a squad is only together a few short times each year) for a team to play a high-pressing, fast interchange, fluid sort of game. In other words, the qualities that Gabriel Jesus has demonstrated brilliantly for us, and why he has been so good whether or not he has scored. Think of France last time, full of brilliant players, but always playing a slower, controlled style.

Boy Bastin

Not so sure Jesus will get that much playing time at the outset unfortunately. Richarlison is likely to be first choice, but we’ll see how things play out.


I wouldn’t mind them not getting a ton of minutes – but it seems like they will have a long run in the tournament

(I’d rather either all of our players have a flyer and ooze confidence, or watch as their team gets KO’d early so they can get their rest and come back unharmed).

Martin R

I will be surprised if Jesus doesn’t play a large part. Who is better than him for leading the line? I hope Martinelli gets his chance too

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Richarlison will likely start as their #9, if he’s fit.

He has scored 7 goals in 6 games for Brazil this year, he’s their in-form striker.

Teryima Adi

You never say die in football – it’s full of twists and turns.

Gooner from Alberta.

They’d be mad to drop my boy, Nelli. I had no doubts he’d make the squad.

My question is, how did Richarlison and Telles make the squad? They’ve done f*ck all all year round.


Absolutely delighted for both. It’s a testament to how well Arsenal is doing as a club at the moment.


Well done, both you guys!

Martinelli could light up the World Cup if given a chance

Brady’s bunch

Was thinking the same if given a run he could be the star of the tournament but both Neymar and Vini Jr are ahead of him

Naked Cygan

World Cup Pre-Season Team
Cedric, holding, Gabriel, Tierney
Elneny, Lokongo, Zinchenko,
Vieira, Odegard

Bench: Nelson, Marquinhos and ….our friends from the World Cup

Death by 300,000 Passes

Am I the only one who is not happy for them being selected and would preferred to have stayed in London training? Probably would have ben bad for their mid and long-term motivation, but much better for their fitness and health..


Yes you’re in the minority. This will be a huge boost and experience especially for Martinelli. He needs it and it’s prolly best for the Arsenal. You don’t want him thinking he will get overlooked no matter how good he is as long as he plays for us. COYG


I would go one step further and say it’s actually great for Arsenal. Martinelli is unlikely to get lot of minutes. So he gets to work and learn from some truly exceptional players and remain match fit without any risk of injuries. Also the morale boost it gives him would be tremendous.


That’s a fantastic point.

“Stick with us lad and you can achieve all of your dreams” – just sign da ting before you go!


I like our players to think they’re the best. Especially strikers need a bit of arrogance – it gives them the bravery to take on chances. Odegaard needs more of that in the box as an example.

Boy Bastin

On purely selfish grounds (club over country) I guess that’s right, but international football is a big part of any player’s career, and the World Cup is obviously the biggest competition of all.

We should welcome the fact that our players have been chosen as squad members. How much playing time they get remains to be seen but I hope they do have the experience of playing for their country on the biggest stage of all.

Well I don’t think either of them start.

Richarlison is the Brazil #9.

Martinelli was likely a last minute pick because Coutinho was ruled out of the World Cup over the weekend.


As a footballer, especially a Brazilian, all you’ve ever dreamed about is putting on your national shirt and playing in the World Cup like the heroes of the past. Jesus and Martinelli have fantasised about this for many years. Be happy for them.

Because I’m English, and we’re so awful at international football, I’m not too bothered about the World Cup. But good luck to any player who gets selected and plays: it’s one of the highlights of any footballer’s career.


Yep, totally agree Fats. Gutted for Gabriel though, he’s been a monster at the back and in my Gooner tinted glasses, more than deserves a call up.
As a side note, my money’s definitely on Brazil for the WC, that squad is unbelievable.


Brazil have an impressive collection of fantastic footballers. Good luck to our Gabis, it’s gonna be hard to find game time.


Gutted for Gab the defender, but absolutely happy for young Marinelli. That experience even he doesn’t play the fact that he had sleceted will do wonders for his confidence especially because appears so grounded.
At his age I got a sponsorship to study abroad at University of Exeter which I passed on, regretted ever since.

Regards Gab the defender he seems the ultimate stand up guy and for sure he will be cheering them on.


So thrilled for Martinelli and for us as well. This surely adds +10 Million to his valuation which can only be a positive for us.


We’ll have to pay him a lot more on his next contract…

Boy Bastin

We’re going to have to offer him (not “pay him” until he actually signs a new contract of course) a lot more in any case so I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Would be worth it when he wins the league and CL with us


Congratulations! Happy for both of them. Cannot wait to see them score & celebrate like mad!

Question: What has Richarlison done for Spuds this season to get on the list?


Hes proven he can play for a totally shit team and still do ok I guess?


He delivers every time he plays for Brazil. Not his fault Spurs are shit.

Boy Bastin

Good news for all concerned. Hopefully they’ll all get some playing time in Qatar. It would be a great stage for Jesus to start scoring again, if he hasn’t already in the remaining games before the break.


I’m really happy for Gab. This is a great opportunity for him to appear on the biggest stage. Whether it’s a cameo or he goes on to shine, it would only help him become an even more fantastic footballer… if that’s even possible. I’m also happy for Gab. His presence in our team has taken us to the next level. There is no team he would feature for and wouldn’t immediately make them better. Brazil would be mad to not have him as a nailed on starter. Gutted for Gab too. But I hope this motivates him to go on… Read more »


Congratulations to GM. Someone find that pen before the tournament starts.

Merlin’s Panini

Brazil have so many forwards it’s insane. Gabriel can feel hard done by though. He’s no worse than any of those centre backs and he scores the odd goal.

And they even left out Firmino.

Teryima Adi

A big congrats to Jesus and Martinelli. Magalhaes, your time shall surely come- there’s a time and season for every purpose under the sun.


Gabi Gabi and Gabi will turn up regardless if selected


That is extremely positive news about Tomi – if it was a serious injury they wouldn’t take him to the World Cup surely?

On an unrelated topic, had we finished 2nd in our Europa group, we would have been drawn with Sevilla, who seem to be having a West Ham style hangover from last season.

Barcelona v Man United is brilliant though as one of the ‘big’ clubs will be knocked out before our next round.

Sir Me

Beats me how they can overlook an in form centerback that scores the odd goal. Hopefully it doesn’t affect his morale, but he’s been this good despite never having debuted for Brazil. He’ll be fine


That is one hell of a squad, blimey!


I can’t believe that Dani Alves is still in that squad.

The optimistic

Gutted for Magalhaes. Must be hard being the 1 out of 3 to miss out. He has been fantastic for the last year and a half. At least there are a few oldies at the back and his time will come. Very happy for the other two though, much deserved.


Wondering if Edu got wind of the team news hence the quick decision for Gabriel to sign a new deal to boost his confidence playing for the Arsenal.
In terms of contract renewals, Gabriel’s wasn’t of much priority as Martinelli, Saka etc

Boy Bastin

Could be. I think Arsenal were hoping that at least one of the remaining players would sign up before the World Cup break, but that’s unlikely now. Hopefully, they’ll do so soon afterwards though as we don’t want this dragging on too long into the new year.


Amazing for Martinelli off to his first world cup, I feel like Gabriel is likely to feature a lot In the future, surely when Thiago Silva retires he will be the beneficiary, from an Arsenal point of view, Saliba will probably play a lot at the world cup so it’s probably helpful that Gabriel isn’t going


Great for both of them. Not sure how much either will play, but just being included and participating in the build up, trainings, the atmosphere, etc. will be a great experience for both and shows them how much playing regularly for Arsenal has helped them get selected.

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