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Arsenal Women Arsecast Episode 51: November mailbag

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, the number one podcast about Arsenal Women.

Tim Stillman and Alex Ibaceta get together to answer listener questions, including questions on whether we are all freaking out a little too much about Vivianne Miedema, women’s football culture being more player oriented, whether it is time for Arsenal Women to follow Manchester City’s lead and ditch the white shorts for the women’s team, thoughts on how the squad will deal with the tough schedule before the New Year and favourite songs from the AWFC Home and Away songbook Arsenal Women Home & Away 

You can follow Tim on Twitter @Stillmanator – Follow Alex @alexibaceta23

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Fun Gunner

Interesting, thanks Tim and Alex.

I’ve been worried about Viv – but only because I wasn’t sure how she was taking losing her place to Frida! She’s made some lovely passes from midfield which should have been converted into goals. Looking forward to her coming back refreshed.

Salvador Berzunza

If she is losing her place to Frida is not because of her, is because Frida is really on fire, and that’s the best for the Club.


I’ve missed this! Really interesting discussion as always guys, thank you.


The question relating to following club or player intrigued me. Having come from a multi generational Arsenal supporting family finding that quite a few AWFC supporters have no AFC allegiances and are focused more to following individual players and national teams has been a real eye opener.


Re: fandom My family has no club history/big love of football, and back when i followed men’s football (before my passion for the game was somewhat dampened by not being allowed to play at my all girls school) i didn’t really follow a men’s team properly (liked a couple of men’s teams based on teenage crushes and semi-followed my local team) and checked out of men’s football in my mid 20s due to the overall vibe just not being for me. So when women’s international football got more accessible and easier to watch/find out info (i admit there had not… Read more »


FA player, not iplayer!

Peter Story Teller

I think you have to accept that the audience for the women’s game is different to that of the men with a fairly small crossover. This is not necessarily a bad thing as without the Premiership tribal rivalry the WSL is a much friendlier and sports(wo)men like place to be! Interesting how the men’s game has traditionally been club leading to a following of the national teams whereas the women there is more evidence of the national teams’ fans finding their way down to club level. Presumably due to the media coverage which until recent years has been sparse at… Read more »

Fun Gunner

Listening to the second half of the pod now. Great discussion about the white shorts question for when players are menstruating so that potential blood stains don’t show up so dramatically. There are, as you say, many factors to take into account. IMO, first and foremost it should be a player-led policy, each club doing what its players feel most comfortable with. In principle, I agree with what Katie Whyatt (sp?) is reported to have said, ie in an ideal world a little staining shouldn’t be a big deal. She compares it to blood from other areas. You could also… Read more »


Thanks for answering my question again, Tim. I’m Dutch, also the reason Tim has such trouble with my name, and yes, I started looking at Arsenal because of the Dutch girls we had a few years back. I stayed because of all the others and learning more about them. Now most have left and we only have Viv left. I can honestly say I will stay for sure once she leaves. It’s grown into something bigger than a few players for me. I wonder if socials stats have also changed now that for instance DVD has gone. She is one… Read more »

Maxine Jarvis

Good podcast. I wasn’t sure whether Viv was still recovering from long covid or not. Like was said as much as people want Jordan playing he is putting out a winning team every game. When will Beth get a break as she hasn’t had much time off since the euros what with England and arsenal?

Gunner H

Beth definitely looks like a break would be beneficial – for her club but most importantly, for herself. She surely deserves it!

Any news when Leah & Rafa may return, Tim?

Mo Red

I think it would be disrespectful to Kaylan to acquire her services for a stop gap signing. She is Younger and has a higher ceiling than Boye who was on the wrong end of her prime. I was convinced she would snatch the number 1 spot from Manu – But i am rather impressed how she (Manu) has improved as a keeper to the eye test not the statistics, which are usually deceptive. It would also be wasteful resource wise to spend on a GK when you can decline to loan the one you already have. That being said, last… Read more »

Zoe Waterfield

I am not from North London but from Northampton, l have supported Arsenal since l was 8 (1969) so my allegiance to our women’s team is due to that. However l fully understand the feeling of caring about the individual player far more in the women’s game than the mens. The women are far more accessible and the fanbase is far more diverse. I much prefer to go to a women’s game than a mens game infact l haven’t been to see the men for about 5 years. Conversely l have/am attending every women’s home game this season. The whole… Read more »

Zoe Waterfield

Now lve managed to listen to the whole program. The issue of changing thr colour of shorts l believe is a very valid point. You cannot say “oh its only blood”! Ask any young girl who’s ‘come through’ their shorts/skirt whatever hoe embarrassing it is….. I think the ideal colour for Arsenal to choose is navy blue this fits with the colour set Arsenal most commonly use. But never, never should we change our shirt NEVER!

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