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Jonas Eidevall reacts to 4-0 victory Leicester City (including goals)

Arsenal Women ran out 4-0 winners at Leicester on Sunday afternoon thanks to goals from Frida Maanum, Caitlin Foord, Steph Catley and Stina Blackstenius. Jonas Eidevall spoke to the press post-match, the first three questions are from Arseblog News.

On the team being more direct than usual today…
We spoke before the game about there being unknowns with the formation we were going to play against today, we knew that but we said that we didn’t want that to affect our intent to start the game. We had two really important points, one was with our pressing, that we were going to be front footed and aggressive in our pressing. Another thing was to say that, in possession, we wanted to ask the question in behind Leicester’s defending line. That was our plan in the first ten minutes and then we could see their formation and maybe adjust positions but we didn’t want to spend the first ten minutes trying to find out and having passes in front of them instead. That suited us very well going into the game and the players executed it very well.

On Frida Maanum’s physical power and whether it has added a new dimension to Arsenal’s attack…
It has, I think Frida has added that dimension into her play as well. I think she has always been a strong player but I am not necessarily sure she has always used her physical power to the fullest. I think that is the difference we see with the Frida playing in this block. She is really using her physical power both in protecting the ball and her running off the ball, that really suits her playing style.

On what Laura Wienroither adds to the team…
She is very good at covering space. That is on and off the ball. When you see the way we play, the full-back will be in a lot of split positions. It is a key position for us in terms of balancing the team in offence and defence. We can’t have someone in this position and say ‘this is the only thing that can happen.’ Sometimes this thing will happen and we want you to give this option but sometimes this thing will happen and we want you to give this option. Same in pressing and Laura is really good at covering a lot of space and a lot of options.

On having four different goal scorers today…
What I am most pleased with is that I see patterns in the goals we score. I can see consistency in where the goals come from and where we create the opportunities. That is so important because then it doesn’t only come down to your creativity in the moment, it comes down to a similar picture over and over again which makes the assist pass a one touch pass. The second goal is a prime example of that, that cross from Beth Mead, she does not have to wait and see whether there is a run. She knows she can put that ball in blind. The first goal against Lyon was the same, she can put that ball in blind because she knows Caitlin Foord will come into a situation like that.

On Leicester conceding direct from a corner for the second consecutive week…
It’s a tough one for them, sometimes it is like that, you concede something, other teams see it so of course they are going to try the same thing. The third team is also going to try the same thing. It’s tough but Leicester will have to come up with something to break this pattern so they know they can defend those situations.

On how pleased he was with how Arsenal started the game...
I was not happy with how we started against West Ham or Zurich, the games before that we had really good intent with how we started. It is really important for us in the first 5-10 minutes that we see our identity and the way we play.

1.Zinsberger; 26.Wienroither (16.Maritz ‘66), 3.Wubben-Moy, 7.Catley, 15.McCabe; 13.Walti, 8.Nobbs(c) (23.Iwabuchi ‘66), 12.Maanum; 9.Mead, 19.Foord (17.Hurtig ‘66, 59.Agyemang ‘76), 25.Blackstenius (5.Beattie ‘82).

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Another powerhouse performance from the squad and Frida in particular.


Wow! On a day that Saka almost scored an Olympic goal (direct from a corner) that was just turned into the net on the line by Gabriel, Catley actually scored that Olympic goal! Wonderful to see both Men’s and Women’s teams perform brilliantly, and be Top of The League!!!


We’re winning all the leagues!


Assume no one asked about Lína as they knew they’d get no information? – based on the vagueness leah, rafa and Kim’s!

Tim Stillman

It wouldn’t be known at this stage anyway. But there were only three of us in written media so less spread of questions, yes.

Fun Gunner

What a shame about Lina Hurtig’s injury. She had just hit her stride, too.
What a great assist from Lotte Wubben-Moy. That pass was Leah-esque.
This team makes more mistakes than under Joe Montemurro, but is more effective against top opposition and more flexible.
Good result yesterday, but I’m not entirely happy about the performance in the second half. I thought we let our intensity drop, especially defensively. I think that is how we are missing Kim Little most. We will have to do better against Man U.
I’m crossing my fingers for no more injuries in the international break.

Fun Gunner

And just to add, we are seeing the benefits of those games the girls played against Academy boys in every match and it makes me very happy.
Plus Frida Maanum is looking like one of the absolute best midfielders in Europe at the moment. Fully deserved POTM.

Agyeman (sp?) intrigues me. I do hope we see more of her soon.


Playing Frida Maanum further forward has changed her from an average midfield player to a total monster! There’s a sort of parallel with Granit Xhaka in the men’s team.

Fun Gunner

Interesting, isn’t it. She really isn’t a number 6.

Gunner H

Agreed Mr Collibosher, but let’s try to think of a more appropriate word to describe our Frida. She has been rather good though hasn’t she!

Fun Gunner

I think “monster” and “beast” are perfectly appropriate for a player who dominates opponents physically and scores as freely as Frida Maanum. Do you object because she is a woman, @Gunner H? Those descriptions are complimentary, whether applied to a male or a female player, I would have thought.

Gunner H

I don’t have a strong objection, in fact the 2 words are indeed complementary & I guess our Frida may appreciate them.

In the meantime, I will try to think of a more “graceful” word to complement her recent contribution to the cause, and development into a dynamic forward midfielder – watch this space!

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