Saturday, September 30, 2023

Arsenal confirm Jesus knee surgery

Arsenal have confirmed that Gabriel Jesus has undergone surgery on his right knee.

Reports from Brazil claim the striker suffered a meniscus and partial collateral ligament injury and will be sidelined for three months.

Jesus sustained the issue playing for Brazil in their 1-0 defeat to Cameroon on Friday and he was quickly ruled out of the rest of the tournament. The player returned to England for a specialist consultation two days ago and his operation took place this afternoon.

While Arsenal don’t have a competitive match for nearly three weeks, there’s a glut of games on the horizon that Jesus is set to miss.

As things stand, the only out-and-out striker in the squad is Eddie Nketiah. Arsenal’s priorities for the upcoming transfer window did lie elsewhere – a wide attacker and central midfielder were on the shopping list – but that may well change.

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A real shame after playing so well in the first part of the season and another reason to dislike a mid season World Cup.

Last time Eddie got a run of games he played his best football though.

Walter White

This is the hope. That Nketiah can do what he did last season, and hopefully even better.


My concern is our expectations are drastically different to what they were then. Back then it was nice just to see someone who was mobile and clinical-ish (the opposite of Laca towards the end of his time with us sadly). Now we’re used to someone who does so much more than I think we’ve seen from Eddie. I don’t want to say he’s not capable of it, as I hope he proves he is, but don’t think he’s ever really shown us many more sides to his game. Surely if this means 3 months out as has been rumoured, we’ll… Read more »


My first choice…get another striker, otherwise Eddie should hold the fort, remember the team as a whole plays better this season, that means Eddie should be given better services than last time, and the evidence shows that when he I trusted he delivers. I wish Jesus a speedy recovery and hope he comes back at the business end of the season where we generally struggle stronger and better! Fingers crossed some business will done in January.


When the music changes the dance step should too, let’s forget about a midfielder, and go for a winger and a striker, manage parteys load,
We should be fine, with elneny and lokonga, but a winger and a striker is a necessity now.
Time for the kreonkees to stand up and be counted, this will be the truest test of their commitment.


there’s no way eddie can play 90 minutes every 3 days until jesus is back and match-fit or we’ll be right back in this situation looking for backup to eddie.


That’s the most sensible thing I heard about this issue, whichever way we look it we need a backup

Bukake Saka

Maybe balogun can play backup to eddy, is it possible to bringn him back? But let’s be honest, eddy at his best is still not good enough. We need someone else who knows how to find the net.


Yep, well said.

We’re in a title fight now, that’s way too much responsibility for Eddie alone and Flo still isn’t ready yet at Premiership level.

We need another oven ready striker and a top one at that.

We need Josh to splash the cash again; whether he will or not remains to be seen.

Walter White

That is true. Squad depth is certainly an issue and the club need to act in the market. But as long as we do, I think we will be able to cope, albeit to a lesser standard. I do think Eddie has improved his overall game a lot and the one thing he does best is his nack for a goal. What GJ has been missing, Eddie has the ability to provide. He will not be at the level of our best player ofc, but I have a feeling he is capable of much more than we have seen. Hopefully… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

Giroud on loan?


Nah. Wouldn’t work.

He’d become lazy and amble around on a last big earner.

Let’s not go there.

kampala gooner

Quick and lasting recovery mate.

Horse breath

What about that French fella for 6 months, you know, the record scorer. What’s his face?

Boston folk say Saka

Handsome-face, I believe is the name you are looking for!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

There is a French player worth looking at – Marcus Thuram.

25 years old;

Can player forward, or on the left wing;

13 goals in 17 games in Germany this season;

Contract expires in 6 months;

His dad won the World Cup with a couple of Arsenal lads.

Eric Blair

On the surface that looks like a no-brainer.


It’s a good job that Jesus heals.

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, I think we’ll see him in three weeks. He always appears like clockwork at Christmas.

Brady’s bunch

Back for Easter

Bukake Saka

Bring back the HFB I say.


I dunno. I just get the feeling that playing for France in the World Cup means more to him than going back to us in the Premiership.


Love Ollie to bits but I just get this feeling that if he came back he’d probably cost the earth and amble around like a right lazy so and so. We don’t need that.

We need hungry talented kids, not old hands on a last big buck. We’ve been there done that way too many times.


At least with ESR set to make a return on the left wing, Martinelli could help by alternating on the left and up front with Eddie. Not ideal, but we have to be brave, dig deep and rise to the challenge. As for the transfer market, this has probably bolloxed up our proposed signing of Mudryk – which, I don’t mind telling you, I shall be absolutely fucking gutted about. This kid is fucking mustard and watching him sign for another club will be painful. As for our forward options, if funds become available, then in my humble opinion, we… Read more »


ESR back from a lengthy injury, Martinelli playing out of position, Eddie being less than consistent, Vieira still adapting to life and work in the UK (Marquinhos also)are still not enough depth if we plan to be serious contenders this season. An additional wide forward and now a proven center forward are required.


Mate, we all of us know this, every single one of us.

It’s whether or not the Kroenkes make the funds available.

But I guess we all know that too.

Fuck Our Luck.

Alan Sunderland

I believe martinelli capable of playing through the middle, he also can press like jesus. Mudryk is definitely the player to go for, he could be something special. If the rumours are to be believed and we can get mudryk and Danilo I would be more than happy with that.


Mudryk and Gapko for me.

But I don’t think Stan will part with the best part of £80-£100 million in January. Both guys are going to be £50m at least.

Hate to say this and I love Eddie to bits, but he ain’t going to power us the same way Gabby J did.

Five points clear and this happens. Fucking sucks.


Mudryk might as wel become top player but at this point I wouldn’t pay more than 30 mil £ for him and even that is a huge gamble. At this point he barely played 30 games as a first team player and majority of that in Ukrainian league this season. He shone in couple of CL group games but that was not against really top teams. Of course Shaktar Donetsk pumps up the press and price but that does not mean Mudryk is worth 60-70 or 100 mil that they want for him. Gakpo is ‘safer’ signing but we’ve seen… Read more »


Mate, this is no time for penny pinching.

If Kroenke puts up the money for Mudryk and a top striker, we buy buy buy.

Being frugal is one thing but being five points clear at Christmas doesn’t grow on trees either.

We’ve got to chance our arm if given the financial opportunity.

I just hope Edu and Arteta can convince Josh and the old man to go that extra mile.

Alan Sunderland

I think they’ll spend mate. Josh seems to be driving this to me. He’s going to inherit a lot of money, the American teams and the stadium builds seem to be Stans. I think maybe Josh is behind the spending over the last few windows.


Well, if what we saw during the filming of ‘All or Nothing’ is to be believed, then Josh seems to be truly on board and – no pun intended – heavily invested in The Process.

As he himself would say “We go again.”

Let’s get these signings made, bring the likes of Mudryk, Gapko or whoever to the Emirates and let’s bring the Premiership back to where it fucking belongs – Arsenal Football Club.


Nainsley Aitland Miles

Since it’s Saka (and Ramsdale) v Saliba in the Quarter Finals, then one of them is guaranteed to be in Qatar until the final weekend (because there’s a 3rd place play-off the day before the final, for the semi final losers).

Presumably with the two weeks rest afterwards, that puts one of their involvement in the West Ham and Brighton games in jeopardy.

Not to mention Martinelli’s Brazil are looking good to go to that final weekend.


I know.

Seriously, I want this fucking World Cup over already. I am so done with it.

Fucking nuisance from day one.

Alan Sunderland

The wolves game seems like a long time ago. I’m keeping the faith though with a title challenge. Amazed by how many people have jumped off the bus in the comments this past few days. I think everyone is forgetting how well we were playing. I don’t think losing 1 player is going to affect our form so much we automatically fall out of contention.

Alan Sunderland

Same goes for rice and paqueta of west ham. Ive got faith in esr Eddie and Reiss having enough to get us by for a couple of games. We’re a lot better than the end of last season when Eddie and esr got a few goals.

Blackpool Albert

Qualitee, you lost me at ‘humble opinion’ mate lol. Thought your account got hacked. Keep the views coming son.


👍 😂


Actually feel we can try ESR in as a false 9 (while or course bringing in a new striker, which is a must). He can to some degree do what Jesus does for us; linking up with the wide forwards, dropping deep and build up play, as well he’s the most clinical striker of the ball at the club IMO (best shots to goal ratio last season if I recall). Downside is maybe he doesn’t have the stamina to maintain 90 minutes like Jesus.

This is his youth video, seems to be a lot playing like an advanced 10:

Alan Sunderland

After watching Spain today and esr as a false 9 in the Europa semifinal, not for me mate.


* shit not shot.


Why do they never actually say what the injury is? Always so vague. What does knee injury mean? ACL? MCL? Swelling? Ligament damage?


3 months? I thought it was 3 days…


If you only want churches founded, miracles worked and other shit like that, 3 days will do.
Match fit for the PL takes longer.


feel bad for jesus, this injury during the world cup could do more harm than good for his mental state if his national side go on to win the tournament.
that said, i hope we have a spare $100m from kse to fund replacements as we had a lack of depth initially and now need to add a proven goalscorer to the front line to continue to title push.


Jeez we really should take out some insurance on these players lol get a free replacement while we fix the original! 🤣🤣😅


Has anyone thought about the possibility of playing Saka there? I think he is actually more suitable for the role than Martinelli. In England’s team he is frequently in center forward’s position and gets reasonable amount of goals as well. Of course that leaves the questions, who will play RW. Smith Rowe? Vieira? Nelson? New signing?

Brady’s bunch

Gutted for him, gutted for us and gutted we’ve only got Eddie as back up 🤬🤬

Arsenal Fan

In fairness to Eddie, this would have been the chance he is waiting for. therefore, I don’t think we will be getting another striker and will persist with the original plan of getting another wide attacker and midfielder. Considering that Eddie did a pretty good job at hustling and bustling the previous round, I am optimistic that the drop off from Jesus won’t be too great. Hopefully, Saka will come back invigorated and in good scoring form.

Bukake Saka

Does anyone know if we can bring balogun back in januari? In case we can’t get onyone in the transfer window it might be smart bringing him back in case anything happens to eddy?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yes it’s certainly an option, we can recall loan players during the transfer window.

We did it in January 2022 with a bunch of players – Azeez, Dinzeyi, Moller, and Clarke.

I mean at this stage we may well consider recalling Nicolas Pepe too!

Mayor McCheese

What’s “bukake”? Should I do an image search on my work computer? Right now?

No, unless you work for Pornhub.


We are really going to miss all the little things Jesus does (pressing, hold up play, assists, leading the line, energy/enthusiasm, etc.) more than the goal scoring which hasn’t been there for a long time. He is so valuable in all that he does beyond scoring that it will be hard to replace all of it.


Marcus Thuram!

Man Manny

The plan needn’t change. We can still buy the two players in the areas penciled and then scour Europe and, maybe, South America for a striker on loan to support Nketiah while Jesus is in the “grave.” That changes, though, if the striker Arteta desired becomes available in January

Jeremy DG

I think this may mean our title charge done and dusted. How shit.


Come on mate. Have some faith. Don’t give up.

cereal killer

Can we buy Goncalo Ramos please!
We can’t rely on Nketiah

Goncalo Ramos? After his exploits against Xhaka’s Switzerland, Benfica will be wanting an arm, a leg and a set of TH7’s balls.

Teryima Adi

Get well soon, Jesus.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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