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Not dickhead Ronaldo sends nice message to Jesus

Brazil legend Ronaldo has taken to social media to give Gabriel Jesus a timely pep talk after the Arsenal striker underwent surgery against a backdrop of online abuse from compatriots criticising his recent goal drought.

Included in Brazil’s squad for the World Cup despite not scoring for Arsenal since the beginning of October, Jesus was looking to get back on track in Qatar while simultaneously banishing memories of his goalless performances in Russia in 2018.

On that occasion, he led the line for five consecutive games before Tite’s side were knocked out by Belgium in the quarter-finals.

Unfortunately, Jesus’ experience in the Middle East has arguably been even more disappointing. He made two appearances off the bench against Serbia and Switzerland before starting the 1-0 defeat to Cameroon when he picked up the knee injury that ruled him out of the rest of the tournament. He’s expected to be sidelined for three months.

Defending his friend in a heartfelt message on Instagram, Ronaldo wrote:

Criticism can either be constructive or destructive in one’s life. Words have the power to lift up and tear down — sometimes the same ones that boost one discourage another. Therefore, it is important to be careful what we say, but – above all – what we listen to. Because we can’t control what others will say — and we live in dark times of normalisation of hate speech — but we can filter what comes in our ears. Let your self-image, Gabriel Jesus, not be based on what others say. May you never forget where you came from because that boy who had the dream of being a player didn’t take an easy path, full of opportunities and privileges. That boy did the impossible, the “impossible”, the extraordinary. He left the Peri Garden to conquer the world. He won several titles, was scorer, Copa America champion (decisive in the first achievement of the Tite era), Olympic champion (fundamental in Brazil’s unreleased gold) – all this very new. He’s the Brazilian with the highest averaging goals in Premier League history. While many insist on comparing trajectories to disqualify an athlete, I’m here today to remind you that your story is unique. You came to the National Team with a lot of merit and I hope you still shine bright with your football. May you overcome what needs to be overcome, may you face what needs to be faced, may you continue to believe in your dreams because they are the ones who brought you here. Get well soon, crackhead!


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The message comes just six days since Ronaldo revealed details of a dinner with Jesus in which he praised the player for his “spectacular year at Arsenal” and “how much pleasure I am getting from watching Arsenal this year”.

Jesus underwent surgery in London on Monday and was pictured leaving hospital on crutches but, thankfully, with a smile on his face. He faces a period of rest before some intense rehabilitation.

And no, we have no idea why Ronaldo refers to him as ‘crackhead’…

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Inflamed Pulis

It’s nice to be nice. 🙂




What a player he was, gave me goosebumps when he played for Barca and Brazil. He felt like the Mike Tyson of football.


What a legend and a gent! Have rarely heard such a well spoken ex-pro. Pure class on and off field!

Horse breath

Is the real Ronaldo without a club. Could still do a job.


He looks a bit overweight tbh


He had dinner with Jesus.
Just a few rolls and some seafood…

Mayor McCheese

I guess with Jesus returning to London it will be their last supper for quite some time.

Emi Rates

The fake Ronaldo suffers from massive overweight of the ego.


Well he’s 46 now so might be a bit slow.


Not compared to willian

Mayor McCheese

But it was a vest.


What a nice guy. Great message and hope it gives Gabi a little something to help him on his road to recovery, both physically and psychologically.


I looked it up 🙂 –
“A ‘craque’ in Portuguese is a star, the ace that you want in your national team. The word does come from English, with “crack” as an adjective holding the same meaning, although not restricted to football.”


Yep, nothing to do with crack. Means a top player


it’s the same in peru, spanish-speaking but they say “que crack” meaning “what a (good) player”


Get well soon indeed, crackhead!


Ronaldo had dinner with Jesus?
Let me guess, there were pies. Lots of pies.


The crackhead comment’s a bit harsh




first the injury, now a drug problem, the season is f**ked.

The Far Post

Thanks for the laughs! Good one.


FYI: the last word in Ronaldo’s very thoughtful message would translate as “ace” not “crackhead”!

Portuguese Gooner

Portuguse gooner here.
The ‘crackhead’ translation is not the right one in this context. On the original post, Ronaldo signs off calling Jesus ‘craque’, which can translate to ‘crack’ (drug), but in this case, translates to ‘star’ or ‘baller’.

It would be very funny indeed, after a long emotional post, to sign off calling him crackhead hahaha.


fundamental in Brazil’s unreleased gold – instrumental in Brazil’s unprecedented gold


I still like Allen’s Google translate edition though ;). Brazil’s mysterious unreleased gold


For online translation there is no more acurate engine than deepl at the moment. Million times better than google translate.

Gervinho is Driving

ChatGPT, please write an encouraging letter from Fat Ronaldo to Gabriel Jesus.


Lovely message from the One True Ronaldo

Brady’s bunch

Is there any other??


One of the true greats that are genuinely down to earth and nice. So nice seeing him smiling away in the stands during the Brazil games too.

Jean Louis

In Brazilian Portuguese “craque ” means an exceptional, outstanding player, which G Jesus certainly is! Crackhead is a poor translation.
Wishing this “craque ” a quick recovery to lead our line!

The Arsenal

The ONLY man above Henry.

Woolwich Thiern Time

“how much pleasure I am getting from watching Arsenal this year”.

…R9 is a Gooner!!!!


Jesus is such a good player that he doesn’t need to score buckets of goals. As long as he helps our team to win. Which is exactly what he’s been doing so far.


Personally I can’t wait to see our crackhead back heating things up. I don’t agree with others who say our season is up in smoke. He’ll be back leaving others for dust before we know it.

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