Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Chelsea snatch Mudryk from under Arsenal’s nose

Arsenal’s attempts to sign Mykhailo Mudryk have been thwarted by Chelsea after the Blues put together a €100 million package that met the demands of Shakhtar Donetsk.

The 21-year-old winger is signing an eight-and-a-half-year contract (yep, mental!) at Stamford Bridge after completing his medical on Sunday morning.

The news will come as a big blow to Mikel Arteta and Edu who had agreed personal terms with the player but refused to be drawn into a bidding war once Chelsea formalised their interest.

The Gunners had previously made three offers for their ‘priority target’ and looked to be in pole position to get their man as recently as yesterday morning. Throughout the last month, Mudryk has dropped regular hints on social media about his desire to play at the Emirates.

Having repeatedly said that he wants to strengthen his options in attack, the question for Arteta is what happens next? Presumably, we have alternative targets in mind and will step up contact with the necessary clubs and agents in the coming days.

The transfer window closes at 11pm on 31 January. In addition to today’s north London derby, Arsenal face Manchester United and Manchester City in the league and cup respectively.

Clearly, we need to move quickly and decisively.

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Never wanted him anyway. *cough*

Red Cannon

Never wanted him for that price. I’m not even coughing with that statement. He may end up being worth that price (although with how poorly thought-out Chelsea’s squad-building is, I’m especially doubtful it will happen there), but the risk would be too big.


Correct. Maybe we should look for someone with Premier league experience to maximaize impact and minimise the adaptation period.


Someone like Trossard of Raphinha




Raphinha just moved to Barca, I prefer we re-spark our interest in Pedro Neto (should come cheaper now he’s injured, here’s hoping). If not him then there’s Zaha, Trossard (although these 2 are on the wrong side of 25, not in line with what we’re doing overall). Then there’s Diaby at Leverkusen, and I saw someone posted about Armand Laurienté, this guy’s got amazing stats for Sassuolo (most successful take ons).I’m a casual and I know there are options. For that reason I’m certain Edu and Arteta as well have 2nd and 3rd options besides Mudryk, here’s hoping they’re able… Read more »

Giuseppe Hovno

We don’t need mudryk we’ve got Reiss-Nelson!!!! I believe!!!!


Well on a seven year deal at the wages discussed, if it ain’t happening at Chelsea it ain’t happening anywhere. Both parties well and truly all in on this one


8 and half, and about !00 million in salary so 200 million altogether, utter madness!

I just heard chelsea have a total of 32 players in their squad, that’s unmanageable


Auba will probably be gifted to Barca then 🙃


An 8.5 year contract does dilute the fee a bit. Apparently the add ons includes winning premier leagues and champions leagues. So not likely to get all of the money.

I just think we’ve let the manager down in all this and not the first time this month. If our manager is identifying players he wants, we should be getting them for him.

Where to next with time running out…..


Buying a player for a exorbitant fee and then breaking our wage structure to undo all the work arteta has done over the last 3 years seems a little counterproductive and not in all “letting him down”


Personal terms were agreed long before they stuck their beaks in. Doubt it was anywhere near them wages.


if we’re trying to match chelsea, then yes, it would have broken the wage structure.


I can’t think of any players in the 100M region to have worked out, even if they come with a proven track record; Lukaku, Havertz, Grealish, Antony (although to this I say it’s still too early). The fact you come for 100M people are expecting you to perform week in week out – any dip in form or continuous goalless streak will instantly seem a flop. Mudryk has the raw talent but the EPL is a major step up from Ukraine and the CL group stages. 100M is a big fee, and to add that 8.5y 200k/week contract; Chelsea better… Read more »


He could be another Joao Felix or he could be the next big thing. No one knows 🤷‍♂️

But Chelsea are spending like drunk sailors, almost like Everton did few years ago without any direction. No idea how they plan on playing all of them, keep them happy or sell any of their overpriced/overpaid players


Which is why I’m absolutely fine with this. They better pray that Potter turns things around, because if he doesn’t then they’re stuck with all these players on massive wages and long term contracts. Remember the days we can’t sell any of our players for peanuts? And they continually serve dross week in week out? Chelsea may very well head down that path.


With any luck! It would be just!


And look where Everton is now. One can hope, right?


Money is everything nowadays. An Ukrainian team is happy to sell their best player for a team which is built from and working on Russian money. Ambition, courtesy, virtue are useless old things.

Johnny 4 Hats

I was never really into going above £50m.

But now it’s happened like this, I feel like the girl who fancied me and I liked too is now snogging my best mate. I feel weirdly hurt by how it’s all happened. Kinda betrayed.

I really hope that Edu and Mikel have other irons in the fire as we need to get moving. And I really hope it doesn’t affect the lads today.

It’s a fricking NLD!!! Never mind this twat!!

Boy Bastin

You make a couple of good points: is there a “Plan B” ready to go? Time is against us in this window and starting from scratch may cut things very fine. We’re likely to be screwed by potential sellers anyway as they’ll know we need reinforcements and the clock is ticking.

Also, the potential affect on the team. Expectations raised that are dashed at the last minute? We’ll see later on today.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Felix was the Plan B. We move onto Plan C.

Aleksander Włodarz

Yeah, thought the same.. how ironic


Nice piece of satire.👍🍺


Frustrating but fuck it, why should we pay way over the odds for someone who’s unproven in the premier league.
Maybe he didn’t really want us but he’s made himself look a bit if twat anyway. I’m sure Chelsea will stay up this season though.


Yeah, very annoying for us, but you can understand why Chelsea have done it. Getting relegated apparently costs £50-£100 million, so if they stay up he’s practically a free transfer for them.

Walter White

He definitely wanted us. But eventually having to choose between cfc or staying in the Ukranian league, one can understand the move though frustrating.

Kevin Albone

I think this is right. As Chelsea outbid us he had the choice of staying or Chelsea. It does mean Chelsea have paid well over the top for a player who doesn’t really want to be there. It probably won’t end well.


They are not the only team to pay over the odds, manure had an £80 million sub yesterday.

The market is inflated, especially for premier league clubs, we need to start moving quicker and not allow others to come along and pinch priority targ. Either it’s a bit high we go elsewhere straight away or pay them what they demand. Made a third offer the other day, after second offer turned down it should have been binned off and move on to next target.


He could have refused to go to Chelsea forcing the club to negotiate with us as raphina did when he joined barca. I guess he didn’t want us that much, despite the flirting. Shame, he could have had a pl medal 3 months joining us!

Tommy Gunner

Sorry, you’re being too kind on him. It takes two to tango here. He could have refused to go to Chelski. Arsenal put good money on the table, so HE was the one who had the bargaining position. Shaktar would still have got very good money (versus no money) if he had insisted he only wanted to go to Arsenal. If he’d dug his heels in on that, Shaktar would certainly have accepted Arsenal’s offer

Emi Rates


Let there be no doubt about why he’s at Chelsea. Because he wants to! Any notion of him as some innocent party in this is nonsense. He made a big boy decision to take the big boy money and as such he can take the big boy criticism that’ll follow the rest of his life too.

Hope the money was worth it.


I think it’s the length of the contract that got him. We’d have been competitive on wages, personal terms, everything, then Chelsea come in and he knows he’s set for 8 and a half years… that’s him sorted till May 2031.

Emi Rates

“I think it’s the length of the contract that got him”

Well i sure as fuck can’t have been his principles. If he even has any. I doubt it.


I would jump at that myself. 200k/week for 8.5 years? Off of 1.5 pretty good seasons? Mudryk himself will be 31 by the end of this contract – and for a player who relies on pace that’s pretty much his career. There really are a lot of ways this can go to sh*t so cheer up my fellow gunners.


BTW, 200k/week for 8.5 years is 88.4M, let that sink in.


He would have changed the course of his family’s fortunes for generations.


Factor in normal inflation, then football inflation and its not a terrible way to pay wages actually.


I expect the money was worth it.
He owes nothing to Arsenal and his prospects for making money are better there than Arsenal – kicking a silly ball about is secondary.
If anyone is to blame it is Arsenal – had they paid eight million more it would have been accepted and he might have signed. As it is they did not, and we are back to square fucking one.
A club struggling in mid table can complete the signings they want yet we are top of the table and struggle to sign anyone – I wonder why that is..


It’s because of money, you’ve already said it yourself. Where in any walk of life, are you rewarded with a massive contract, for 8.5 years, off of just 1 and half good year?



Walter White

I thought of this as well, buy I think you make it sound fra easier than it is.
The board told him take the deal or wait until the summer. Given how Shaktar have negotiated so far, they probably meant it.

We were his definite first choice, but from the players position, being in the Ukraninan league, Chelsea isn’t the worst option in the world. And he might not have the same suitors in half a year.

That being said, I hate we have to suffer for the madness that is Todd Boehly.


I believe he really wants Arsenal, and he’s reported to have asked if there was any way that Arsenal could match the Chel$ey deal. He’s a young man whose dream has been taken away from him, and his club and agent seem to have sold him off like a piece of meat. Who knows what pressures were put on him by the very people who should be looking out for him. He’s only just turned 22 and they’ve signed him up to a life sentence at a club with a manager and style of football as dull as ditchwater. I… Read more »


Chelsea and Shaktar basically screwed him over. He didn’t want to go there. Most teams wouldn’t have done what Chelsea did.


His head was turned with the money they were offering him. He’s made himself look a twat. His agent is blaming us for the deal collapsing. We move on. Now let’s beat the shit at the Tom Daley stadium. COYG!!


Exactly. From his perspective at least he gets to the PL and London. If his club won’t budge on the price, he knows the “Arsenal dream” is over.


Can’t wait to see big Benny break him in front of an Enirates crowd


I am sure he got psychoed by his agent to go to Chelsea. Agent will earn much more commission. He is still a young boy at 22, can’t blame him.


I am sure you would be signing a different tune if we had signed him.

Bill Hall

How are they able to ignore FFP by throwing all this money around?

And it doesn’t say much for him that after his Arsenal love-in for weeks he changes his mind just like that and chooses a side languishing in 10th place looking clueless right now with no direction over the Premier league leaders for the entire season? And a 7 year contract?
It won’t end well for Chelsea, mark my words!


Because FFP doesn’t exist.

If you follow American sports, this seems similar to a baseball style contracts. Front loaded salary in the beginning, then gradually tapers off towards the end.


The attorneys these clubs have on retainer, as well as the fees for breaching the rules, as not punitive enough to prevent rules being ignored. Ffp is there purely to punish small clubs


They have received a transfer ban in the past, second punishment should be 5 year European competition ban as a minimum.


They should suffer more- financial penalties should be stiff enough to deter future breaches, not merely be an inconvenience when conducting business (its effectively regulatory capture)


It’s 8 1/2 year contract according to the Beeb. It’s also how they appear to be buying within the FFP rules by giving out lengthy contracts. You’re effectively spending less per year if you account 100m over a longer period.


Just got a load of guff about that. Under €25 million a year towards fee (providing the have to pay all the add ons) and wages in today’s market is not that shocking.


Apparently Chelsea doubled the wages that we were offering

Thierry Bergkamp (Non negotiable)

I read we offered him 40k and they offered 200k

Emi Rates

My god! Only 40k a week? That’s like twice what I earn in a year. Yeah no wonder he turned that down. Who do Arsenal think they are, eh?


Long after we agreed terms with him.


And it doesn’t say much for him that after his Arsenal love-in for weeks he changes his mind just like that and chooses a side languishing in 10th”

just shows what a fucking joke football has become. We’ve created a culture where players are encouraged to follow the money above all else.

from the very top of FIFA to youth academies, football has become a trough with everyone trying get as much as they can as fast as they greedy snouts will allow.

I’m so sick of it.

Emi Rates

And it’s not like anyone walks away from a PL career poor. There’s more than enough money for everyone to be handsomely rewarded for their time in. With that in mind there is no need to compromise ones principles. The only ones who do it are the ones sick with greed. Mudryk being only the latest example.

Boy Bastin

Money determines it in almost all cases, and in this one. It isn’t unknown for a player to say how much he loves Club A, only to sign for Club B. I fully expect to see him kissing the Chelsea badge on his shirt! As to FFP, it does have some effect but it’s certainly not the totally rigid structure that some imagined/hoped it would be when it was introduced. Chelsea have always been quite adept at using FFP (quite legally). If you recall, even Arsenal were reported at being at risk of breaching FFP guidelines some months ago now… Read more »


Boely just bought the club. He has a few windows to spaff money around recklessly before FFP rules prevent him pumping “equity” into the club above what they make playing in the Europa conference.


Football manager stuff from Boehly. Those 7 year contracts will come back to bite them.
I trust Edu and Arteta’s talent ID but will the players be available this winter? Fuck Chelsea at any rate.

Emi Rates

Maybe the money is worth seven years of his life hearing his own fans singing about Abramovich. Just take the money and ignore the slaughter at home.

Brady’s bunch

Poor decision by him and the people around him.


The people around him. Look at his face, he’s not happy. I’m gutted about this as I was so excited about this signing but I can’t be angry at him. I think he was bullied into something he didn’t want and the whole situation is really sad.

Brady’s bunch

It will follow him for the rest of hie career


Sadly, yes.

Pat Rice and Beans

Money talkssssss


Sorry but this strikes me as the inanely tribal take of the football fan. It is possible, just possible, that there are a plurality of views about the war and Ukraine itself from people who are, you know, actually from and have spent part of their lives in Ukraine, that are a bit more nuanced than there being a logically straightforward moral or symbolic imperative for Ukrainian professional footballers to boycott the football club that Roman Abramovich used to own. Ukraine has been a deeply troubled country for a long time now and Abramovich is probably relatively low on the… Read more »

Eric Blair

Nah, he just sold his soul for roubles.

Emi Rates

I recently read about a family of eight being wiped out by Wagner Group criminals. The youngest being one years old. Shot point blank in the head. It’s only one of many daily atrocities that are committed by Russia in Ukraine.

What’s your nuanced view on that?

Poom Xhaka Laca

Good riddance. I’d have loved to see him at Arsenal but not on those terms. And 8.5 years is hilarious. Chelsea have genuinely no clue what they’re doing and it’s fascinating to watch.


But they signed the player that Arteta had identified as his main priority signing.
Dress it up as you will..

Brady’s bunch

He was poorly advised he’s going to be made very welcome when they start chanting for Roman Mr Putin’s best bud.


I think we may have dodged a bullet here. Rather than thinking ‘where is the best way to develop my career’, he’s gone with ‘who’s giving me the most money?’. Not sure this fits in with our mentality. Let’s hope Chelsea have a prima donna on their hands.


Clinton Morrison had a pretty good career in the lower leagues. But I bet he would rather have a shed load of money. There is NO top-level footballer out there who plays football for the love of it or the love of his club – it is all about money and those who pay more get the top players. There is no loyalty whatsoever – the social messaging and bullshit from Mudryk towards Arsenal was done with the purpose of serving his own financial interest and when it was revealed that Chelsea would pay more he went there. That is… Read more »


This is another reminder of why Arsene liked to conduct his transfer dealings as secretively as possible (even if it wasn’t always possible).


Fabrizio definately sleeping on money bed with this deal.

Brazilian Gooner

What annoys me is that we ALWAYS lowball first and try to be smart, we are the club with the most number of transfer sagas simply because we dont start off with strong bids, dragging adding a couple of milllions every now and then, leaving space and time for someone pay more than us.
Our latest transfer were
A: players that wants only us no matter what
B: players that we were the only big club in for

Brady’s bunch

I don’t blame the club at all for this


I do.
Last January it was Arsenal chasing a player who had no interest in signing for us.
This January it is Arsenal making ridiculously low bids when the selling club had been perfectly clear on an acceptable bid.
You wouldn’t try offering £150k to buy a house valued at £400k would you?
We have just wasted half the transfer window on this fiasco.


Player transfers are nothing at all like buying a house.

Emi Rates

We didn’t low ball them. We offered them what he is actually worth. If some chav fuck American cunt owner of some blood stained club sees that as his chance to piss away money then that’s on the chav fuck American cunt owner and his blood stained club, not us. The whole thing is disgusting beyond words but sy the very least we as a club have not compromised who we are.

Fuck Chelsea – fuck Mudryk!



Well said.

Can’t wait to give him a white hot reception at the Arsenal.

Mick Malthouse

His value is what some on is prepared to pay for him. Other than that agree whole heartedly with your sentiment!


We initially offered more than Liverpool paid for Gakpo!


Would say much on that after yesterday.


There’s a massive difference low balling and paying over the odds.
There might (or might not) be a good player in him, but scoring 3 goals and 2 assist in CL doesn’t justify the asking 100mil price tag.
Besides once we are back in CL, I’m pretty sure we have players who can also score the 3 goals and 2 assist in Saka, Martinelli and Odeguard , Who know ESR might just sneak up and achieve that too. There you go, 400mil worth of awesomeness


I really hoped Mudryk would come but you made some great points. I hate Chelski even more now. I hope they rot from the inside out as all their overpaid stars bicker with one another under the hapless guidance of a coach out of his depth. Dario Srna had to accompany Mudryk to Stamford Bridge because he had to convince him not to bail. Appaling.


This was gut wrenching. Imagine how disappointed Arteta must be. If we keep persisting in failing to sign the players he wants, he too might get stolen from us. He had some very nice things to say about Barca in his most recent press conference.


Hope he get a red card on debut.


Dun be mean.
How bout ACL instead


Never wish other humans harm. You’re not better than them if you do!


Between the price tag and worries of his attitude, I’m not crushed he’s not joining but it’s VITAL we make a statement signing to galvanise the squad. Big job now to bring in such a signing. Need to have learnt from losing out on Vlahovic last year.


Although this is pretty annoying, I see this as a bullet dodged. Character of this guy is seriously questionable both from his behavior on Social
Media angling for a move, and his obvious sole motivation of making as much money as possible at any compromise.

Tommy Gunner

Kid spends the whole time flirting with Arsenal, then goes to the club which can trace it’s current position in the game back to the regime which invaded his country. I wonder why. Turns out he’s not the type of character we need anyway, then. Hope he has fun rotting at Chelski


Would have been great to have got him. Not at that price though. Other clubs seem to get better prices, let’s leave Chelsea to pay silly money.

Just don’t understand, all those years of not being able to attract players because we weren’t in the champions league. Not stopping Chelsea and Liverpool doing decent business. They’ll be lucky to make it next year

Anteneh Ademe

For a player from the Ukrainian league who’s unproven,I’m not too disappointed to be honest. What guarantees he won’t be the next pepe?

T dog

Todd boehly holds the micro penis world record.

Granit(e) hard!

Player napping thieves!, for those terms?, they can have him for all I care!


Gutted we missed out but i stand by our club. We have dignity and value. Every signing is always being calculated unlike them splashing stupid money in desperation. i hope they won’t make it anywhere near top 6 for foreseeable seasons.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Ti be honest, I am relieved.
Chelsea have done thieir stupid Chelsea thing again, and I am happy and proud that we have kept our position firm. Arsenal won’t be blackmailed.


Blackmail implies coercion and there’s none of that here. The word you’re after is greed


Disappointing from the perspective that he was clearly prio #1 for tye club, but quite right to bail once the price went to stupid numbers. This is a guy with 9 goals for Shaktar in 4 seasons. Chelsea are hilarious now, just buying other clubs’ staff, then chasing other clubs’ targets and paying over the odds. Headless Yankee chickens. I hope we have someone else in mind, Trossard from Brighton feels an easy option but are we hell bent on a “winger” as such? 30m for him, 15m for a last sal9on Tielemans, another 30-odd mill on a third quality… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Imagine flirting with Scarlett Johansson for a month, and then going to live with Vicky Pollard for 8.5 years.

Emi Rates

Vicky Pollard whose best mate is Vladimir Putin. What a fucking trio!

Brady’s bunch

Maybe Vicky does things that Scarlett won’t 😉

The non-negotiables.

dr Strange

I know we wanted him but 100 million for a largely unprowen player is bonkers. We can get two really good players for the money involved in this and it’s not like he would be first choice on the wing.

He will also be miserable in Chelski so good look with the seven year contract.


At most worth 50-60m. Let Chelsea overpay 100m for him. Hopefully Chelsea will make history by spending 400m in the transfer market and gets relegated come end of May 😂😂😂


While the high profile pursuit has ended in disappointment, its stupid money for a player unproven outside Ukraine, which if we’re honest is about as competitive as the Scottish league. This says more about Chelsea’s new owners trying to salvage a dogshite season than it does about us.
Alternatives for a wide forward are abundant, getting someone in shouldn’t be tough if we’re as organized as they claim. I’ve mentioned a few players I could see us adding with little to no resistance and less adaptation *cough* mbeumo *cough*

Boy Bastin

A few of us did wonder why nobody else was actually bidding and that if Chelsea did get around to it, that they would almost certainly outbid us. Some Gooners on this site even said that financial considerations weren’t the determining factor in this move but that Mudryk “loved” Arsenal and anyway he’d never go to a club (Chelsea) with “that” previous owner and the support he received from some fans when he was sanctioned. That all turned out to be, well, cr*p didn’t it! The money did play the main part and although he was reported to admire our… Read more »


Meh. He would have been a back up player for us and an untested one at that.

Far better to get someone with prem expedience for our title push.


Mudryk u weasel.
Chelsea are even more gross then Tottenham and that’s the ultimate insult I can give.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Bit strange to say that out loud but most of the time I feel the same way. Hard to describe the absolute disdain I have for Chelsea as a football club.


He has no integrity.
No a member of the Arsenal family by any means.
He and Chelsea match each other. I wish him good luck.
Now let Arsenal win this league to prove to him and all around him of their poor decision and rub salt to their injuries as they remain confused next season.


Long may they wallow mid table


As he was paraded at half time in the game against Crystal Palace today he looked more like someone who had just been sentenced to 8 years at Wormwood Scrubs


He was Srna’s hostage.

cereal killer

What a stingy club arsenal is …… depth in the team,God forbid when we go down to number 4cin the premier league is when we start blaming ourselves for not strengthening the team……
Mark my work

Emi Rates

If only we’d wasted money on Felix so we could enjoy the benefits of his three latch ban instead. Why oh why must we be so stingy and deny ourselves such pleasures?


Marking your sentence structure and grammar here with a ‘see the teacher after class.’


He’s made himself look a right twonk after all that guff he posted on his Instagram. I naively thought he might do what Raphinha did and state clearly where he wanted to play, regardless of salary. Turns out he just wanted the move and didn’t care about coming to the Emirates. And an eight and a half year contract is insane. There is no way Chelsea get any sort of return on this investment and now have a 30+ player squad for Potter to try and keep happy. A farcical club. Kudos to Edu for not being bullied into paying… Read more »


A rising tide lifts all ships. Giving bumper contract to unproven young players will lead to wage bill inflation across the board.

I’d say we dodged a silver bullet. Plenty of cheaper talent to be found if we look properly.

Boy Bastin

How cheap will that talent be though when potential selling clubs now know we need reinforcements urgently in this window? We’ll have to see.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Potential selling clubs now know that we won’t overpay. We held our ground with Raphinha, Martinez, now Mudryk.We won’t be pushovers.


Arteta obviously felt that he could have a massive impact otherwise he would never have bothered.
So, what now?
We are halfway through the season and halfway through the transfer window and we are back to square one.
With such a high-profile pursuit and failure Arsenal will be seen as being desperate and prices will be even more inflated.
I just hope that we don’t pick up any injuries because our squad is frankly paper thin..


What about Pino? Is he still a thing?


He hasn’t played like more than 50 league games for Shaktar. No way Arsenal should be gambling that kind of money on him. I would of been happy to get him but I was worried at the price for a relatively unknown in terms of what he could be and current handling of change. We need to strengthen but those kind of figures could bring in a proven player (or 2). He might turn out to be a world beater, if so fair play. But he could also be on loan to the Dutch league in 2 years time with… Read more »


Dodged a bullet there. 100m. no thanks.


No complaints from me about how we conducted our business.

Chelsea seems to want to out-Everton Everton. Fat Frank will soon be available again, they can give him another chance.

Eric Blair

100 million? 8 and a half years? Chelsea had better be praying he’s going to be a massive hit because at those numbers he simply has to be without being a dead weight on the club.

And after all the flirting with us Mudryk jumps in bed with those mid-table dwellers, I don’t think it reflects very well on him at all. But we’ll, he’s set up as a millionaire for life now after looking decent for a season or two in the Ukrainian league so congratulations to him!


Well, I’ve made my feelings clear about this (non) transfer, right from the get-go, so I’m not going to waste any more time on it. The only thing I will say, is that he doesn’t go to Chelsea unless he himself chooses to do so. In other words, he has had his head well and truly turned by money from a club whose fans still chant for a Russian whose companies help supply arms that are killing his own countrymen. If that doesn’t make him a little cunt, I don’t know what does. So, as much as I would have… Read more »

Graham Blandford

I can honestly say yesterday felt like a kick in the teeth. Not sure why. But the contrived FA charges targeted against us, a scandalous offside goal against City (felt like a draw would have suited us better) and then the news that Boehly has bankrolled this after so many positive signs that Mudryk would end up with us. Just felt like a dark day. Hopefully theres no impact to the players. I heard Gaby had followed him on Instagram then unfollowed him when the Chelsea announcement was made. Just not ideal ahead of the NLD. But I’m sure Mikel… Read more »


We should have gone for Andreas Schjelderup, one of the most promising wingers under 20, instead Benfica got him 3 days ago, for €10m, from Norwegian side Nordsjælland. He would have been a great backup for Martinelli and Saka.


Surely that’s a name Blogs has made up.


Phew. We almost paid ~100 mil for what appears to be a Chelsea rent boy…

Merlin’s Panini

Well, I can only hope he’s a complete failure there. It was naive to assume player power would triumph here despite us being victim to it with Fabregas, Bellerin etc in the past. Money still talks and this is evidence of it. Chelsea are just throwing money at a problem with no strategy. Mudryk would’ve been a better fit with us.
Here’s hoping there’s another available option with the right attributes.


I won’t lie it hurts but its the way of the world we move on. My main fear is not that we lost out on Mudryk but that there maybe no credible plan B…that will be unforgiveable

The team is crying for reinforcement the momentum is still with us..

I hope Mudryk enjoys the Abramovich chant at Stamfod Bridge!


Most of the comments here are sour grapes. We wanted the player and courted him for months. Now he’s gone elsewhere, fans are complaining about him. The main problem with this is the time we spent chasing one player, we’re in the middle of the transfer window and seem to be making the same mistake from January 2022. You would think Arsenal would be proactive by completing deals as early as the first week of January. We knew the situation with Jesus and our fixture list in January but we dragged our feet, hoping the player’s desire to play for… Read more »


Glad we didn’t pay the money but Sad a Ukrainian would join a club whose success was built on Russian money. Needed 2 signings before Jesus injury- up front and midfield. Don’t think we’ll get 3 though!


we’ll be fine save the money for Bellingham in summer 😀


Or Declan Rice

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