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FA charge Arsenal for player conduct during Newcastle draw

Arsenal have been charged by the FA for failing to ensure players “conducted themselves in an orderly fashion” in stoppage time of Tuesday’s 0-0 draw with Newcastle United.

Mikel Arteta’s players were adamant that they should have been awarded a penalty in the 95th minute when Granit Xhaka’s cross struck the arm of Jacob Murphy inside Newcastle’s box.

Desperate for a chance to win the game at the death, the majority of the team including Gabriel Magalhaes, William Saliba, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Thomas Partey, Alex Zinchenko, Martin Odegaard and Granit Xhaka confronted referee Andy Madley about the incident. Their claims were eventually dismissed following a VAR review.

After the match, Arteta said the decision, along with an earlier failure to award a penalty to Gabriel Magalhaes who was wrestled to the ground while challenging for a corner, was “scandalous”. 

Dan Burn’s contentious shirt pull on Gabriel Magalhaes

It is the second time this season the Gunners have breached FA Rule E.20.1. We were also charged for our behaviour in the dying moments of the 1-0 win at Leeds United. On that occasion, we were arguing, correctly as it turned out, that a penalty should not have been rewarded.

The club has until Tuesday to appeal the latest charge.

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What about newcastlers talking the ref into giving a yellow for similar shirt pull…






What about the Ref who refused to give a penalty for an obvious foul? No fine for that?

Hair on Ram's Tail

Don’t forget Lascelles, who was a SUBSTITUTE not even in the game, interfering with an Arsenal throw-in to waste time. That isn’t worth a fine but Arsenal complaining one time (like Newcastle had for the entire match) is?

Reality check

FA 🖕


Fucking Asswipes


Fuck Allofyou


The anti Arsenal agenda continues…

They must have missed every single fucking Liverpool, Man City, United and Spurs game…

It is also pretty mental to think that Saka is literally one yellow card away from getting banned, yet only one yellow card has been awarded for an opposing player for fouling him…

That’s what we are up against.


They’ve always had an agenda against the Arsenal, but this season it’s becoming fucking ridiculous.


Yeah, it’s crazy to think Saka has more yellow cards than probably have been given for fouls on him when it is very clear most every team sets out to kick the kid off the pitch (with near total impunity).

Detective Harris: Nothing to see here!


Totally agree. Saka gets very little protection. I have to say that the mugsmashers have had a tough time of it this season too.


Think of it as a backhanded compliment. As we have got more competitive then the referees have gone at us harder.


obviously they call themselves the Fuck Arsenal


Not so Sweet FA.


Good. Fuck everyone else. Up the gun.


Corrupt cunts


Why always the Arsenal?


Aaaah. The one question that has stumped them all; Da Vinci, Darwin, Einstein, Freud, Jimmy Hill, the lot.

David Hodegaard

So this is what on top of the league feels like. Its us against the world (media, FA)


Yes. Feels exactly like when we’re 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th….etc ad nauseum.


It’s what the top of the league feels like when you’re breaking the narrative. It doesn’t feel like this for City or Liverpool when they’re up top.


I would love to see the stats on these charges per club. I know other clubs get charged at times, but it seems like they never get charged for doing the same things in matches against Arsenal.


Should be the reverse: Arsenal charge FA for failing to provide competent officials.

Remember the classic Arsene quote “You are a disgrace to your Federation!”

AW had some great dagger-to-the-heart zingers over the years.


My favourite Arsene ref gripe was “The referees are watching the game, but who is watching the referees?”



No problem with all the fucking Magpies surrounding the referee from start to finish, then? What a corrupt bunch of twats.


Especially Trippier, all game!!!! What winds me up the most is the gesturing for cards, Trippier was the worst offender. Must have picked that habbit up on the continent.


When Howard Webb said last week that he wanted the players to become refs after their playing days were over, I didn’t realise Trippier was the first one to sign up


he’s already wearing the striped shirt! (though trippier probably better suited to working at foot locker)

Danny Hayes

I thought waving a pretend card was now a booking offence


burn spent the entire first half fouling our players and whinging at the ref (sometimes with ridiculous language you could hear on the goal microphones) and yet he’s not even being considered for retrospective punishment.


Well. All that money – and they’ve gone out of the FA Cup to shitty old Sheffield Wednesday. 😂

Karma. 😂


They were at fault and they’re pointing fingers at us?
And they say there’s no politics in football 😏


Of course they do… Fucking cunts.


Loving the anger on here in this morning.

That’s the spirit, people!

We are The Arsenal! 😊

Andy Bailey

God forbid that a ref and VAR be held accountable……..!


Fuck offff. Fucking trippier reffed the whole game for pgmol tbh.


Lol…remember in the first half an incident the newcastle players surrounding the ref like crazy, maybe twice (?) – it’s the same as the shirt pull penalty non-review – it’s inconsistant and it’s so blatant that…you have to laugh, but I hope the club can respond by asking the same questions we are asking.

Brady’s bunch

It’s bad enough they are inconsistent from game to game but during the same game is very questionable




That’s become my new pet phrase at home.

The price of butter? Scandalous!

The amount of fur the cats leave on the sofa?

The fuel bill?

My daughter choosing to go out with a Spud?
A abject failure of parenting….

James Freemantle

When are the FA going to charge referees for not doing their jobs properly?


When are the FA collective going to self combust and do us all a favour…..


Arsenal get charged!? Newcastle players mobbed the referee the whole game. Fucking corrupt shysters!



A level of corruption that even Charles Dickens would have deemed impossible.

John Brennan

They should appeal and raise all of the mitigating factors to back it up. Tripper was in the ref’s ear all game, the Newcastle players feigned injury at the merest touch and of course the real blatant injustice of the Gabriel penalty claim seemingly not even getting a second look.

It’s about time the FA and PGMOL were made to explain themselves in public.

Brady’s bunch

Won’t happen as they can’t.


And being made to explain exposes that fact, and why.

Norman House

Magpies always make the most horrible noises. It seems the Newcastle team are just emulating them. I don’t think the 2nd penalty appeal was valid, but the 1st one absolutely was; the referee and VAR got that badly wrong. Probably both teams were arguing too much, but that’s because the referee lost control of the match. Not so much the number of cards but that he was inconsistent. The lack of a hurry-up for their keeper was really annoying. 51 minutes the ball was in play in this match against an average 55 minutes per match. The ref played a… Read more »

Okie Gooner

Spot on!


FA always penalise to grab money they are lawless onto themselves their rules are so corrupt like all British Politics


You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s match fixing going on. I won’t have anyone tell me anything different. What we need is for some smart arse chief superintendent to expose the culprits once and for all. Pep reckons we’ll get 100 points? Aside from being blatant gamesmanship, it’s almost laughable given how the footballing world and its wife is he’ll bent on us never gaining a single Premiership point ever again. Not this season, anyway. Arsenal Champions? According to brain dead Neville, we weren’t even going to make top four. God, I’ll laugh my nuts off if we… Read more »


It’s a wonder the cunts haven’t deducted us points – yet again. All part of the plan to deny us the title – this is nothing new. As corrupt as FIFA. And some. Time for Arteta to do exactly what George Graham did in 1990/91. Pull up the Emirates drawbridge and fuck the lot of them – the media, Gary Neville, Chris Sutton, Jamie O’Hara, the refs, VAR, all the other Premiership clubs, their managers and their fans. Fuck the fucking lot of them. We are The Arsenal. We can still win this title – but it must be done… Read more »


Here here. Couldn’t agree more


But of course it’s The Arsenal that get charged, since the refs all hail from the north. They must protect their own.


Then don’t put some deer in the headlights ref in these games!


Morally bankrupt Corrupt cunts. They don’t even try to hide it.


Fat Arses. Corrupt lowlifes.


if the powers that be want to be taken seriously when they say the PL is the greatest in the world, we need consistent standards of behavior applied to all clubs, not just when the FA wants to make a statement.
the lack of honesty, transparency, and uniform enforcement of these rules (both on and off the pitch) is why the FA and PGMOL are a joke

Rogers leslie

The media, pundits, refs and now the FA all trying to piss on our fire


It’s become more blatant game by game.


It’s what we have come to expect from the fa


This is good. Victim and siege mentality will set in, Arteta will hone the feeling of injustice and will turn it into even more determined and swashbuckling performances….

I hope.


Yeah. Hopefully the Emirates will become even louder; an absolute fucking cauldron of noise.

For 90 minutes + (plus the additional 13 that Man City will be awarded by the twats in black in the vain hope that they get an equaliser and/or winner)


Arsenal will take the fine and walk away with pride. This isn’t the fight worth the time and effort.


People are beginning to hate us again.

Which is great news, because it’s patently clear we have a team once again that is scaring them all to fucking jelly.



their name is their agenda: F*** Arsenal, thats what they do. disgrace

Brady’s bunch

Hmmmm and so it begins


It continues… 😉


What an absolute load of shit.


Better get used to it mate.

The more matches we win, the more unpopular we will become.

Love it!



This is such unbelievable yet believable bullshit. Newcastle literally turned up to cause disorder and when it appeared – we get blamed.


Can we please get a song for our captain! I can’t afford a season ticket and it’s tough to get individual games so I can’t voice a song in the stadium. Is there any active supporters group that you could send recommendations too?


The Arsenal Football Supporters Club, who are based at the join between Gillespie Road and St Thomas’s Road. Behind the North Bank at Highbury.

Elsewhere, you have ‘The Gooner’ fanzine still going strong after all these years.

Best of all – why not send your song ideas to Andrew and James for the Arsecast Extra? James has a great theatrical/singing range and will undoubtedly give your efforts an ‘airing’ if they past muster!! 😊👍


What about Newcastle when they surrounded the reff earlier in the game ? Arsenal should definitely argue the fact the officials have made mistakes and except if arsenal are to be fined so should Newcastle and the officials on the day


In order to win you take everything they throw at you and keep moving.
Arteta is not able to understand, his shenanigans on the line doesn’t help anything.
Concentrate on your players not decisions.


Rubbish. If a manager cannot back his players and question the decisions given by VAR and the officials, then the game truly is dead. This is what those fuckers want. For us to be compliant and silent, whilst they shit all over us…??? Bollocks to that. Come on mate, we have to fight back against this sort of thing. And the manager has every right to question decisions that he (and the players – and the Arsenal fans come to that) take exception to. We have a voice. Don’t let those who would have us fail take that from us… Read more »


Focus, channel, f@*k them, go win it. Loath or respect him, Alex Ferguson knew how to create and use the siege mentality to great effect as a driving force. The world is against us and everyone wants us to lose”.


Bertie Mee, Terry Neil, George Graham and Arsene are the guys Arteta should draw inspiration from.

Alex Ferguson was a corrupt chewing gum munching cunt who had the FA in his back pocket (“Fergie Time”) the same as Man City have the FA and PGMOL in their back pocket now.


Madley is one of the worst top flight referees to disgrace the game. Regardless of the fact it was handball, and we’ve seen it given many an occasion in those circumstances (against us too), he has proven himself to be as blind as a bat if he couldn’t actually see the contact.
I won’t talk about time in the past when Madley has taken against us. Personally, I would like to see the FA take a look at his performances when refereeing our games.
Does someone have the stats on him when he’s refereed our games?


But we’ve had this with Philip Don, Paul Durkin, Mike Dean – the fucking lot.

They’ve all been briefed to give us nothing and dish the dirt where they can.

Corrupt as fuck, the lot of them.

Lord Bendnter

Fuck the FA, FIFA’s fuckin child


The FA should have the courtesy and responsibility to answer to fan how fish the referee can makes such stupid schoolboy mistakes

Aleksander Włodarz

It looks like FA stands now for F… ng A…. es


For such stupidity the FA should own up that they should be responsible to fan to investigate the referee


More like …“FA find an excuse to charge AFC after Manager criticises a sh1t refereree”.

Boy Bastin

This certainly won’t be popular, but I think we were getting carried away a little (not least the manager) and that didn’t do us any favours. Yes, some decisions went against us but at the end of the day – or the 90+ minutes – we needed to concentrate 100% on trying to get all three points which, unfortunately, we failed to do. Arteta’s antics on the touchline (not for the first time) reminded me a little of Don Revie in his Leeds Utd era. His anxiety had an effect on his team on more than one occasion (albeit Leeds… Read more »


You’re a right bundle of good cheer, aren’t you?

Don Revie? Don Revie was a miserable fat cunt, whose only tactic was to employ his teams to go out and kick everyone up in the air.

The trouble was, when the likes of Peter Storey, Charlie George and Frank McLintock dished it back out to them – a dose of their own medicine and some – they didn’t like it.

He was a shit managern for England as well; Clough knew it, we all knew it.

Don’t go comparing Arteta to Revie. Mikel is worth fifty of him.

Boy Bastin

Not a question of being cheerful (or not). You’re clearly missing my point about Revie. It obviously wasn’t a comparison between the styles of his team and Arteta’s at all it was saying (correctly) that Revie’s anxieties had a negative effect on his team. That’s well recorded – check it out. As for Revie’s short period as England manager or what Clough knew – what has that to do with anything? We’re going into the most important phase of the season. What we don’t need is for our players to get involved in incidents or, sooner or later, there will… Read more »


Arteta’s ‘antics’ are those of a manager frustrated at the stupidity and blatant bias of the so-called officiating. He has a right to call these idiots out and defend his team. He’s only doing what Pep, Klopp, the 70’s toupee wearer up at the toilet bowl and every other manager does when they feel their side have been cheated. If Mikel had stood there the other night, well behaved, meek and mild and not saying boo to a goose, I would have seriously questioned his passion and commitment to this club. As it was, he let them have it and… Read more »


Someone should draw a dick on a piece of paper, put it in an official envelope and send that as our response.

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