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Jesus aiming to return within five weeks

Arsenal have been very tight-lipped when it comes to putting a timeline on Gabriel Jesus’ return from knee surgery but the player himself says he’s targeting a return by the end of February.

The Brazil international met UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov at the Emirates prior to yesterday’s 3-2 win over Manchester United and in a filmed conversation gave an update to the Russian on his recovery from knee surgery.

“Maybe four or five weeks more, then I come back,” said the striker in a short clip shared on Nurmagomedov’s social media channels.

While Jesus hasn’t been part of a matchday squad since the 2-0 win over Wolves in mid-November, Mikel Arteta has said the summer signing continues to play a part in the team’s preparations and has been sharing advice with Eddie Nketiah.

At full time yesterday, Jesus ventured onto the pitch to congratulate his teammates on another stirring victory. Amongst others, bear hugs greeted both Nketiah and close friend Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Jesus has undertaken the majority of his rehab at London Colney and appears to be free of the brace that was required in the immediate aftermath of the surgery he underwent in September.


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In his absence, Arsenal have continued their good form, winning five matches and drawing once. Assuming Jesus doesn’t suffer any setbacks, he’ll miss at least six more matches, including two clashes with former side Manchester City.

If he returns in early March, there will still be 13 Premier League matches remaining and whatever the Europa League and FA Cup (a result on Friday dependent) throws at us.

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Great news! Just like a new signing! COYG!


Speaking of signings I hope we sign this Chelsea kid Mudryk in the summer. He looks promising so the prospect of playing in the champions league could be tempting

Determination Cultured

Give it 2 seasons. He’ll bomb cos they dont know,how to use,him, we’ll pick him up for 25 mil and turn him into a,superstar


That may well come to pass


I was just kidding but your take on it is so realistic


He looked electric. Hope Chelsea mess it up and try to offload him this summer.

Johnny 4 Hats

I doubt it. Todd Boehly wants to “do an Arsenal”.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, he thinks that means spunking all your money on ridiculously overpriced youngsters and assuming that they’ll probably just start being awesome sooner or later.

Not enough is spoken of how incredible this project is, in both its conception and execution. So much so that people just look at it and go “oh cool. You just have to trust in your manager and buy young players”.

By all means try that. It’s going to be hilarious to watch.

Emi Rates

“Not enough is spoken of how incredible this project is” Exactly! I think it was clear to us Arsenal fans that something serious was afoot with the purchases that were made 21/22. Gone were the usual bringing in of on the cheap over the hill 30-something’s and throw it at the wall and if it sticks loans. There was also a serious move towards culling the dead wood from the squad. Sometimes at great cost but none the less necessary. Then the young players brought in which suggested a future long term strategy strategy replacing the old patching up approach.… Read more »


What is Boehly doing is more similar to porn casting than player recruitment.


Good news! Surgery in December though, surely?


Ehm…his name says it all or not?


Nah – then he woulda been back in 3-4 days, man!


Jesus is coming to save us! Let’s pray for that!

Brady’s bunch

He will be back for our Easter Sunday game.




And actually, that is resurrection Sunday!

Merlin’s Panini

I think that was the point…


Love what he brings to the team even when’s out injured. 4-5 weeks sounds really positive but will he get back in the team with Eddie Kruger taking souls?
Nice problem to have really 😉

Mayor McCheese

“The Brazil international met UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov at the Emirates…”

Thank God this didn’t end with “…in a lightweight division bout.”

Nurmagodemov was a beast. Didn’t know he was an Arsenal fan.


Gentlemen alwsys have taste

Gunner Jizzy

Believe he’s a United fan, maybe not after that last match tho


Shades of Cooper vs. Ali (or maybe he was still Cassius Clay then) at Highbury


Aside from City we have a fairly easy looking run now until he comes back

In fact we’ve gotten a lot of the toughest looking matches out of the way now


no easy games in the prem my guy, biggest cliche there is!


No but on our current form we shouldn’t have a problem with teams like Brentford and Fulham.

Famous last words obviously.

Boy Bastin

Yes, but sometimes it’s the “unexpected” teams like the ones you mentioned that can cause the problems. Not necessarily defeats but draws – it happened against Southampton.


True but we’ve smashed them all so far. January was looking tough.

Boy Bastin

Of course. I guess I’m saying that you never know in football – which helps to make it what it is – so it’s pretty likely that we’ll have (and other teams, of course) a surprise result or two in the second half of the season.

djourou's nutmeg

brentford, the team that so far has beaten city, united and liverpool? and fulham whom just defeated chelsea last week? im sure you haven’t seen them play, because those are not easy matches at all my friend…


City’s dropped points to Everton – Everton! – and Brentford, both at home, and Gerrard’s Villa away. They shouldn’t have had a problem with those teams either.


Finally someone humble advising against complacency and disrespect

Teryima Adi

Those are the teams we really need to respect, Bro. They can land you a sucker punch.😀

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Our next league fixture is Everton away, they’re pants but that’s not an easy game even with new manager bounce.


We will destroy them


Many a giant tumbled to the ground thinking they were invincible . Talk after and not before . Do not be like sp*rs fans


I agree….. the minute we start looking at games as “easy” or “winnable” is the minute we start dropping points.


lol … my original point was simply that we came through the hardest looking games with Jesus missing. What’s coming up looks better, and we will be stronger when he returns. Any of these teams can beat us. Obviously. I am sure nobody is being complacent. The league is really strong this year. And they can beat City too. At the same time we have to really fancy our chances against anybody outside the top 5-6. We’ve been doing it all season. These are the teams we have to play between now and April. We are going to need a… Read more »


Our run-in is not easy, other than the final two matches! Before finishing with Forst and Wolves, we play:

  • City away
  • Chelsea home
  • Newcastle away
  • Europa League SF
  • Brighton home
  • Europa League SF

That’s six damn tough games in a row, even harder than our January schedule.

Even the Forest and Wovles matches could be difficult if they are both fighting for survival.


Yes, let’s hope their relegation is confirmed–or AFC’s title?–before those last rounds.


Fine if they’ve appointed someone who actually trains and organizes their players-going to take a few weeks to get anyone but iwobi to show up and work hard.


He’s coming.

Gooner Reg

The second coming!


Will it be Easter then?

Just imagine xD


Mark 13:31


13:32. Verse-o


Is that Mark Overmaars?


It could well be for Easter before he is back up to speed so to speak

Bill Hall

Excellent news!
I will say this though, we have managed pretty well with out him playing, the loss on the pitch nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. And with Eddie mk II playing like he is and banging in goals left right and centre, if I was Jesus I wouldn’t go assuming I could just walk back into the first 11. That would be incredibly unfair on Eddie who has really stepped up to the challenge of replacing him!


Could always play them both, Jesus doesn’t hang around that much in the box anyway

Bill Hall

Yes that’s a good idea, the opposition defence would be shitting itself!


Who would you drop out of the starting XI ? What about balance and system played ?


Rotate. Sometimes give Saka a bit of a rest, sometimes Martinelli. Might be good for them to get a breather once in a while, and will keep the opposition confused and scared as hell, not knowing which of our deadly weapons they’ll be facing week in week out


We have got a very nice problem there.


Toss the Tross into the mix and it’s a pretty tasty looking attack, what with the 2 wunderkinde out on the flanks.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Who will play as a CF if Nketiak gets injured in training this week? Martinelli as a CF and Trossard on left wing but Gabi hasn’t been tried there yet and not targeting well lately. Maybe the other way around, Trossard as a CF.


Trossard I assume. He’s done it for Brighton.

Eric Blair

Smith-Rowe has been touted there too.

If Jesus is doing well in his recovery, and with Eddie’s form, it might just be worth keeping the powder dry for summer. Bit risky though!


The Troos can play just about anywhere across the front line.

Man Manny

Thanks for the update. I thought he would return like a thief in the night.

It Is What It Is

What a revelation!
I’ll grab me shawl and crook.


If he ‘comes again’ on the Easter weekend, the caterers at Emirates will be feeding the entire stadium with 5 loves and 2 mackerel!




Please ease yourself in….. Eddie is doing great and we want you both to be fit come the crunch Europa and FA cup finals!

Boy Bastin

Good news. With Eddie on great form currently we may have the unexpected luxury of being able to rotate strikers as needed.


Strange as it is Jesus being injured has been a revelation for us (though obviously not for him). There was always a question mark over Eddie’s vein of form last season, but this has shown what a quality striker he has become and with Jesus coming back in five weeks we will have two top class strikers at the club – we can perhaps give an opportunity for Balogun to develop in the same way as Eddie has. We can then perhaps bid for Rice who seems to be very keen of joining us. Things are looking up. And Gary… Read more »


That’s what you get with Jesus mate…. revelations, I mean.

North Bank Gooner

Slacking a bit isn’t he? Came back from the dead in only 3 days……;)


Yes, but he wasn’t match fit.


True – he’d been hanging around idle for a while.


With the free scoring Eddy, maybe we need to rethink his role and position.


Jesus, Eddie and Saka – the Holy Trinity.

Teryima Adi

No need to hurry, Jesus. Their defence is in trouble, Nketiah in the room.😀


What I hope the outcome of this is, is the fact we KNOW we can rely on Eddie, whether to start or off the bench. That means we have more options to the change the game. Whatever Arteta says now, I don’t think that was the case before the injury.


That comes as a Revelation…



Stand by for the floods and earthquakes, lads…


I’m certain he’ll get a ‘rapturous’ welcome at the Emirates on his return.


I was going to say spuds should watch out for flooding and stuff. But too late the club is already dealing w a plague of locusts.


Almost sure he had surgery during the world cup break, that would be December..


Sounds to me like he means 4-5 weeks till he comes back to training, not to full match fitness. Will probably take another month or so after that… whatever it is I hope he doesn’t rush it, Eddie’s doing well, make sure Jesus is 100% fit and ready when he comes back

Bill Hall

Remember the days when people would take the piss that none of our players were good enough for any other team!

The fucking jokes on them now 🤣


Probably 4-5 weeks until he can start training lightly, but definitely longer until he will be match fit. Either way it’s great news knowing that he’ll be back hopefully by April 1st. As great as Nketiah has been we will always be a better team with two healthy strikers to provide different options, cover and energy off of the bench when needed.

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