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Report: Fresneda to pick new club today

According to The Athletic, Real Valladolid’s right-back Ivan Fresneda will decide today whether he signs for Arsenal or Borussia Dortmund.

Both sides have identified the 18-year-old Spain youth international as a prospect for the future and have agreed to pay the €15 million asking price.

Whichever team he picks, it’s understood Fresneda will be loaned back to Valladolid to see out the current season. He’s so far made 10 appearances in La Liga and two in the Copa del Rey.

If the defender does choose Arsenal he would be the third signing of the January window.

On Friday, the Gunners completed a deal for Leandro Trossard, who immediately made his debut off the bench against Manchester United, and today, Jakub Kiwior’s move from Spezia should be confirmed.

The only departure expected this month is Cedric who has been heavily linked with a move to Fulham.

If the Portugal international departs, Arteta will have the three goalkeepers and 22 outfield players that he outlined as his aim back in April.

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Boy that Mudryk money is being spent well.

Boy Bastin

Hope so and Edu’s got a good record but apart from a few minutes from Trossard yesterday there’s no evidence one or another yet. Personally, I’d like to see our two signings – technically Kiwior’s deal isn’t 100% done quite yet – actually playing a fair number of games before deciding.


What a load of waffle.

John C

Considering Kiwior was in the directors box yesterday i think we can safely assume he’s already signed

Merlin’s Panini

Probably, but since Jerzy Dudek I’m always cautious, and the way we kidnapped Park Chu Young from Monaco, never to be seen again. Poor guy.


Park Chu Yong, wonder where he is now…..

It Is What It Is

As are his loved ones….about 10 years now. Unsolved mysteries.

Mayor McCheese

He had a smile that would light up a room.

VAR will solve all the problems

Trust the process. Think Edu and Arteta deserve that trust after the last few windows.
Even Lokonga and Nuno are supremely talented and can be sold for a decent fee even if it doesnt not work out with Arsenal.
Would love to see a back up Midfielder just for an upgrade. Martin Zubimendi, who we are linked with, looks awesome in YouTube clips. Has the Partey turns and seem two-footed like Santi! I think he may be better than Rice for cheaper price. Would be a dream signing in this window.

Eric Blair

What about striker? Arteta said we couldn’t just continue with one striker in Eddie. Or is the plan to play Martinelli there sometimes and play Trossard on the left?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Thanks for asking. Fans who always have their heads in the sand will downvote you.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

no one cares about your opinions on our signings. Edu and Arteta make the decisions on recruitment and they have done a great job after the Grifter left. Load of rubbish.


Sliding doors. It’s almost as if CFC opened our eyes to better recruitment strategy. Albeit inadvertently. Pity then they can’t buy our thinking process.

John C

Maybe it’s been our strategy all along and we’ve successfully managed to force Chelsea to pay €100m plus a 8.5 year contract on a prospect tying up funds for years whilst we’re busily signing our real targets in the background?


Mudryk plays the same position as their £50m sigining fromt he summer too, who they now want to sell… Smart business.

Merlin’s Panini

Their transfer policy is basically to just buy all the wingers in existence. Chelsea are a joke. They have at least six of them now.

John C

Who would ever sign Sterling now given he’s on £300 grand a week for the next 4 and a half years? He’s their Ozil or Auba just with added years on his contract.

Even if you did want to sign him it would probably better leaving him to be an albatross around Chelseas neck eating into their annual budget

Ray Bandana

To be fair, Auba is their Auba. Except maybe worse.


In other news. Ser Harry of Fuckhead is resigning to the fact he’d rather have a whole system based on making his personal numbers look good and winning nothing than going somewhere else and proving to the whole world that he is an overrated, wanker that is actually a bit shite:
Schadenfreude? Fucking eh!

Brady’s bunch

Pep pulled a stoke with that transfer 😎

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sterling is no Auba, you will see him in a scintillating form soon. He can also force a loan move somewhere else to show his worth.

John C

The issue is his wages and the length of deal. There is literally only 10-12 teams in the world that can pay £300 a week in wages and he plays for one of them, just left another and previously played for another one, leaving potentially, at best 9 teams that might want to pay that amount. Who realistically wants him and would take on his contract? No one other than perhaps Newcastle and i would think they would be very stupid helping out a potential rival balance their books. I think the smart clubs at the top end are starting… Read more »


Don’t forget they signed a loan signing for £15M, which what was an initial 6 month loan to now a 5 month loan, LOL. And guess what, that same loan signing plays in the same position as a £85M player they bought from Leverkusen. Chelsea fans are not acknowledging that this isn’t sustainable (understandably since they’re a bunch of cretins). But they have the lowest matchday revenue, the stadium relocation never materialized. All these while they rely on CL participation, sponsors and player sales. The longer they linger in mediocrity the first two main source of income will dry up… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

Not to mention they’re a bunch of Knunts

Alan Sunderland

They relied on Roman putting in a million a week.

A Different George

I might be wrong, but I think it was closer, on average over the years he owned the club, to 2 million a week (seriously–a hundred million pounds a year is the figure I have seen). Todd Bigshot has a big ego and a lot of money, but the Abramovich-level of “investment” only happens if your interest is extra-financial, ie, sportswashing of one variety or another.

Alan Sunderland

money laundering mate, he got it payed back to him as part of the sale I believe. can vouch for where he got it now when he deposits it in a swiss account, the whole thing was filthy. even a lot of the transfers, the ones to China were dodgy as fuck.


People have been waiting for Chelsea to find Process for 15 years now. It’s not going to happen. If anything, there’s more Chelseas in the league.

In that reality, a transfer strategy has to be some framework principles, plus flexibility, plus an ability to usefully compare risk-reward across different kinds of deals. Pushing to the extent possible for Mudryk and settling for Trossard is a good transfer strategy, despite the clear differences between them.


this is business they probably would have done anyway, exept trossard. In big games you need quality both on the pitch and on the bench. These two last games have seen a slighty decline in Martinelli performance. To have Mudryk to give him some rest and competition would have been great. But to have a 100mill player primarly as a supersub is also crazy.


If Fresneda signs for us and lives up to his potential, he’ll be our RB in years to come – it’ll be absolutely f*cking sweet if he pockets Mudryk everytime we play those rent boys.


Hope he watched our game yesterday. Should make it an easy decision.


he was in the crowd at the emirates

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Nah. That was Kiwior, not Fresneda

VAR will solve all the problems

That was Kiwior I believe.


Maybe he was still there, sitting next to mat

Master Floda

I hope not. Because it showed that even if the best RB in the league this season struggles a bit, we can bring on a hell of a defender as a replacement.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for signing the greatest talent, but in this case I think he has an easier path to regular first team football at Dortmund. Ryarson is decent, but no White or Tomiyasu. And they are renown to polish high level talents to world class players. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose them.


There’s a Spanish link with Arteta though, that could work in our favour.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Our academy knows how to develop LB an RB. If Fresneda doesn’t want to come, good luck to him.


I honestly don’t get it, given we already have White, Tomi and Norton-Cuffy at right-back. But how could I not trust the process after yesterday’s game?


Norton Cuffy is not premier league level he needs 3 loan spells to get up to speed also remember Arteta likes technical players not just any type of player Norton cuffy is NOT a technical player at all he’s like a Tavares and Wan Bisaka type of player Arteta likes a Ben white Tomyasu type technical that can tuck in and playmake like Zinchenko or Cancelo…so to answer your question I feel Holidng will leave this summer and Tomiyasu or Ben White will play CB and the other RB and then we will need a back up for whoever plays… Read more »


So true! I don’t even bother questioning anything the club seem to do at the moment as previous decisions I perhaps doubted slightly completely proved me wrong. How great to be able to trust the people in charge again.

Eazy Deezy

I guess it means we don’t have confidence in Norton-Cruffy
White and Tomi both cover/play other positions, we need 8 defenders for 4 positions (assuming Holding goes)

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Holding may not go, apparently he’s a big influence in the squad.


If you buy cheap and make money on sale, thats also good business


For all that Norton-Cuffy looks a good player, he also looks nothing like an Arteta right-back. He’s more Tavares than Zinchenko (at least stylistically).

Eric Blair

Perhaps, apart from Cedric, there will be a high profile defender sold in the summer.


What’s to get? If Edu, Mikel and the scouting team think he might be better than all of them, then get him in. Remember how we all thought Tierney was to be our most crucial 1st team player moving forward and then we signed what turned out to be the best and most influential LB in world football? As someone else suggested the other day, maybe he has potential to do what zinny does from the right side, which is why we are so interested?

It Is What It Is

Super Tom is also a LB and CB. So is not strictly cover or rotating with Benny Blanco. A specialist right back is like for like with outgoing Cedric.
Norton-Cuffy needs at least next season on loan as well.

Bill Hall

How could he not choose us ar the moment, no offence to BF!


Me thinks they’d take offence to being called Borrusia Fartmund. heh




You sir have just given me probably the biggest laugh I’ll have all day, thanks for that


More game time in the near future i’d imagine at BVB

Emi Rates

Have a look at the young talent who’ve gone through Dortmund over the years. It’s easy to see how a young player with his head screwed on would want to go and develop there.

Boy Bastin

Probably 50/50 realistically, although we all hope he’ll go to Arsenal of course. We shouldn’t underestimate the attraction of Dortmund though. They have a very good reputation for developing young players. They are also a huge club with a massive following (still with the biggest average home attendance in Europe, I think). It all depends which club he thinks will be best overall for his long-term development. It’s down to him and his family advisors (which there usually are) so we’ll see. Should he not choose Arsenal after all, I doubt that there will be any other transfer activity by… Read more »


Shame Arsenal don’t have a good record of developing young players… 🤔

Boy Bastin

I didn’t say that – didn’t think it necessary as we all know it. It isn’t a question of Arsenal doing good work with youngsters on the one hand (obviously) and Dortmund having no similar reputation on the other. They do, that’s all.

I hope he signs for us and we’ll see soon.

Billy bob

I don’t know, for some reason I think we will make one big name signing just like Wenger did with ozil


I think BNC is maybe a couple of seasons away for the first team, or maybe thought of as a backup for Z as that inverted left back role.

Crash Fistfight

I doubt he’s the type of full-back Arteta will want. Personally I think he looks really sloppy from a technical standpoint.

Spanish Gooner

BNC has had a fantastic loan in League One and is currently doing well in the Championship. That’s fantastic, but it doesn’t mean we should halt all recruitment on the off chance he becomes the next Cafu. If we can sell him to offset what it takes to buy a guy who fits us better stylistically, then that is a huge huge win for all sides in my opinion.

Man Manny

If he watched yesterday’s game, he certainly will want to be part of the emerging force in European football.
I sincerely believe this renaissance will take us to Champion’s League contention in the coming seasons.

Brady’s bunch

Oooh you went there, I like that confidence

Brady’s bunch

Two great clubs to look after a young player and bring him on.


yep, he must be some player


He has to like what he sees in how we use our outside backs in the attack, especially on the left with Zinchenko and the flexibility they can play with. This is definitely one for the future that would provide protection in case we can’t resign Saliba (I hope we do, but of the three we need to resign he seems to be the one most likely to leave) which would allow White to move back to the middle (where he seems to be best suited) so we could go with Zinchenko, Tomiyasu and Fresneda as our outside backs for… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

I’m not sure why you think Saliba is the most likely to leave? He’s been on record several times about how happy he is here and it’s widely reported that he’s actively negotiating a contract extension. I’d say that unfortunately the one who seems most likely to leave (or to take the most money to stay) is Bukayo, especially considering his agent has previous with Sterling and by all accounts did a fantastic job getting Nketiah 100k.


£26,000,000 for 5 years. That’s EN14’s salary over 5 years was a good piece of business for Arsenal.


I agree that it looks like a Saliba replacement given that Ben is back to the center.
I would say Saliba is the least commited out of the back four without saying that he can’t.
But we should have a backup plan.

Emi Rates

Arsenal or Dortmund, what a choice to have at 18.

Spanish Gooner

Yeah it’s one of the ones where you can’t really fault him whichever way he picks. All the reports talk about his psychological maturity and it really shines through. Newcastle and Chelsea both apparently made offers and presumably could match anything we/Dortmund offer, but have both now moved on to other targets after being turned down by him.

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