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Mana Iwabuchi joins Spurs on loan

Arsenal attacking midfielder Mana Iwabuchi has joined Tottenham on a loan deal for the remainder of the season. Iwabuchi finally signed for the Gunners in the summer of 2021 after Arsenal had tried to sign her several times under previous coach Joe Montemurro.

However, during the second half of last season, it became clear that Iwabuchi didn’t quite fit Jonas Eidevall’s idea for the midfield and she has found playing time even more limited this season, despite an Arsenal injury crisis in attacking positions.

Iwabuchi has been an unused sub on 11 occasions and has only played 121 minutes during this campaign, only second choice goalkeeper Kaylan Marckese has played fewer from the senior squad.

With the Gunners already having announced the arrivals of attacking midfielders Victoria Pelova and Kathrine Kuhl during this window, Iwabuchi’s exit comes as no surprise.


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That’s harsh.


Ha: She’ll play as opposed to continuing to waste her talents on the bench. I’m sure that’s what she wants, and I’m sure this will be a permanent departure.


Mana from heaven to hell.


Feels like a punishment!

Arsene's Zip

Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


Pretty annoying. She sure has quality yet gets so little game time. I understand it’s a new coach and system but to not be able to incorporate her at all is harsh.


Seems cruel

Eric Blair

Should someone call Amnesty?


Must have done something really wrong for something like that to happen….

Heavenly Chapecoense

Where she was signed at Arsenal, there was a video of a goal she scored. It was a well placed powerful shot from outside the box that only Roberto Carloa in his prime could have done.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Roberto Carlos


Roberta Carlos?


Carlos is also a given name, so the feminine would be Roberta Carla.


Roberta Carla

Peter Story Teller

No surprise that she is leaving but if she is as wonderful a player as people keep telling me why haven’t all the top teams made an offer? It was obvious she was available.
I suspect they all have the same reservations as Jonas (and me) in her suitability for WSL and European matches! Even Carla Ward didn’t want her back at Villa and she is building a stonking squad in Brum!
Presumably this loan takes her to the end of her contract and she becomes a free agent?


Perhaps her wages were too high at Arsenal for clubs to put in realistic offer? I do think many clubs would take her as a free agent and maybe lower wages.


By your reasoning Jordan isn’t good enough either. Aston Villa is just one spot above the spuds even though the latter lost their last 5 games. Eidevall has a clear idea how he wants to play the game meaning problem fitting in certain type of players. Heck he even seems to struggle to fit in Viv in this team. Not sure why there seems to be a need to justify his choices by discrediting players of notable quality.

Peter Story Teller

Not at all! Jordan was beginning to get minutes after prolonged injuries and it was not at all obvious she was going anywhere but, at Arsenal there is a fair bit of competition for mid-field spots. This is probably Jordan’s last chance for inclusion in an England squad for a major tournament and she needs to be a regular starting eleven player which the switch to Villa pretty much guarantees her. If you follow my posts you will know I was really routing for Carla Ward to take over from Joe when he left. She snapped up Jordan but not… Read more »


Let’s face it, Jordan wasn’t going to get much more minutes under Eidevall. As I said in another thread Mana just doesnt fit with Eidevalls physical and more rigorous system. You dont ask a player like her to play like Mccabe. He inherited a few players that he wants to replace with is his choice to make. But even Lia seemed to propose more tactical flexibility (playing Mana against certain teams). Personally I love watching Mana play, when she receives the ball you always get the feeling something special might happen.

Gunner H

I disagree with you (for once!) Peter, as I feel Mana whilst of course not being physically robust is a highly skilled player who can significantly contribute. And let’s not forget she is a World Cup Winner.

Of course this means I am disagreeing with both Jonas and Carla Ward, so it’s far from clear cut I guess.

Peter Story Teller

No problem mate! People were beginning to believe we were setting up a mutual appreciation society! 🙂
As I have said on these pages before, even when Joe was trying to sign her, I can see what talents Mana has but she lacks the physicality that is becoming necessary with the way the women’s game is progressing in Europe.


“the physicality that is becoming necessary with the way the women’s game is progressing in Europe”
Not just Europe but Americas and Australia as well. On top of that there is still a ways to go in women’s game before it hits its physical ceiling as so much still needs to be done in research and applying sports science practices to improve physicality.


By the way Peter, I dont know what goes on in Carla Wards head but have you even considered the possiblity it was the players preference to stay in London before making a more permanent decision in the summer? Or did I miss something here.


Sounds to me she didn’t ask for this….

Strange one as she is a decent player!

Los Ingunnables

“It hurts when you’re always doing your best for your club and then you hear that you might be going to Tottenham.”

Commiserations Mana.

Salvador Berzunza

Mana is not an Arsenal fan, she is a player, she’s working and in Tottenham found a job spot and a new challenge like Emma and Vicky before her, I wish the best for her and thanks for the services she gave to arsenal.


Haa? Nani?

Hulahoops Baptista

More upset about this than Mudcrab (or whatever his name is).


The move away is not surprise but the final destination is a bit. I suspect it may have something to do with freeing up money spent on wages quickly in order to bring in more firepower to help with Mead and Miedema absence.


I’m curious as to who else might be in the frame if they can’t sort a deal out for Lacasse. I’ve not heard anyone else mentioned. I’m definitely sorry to see Mana go and really hope this move works out for her. I still think she has a lot to offer.

Peter Story Teller

Wish someone at Arsenal would look at Ebony Salmon. English and we need a few more homegrown players, 8 goals in 8 games last year and her US contract expires this year. With those stats in an Arsenal front line Sarina might even notice her for the World Cup squad.
I would point out that I am no relation to said player I just think she would fit into the Jonas scheme as Ebony can do what Stina tries to do!


Oh very much agree with you here Peter. She’s another young player with loads of potential and I’m sure she’d flourish at Arsenal.


You really feel for the lass.


How come she doesn’t get in the first 11? She was like the only reason I’d occassionally watch Arsenal women. She’s fast, skillful, a great dribbler… Such a joy to watch.

And what the heck, why join our rival on loan? That’s just wrong.

Peter Story Teller

Thanks Tim for inadvertently substantiating my earlier comment! 🙂


I’m sure the Arsenal women’s squad offers a few more reasons to watch their games than just Mana – give it a try 🙂


Honestly, it’s not for me. If other people enjoy it, then more power to them though.


The ultimate punishment.

Eric Blair


Eric Blair

Manna from hell


Is that even allowed?


It might sound harsh but this girl needs game time. Jonas has denied her that chance to showcase her ability. She came to play but not to warm the bench. Such a great player. Such a talent. Jonas doesn’t have a third eye.


I realize a few people have been critical of Eideval for not playing her but is there a player with her physical profile in Barcelona, Lyon, Wolfsburg or Chelsea teams? Those are the teams Arsenal is trying to compete with as they are the best and have the power to sign almost anyone they want yet they don’t seem to focus on players like Iwabuchi unless its a deep squad player

Peter Story Teller

Indeed! My reasoning from the start!

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