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Arsenal rise to 10th in Deloitte Football Money League

Arsenal have climbed back into the top 10 of Deloitte’s Football Money League although revenue is yet to return to the level seen before the pandemic.

After three years in 11th, the Gunners climbed above Juventus – the first time since 2018/19 a new club entered the top 10 – with Emirates Stadium matchday income identified as a decisive factor.

While an upwards trajectory is positive, it’s worth noting that Sp*rs have opened up a €90 million gap on us. Our prolonged absence from the Champions League, which stretches back to 2016, has also seen the other Premier League clubs accelerate away.

It’s estimated that Manchester City, who top the list, generated €297.5m more revenue than Arsenal last year; a quite staggering return on their investment in a magic money tree. Liverpool (3rd / €701.7m), Manchester United (4th / €688.6m and Chelsea (8th / €568.3m) are the other Premier League sides above us.

The strength of the Premier League is underlined by the fact that more than half of the top 20 clubs (11 of 20) came from England. A further five clubs make the top 30.

In December, Arsenal announced a post-tax loss of £45.5 million for the year ended 31 May 2022 but outlined a desire to get back to a self-sufficient model. Winning the treble this year and then conquering Europe next season should help.

Arsenal’s performance – key takeaways

  • Arsenal’s revenue grew by 17% to €433.5 million. The highest we’ve recorded was in 2017 when Deloitte estimated earnings of €488 million.
  • Matchday revenue (€94 million) made up 22% of the total; a significant increase on the previous year when Covid-19 meant we only generated €4.3 million. 
  • Broadcast revenue dropped by €36 million, predominantly because there was no European football to lean on. Some of the shortfall was made up by an increase in the Premier League deals with foreign broadcasters. 
  • Commercial revenue increased from €154 million to €167 million. 
  • The Arsenal Women team generated €2.2 million
Arsenal's finances for 2023 as per Deloitte Money League analysis
Courtesy of Deloitte Sports Business Group | Football Money League, January 2023

Deloitte Football Money League Top 20, 2023

1. Manchester City | €731 million
2. Real Madrid | €713.8 million
3. Liverpool | €701.7 million
4. Manchester United | €688.6 million
5. Paris Saint-Germain | €654.2 million
6. Bayern Munich | €653.6 million
7. Barcelona €638.2 million
8. Chelsea | €568.3 million
9. Sp*rs | €523 million
10. Arsenal | €433.5 million
11. Juventus | €400.6 million
12. Atletico Madrid | €393.9 million
13. Borussia Dortmund | €356.9 million
14. Inter Milan | €308.4 million
15. West Ham United | €301.2 million
16. AC Milan | €264.9 million
17. Leicester City | €252.2 million
18. Leeds United | €223.4 million
19. Everton | €213.7 million
20. Newcastle United | €212.3 million


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Like the football team, revenue looks to be on the rebound and will take a step up again when we get CL football, which seems very likely.

Hopefully will help with renewing key contracts and attracting new signings.

We are on the up!!!

Teryima Adi

Yes, we are on the move and long may it continue.

Boy Bastin

It’s an improvement certainly but only against our previous performance – not in relation to the other English clubs. Remember that not really that long ago we were in the top five in this table on a regular basis and second only behind Utd for English clubs. It’s been downhill all the way since – and we’re still a long way behind Sp*rs in ninth place (their huge stadium revenues and associated commercial deals are kicking in now). As you say, CL income next season will certainly help but it won’t on its own close the gap – at least… Read more »

Horse breath

Our neighbours will release a dvd of this and will rake in even more money.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Don’t show this to Qwalitee

Mikels Arteta

#vinaiout ?


Are you that desperate for a few upvotes?
Ah, the Arseblog “cool-crowd” never fail to amuse in their desperation for recognition and popularity…


If we’re going to keep our young stars, we’ll need to keep climbing that table in order to afford the wages, otherwise we could become the new Ajax or Southampton. We will almost certainly qualify for UCL now, which will be a massive boost.

Boy Bastin

Yes, but don’t forget we’re running at a loss – and have huge losses over the past few seasons. The new contracts for Saliba, Saka and Martinelli (assuming they sign them) will add a very large amount to the wage bill. CL income won’t be sufficient over one season to make that much of a difference financially (unless we win it which probably isn’t that likely). We need sustained success.

Brady’s bunch

How long before Newcastle are in the top ten??

Boy Bastin

Two, possibly, three seasons. They could overtake us depending upon how we do.


Forget that, how the fuck are City top?

Surely that’s not on prize money?

What a creative-accounting crock of shit.

Boy Bastin

Good results in absolute terms but they show Arsenal’s continuing relative weakness compared with the other five of the current “big” six, way behind Sp*rs (and we can expect to see Newcastle moving swiftly up the table in the next few years).

I haven’t seen a breakdown of the other clubs but I suspect that a major cause of our weakness remains commercial income – an area where we’ve lagged behind most of the others for years now.


Pretty amazing considering we haven’t been in the Champions League for six years.

A Different George

Well, I am not usually too cynical, but I don’t believe the figures for Man City. How much are Etihad paying for naming rights? And shirt sponsors? Remember how Chelsea were supposedly running on a completely commercial basis. Except it turned out, Abramovich was “loaning” the club about 100 million pounds a year. (And Chelsea now have dozens of valuable loanees that they can sell, which looks like completely normal football business–except they wouldn’t have had all those players in the first place but for Abramovich’s money.)

Afc micky

Yep chelski was a money laundering outlet pity it took a war to do the premier leagues job . Abramovich was never fit and proper and the oil money poured into man City and Newcastle utd is also suspect

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