Saturday, May 25, 2024

Report: Arsenal in talks to sign Brighton’s Trossard

Arsenal are in talks with Brighton to sign Leandro Trossard after agreeing personal terms with the player, reports transfer guru Fabrizio Romano.

The Gunners wanted to sign Mkyhailo Mudryk from Shakhtar Donetsk but having been gazumped by Chelsea last weekend have been analysing alternatives.

It appears the Belgium international is the man they have pinpointed to provide competition across the front three attacking positions.

Trossard has been in fine form this season scoring seven goals and making three assists in 16 league appearances. He also featured at the World Cup coming off the bench in all three of his country’s group games.

The 28-year-old was negotiating a new deal at the Amex prior to the World Cup – his current one ends in 2024 – but on his return informed the Seagulls that he was ready for the next step in his career.

Following a training ground incident with a teammate and accusations that he wasn’t putting in maximum effort, he was exiled from the squad. His agent subsequently enacted a scorched earth policy by releasing a statement critical of manager Roberto De Zerbi and the club.

While an olive branch has since been extended, it appears Brighton are happy to part ways with the player in January.

Sp*rs, long-standing admirers of Trossard, recently had a £12 million offer rejected. It’s said that despite the player’s circumstances, the Seagulls will play hardball and hold out for at least double that.

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I think this is a solid addition especially given raphina and torres look unavailable, and moussa diaby looks too expensive (right now). he can do a job to the end of the season at least – but will he be happy to be a bit – part player competing for a spot ?


Moving from Brighton to Arsenal, right now any player would be happy I reckon.


Hopefully the lure of a pay rise, title race and hopefully CL football will be enough to get his appetite going.


When can we expect a late Chel$ki bid?

A Different George

None of this is true. Actually, we are planning to bring Pepe back from loan. It will cost us millions to terminate the loan early, but it is worth it because Pepe would bring at least 40 million if sold. Are you listening Todd?


I hear Mustafi is having a good year.

Goodly Morning

Stick him up top and hope he causes the same amount of chaos in the opposition box! Paaaaaa.



Who’s he blaming his cock-ups on these days…?

Henry Kissinger? Heidi Klum? The Von Trapp Family Singers?


If he wants to be at a big club he will have to compete for a spot. Or he can go to sp*rs where the competition is less …


He’s moving from a mid table team to the top of the table team with a chance to win the league, European football ( I know it’s the other ) and a big chance to play Champions league football next season. You think that makes him miss Brighton? Also I have never understood why most fans assume they know who will play and who will be bit part players. Remember how most here were mad we were getting Ødegard on loan from Madrid because they hated the idea of anyone competing with an in form Smith Rowe or shuddered at… Read more »



Po Man

Super comment and entirely my thoughts. He’d be a very solid addition to the team


Preach it– my Gooner brother!


Chapeau! A gooner to another gooner!


Wisdom detected


Exactly. I do have a sense as well that something else may happen to our front 3, although I know it’s terrible to say it out loud, and ESR will have a big role to play by the end. I have this sense that he could very well be the best of all our players, if given time. I feel extremely relieved knowing whatever happens, we have invested in depth and have some insurance from injuries.


I think we will all be pleasantly surprised when we remember just how good ESR is.

Teryima Adi

Comment of the century 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Woolwich Thiern Time

Hyperbole of the millenium


I am slightly concerned that his face is bit sp*rsy. Proven goal scorer though, hmm..


Plays across the front three.

We have so many games coming up.

Someone could get injured.

Loads of pitch minutes on offer for him.

Boy Bastin

Looks like it but we haven’t “added him” yet. We probably will sign him, but don’t forget we agreed personal terms with Mudryk as well – until he agreed better ones with another club.


I agree. Fact is we’re short of bodies and running out of time. We need experienced depth. Arteta clearly doesn’t rely on viera yet, which is not an indictment of him. He’s young. Will probably become a key player in a year or two. But we need bench strength now. Wings and Midfield.


Let’s gazump the Sp×rs this time


I reckon this is what most thought about Jota at Liverpool and he suplanted more regular players because he was just too good to not play. This Tross signing looks to have a very Jota vibe to it. Pretty happy. His highlight packages are pretty rad – silky touch!


Definitely a Jota vibe. Buzzes around, annoys opponents, versatile, good on the ball, can use either foot well and has a knack for scoring big goals.

Eric Blair

If a player with his profile has doubts about joining us then something has gone really wrong somewhere!

Funsho Patrick

Sensible,low risk!!


Main risk is his age, will be about the oldest in the squad so hasn’t got too many years to go. Would prefer someone younger (though understand that there are risks with a youngster’s development).

Plus only 5 foot 7 inches, not a beast at all.

Good player so fine if doesn’t cost too much.


“Plus only 5 foot 7 inches, not a beast at all.”

I have an idea, let’s sign players from the NBA.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He can be our own Nate Robinson


Spud Webb, the OG little big man!

Teryima Adi

Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito have hope 😳😀😀😀


Todd, is that you?


Lol you dont watch or have watched a lot of football have you mate? I wonder if you’d say this nonsense to a maradona or a messi or a ljungberg or an alexis sanchez or a…(pick another short beast of a player)


Season ticket holder, been watching since the early 70s. Not sure he compares to the all-time greats you mention given he is coming from the Brighton team…

A Voice in the Noise

Right, and where did we get Ljungberg from exactly?

(not saying Trossard is going to be as good as Ljungberg, mind you, just putting your comment into perspective)


Not to mention we signed a 29 year old Arteta from Everton. Good things can come from anywhere especially when the expectations are put into perspective.


yeah, trossard might become our next manager. who knows….or he might have a sibling who signs for arsenal or anything like that.


To temper your response here… Was arteta signed as a pacy attacking option or as a tactically minded midfielder designed to steady the midfield?


As I mentioned – expectations need to be put into perspective. Is Trossard being looked at as a pacy option? I don’t feel he has ever been considered pacy. He’s technically sound and has great attacking instincts (see goal contributions for a goal starved Brighton team).

I would like the addition because it gives us depth – our attack relies on pace less this year than in a long time, so I think he’ll slot right in.


A tactically minded midfielder designed to take be next brilliant manager.

Teryima Adi

Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Jesus Christ proves that. Trossard would come good.


wasnt ljungberg about 21-22 when arsenal signed him? Spotting great talent is a good think. At 28 a player should be in his prime and he is at Brighton.

Kentish Gooner

Sounds like you need to invest in a good pair of glasses mate.


Or you could read the last line I put above.


That Aguero fellow was reasonably good. Granted, he was a full inch taller…


Maradona was quite handy as well.


Santi! ❤


Given his age, I hope we don’t go for a long and expensive contract, giving us another player impossible to shift. But I believe lessons have been learnt here. A two-year deal with an option for a third would be perfect.

Funsho Patrick

Supreme technicians are frequently around that height… remember Diego maradona….a certain Leo Messi…..I’m guessing Santi cazorla and cesc were giants too…lol….as for the age…there has to be a mixture of experience too… why we splashed 45m on partey …..for the price in today’s market that’s cheap if he’s consistent…..


“Plus only 5 foot 7”. Now I know why Messi and Maradona were such mediocre footballers.


There are exceptions to every rule…


But when there are so many exceptions…. the ‘rule’ appears to be the exception. If there is ever a sport where height (at least on the wings) doesn’t matter – that would be football. The ability to change direction/accelerate is much easier from a low center of gravity. Ask Wilshere, or Alexis… or others already mentioned ad nauseum.

Point is – the height argument is nonsense.


Wilshere would have been 7′ tall if he didn’t smoke so much…


Big wages and a likely a longer term deal for a 28 year old… willian 2?


Willian was 30+. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a player to be useful until 31/32 assuming he signs a 4 year deal. As others have mentioned he isn’t super pacy, his game is a little smarter. Guys that rely on pace drop off cliffs

Norman House

He is just 28 (December 2022) and younger than Matt Turner (28), Partey (29), Xhaka (29), Elneny (30) and Cedric (31). So, apart from those players he would be about the oldest in the squad 😉


I don’t know that his age is a negative here, with the age profile of our squad experience might be more of a boon than anything. We have youth in the positions he will be competing for, so we don’t need another youngster who will need minutes to develop before being able to contribute. We are past the point in our rebuild where an obsession with resale value is helpful.


Xhaka, Partey, Holding, Elneny, Cedric, Turner and Zinchenko are all 27 or older. 28 is a good addition as (hopefully) a more mature head in the squad.

It Is What It Is

Somewhat ironic….this is that Welbeck signing. With shades of Reyes.

Not in style or ability. Just that bit extra that you need till the almighty returns.


His attitude seems a fairly large risk given that he didn’t exactly set the world alight at the world cup and then came back thinking he was too good for brighton… if he scores in Europe will he be making eves at psg the following week?


With Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe it did seem slightly nuts to be blowing all our budget on another wonderkid winger.

This feels like a pragmatic and sensible signing to give us the missing depth in the frontline. It also means we’ve still got the money in the bank for Rice in the summer…


Do we really want Rice? Am i the only one who thinks he is not worth anywhere near the £80-100m quoted?


I’m torn. I’ve never seen much to suggest he’s a great as some make out, but all my West Ham supporting friends are adamant he is (or certainly could) be incredible. My main issue is I feel like for another £50m on that (as title winners) we could be in with a chance of getting Jude, and he looks like the best young central midfielder I’ve ever seen (alongside Fabregas). I know everyone thinks Liverpool is nailed on but we’re still a big draw, I don’t think it’d be an impossible one to get done. Lots of anecdotal stuff about… Read more »


I agree – Jude is certainly worth a pursuit. Would play that Xhaka role in our current setup and still be able cover for Partey. Rice as a second option – but only as cover/competition for Partey.

Jude is a dream but would slot in so well to this team, I hope we give it a go.


If Bellingham was any kind of possibility then we’d have to go all out for him. He’d be absolutely monstrous for us in the role Xhaka is doing right now.

All being said I think he might cost a bit too much for us.

(no dig at Xhaka btw, I love him. But at some point we will need younger legs)


But hey, if we have almost a 100m for Mudryk, we theoretically should have 150m for Jude come summer. Don’t you think?


It’s possible Rick… and I’d absolutely f*cking love it

Hopefully Chelsea and Liverpool don’t make CL and we look that bit more attractive to him.


The wages are going to be massively different. I think part of the appeal with Mudryk is that we were in for 60-70k per week, making the fee more palatable. Jude is going to be 250+.


Yup, why settle for someone that “might” help us. Stan need to get that pile of dosh he’s hoarding and push it all onto the table for Bellingham. He’s a difference maker.

A Different George

I’ve watched West Ham and England enough to be convinced that Rice would be perfect for us–something I was semi-humourously saying a year ago (because it did not seem remotely possible). Apart from his quality and the position he plays, he is proven in the Prem and settled in London, he’s quite young, he’s an obvious leader (captain of West Ham, and the on-field leader of England–fuck off, Harry), he’s tall. If we designed a player to both cover and compete with both Partey and Xhaka and then replace them when they leave, this is what the algorithm would have… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Rice would be as big a game changer as Bellingham, but for half the price. Given the choice I’d take Bellingham, but if Bellingham is unobtanium and rice is open to the move I think he could be next level. He has only recently turned 24 – take a look at the career trajectory of a world class no.6 (I use that term loosely with rice as he was initially a no.4 and can seamlessly play no.8) and it is clear that it is one of the most experience dependent positions in football (Partey is now peaking for us look… Read more »

John C

Totally agree, Rice is the better player and also the better player for us.

Bellingham’s weaknesses are obvious to see and personally think are inherent in his style of play. I’m inclined to think coaching out his weaknesses would also coach out his strengths.

Bellingham’s strength are his position fluidity, we however play a strict positional game. For me he’s not a good fit for us and certainly wouldn’t bring enough to justify accommodating him.

John C

I must be the only person who doesn’t rate Bellingham. Physically precocious but technically average. I don’t think he’s getting better and if he was 28 instead of 19 I don’t think he’d be considered a top player. I think he’s an Aaron Ramsey type, all action, covers all areas of the pitch and i just don’t think that works in Arteta’s system and would unbalance the team. Rice on the other hand would fit into our tactical system and be able to play in the positional roles within the team. He’d be a better fit for us out of… Read more »


Agree and seems like a bit of a prick to be honest. And where would he play?
He’s no where near as good as Partey and does have enough attacking instincts to play the left 8? I wonder.


The problem is that no-one is as good as Partey – Partey for me is maybe the best midfielder at what he does in the world right now. Everyone talks about the standard basic things, so say dribbling, passing, shooting whatever. I would say Partey is top-tier in all of them, and I would also say that Declan Rice probably is too, or would be in a team with the possession to show it. I would also say that Declan Rice is more mobile than Partey, maybe has better leadership qualities than Partey too. Ticks in the Rice column. But… Read more »


I agreed with you until you said Busquets.
Sorry, but he’s one of the most overrated players in the last two decades. Carried the water in that Barca team and spent the other half the time diving around like Tom Daley.
‘Literal magic passing’ sorry but I couldn’t agree any less. The guy had come decent positional sense but that’s about it. His only job was to pass to Xavi and Iniesta. And It’s not as if he’s held that midfield together since they all left is it? They’ve fallen off a cliff. What a load of Bollocks.


I don’t want to be condescending but honestly please watch more Busquets. Overall I agree he probably isn’t better than Xavi and Iniesta because he can’t dribble at pace, but he can do things even they can’t do. I chose Busquets to make this point because Busquets is the epitome of a player who doesn’t have the standard physical traits of a midfielder such as strength and pace, but has still made a niche for himself as one of the best ever by bringing skills no-one else has. The fact a lot of people think he’s overrated kind of is… Read more »

Teryima Adi

So Long A Letter (apologies to Mariama Ba)😀


Brilliant comment on Partey. His football IQ is on a different level to Rice but Rice may get there with time and experience


Brilliant comment. That’s precisely why I think the best Partey “replacement” is actually Milinkovic-Savic.

Because he doesn’t play in Partey’s position. He can play alongside him. And if Partey is injured and we play Elneny (or someone with a similar profile) Milinkovic-Savic has the ability to resist the press and find great passes. That’s what we miss the most when Partey is injured, not just the defense and energy.


Great comment thank you


If our yardstick for signing midfielders is being “as good as Partey” is “as good as Ødegaard”, then we’re unlikely to be signing anyone.

Crash Fistfight



Value is a relative concept, as the new Chelsea owner has demonstrated since buying the club.
We don’t have anyone to provide competition or backup to Thomas Partey, so yes, IMO we do really want England international Declan Rice 🤷‍♂️
And to go all-out on supposition and conjecture, if we finish top 4 but none of his other potential suitors do, and West Ham are relegated, then it’s plausible we could get him at the lower end of that price range


He is overpriced. I would rather have Tielmans for free and maybe the Atlston Villa DM

Teryima Adi

Caicedo is good and at the right age.


Let’s bid for him, and then watch how Chelsea pays around £150mil for him.


We should go out with a “rumour” that we’re planning a bid for Rice, Chelsea will then focus all they can on Rice, and while they’re busy, we get our acual targets like Bellingham or Camavinga or something..

*Insert Evil Laugh Here*


This plan only works if they have limited resources and can’t sign every target we have, which seems questionable at this point.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

We don’t know that isn’t the plan. When was the last time we announced our summer signing top pick much less announcing it in the middle of the January window? Never is the answer.

Teryima Adi

Todd Boehly is also sniffing around Caicedo. He’s using other clubs’ interests as his scouting team. Beggars belief.


Think is, Chelsea squad is already bloated. I think we might get some tasty cast-offs…


Been there, done that. Nein danke.

Eric Blair

Hell no!


30 tops i think. i dont want him either. and especially not at that price.

Man Manny

Transfer fees are no true reflection of players’ capabilities these days. And that is both ways.
Rice is a very good player, of the right age, and can fit into our setup. How much West Ham want is another issue entirely, and it can be influenced by any extraneous factors.
We have just seen, for example, Shaktar dig in on Mudryk because of Antony’s fee to United. We can’t control that.

Tomaury Bischfeld

There was an interview recently where he explained that him and all his family are Chelsea fans.

Teryima Adi

Mudryk, too, was supposedly an Arsenal.

The Beast

Agree he’s not worth £100m (who is really?), but I think what he does on the pitch is as close as we’ve gotten to Partey in terms of midfielders we’ve been linked to.

Would love Jude obvs or Tielemens on a free (to a much lesser extent) but that doesn’t solve strength in depth in the Partey role.


Rice could play either midfield position in our system- the questions are over compatibility with our existing players and rice’s personal ambition


He is very, very good and can play in several positions in midfield, where we are wafer-thin. For me it’s a no-brainer.


Wouldn’t be my first choice, but I will take him as a stopgap.
Whenever he’s going to leave if he comes in, I expect same trouble like he’s giving Brighton now


Expect Arteta views that element as low risk. If he contributes from now until the end of the season and we win the league, we’re unlikely to care when he throws his toys out of the pram 12 months later.


Feels a bit out of sync with our current strategy but certainly need bodies and he’s got great composure in front of goals. If he’s affordable and we can bring in another this window I’d be happy.


I clearly remember Arteta say the next signings would be players to move us to the next level. Players who would add instant quality and although you don’t pass up an opportunity to sign a very promising youngster like we tried, signing a full Belgian international at this stage doesn’t seem out of sync. It’s only because he is playing for Brighton but if we were signing a Belgian International winger from Dortmund, Porto or Sevilla people would be a little more excited


I get what you’re saying, but my interpretation of that was more that they’d have to be a marquee signing like a Leão rather than an aging stopgap. I think Trossard is good for now, but I don’t think he has much future upside in terms of growth as a player or value. Next level for me means someone who I think can make a difference in the knockout stages of the CL. I’m not convinced Trossard is that. (Also not sure being a Belgium international is a great marker of quality atm).


Next level for us is two fold, one is the marquee signing as you mention, the other is squad depth and Trossard fits that bill perfectly. Man City make both types of signing, you have to consider your Nathan Ake’s and Kalvin Philips next to your Haalands to build an effective team


I fully understand and I get your point but the only issue is would Milan part with a Leao in January and at what cost? Milan would part with a Giroud in January for good money same way we could part with a Cedric but could we pare with a Martinelli in January even for 80M? it would probably take something like 140 M or more to do it in January


No I get that, Leao was just an easy example. I’m still just a little hooked on this idea of buying young potential as we have done previously and would have done with MM. Hoped we’d be able to find someone of, say, an ESR level and age playing in Spain or Italy that could relieve Saka in the 70th minute or replace him in cup games…but might go on to be a world beater under Arteta’s stewardship.


Leao is an offensive powerhouse, but a defensive liability. Strolls through games, no pressing.
Not what we need…


He scored a hat trick against Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool are (currently) a Champions League team.


Also, this isn’t a ho-hum signing, even if he isnt Mudryk or the like. There was a run of form where he was incredibly good and his solo runs and goals are top class. With better teammates he could be special for us albeit in a shorter window of time. His goals output is also elite for a winger in the prem, and for 25 mil that’s really smart business. David Ornstein has confirmed the deal btw!

Teryima Adi

That’s good news.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


at 28, probably long term deal and high salary he could become difficult to move later if they decide to upgrade. But there doesnt seem to be many quality players available this window.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Transfer fee and salary will be low enough to not have to get money back on the fee when compared to total outlay. There are only a few successful transfers over £70m, there is a strong likelihood Chelsea will experience this again a la Lukaku.


Brighton fans I’ve spoken to can’t get rid of him quick enough. Decent player but a total dickhead apparently. If we do get him then hopefully it’s a short contract on a reasonable salary, needs must I suppose. He could be a difference maker, there are positives to this move, but I’m concerned about his personality.


I think edu and arteta will have done their home work. It’s a long term contract reported by Fabrizio




Arteta assistant was his coach at Genk.


Tell us more. This is what I’m worried about. What have these guys actually said other than calling him a dickhead? Like what’s he done, what’s his character like?


They probably weren’t saying they wanted to get rid after he scored a hat trick at A field this year.


Players who turn down contract renewals quickly become “dickheads” to their fans. It’s normal.


Brighton fans are, understandably, probably just siding with de Zerbi in the “he said, he said” drama the two have got going on. As long as the “non-negotiables” are made clear to him, and the consequences of not meeting them (although, after Aubamayeng, everyone in football surely knows that by now), then it’s a pretty sound bet that we’ll get a decent return out of him for a couple
of years at least.


Exactly what I thought. Pulled up by coaching staff and management for lack of effort. Alarm bells are ringing for me!


No excuse, but in order to force a move he may have used this as a strategy and it’s worked. Otherwise Brighton wouldn’t have considered selling their possibly best player. And he really is impressive , imagine him in a side like ours. We never like unprofessional behavior of this sort, but it’s worth pointing out it got him exactly what he wanted, and almost instantly. I also have faith in the culture of work ethic and high demands that Arteta has implemented. After the very public Auba saga, I think any player will think twice before becoming difficult in… Read more »


Aubameyang did the same for Dortmund and he worked out well for Arsenal until he didn’t.

Brady’s bunch

Is this a carrot on a string to lure Chelsea in??

Tomaury Bischfeld

Aren’t we in for Harry Maguire as well?


According to a well-placed source at the club, we are breaking the bank to re-sign Ozil. There are rumours of an 8-year contract worth £300k a week for the highly coveted World Cup winner.

Brady’s bunch

And also a striker from Gabon who’s…. Fuck they’ve already got him


You mean, Awesome! They’ve already got him!

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Rice is the carrot on the string. After gazumping us to Murdick we announced their #1 midfield target as our #1 target for the summer. Arsenal shots fired.


Chirpy little birds told me we are scouting an Ivorian winger in Ligue 1, valued at 70 million. Has a wand of a left foot and supposedly has pace to burn. Bidding war to start before the end of the window.


Good move. Scores goals with both feet and tricky on the pitch. I like it


Not for the reported 30 million. We paid around 35 million for Odegaard, who was 22 at the time. This lad is 28, with no resale value. Seems a bit lazy and kind of shows we really thought we’d be getting Mudryk. I thought we were considering spending about 80 million, via spreading the cost. They’re must be better out there, surely we’ve surpassed his level.

Brady’s bunch

Could be a handy stop gap, he knows how to score in the premier league and for a reasonably small fee hopefully so it’s a no brainer but it is another example of player power to get the move something we may have to contend with also.


Would have thought too at 28 he was too old for this squad project


Xhaka and Partey are older and are definitely a part of our team. There is room for some maturity in our squad. In fact, it’s probably needed as we get into the latter stages of our season as the pressure builds.


The 35 million we spent on Ødegaard is like the deal of the century, it’s not fair to compare. For Trossard’s ability and prem experience, I think it’s a fair price.


Like it or not, £30m is the going rate for a 28 year old international footballer who has significant premier league experience. Tbh it’s actually a lot cheaper than if he didn’t want out of the club. Odegaard was something of an outlier in the sense that he didn’t want to go back to Madrid and sit on the bench, and while we’d seen something in his loan spell, the numbers in terms of goals and assists didn’t really stack up to much. We also used Maddison interest as something of a negotiating tactic to make him seem like second… Read more »


Plus, it’s January. You don’t have 2+ months to make signings


I don’t believe we would be going for him if he didn’t want out. Which is why I don’t think we’ve really thought this through. It’s reactionary, he may have experience in the Premier league, but not exactly at the top end. I don’t doubt he’s be pretty handy, but this will undoubtedly impact the summer signings, especially if he is on 150k a week.


He has big game pedigree.
Look at his performances Vs United, Citeh, Liverpool and Arsenal in the last 18 months.
Big game player.


Like I said, he wouldn’t be a bad signing, but we’ll get about 2 years of his best football. I just don’t see how this fits with our current project. ESR is a better player, can be improved and is already established. If we want efficiency we should should be looking at younger players 23 or under, but who are already elite. Structure the deal like the Mudryk one. I think this would be a regressive signing.

Guns Up

“Not at the top end” meaning he’s played with teammates who aren’t as good as Arsenal’s players?? That makes his 7g and 3a through half a season even more impressive, if anything.


playing in a better team can act like a magnifying glass. if he’s good you will soon see it, if he’s not it’ll become very easy to spot. the best thing about Arsenal is that we are not carrying any dead weight. we’ve got 11 motivated players on the bench and a few loyal faces on the bench


“he may have experience in the Premier league, but not exactly at the top end.”

well, until the last 6 months, neither do most of our squad.

Bit fascinated about how Arsenal fans have always been a bit snobby about signing players from lower-finishing Premier League teams that they don’t really know much about when, in fact, that has been a regular aspect of the transfer policy of more successful clubs for a very long time.


Dude has like a week left on his contact tho. Less than £10m or walk.


18 months, Brighton took up a 1 year option


I believe its 6 months.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

No one cares what you think after The Godfather has spoken. Read the room dude.


Haha so true!


hell yeah dariusz don’t conform to the facts, you do you


The fact is that Brighton have the option to extend it but as of now, Trossard has 6 months left on the existing one.


and it’s an option which can become a double sword, and not as strong as in normal circumstances. if they extend and nobody buys him, they need to pay a chap they don’t want for an extra year.


We seem to have forgotten it’s the January window and we all know how “difficult and expensive” it is to get real quality players to leave their teams mid season. All our signings can’t be under 23s. I think with the experience he brings, he’s a good addition for depth.


Without wanting to go all “never fancied her anyway”, I think this makes more sense than Mudryk. Very solid player, prem experience, and an age profile that suggests he can hit the ground running.

Brady’s bunch

Agreed could be a good squad option for a couple of years

Guns Up

He also gives Saliba someone to speak French with ;).


mudryk was conceivably an upgrade. i don’t think trossard is. but always forward, if trossard is the choice i support him.


I don’t like this, feels very unarsenal. And he’s just got such as spurs face.


He looks a bit Robbie Williams in the picture above, but put him in the red and white and watch him smash in the winner against City and I won’t care in the slightest.


What makes me nervous about transfers, any transfers, is if we brought a poisonous character into the squad. Given Trossard’s recent behaviour, I hope that Edu and Arteta have done their homework. Football wise, I think he would be a good addition.


don’t forget Ramsdales behaviour to force his move through to Arsenal? And we all love him now. I hope he views this as his last chance to win trophies and prove himself at a higher level and gives his all accordingly


I really like this guy.
He could play in midfield as well. We could play him in the xhaka role when we are facing a low block or wen we trailing.
Right now I feel martinelli could really do with some time off. And trossard is one guy who is so so composed, technically he’s very good. Good addition.
We can do the big money spending come summer. Right now, let’s win the fucking league!!!


Trossard for Xhaka…ok now I’m completely out.