Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Report: Arsenal 3-2 Man United (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah

Subs: Turner, Tierney, Tomiyasu, Holding, Lokonga, Vieira, Smith Rowe, Marquinhos, Trossard

Arsenal extended their lead at the top of the table after a scintillating 3-2 win over Man United at the Emirates this afternoon.

Mikel Arteta’s starting XI was as expected, and the Gunners started brightly, forcing a couple of corners, before Partey put a Xhaka cross wide at the near post.

United tried to cheat a penalty when Fernandes jumped into Ramsdale, but the referee told him to get up, before Martinelli curled a shot over from the edge of the box. The Brazilian also saw a shot blocked after good work from Odegaard, and Fernandes got away with kicking Gabriel in the arm, the big prick.

The game was even, but it turned United’s way in the 17th minute. Partey’s pass was cut out. Rashford then nutmegged the midfielder, cut inside, and drilled a shot into the bottom corner. 0-1.

Ben White picked up a yellow card shortly after for a foul on Rashford, Nketiah had a shot deflected over the bar after good Saka build-up, and from the resulting corner Martinelli curled a shot outside the post. The pressure was on and the equaliser came in the 24th minute.

Arsenal worked it between Zinchenko and Odegaard, Xhaka overlapped and put in a cross which Nketiah met first to head home and make it 1-1.

Ramsdale had to make a smart save from McTominay, the game was fast paced and frenetic. Mikel Arteta picked up a yellow card for reacting to a foul on Saka, causing Richard Keys to splooge in his dirty old man cacks, and towards the end of the first half Saka had a flurry of shots, all of which were blocked.

Mikel Arteta made a half-time change, bringing on Takehiro Tomiyasu for the yellow-carded Ben White. Antony picked up a booking for a foul on Zinchenko, and the Gunners were on top in the second period. That paid when a second goal arrived via Saka. The winger cut in on his left foot, stepped inside the defender, and blasted it into the bottom corner from 25 yards to make it 2-1.

It was almost level a minute later when Rashford cut inside to shoot, but despite a couple of deflections Ramsdale got down to make a superb stop. The equaliser came not long after though after United won a corner. The set-piece came in, Ramsdale came to try and claim, but collided with Tomiyasu. The ball fell and Martinez looped a header in just under the bar. 2-2.

Saka created a chance for Eddie which was well blocked by Varane, Odegaard had a shot from inside the box blocked just over the bar, and at 2-2 there was an air of tension around the stadium. Saka was causing United all kinds of problems, another left footed shot deflected off Eriksen and bounced off the bottom of the post.

United brought on Fred for Antony to double up on him, Martinelli’s shot deflected off Martinez for a corner, and as the game went into the final 10 minutes Arsenal were well on top – dominating possession and territory.

Arteta made a sub on 83 minutes, handing a debut to new signing Leandro Trossard with Martinelli coming off. De Gea made a brilliant save from Nketiah whose shot on the turn was going in after a scramble in the box fell for him.

But the striker had his moment when we entered the last minute of normal time, when Trossard and Zinchenko combined, the Ukraine international pulled back a cross and Odegaard’s attempted shot came to Eddie who flicked it beyond de Gea. There was a VAR check for offside but the goal stood. 3-2.

That was that, the Gunners were deserved winners despite leaving it late, and what a response to City’s win earlier on.


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We beat em again at home. Yeaaay!!!


One of the best keepers in the premier league vs that goal keeper from Manchester United

Brady’s bunch

We played like champions today the score flattered them


When was the last time we had 25 attempts against a fellow big side? That VAR review was fuxking horrible!


Arsenal 3 United 2.
Watched globally.
Made possible by Hale End.


Didn’t realize all our scorers were Hale End graduates. Loved Trossard’s debut, maybe can rest Martinelli the next game (hasn’t been the same since he returned from Brazil’s squad).


He scored in our first two games after the WC if memory serves. His end product is a bit lacking lately but it shows how high the levels are they have set for themselves and us fans right now. Trossard will be a breath of fresh air hopefully.


The most satisfying win I remembered in a long while. Especially since some United fans already started running their mouth.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Also that celebration from Rashford in front of our supporters


Ya this is huge, very big. Wanna hear from Neville.

Emi Rates

Neville last seen rejecting Benny Blanco who asked him for a on the pitch dance.


50 points from half a season. Sensational! Let’s keep it going!


Arsenal centurions bout to be better than the invincibles. Hahaha. Man. What a fucking absolutely *fun* game. I had such a good time. God bless bukayo saka, that screamer made me so so happy. fuck yes, get in, COYG!!!

No foot Norbert

I had a terrible time….. until the 91st minute!!!


I was sad thru-out the whole match, a goal like Saka’s deserves to win games. Screamed my heart out when Eddie scored. What an absolute beast of a game.

Goodly Morning

Sometimes… The suffering is necessary.




Also f k Paul Scholes on the India feed. Giving a back handed compliment to this team. Saying they’re doing better than the Invincibles, who played lot more draws at times. Trust him to come up with this sort of stuff.




It must suck to have your career highlight being who you got beaten by.


OK, now, I genuinely think we can fucking do it! Luv ya all!


Yeah tens all round today. This team is just what it is, a team that gives absolutely everything for each other.


Signs are strong, let’s see how we do when we first play city at the Emirates.

Olawale Olayemi

Does Eddie have a song yet?


Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.


“Eddie or not, here I come, you can’t hide…”


Hahaha Ebo i like you

Shane Molloy

That sir, is quality. Chapeau!


Splendid!!! Hahaha


@Ebo, I like that!! ❤️


“…. I’m going smash through… and make win easy”

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Absolute quality




🎶 Your defence is in trouble, Eddie’s in the room 🎶


“Your defence is in trouble, Nketiah in the room”

Scandinavian tourist

Who you gonna call? NKETIAH


Gentlemen, if this is not a championship form I don’t know what else is!!! Huuuuuuuge!!!!

Bill Hall

Fucking get in lads!
This calls for a celebratory cigar


Enjoy. I’m gonna go for a nice little whisky.


Yamazaki on the rocks

Giuseppe Hovno

I’m going go for some kimchi

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Don’t like to be a bad winner – BUT – fat gooner, were you saying something about Eddie earlier today that you’d like to repeat?


EN14. What a steal for a 5 year deal


My thoughts exactly. Good luck to Jesus when he comes back from injury.

djourou's nutmeg

the way the team’s playing actually makes fatgooner and qwalitee’s comments somewhat tolerable


‘ Next summer Arteta should make it his priority to bring in a top striker. Forget about Eddie.’ was the comment….

Despite Eddie being at a goal a game at the Emirates recently.


Haha- was thinking the exact same thing!
I’ll be looking for his formal apology and positive Eddie comments from now on.


Certainly was. Get a proper goalscorer in, forget about Eddie. That kind of thing. Lots pointed out to him that Nketiah’s numbers were excellent so no hindsight involved, so;

What a plonker.

Aussie Gooner

Fuck off united, you’ll always be shit..


Goosebumps. Fucking goosebumps man

I love these guys


I think I might love Zinchenko, like actually in love. Not even joking


I’ll fight you for him!

Trixie Popsicle


Brady’s bunch

Man of the match for me 😊


an extra playmaker from the back, just superb


It’s ok, if you keep your socks on brother!


You fucking beautiful football players!

karl g

That’s put United back in their box. Great to see this fixture at the top again though.


Zinchenko what a player!!


Eddie Nketiah the Apex Predator.

karl g

Yes. 6 in 6 is not too shabby!

Tomaury Bischfeld

Nketiahsaurus Rex


Fucking hell, what a game football!!!


Great victory!!

We dominated United for most of the game and thoroughly deserved it.

Well done, Nketia!! I was wr-, well not entirely right!!


Come on FG. Cut some slack. The boys deserve it.

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

It takes a big (fat) man to admit they’re wrong, good on you


Fair play to turn up in the comments
fats, Eddie murked you bro haha

Aussie Gooner

Say whatever you may, Trossard is a statement signing. The kind that changes title races…


He might just turn out to be an absolute bargain, like Zinchenko.


Zinchenko just gets better and better. What a steel he was.


He will lead us to silverware for years to come.


Martinelli has got to up his game…his form hasn’t been up to standards of early this season…Trossard is a really good player just look at that brief cameo and how he held up the ball and took on about 5 United players in the dying stages…Trossy and ESR will be raring to go…that left wing is really up for grabs. On the other hand Saka is unplayable. What a player woooof!


Martinelli was excellent today


Agree, I thought he was attacking them all game – causing lots of problems.


Zinchenko was incredible. Literally everywhere on the pitch, at the right time.

A Different George

And–if this is possible–he makes Odegaard better. And certainly Xhaka and Martinelli.


He took over the game. So the game evolved around him.


Zinchenko was a terrible bit of business – for Man City!!

Entering the prime years of his career, fantastic player. Not a huge transfer fee (not that 30 odd million isn’t an obscene amount of money but you know what I mean). Natural leader. Born winner with a great mentality.

What the hell were City thinking with that transfer? Their loss is our gain.

Tomaury Bischfeld

We did what Man City couldn’t COYG we’ve got Super Mik Arteta. Also Nketiah…legend


Guys, let’s just pause here to give a HUGE round of applause for Arteta …. a legend in the making. Someone who is the cause of this mammoth performance 👏🏻👏🏻

Emi Rates

Arsenal were superior to Man U. No two ways about it. Not least evident by how Man U played for the draw in the end while Arsenal kept coming and it payed off. Man of the match – Nketiah! Great to see Trossard involved in the winning goal too.



Its very sweet when you get the winning goal at the last minute.

Man Manny

I’d say Saka for MOTM, for me. He was so dangerous every time he had the ball, ETH sacrificed Antony for Fred just to put a rein on him. It didn’t work, did it?
Nketiah and Zinchenko come in with a shout though.

A Different George

Well, honestly, “sacrificing” Antony was not a big loss for them. Lee Dixon, who tries to bend over backward to be fair, kept pointing out on the NBC feed how Antony seemed to have very limited technical skill and no idea of what to do. Lots of pace and he’s ugly, but that’s about it. (The last part was me, not Lee Dixon.)

Brady’s bunch

First 11of Mf’s 1 Martinez 2. Richarlison 3. Anthony 4. Romaro I’ll let you fill in the blanks……,,,,,,

Emi Rates

For shere impact Zinchenko and Sakha were better but I give Eddie my MOTM for the two goals. He’s been criticised, wrongly IMO, and today he proved all his doubters wrong not just once but twice.

No foot Norbert

Big fucking win


Get in. Fucking brilliant boys

Santiago’s Smile

Best league win in 19 years.

Cannon and ball and arse’n’all

Sometimes the way you win can be bigger than the win itself – winning late is going to be a fantastic boost to confidence and morale, get the fuck in


So, so true. That is a bigger boost than a 2-0 cake walk could ever be. Morale will go through the roof.


If you want to know how deserved that was, there were only 3 minutes of added time because we had the ball consistently in their half for the ENTIRE second half.




What a game. Arsenal deserved winners.


I am so fucking happy!!!
That is all.




Just wow man !!! Saka a Gooner Hall of famer already what a performance from the boys !!! Zinny was immense Eddie was lethal Fuck it I’m happy !!!

Hair on Ram's Tail

Need a goal? Call Eddie!
That’s 4 goals he’s scored in his last 2 games against ManUre.


What a game boys! Totally went for it last few minutes, the energy and desire to win this game was immense! We’ll dome boys! COYG

Hair on Ram's Tail

This is the best first half of a season in the history of the club.
Let that sink in.

North Bank Gooner

Brilliant result, we are looking pretty bloody awesome at the moment! Love this team!!!


Thought I was watching MUTV today.

Fuckoff Neville
Fuckoff Keane
Fuck off Rashford


Felt like man united were taking on the Germans or something


Martin Tyler; arsenal have had 99% possession and 15 shots on goal in the last 15mins
Gary Neville; it’s all united really

A Different George

There was one point around the 75 minute mark where Peter Drury (on the NBC feed) said that Arsenal had had 20 touches in the United penalty area in the past 15 minutes, and United had none in Arsenal’s.


oh no!… not Rashford 🙂 de Gea maybe, Fernandes definitely… a rodent will be offended if you compared their facial features to his.




But… Antony? There’s whole new levels of hideous there that you just wouldn’t believe were possible without photographic proof.
Official statistics show that, when he was taken off, their entire team’s index of attractiveness went up from “gives small children nightmares” to merely “fugly”.


Init, it supposed to be impartial, Sky was the only possible place in the UK to watch the game, (other than at the stadium) G- Nev somehow is allowed to commentate it. Of course all he chatted about was UTD. Piss take. But in his face. Fuck him, fuck Murdoch and fuck manU


COYG! COYG! Sir Alex, Beckham, c*nt face Antony all going home with sad little faces on…..😫😫 what is the right color to celebrate? RED of course!!!

Emi Rates

Was that an Arsenal scarf worn by Qatarmoneyham’s lad?


Yes. Romeo Beckham is a Gooner.


What an absolutely belting match and credit to Manure for turning up. We have shown signs of champions today and I think them two goals will be the making of Eddie.

Just buzzing, and a potential new signing watching on, oh happy days.



Don’t get me wrong, I hate the pricks…but it almost made me a bit emotional seeing both teams tussle at the top of the league after so long. Arsenal were far superior, but Utd played their part. TH has done a good job there, they were an utter shitshow.


Agreed, @jeremy. As much fun as it is to say “ManUtd are shit”, their record in their last ten games has been W9 D1 L0, including a win against City. And still we beat them – in some style. They’re an in-form team, they had credible threat and they gave it their all – it just wasn’t enough. COYG


Beating United: Great.
Beating United when they’re on form and sure they’re going places: Fucking Excellent.


Oh I think our Eddie is already a Made Man, lol


What a game! What a winner!
Top game by all. Zinchenko OMG!!!! Partey time. He will win us the title


That ball carry by Tossard during the added time was worth his transfer fee.
Welcome to Arsenal.


Get innnnn… COYG!!!

Boy Bastin

The performance of the season so far for me. Utd were never going to be a push over given their good run of recent form and at 2:2 who knows what could have happened. All credit to our young team though and particularly Eddie who has had a lot of stick from a handful of Gooners on this site but who really stepped up today to continue his good scoring run. We needed a win given City’s earlier result (and our games against them still to come) and showed real character, battling on to the end. More goals than I… Read more »

Eric Blair

Good points there.

I’ve never been anti-Eddie like some others, but I had my doubts about whether he could step into Jesus’s shoes or not. Doubts gone, and Jesus has a genuine fight on his hands to get back into the team. Wonderful stuff.


let’s all just enjoy Eddie and the boys with Wrighty.


Now THAT felt good. REAL GOOD! I’ll just leave it there my fellow reds!

People saying we still have to play City twice. City should be worried about having to play us twice. And Leandro Traussard, clearly a man with a point to prove.

Eric Blair

Very much agree about Man City. The upcoming home game against them could be a decisive one.

Boy Bastin

I hope you’re right about City although with Haaland seemingly back to impressive scoring form now you never know. However, the performance against Utd today shows we can battle, and win, against an “in form” team (in contrast to the points dropped against Newcastle – the last one we played) so I’m sure we’ll give a good account against the blue half of Manchester.


I don’t care if Haaland scores a hat trick against us, as long as we can score four against them. They might have the best striker in the world, but we have the best TEAM in the world.


5 clear of Man City with a game in hand. 11 clear of Newcastle with a game in hand. 11 clear of Man Utd with a game in hand. 17 clear of the Scum with a game in hand. 50 points up. I make no apologies once again for saying we HAVE to pay these guys their market value. This team is special. They don’t grow on trees. We have waited two decades, since the Invincibles, for a team like this. They just don’t know when they are beat. Fucking incredible. Kudos to all the boys today; Saka my MotM… Read more »


The nice thing about this team is that it doesn’t seem to all be about money. None of them will go hungry.



Let’s just make sure though that it’s the Arsenal chef ringing the triangle. 😉


We might as well start a new religion in Eddie’s name…

because he’s making us forget Jesus! 🙇


Briliant, Ebo! Jesus who?? (not really …)

Shane Molloy

Happy to be a disciple. 😊


Long time reader, first time poster. Would anyone care to adapt the Macarena for an Eddie song? Or Mr. Dobalina? Now please excuse me while I get my coat.

Eric Blair

I’m starting to truly believe it now. What a team this is.


wow! just wow!
50 fuckin points in half a season. what a team we got!!

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