Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Report: Arsenal and Shakhtar working on Mudryk deal structure

Despite Chelsea’s best efforts to derail Arsenal’s pursuit of Mykhailo Mudryk it appears we are edging towards a deal with Shakhtar Donetsk for the 21-year-old winger.

Outed earlier in the month as the club’s “priority target”, the Ukraine international has heavily hinted that he wants to become a Gunner and it’s claimed personal terms have already been agreed.

So far, two offers have been lodged by Edu and his team but with Shakhtar setting a high asking price (originally €100 million), there’s been lots of toing and froing over the structure of a deal.

According to Sport Arena, Arsenal want add-on bonuses to make up 30% of the entire transfer fee while Shakhtar are pushing for a maximum of 20%.

The Gunners had an initial €60 million package (€40 million upfront plus €20 million in add-ons) rejected and followed up with another approach that was also turned down.

Fingers crossed we can reach an agreement as soon as possible because the regulatory and visa-issuing process seems to take longer than it used to. In the meantime, Mudryk is due to arrive in Antalya, Turkey for Shakhtar’s winter break training camp.

Arsenal play Sp*rs in the north London derby on Sunday – likely to come too soon for Mudryk – and have dates with Manchester United and Manchester City on the agenda before the end of the month.

Last night, Mikel Arteta praised Eddie Nketiah’s form in the absence of Gabriel Jesus but reiterated the club’s lack of depth up front saying, “The problem is we have only one [striker]!”

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kampala gooner

Seems this is heading in the right direction and with the neighbors having an attention span of a 3 year old might be ours to loose.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Stan dogging collymore saying he should choose Chelsea over us as they are a better project. It’s as laughable as standing in a car park masturbating whilst peering into a Nissan duke. Hard to take you serious Stan.


Can you imagine saying something so thick in the public sphere?


We don’t have to imagine, “pundits” roll this stuff out basically daily.


He’s been doing it on TalkShite for years.

Johnny 4 Hats

It amuses me that so many pundits and talking heads are clearly anti Arsenal.

But if you say referees might be anti Arsenal, everyone’s like, are you mental?

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Everyone hates us, so we must be doing well in the league. We won’t be taken seriously until we win the league. This is our best season in history so far and I’m enjoying every minute. Really want to smash those diving cunts at the toilet bowl.


The wife beater obviously getting jealous of Neville, Keys, O’Hara and the rest of the anti Arsenal brigade going for the Cuntiest Cunt of All Time trophy.



Look at the outlays the club has made in the last few xsfer windows.

We get better support than all other clubs but the Oilers.

Do catch up. And maybe find something more clever to throw shit on Creepy Stan than lack of spending, because that just is not accurate.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Suggest you look up Stan collymore and then you may catch up 😂🤓


Not kroenke – the owner. Collymore – the former Liverpool wanker


Mate, you’re the one who needs to catch up….


Santi’s Thigh Grab

You appear to have an appropriate name.

Naija Gooner

His name should be Stan “wankymore”…a suitable description if you ask me..


Any other players we’d like to show an interest in so that Chelsea jump in and beat us to? (i.e.Who would we really like them to waste time and money on to follow on from Auba?)


Perhaps we can pinch Thuram off them, seems more like our sort of deal

Felix was always going to be expensive at the end of the loan


I hear we are now interested in taking Ronaldo back to the premier league and are willing to give him a 15 year contract.
Just keep it quite we don’t want the deal to get hijacked *wink wink


Sounds like a Conte deal to me…..😂


I think we got them good with Auba… But we could try: “Breaking! Arsenal attempting to resign Mustafi”


Post of The Day. 👏😂

Congrats, mate.
🥂 🍾 🏆


I dread to see your blood pressure if that actually happened Qwalitee! I fondly remember your love for all things Mustafi🤣


As soon as that clown joined, we dropped out of the Champions League – and now we’re finally rid of him, guess what? ECL beckons.

Our FA Cup Final victories of 2017 and 2020 against Chelsea were in no small measure thankfully down to his absence – and of course Rob Holding playing a blinder in both – especially his shithousery on Costa.


Two words: Alexander. Lacazette.




😂 👍🥈

Naked Cygan

I would love for us to get Mudryk, but surely we can also get a striker out there who doesn’t play for a top team that we can loan for 6 months. We could even recall Balogun. Personally I would have loved if we went after Toney from Brentford, he will cost a lot but he can scores goals in the Premier League against any team.


Any loan deal for a half decent striker is going to come with a ridiculous price tag.

Mudryk is a vital signing; get him on board and our options are increased: we can have Martinelli and Smith Rowe to cover for Eddie. Or even Mudryk himself.


Nketiah is provably better than both of the names you mentioned.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Eddie is better than Martinelli?


He means Balogun or Ivan Toney

Brady’s bunch

Probably a very good chance Toney will get a ban fairly soon due his alleged betting situation


Not sure why you were down voted to the hills on this. Think it’s Gooner snobbery, Toney is a very good player and I’ve said for a while he could definitely get to the next level


He’s also a betting addict with a long ban coming.


Well this is much better news.I’ve got such good vibes about this signing, if we manage to do it.

The lad is pure ‘Arteta.’ He would add something extra special to this team that we are currently lacking; namely running at pace in the opposition half on the break and CONTINUING to run into the 18 yard box. Not suddenly stopping and passing backwards or cutting the ball back inside. Instead, taking players on and going for goal. The last player we had who did that on tap was Santi Cazorla.

Come on Arsenal.

Make it happen!



You do realize most teams now sit deep against us and double-mark the flanks?


Oh well, let’s give up then, all go home and tell City the title is theirs.

Jeeeez….. 🙄


Not sure why this was downvoted to hell.

You watch highlights of guy running long strides against open defences and think this is what we need. Then he comes and now needs to unlock a 10 man bus in the box. Different set of skills.

Have you forgotten Pepe already?


Oh my days. Have you forgotten the phenomenon known as the counter attack…? Do you honestly believe every single team we now play is going to ‘park the bus’ and spend the entire game camped in their own 18 yard box? If we had gotten those fucking penalties against Newcastle this pathetic idea being put about by the media that “teams have now sussed Arsenal” wouldn’t have had any air time. What about Oxford last night? They sussed us out so comprehensively that they lost 0-3. As it is, Newcastle cheat and time waste their way to clinging onto a… Read more »


If you wanna see comments downvoted to hell, you should see posts by Fats😂

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Those are completely appropriate downvotes.


This youngster is the real deal and is also very skilful, good ball control in tight spaces. I’d be gutted if this one fell through.

Emi Rates

Considering the history of that club, why would any Ukrainian even speak to them?

Boy Bastin

I don’t see why the previous owner at Chelsea will be a factor now. The new owner certainly doesn’t have any history of that sort – unless I’ve missed something.

I guess that the factors likely to determine any deal will be the fee, add-ons, the payment schedule and, possibly, the views of the player if other factors are roughly similar (should Chelsea actually bid).

Emi Rates

Because Chelsea and their fans will be tarred by their association with that genocide enabling oligarch for years to come. Not least evident by the fans who took to the streets in their thousands to protest the sanctions with not a care in the world for why they were happening. As the genocide raged across Ukraine all they cared about was more trophies for their shit stained club as they expressed their support for their criminal owner.

Not everything is about money. At least it fucking well shouldn’t be.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Well said.

Boy Bastin

Sorry, I just don’t see that being a decisive factor in any negotiations (if there are any) with the new owner now but we’ll see. Currently, we’re the only club interested enough to bid as far as I know.

Brady’s bunch

Well said not to mention they were still singing for Abramvich against city the other night. My least favorite club in the league 🤬 they were horrible f**ks before the money then Maureen arrived to add petrol to the flames.

Emi Rates



I know I would be downvoted – but isnt this logic a little hypocritical – given that we had no problems accepting money from Usmanov for years? Agreed he was part owner unlike Abrahamovic, but still. Russia started annexing Ukraine from 2014, and he was our part owner till 2018.


Their fans are still chanting for Abramovich. Great way to make Mudryk feel at home at the Blues.

A Different George

Assuming a club is willing to sell a player under contract (fees, add-ons, etc), then the views of the player determine where he goes. Often we assume “personal terms” means simply money. But it can also mean a player insists on a Champions League club, or not leaving the country. Think of Giroud who (I think because his kids were in school in London) refused to go to Germany but was willing to go across town to Chelsea. I think we should not underestimate the importance of political issues for Ukrainian players at this moment, or the importance to Mudryk… Read more »


The history of the team is built on Russian money. No Russian money, no history.

Naija Gooner

Chelsea are cunts…THAT is ALWAYS a factor


Becoz money talks. They are talking to the money of the new owner.

James Mwesigwa

I think Shaktar should realize many deals have fallen because of their over pricing of players when English teams come to buy from them. Many deals have collapsed and they end selling those players for coins. You remember a player they sold to Spain for about £12m whom Liverpool had wanted in the previous window for over £50m and Shaktar refused, wanting more money. What they are doing is not sportic that is greed.


My guess is we’ll sign Mudryk this jan and sell Cedric for a small fee. That will be that. Felix was always a bit of a smokescreen. Hes been pretty average and the fee was obscene. Chelsea knew that Mudryk wanted to go to Arsenal and spunked their money up the wall as usual for our ‘second choice’ Their owner comes across as a bit of an imbecile to be honest. Come summer I also predict we will sell Eddie for a large fee (having scored 10-15 goals for us), sell Holding for a small fee, extend Sambis contract and… Read more »


I’m actually glad we haven’t signed Felix; people moan about the Mudryk deal, but the numbers involved in the Felix loan really IS stupid money.

Mudryk is a far better investment and an infinitely better prospect.


Also, there is no guarantee Felix would settle in the 4 months left of the season, coming from a slower league. Partey struggled for a long time and Vieira is being used sparingly in the first year.


I don’t mind even a 40m + 40m deal with the second 40m to be paid if we win the league


For fuck’s sake! Just get the deal done!

This transfer has gone on for a million years!


Agree with you here, 100%.

We need to stop dragging our heels over add on percentages and just cough up.

Get this deal over the line and we can crack on with our title bid.


At any cost? The amounts we’re negotiating over here would probably be enough to secure someone like Tielemans for the duration of a 4 year Bosman contact. Absolutely critical we get the best deal possible for the club not just throw money at it.


What’s absolutely critical here, in terms of maintaining a title bid, is that we get the deal done. The extra money is irrelevant; Kroenke has backed the manager, let’s get this kid in and push on. This is no time for splitting hairs over Add On percentages. If this deal falls through, we have an already stretched front line at the mercy of further casualties – and the way Saka and Martinelli keep getting kicked up in the air with zero protection from the refs – well, you do the math. The law of averages never fails. I cannot understand… Read more »


And the money we bring in for being in the champions league, will make all this haggling a bloody nonsense!



We’ll probably get that back in global shirt sales for him alone.

Boy Bastin

It’s not in our hands though. It’s down to Donetsk and then the player and, presumably, his agent.


It IS in our hands. Agree an up front fee and subsequent add ons with Shakhtar – pay that bit extra if necessary – get the kid on board and crack on with the title bid. All it requires is some fucking ambition and a throw of the dice. We may not be five points clear of City again – or Newcastle or even Chelsea – in Januarys to come. We have to seize this opportunity to strengthen our hand NOW. For the sake of a few million bucks more, the future of this club could well be at a… Read more »


We can’t afford to look like mugs again in the transfer market. It might not directly be our money, but the success of the club is affected if we got back to bad deals.



Just like how we ‘overpaid’ for Ramsdale and White.

We’ve looked a right bunch of mugs ever since, eh mate? 🙄

You penny pinchers are hilarious.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Their asking price is ridiculous for what the player has actually achieved in his career. The numbers don’t add up. I trust we will get the deal over the line. Raul’s Pepe deal still hangs heavy over the club.


“The problem is we only have one striker” which is the key. We have as good a chance to win the league this year as we’ve had in years and should do everything we can to give us the best chance to do so. We had an FA Cup match last night against a League One side sitting in 15th place last night and had to start Nketiah, Saka and Martinelli up front. No way any of those three should have to start in that match with the important league matches we have coming up and the amount that two… Read more »


cost us top 4 last year not getting another striker, lets hope we don’t make the same mistake again.

Lilac and Gooseberries

I genuinely believe the management knows that we shouldn’t be starting our league starters in a 4th round cup match against Oxford U but they seem to be trying to save every penny they can, on every transfer. I have no idea why we aren’t desperately trying to sign a Partey type unless they are, just not to our knowledge. We lose him or even Xhaka, we return to being a mid table quality team.

Dwight Rortugal

Who is available to sign who can cover the Partey role?

Boy Bastin

Unfortunately, Arteta cannot afford to rest many of the “core group” and risk defeat. Apart from the three mentioned, others also played a part yesterday against Oxford. He’s had to do the same thing in the EL and when he didn’t (in the League Cup) we lost. We need reinforcements, Mudryk or whoever.


I would imagine that our brilliant manager is juggling many things like…keeping us winning which effects all aspects, player desires and mentality, developing squad depth, maintaining consistency of Eddie scoring which requires help from starters to ensure/develop consistency, injuries, slotting in players to “practice” squad subs during league games etc.


If arsenal put a 100million on rice and got zaha and Tielemans on a free in the summer I would be ecstatic. Add to that Mudryk, a fit smith Rowe I think we would be very close to set squad and talent wise


You lost me at Saha.

We don’t need that loser.

The rest of the names you mention are fine though.


Zaha? Overrated, past it, never going to happen, and if we really wanted Tielemans it would’ve been done by now. The only other transfer rumour that I think is interesting is Danilo from Palmeiras, a young player for the Partey position, but that one seems to have gone quiet.

Boy Bastin

Things seem to be moving along in our direction. Chelsea’s interest (if they really are that interested) could still put a spanner in the works, but fingers crossed.

Brady’s bunch

I see Raphinha and Torres have been put up for sale by Barca, Chelsea stampede incoming.

Boy Bastin

Could be. Things certainly aren’t going well at Chelsea currently (good news) but I do remember that when Comrade A first took over there something similar happened for a while – then they got their act together (bad news). We’ll have to wait and see.

Brady’s bunch

They seem to be lacking in a lot of the back room setup that ran the day to day club issues which a delight to be fair.


I’m kind of glad we didn’t get Raphinha. He’s a player who I think only has a flash of quality every so often. Like a Pepe where he’s just not impactful enough. Mudryk feels different, he loves to drive forward and is much faster than either of them. He can hurt teams so many ways besides cutting in on from the wing. He looks deadly on the counter. Tbh if we get him Martinelli will need to step up even more which is a good thing

Brady’s bunch

Barca was the wrong move for him I think he’s better suited to the premier league and Chelsea tried their best to stop that last time out.


Surprised Thuram hasn’t being linked more to us or anyone for that.
He’s ST/winger and interchangeable type with Marti for LW/ST.
Also brings physical to the no9


Perhaps we should feigh an interest in this “Laka-Zett” fellow who’s tearing up league Un? Get Todd B to sign that guy for eleventy billion…


Only Jesus will tell if this transfer goes through

How? He’s down with a busted knee.


Hope this deal gets done soon,
Last night’s performance from second string wouldn’t fill you with confidence


John Terry is an ugly cunt


You can say that again!

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