Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Report: Arsenal make third offer for Mudryk

According to Fabrizio Romano, Arsenal’s latest attempt to secure the signing of Mykhailo Mudryk has seen the club table an increased offer of close to €70 million plus add-ons.

As things stand, there has been no breakthrough in negotiations with Shakhtar who have previously rejected two lower offers.

Should the Gunners persuade the Ukrainians to part ways with the 21-year-old winger, he’d arrive at Emirates Stadium as the club’s second most expensive signing after Nicolas Pepe. The Ivorian was recruited from Lille for £72 million in 2019.

Not long after news of Arsenal’s latest approach, Mudryk posted a praying hands emoji on his Instagram channel. He later removed the post.

The player has repeatedly hinted on social media that he’s keen to join the Gunners. Not only has he been watching recent matches, he even took the time to share a picture of Mikel Arteta and his former coach Roberto De Zerbi, now at Brighton, with the caption “2 top coach”.

Chelsea had shown an interest in Mudryk but turned their attention to Atletico Madrid’s out-of-favour attacker Joao Felix. The Portugal international earned a straight red card on his debut and will miss their next three matches. It’s not particularly relevant to us but it is funny nonetheless.

Mudryk is currently in Turkey where Shakhtar are holding a winter training camp. They have a series of friendlies on the horizon, the first of which is against Austria Vienna on 20 January.

Arsenal will hope to have their man by then and may be aiming to have him as part of the squad for the visit of Manchester United on 22 January and FA Cup trip to Manchester City the weekend after.

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He needs to reign in the social media antics haha.


No he shouldn’t.


No bro, he cannot join #freeMudryk (;
It will mean he is playing for a selfish club, from one of Europe’s lesser leagues, who are believing in their own hype of their player.
The hashtag is wrong but just #freeMudryk

Grammar Police

You could argue he already is ‘reigning’ on social media


REIN in.


Taking painfully long, Shaktar are being a pain. Hopefully sorted very soon AND he is worth it, there are risks involved.

Hope Shaktar get it agreed ASAP.

Boy Bastin

True, but I don’t think we can blame Shaktar for “being a pain” in negotiating to get the best deal they can for their best player. Were the positions reversed, I’m sure Arsenal would do exactly the same, wouldn’t we?

Nobody else seems interested in signing him (a little odd I think, given his quality?) so that may help to speed things along a little – and we certainly don’t want a bidding war with another club.


Seriously, their country is under attack. They’re very existence is threatened , why wouldn’t negotiate hard? And tbh I don’t really care if the fee is high. Country needs all the money they can get right now and if that means a few extra of stan’s suspect dollars then fine…


I see your point, but I’m not sure giving it to a football club is the best way to help Ukraine.


Oh I agree 1000%, yet here we are…our football hijacked by the people tearing down the fabric of society. Just not much bothered by all this complaining about Shaktar playing hard-ball. Pay up, get our guy, move on. Why do we care about #SavingStan’sBillions


This saga seems to show. That we are to be easily tricked into. Any deal but also it is untitentionally placing so much pressure on the player.


Man! they are trying to get as much out of Arsenal as they can!! 70 million + add-ons is crazy money in the current climate. Football is in a different universe all together!!

Man Manny

€70m includes add ons.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Reread Manny.

Man Manny

Okay; done.


If they push this much further they are being greedy and stupid and will likely end up with an unhappy player who will never be worth as much as he is now in the Ukrainian league. That said, there must be some confidence on Arsenals side if they have put another official bid together. Not sure how enjoying how much of a saga this is becoming tbh

Teryima Adi

Some transfers are like bitter leaf to the taste in this instance of Shakhtar trying to milk the last pence out of Arsenal. Surely the end is in sight.

Teryima Adi

We should have bought him last summer for about €30 million .


We were supposedly interested in the summer, but he wouldn’t have been available for that – Brentford had a bid of 30m rejected.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

Jackie's Willy

I kept drumming this. He was there for the taking. He was there!




Let us all take a brief moment in our day, to laugh at Chelsea


Happy to make it a very long moment personally. The repeated waste of eye watering sums of money, the sanctions, the long list of injuries, the sacking of a successful manager, the hiring of an unproven one, No-Arms Kepa, Aubameyang, Lukaku, 10th place and sinking, Felix’s red card, the outraged chants of thousands of disgruntled fans, Boehly making himself technical director when Czech and Granaskia desert the sinking ship… there’s enough comedy gold to get me through the weekend.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Wasn’t aware Cech had left them. He’s someone who I think Arsenal would benefit from having around Colney. Seems to be cut from the same cloth as Mertesacker.


the tall friendly white guy cloth?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Um, no. They both have an intelligent footballing mindset, Cech would be an asset to have around the youth department.


Joao Felix arrives on a 6 month loan for €10 million, gets a 3 match ban so basically throws €2 million and a month of thay deal in the bin. Wonderful, couldn’t happen to a nicer club.


I can think of one…..

Brady’s bunch

Are they officially the banter club now??


Feel like we are Thor searching for a hammer and Chelsea are a Doug

Brady’s bunch



Don’t remember a transfer happening if the third bid is rejected, so I think we walk away if they reject it. This has dragged on too long. Surely Mudryk is desperate to experience the NLD even if he can only be in the stands or behind the scenes.


Could be a great signing but there’s also an element of risk with any 21 yr old. €70m is a gamble, so don’t be surprised if we walk away.


The hilarious straight red for Felix has a more serious side. Will Chelsea and Fulham get a charge for surrounding the referee?


I had exactly the same thought watching the highlights this morning

Brady’s bunch

He looked good before the red though


You need to be wearing red and white for that to happen


I think Brentford has been alright so far.


While I’m excited to have him, it does seem a crazy amount of money for an untested player that will likely just be back up to Martinelli when everyone is fit!


One injury to Saka or Martinelli would leave us very short. Also they are both still not signing an extension.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Excellent point, hadn’t thought about Mudryk getting playing time, even starting some games as encouragement to our young guns to sign da ting.

Funsho Patrick

He gives something we don’t have in the squad … something robbenesque….


What, you mean diving?


Maybe we are going to play them all at the same time


We need to have quality depth to rotate in the squad for league matches as well as cup matches to keep players fresh and also to promote more competition for places. It wasn’t too long ago that it was fun to debate what the starting 11 should be for a particular match and you could even argue the starting 11 vs the second 11 would be a compelling match. Now there is no mystery at all over who the starting 11 should be when all are fit and a massive drop off in almost every position (save maybe the two… Read more »


With this signing our depth in the attacking trio is complete, Martinelli, Nketiah, Saka one game, Mudryk, Jesus and ESR another. Thanks to our academy players, the outlay spent on making this attack would be around €129 million which is still cheaper than most and another way of looking at it. Having 3 academy players has meant we can splash the cash somewhere else.


A lot of comments saying we need strength in depth, and I would never dispute that. Of course we need strength in depth. But this amount of money for someone that, lets face it, virtually no-one had really heard of 12 months ago seems rather odd. Arteta must think he’s some player!


Arteta thinks he is some player

Jackie's Willy

I love Martinelli and Saka, but y’all underrate Mudryk too much.


It seems like we’re quite keen on this lad.


That’s what excites me! Sounds like he has a specificity Arteta wants – another tool for breaking down increasingly pessimistic opponents.


I think it shows the lack of an option B, apart from Felix of course who’s attracted to Chelsea’s £££ project. I hope Mudryk delivers.


honestly think this is a bad deal, £70m plus add ons is silly silly money, just as much a chance he fails in the PL as succeeds

even he turns out to be a monster hit, this will still be bad business, it’s taking a gamble

and to boot he not quite in the position Arsenal need.

Selling club, being very short sighted imo, he will never again be worth this much.


If he’s a monster hit, how exactly would that be a bad deal???

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Monster hits are worth more than £70. If we sold him in 4 years and he was a monster hit, he would fetch over £100. There are still rich or stupid clubs out there, Barca, Chelsea, United.


Big money isn’t always a bad deal. If he delivers when called upon, the money will be totally worth it.

Boy Bastin

One thing is for sure, if we do get him he’s certainly going to cost us. Rather surprisingly, Arsenal remain first in a field of one as no other club has bid yet (do they all know something we don’t?). Anyway, unless anyone else shows real interest and starts a genuine auction (which wouldn’t be good), it looks like we are inching closer. That said, I hope Edu has “Plan B” all ready to go should things not work out with Mudryk after all. We do need reinforcements and the speed at which both parties are moving on this deal… Read more »

Brady’s bunch

He wants arsenal other clubs know this also.

Boy Bastin

Possibly, he’s certainly been quoted as saying that he admires Arteta. It’s still a little surprising (to me at least) that for a player of his quality nobody else has at least “tested the water” with a bid so far anyway. That’s good news for Arsenal of course as the price is increasing quickly enough without an auction.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

It is not surprising that no one else has bid, he has stated his preference and Shaktar are setting an unreasonable valuation. Time is money so why waste your time pursuing an over priced unproven youngster from the Ukrainian league. The fact that we made a third bid demonstrates the managers desire to get THIS player. We have invested so much time on this deal, it will be hard to walk away.

Boy Bastin

But if true, that encourages Shaktar to hold out for an “unreasonable” fee knowing that Mudryk is precisely the player that Arteta wants so much (“THIS player”) as you say. I guess in that scenario, they don’t require a second bidder to get the bidding up.

If you make it clear in any buying negotiation (for a footballer, a house, a car, whatever) that you really only want that one you’re surely putting yourself at a disadvantage.


If he really is that keen on Arsenal and nobody else, then he wouldn’t mind waiting till the summer, or whenever his contract runs out.


€70m is definitely a better deal than paying €10m on a 6 mth loan deal + ridiculous wages. Referee had to remind him that London is red on his first EPL. Hahahaha

Teryima Adi

And the saga continues.🤦


Lol. It sure does… I still hope we get him though.

Brady’s bunch

My guess is it’s a done deal but won’t be revealed until after the derby game so it won’t disrupt preparations for that game. Think there’s a second deal being put together in the background as well.

Boy Bastin

Hopefully you’re right. Say what you like about them, but Shaktar have been consistent about the level of fee they’re looking for, hence the need for Arsenal to make several bids in order to at least approach it. Our latest reported bid may well be enough overall but a sticking point could be the balance between the fee and the add-ons (an increasingly important factor in transfers nowadays). Arsenal’s Chief Executive hinted recently that we wouldn’t break the bank for Mudryk, so we’ll have to see how much more room remains for negotiation. I think we will get him eventually… Read more »


Perhaps the red card quota has been reduced by one for now. But going forward its another to add to the pgmol’s hitlist.

Guess Chelsea and Potter have to eat humble pie and rely on Auba now 🤭. This gets better and better


I really don’t like the price tag, I’m getting “Pepe” flashbacks already, don’t we need a RB and a goal hungry ST 1st anyway??

Paul Z

Too expensive seriously. 70m + addon for a player who only consistently start to play last season. We should walk way if bid is rejected. Chelsea can buy him for 100m and still get relegated 😂

Joey Jay

He will go to Chelsea, arsenal won’t be bully to overpay for him

Joey Jay

He won’t be coming to arsenal anymore, Chelsea got him

Der Kaiser

Think he is good but could be another Pepe

1) How can Chelsea afford all this?

2) Whatever happened to “ financial fair play”

3) Probably offered ridiculous wages by Chelsea

4) I want players who REALLY want to play for Arsenal. He could have said no to Chelsea ( but difficult for young lad if his club then prevents him joking Arsenal and has a career ending injury the next week). Money talks

5) Hope Chelsea do not qualify for Champions League and go bust. They can’t keep all those overpaid players happy

Reiss Nelson will be pleased

Emi Rates

Fuck Chelsea!


I guess the fake fans will always make a big ho ha when we failed to land the target and an even bigger one when we landed one but failed to perform up to expectations.
I agreed with one saying that if this Mudryk is genuinely keen in joining us ONLY, then he can jolly well reject their offer. So unless there’s crazy money involved, he will be doomed to play under Cheski

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