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Arteta delighted by Martinelli and Trossard contributions

Mikel Arteta was pleased to see Gabriel Martinelli make another decisive contribution after restoring the Brazil international to his starting lineup at Leicester.

Latching onto a neat pass by Leandro Trossard, the winger kept his nerve bearing down on goal before sliding home what proved to be the winning goal at the King Power.

It was the second game in a row that Martinelli had found the net and his tally for the season now stands at nine in all competitions.

In his post-game press conference, the boss was full of compliments for a player whose form since the World Cup hasn’t been up to his usual high standards.

“It was really important for him. Sometimes you have to give someone a breather to come back with more enthusiasm and more energy. Today, he contributed with a fantastic goal that gives us the win.

“Obviously, on his contract [extension], we’re delighted because we’d been working for a long time on that and we want to keep our best players with us. He’s committed to what we’re doing as a club.”

Asked whether if he agrees that the striker looks highly motivated, he added: “We’re not going to lose that with Gabby, for sure. My worry, if anything, is that you have to slow him down because he’s got too much. But he’s in a great place.”

Arteta could have fielded Martinelli as a number 9 after deciding to rest Eddie Nketiah but opted to play Leandro Trossard as the central striker. The Belgian was unlucky to have a goal chalked off by VAR but was a lively presence and proved the experiment was worthwhile.

Asked for his thoughts on how Trossard playerd, the boss said: “Really well, I thought he was involved in many situations that could have ended up as many more big chances.

“He was involved in the incredible goal that was disallowed [by VAR], he was involved in the goal scored by Gabby, the pass that he plays to him…he’s so good in those small spaces, tight spaces, he’s got that creativity to open people up. I’m really happy with him.

“We had the option as well to play Gabby [Martinelli] as a nine and Leo on the left, we had to see how the game developed and what Leicester were going to do. I wanted to have that option on the field to make that change if necessary. It worked great because his [Trossard’s] contribution was really good.”

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Man Manny

With what Mudryk is doing at Chelsea so far, Boehly might have ended up doing us a big favour. Trossard has come in and contributed immediately. Martinelli was our most dangerous player today; long may it continue.

Heavenly Chapecoense

That Mudryk, even his judgment outside football is questionable.

karl g

Mid-table Mudryk was always a bit of a punt and everyone got carried away because of the huge fee. He most likely will come good, but we needed something this season and Trossard is looking like that player.


He has all the talent to be one of the best wingers in the world, that much is clear, it wasn’t just the fee. But does he have what it takes mentally? And how long will it take? That’s always the question when you buy someone that age that’s still unproven on the biggest stage. Going to Chelsea was a bad decision for him, I think under Arteta he probably would’ve turned into a top player eventually, but even so I doubt he would’ve contributed immediately as much as Trossard is.


We played Chelsea. Again. Nice feeling


I think Mudryk disappointed he couldn’t join us. With Arteta’s guidance, he could easily improve and become a great player. Poor him.

Emi Rates

He has 8+ years of disappointment ahead of him. No sympathies on my part, he made his choice. He can cry on his way to the bank for all I care.

Trossard has been great so far. I’m glad we have him.


On 200k per week and being managed by a PE coach.


We do not know the story behind how he ended in Chelsea. But let’s be honest. Mudryk is a real talent and would have done exceptionally well in Arsenal.


I ‘member Kerlon. Anyone else? The dolphin dribble. He was going to be the next big thing.

Gunnar Elí

oh my, the years just fly.

I remember Kerlon

what is it … 20 years almost ..

f…we are old 😀


Forgive me but Trossard is a very good player I wish he was younger so we could have the best of him. I think we should play him more as a false 9,he and Smith Rowe.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Isn’t he about 27/28 now? His best hasn’t past yet


28, until his next birthday when he turns 29, that’s the way it works…


Trossard has looked an Arsenal player from his first minute ! Those little creative moments are going to make such a massive difference for us …. Great buy !!! Another week more three points and another game ticked off ! …Can we ???

Gunnar Eli Sigurjónsson

I get a Santi vibe about him


Oooohhhhh Leandrooo troooossaaard


I love that song. Love Santi.


Yes we can.

Provided we keep our team selection powder dry for the games that matter – the Premiership ones.

Reality check

Eddie couldn’t replicate what Jesus provided for Martinelli, that linkup and movement, Trodsard did it straight away.


Eddie will come good again. Given our circumstances and the media placing a lot of pressure on his shoulders, he’s done remarkably well.

Too many people already forgetting his vital goal contributions, such as Man Utd at home.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

People tend to fixate on individual players but it is really the squad and how the manager uses them that unlocks even more potential and motivation. Giving Martinelli a breather was only going to produce one outcome, a reinvigorated Martinelli with something to prove. Players and Manager learning together at the same time. This is my favorite Emirates era Arsenal squad. Now let’s go fuck up Everton.


Trossard in for Eddie is adding a new area of uncertainty for the opposition as their interchanging makes it a nightmare to defend against. Its similar to how Jesus and Gabi were interchanging prior to his injury, we got a bit to predictable in recent weeks with Eddie down the middle so it’s nice to be able to change things up, fair play to Mikel!


Agree.. what’s now being employed this season by our opposition like Man c are 2 banks of 5 hoping to hit us on the break or a set play that has cost us, not having a number 11 or fox in the box isn’t the problem, for us to undo a defensive set up we need creative players like Trossard/Martinelli/Saka/Odergaurd on the pitch as they can and do score goals, as much as I like Eddie and he’s done not a lot wrong but think he’s a good sub to bring on rather than starting. With Trossard who i thought… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Trossard is proving a great buy.


Quality quality player and support versatile.


As is Jorginho. Turns out Arteta and Edu might actually know what they’re doing, unlike the army of Championship Managers on twitter…


They do, but lets not forget that they had a lot more options which did not work. And I guess many of those twitter managers ask about those who we actually went for.


This front three has been one I’ve wanted to see for a couple of weeks now, and to see things play out the way they did in that first half in particular was so encouraging. A 1-0 lead in this context was always going to feel a little nervy, but honestly this was the most comfortable I can remember us looking in a long time. In fact it reminded me a lot of that game at Stamford Bridge back in October, when Chelsea were pinned back basically the entire 90 minutes and we came away with the most straight-foward 1-0… Read more »

Cranky Colin

Did anyone think “ Ben is Back” like me?❤️❤️❤️


I know it’s only been a few games but the signings of both Jorginho and Trossard look like genius purchases. Trossard I always thought was decent but he looks like he’s been here years the way he’s settled in. And Jorginho has been superb in the Partey role. Feel a lot more comfortable knowing he’s in there as our back up number 6 if you will than when it’s Lokonga for example (no disrespect to him though)


The brilliance of these signings is gonna be even more obvious this summer, when we sign great young played like Declan Rice or Caicedo.

I think now everyone understand : we are not gonna overpay for players because we are not desperate anymore.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m sure that will please Wenger’s heart

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Jorginho’s leadership on the pitch has impressed me too. He’s always pointing/telling people where to move to, and letting people know about it, if they’ve done wrong.
Every club needs a Jorginho, and we have one


Had an “oh shit” moment when Martinelli went down after the goal thinking he had done a number on his knee, thank goodness he is OK. Had been wanting to see the two of them play together since Trossard signed and was not disappointed by their display today. Loved how interchangeable the entire front five was today.


Ya was worried was like the time RVP scored v Utd and got injured

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Fuck RVP!.
I’ve always had his back since he left us, but seeing him at Utd’s training ground last week, is what did it for me. Ungrateful cunt


We’re going to need to do things like this and mix the starting line-up a little, we still have over 20 games left to play if we go all the way in the Europa League, glad it worked out well today.


Trossard is a lovely footballer to watch, so smooth on the ball.

Bill Hall

The assist for Gabi’s goal through the legs of the Leicester player was excellent. And it might have only been 1:0 but it was most comfortable 1:0 I have seen in ages. At no point did Leicester look like scoring, in fact we limited them to one shot off target in the entire match. In fact did Vardy even touch the ball 🤣

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

The Chelsea 1 nil was the most comfortable for me

Ray's ice cream Parlour

I’m loving Jorginho’s shithousery now he plays for us…

Bill Hall

On and Trossard’s goal that was unfortunately ruled out through no fault of his own was a fucking rocket in the net! Whoomph! Pick that out!

Gunnar Elí

and Eddie needed a breather,

fresh for the next game


I think Everton is going to sit very deep so Trossard starts for me. The more technically gifted players we have on the pitch the better, as Everton will be hard to break down

Santi’s Thigh Grab

If the manager starts him against Everton, he will be working his ass off.

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