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FA to investigate press box analysty cuffs

It’s been 72 hours since the FA charged Arsenal with something, so it’s hardly surprising their sleuths are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of an incident at Villa Park that could land first team data analyst Miguel Molina in hot water – that’s according to the Evening Standard. 

The Spaniard, part of Mikel Arteta’s backroom staff 2020, was seated in the press box for Saturday’s match and appears to have incensed his opposite number, Victor Manas, by wildly celebrating Emi Martinez’s stoppage time own goal.

It’s claimed that Molina and Manas, who used to work at Arsenal when Unai Emery was in charge, had to be separated by stewards and that the skirmish continued later on in the pitchside tunnel

There’s talk of verbal taunts, red cheeks, blown kisses; a wholly uncivil Spanish war. Honestly, it sounds spectacular and we demand to see the footage.

Asked about the scuffle in his post-game press conference, Mikel Arteta said he’d not spoken to Molina but promised, “Like anything that happens in the stands. We will look at it, address it and take action if it’s necessary.”

Arsenal have redacted that section from their transcript.

It’s not the first time that Manas has been in trouble in England. He earned himself an ‘improper conduct’ charge in 2018 following a similar incident during halftime of Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace. On that occasion, he was given a one-game ban and was fined £6,000.

We expect both men could well be facing something similar this time.

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Ok, next !

It Is What It Is

Don’t worry mate, we’re all getting one. Just for supporting, by far, the greatest club the world has ever seeeen.


This is just the best 😀

Eric Blair

Wait, you mean we got away with Albert Stuivenberg farting abruptly amongst all the excitement just before the final whistle? How did the FA miss the opportunity for a charge of bringing the game into disrepute? We got lucky there.


Saved&emailed, such instigations should not be missed.


¡Dios mio!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

“Analysty cuffs” is a spectacular turn of phrase. Bravo!


Hey, I swore at my TV during the broadcast and I’m pretty sure that they will be after me for a charge.

Saka’s achilles kicked off, then later kicked it again to get his boot off; no foul. The respect agenda works best when the refs have earned some respect. The incompetent primal donnas we have need to earn some (rolling ball!! Listen to the Fulham manager as well). Its beyond a joke.

Man Manny

As long as it does not affect the outcome of the pitchsty cuffs, the FA can investigate to their heart’s content.


Its been two days and I’m still chuckling about Emi on Saturday 😂😂


Diving header

Old Gunner

I need to know the expected slaps (xS), the Big Slaps (bS) and the Big Slaps Missed (bSM) stats.

Larry McCarthy

Are the fa going to investigate Martinez causing thousands of Arsenal pissing their pants laughing so hard with his o g.


That was a cracking diving header..


Beautifully cushioned on the half volley by young Big Head. One of Owen Goals greatest Epl moments.
BRING ON DANNY WARD … short and pretty average. 5-0 Arsenal.

Tomaury Bischfeld

It’s just bad Manas isn’t it?

Naked Cygan

How about the FA go and do something about the 100+ fking things man city has done wrong, Chelsea spending 600million, and refs forgetting to draw offside lines and screwing us with VAR. How about the bastards at the fa investigate how a sp*rs fan was able to kick our goalkeeper. FK u FA


Runaway leaders of the FA Disciplinary Proceedings table and it looks like the Up Yours Mike Riley Trophy is our title to lose.
The give-a-tossameter is barely flickering above minus 8.

  1. Despite the turn of phrase and photo I thought for sure this was going to say Saka is being investigated by the FA for standing up for his right to keep his feet connected to his shins.

Hmm. Somehow I’ve made the Moderated list?
Not sure how, unless the occasional foul language is no longer allowed. Haven’t been in any scuffles or broken the code as far as I can tell.


Your posts went for a VAR review. Unfortunately, the VAR ref was busy having a wank over a picture of Alex Ferguson and forgot to press the approval button.


Are you calling blogs a wanker? Heh


What you can’t celebrate a goal now without upsetting the opposition REALLY.

karl g

A 2 point deduction under the code of a mistake isn’t enough, so the FA just can’t wait to find something else to slow down Arsenal.

Also, amazing how the yellow came out so fast for Saka when he lost his cool, but he was on the end of countless brutalities with no punishment.


Isn’t it simpler just to ban Arsenal from the entire competition? You know they want to.

Emi Rates

So Molina celebrated and Manas in his role as the fully paid up employee of the dreaded Celebration Police he is stepped in because that’s his job.


FA: “Stoppage time winners must only be celebrated with a curt ‘oh goody!’ A £19,000 fine will be incurred.”

It Is What It Is

Bet they couldn’t wait to get to the changing rooms.
First pick of glove box or powder jar.

I yelled “shit” when Øde missed that sitter at 2-2. Guess I need to be charged.


If only they were well-behaved, proper englishmen and not like their fiery foreign manager that gesticulates with his hands and shows emotions on the touchline.

Match ban incoming from the FA. Offense: causing a scene.


Lol @ James on the Arseblog Extra podcast believing showing emotions is “exhausting” and a weakness that could potentially cost Arsenal the title!


In fairness, I do still feel I deserve punishment for celebrating Kane’s goal vs City.

Eric Blair

You bad boy.


Let’s propose to the authorities that the 2 Spaniards sort this out in trial by combat. Of course this should be held in the newly named Toughsheet Stadium in Bolton.


So VM got upset with MM about EM.
MA will speak to MM.
Emery didn’t tell Emi.
They all speak Spanish not Brummie


If pizza isn’t thrown, I’m not interested. Standards please gents.

Peter Cechs helmet

You know its going to be a fine day when Arsenal win.

We is the finest club around, oh yeah.
And that my friends. Is fine by me.

Emi Rates

Analysis fisting.


Maybe some taunting was going on through the game. But not just because I’m an Arsenal fan, I would blame the loser here (lol), only because the joy of a last minute goal on a tough day like that is always insane. Unless he immediately directed his celebrations at his opposite number, but the first report on this I saw made it seem like someone took offense to the celebrations, or was annoyed about over-celebrating. Sounded a bit celebration police all over again.


He’s got no Manas

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