Thursday, December 7, 2023

Arsenal players earn fourth FA charge of the season

Arsenal have been charged by the FA for failing to ensure players “conducted themselves in an orderly fashion” during the 56th minute of the 3-1 defeat to Manchester City on Wednesday.

The Gunners were incensed when referee Anthony Taylor awarded a penalty to the visitors after Erling Haaland was hauled down by Gabriel Magalhaes. As the official booked the Brazilian, Jorginho, Granit Xhaka and Takehiro Tomiyasu all pleaded for the player’s innocence.

Just for good measure, City have also been charged after their players surrounded the officials when Arsenal were awarded a penalty in the 42nd minute and just past the hour mark when Eddie Nketiah picked up a booking.

This is the third time this year and the fourth time in total this season that the Gunners have been charged. Fines have already been issued for incidents that took place against Leeds United, Newcastle United and Oxford United.

The Gunners are known to have appealed against the latter on the basis that the charge was unreasonable and unfair. No update has been provided since.

At this point, Arsenal might as well set up a direct debit to the FA; perhaps they can use the cash to train referees who are able to actually do their jobs.

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Nainsley Aitland Miles

Keep them coming. I hope we get to 10 charges before the season end.


10 times we get done over by the referees???

Nainsley Aitland Miles

10 times we stand up for ourselves to highlight an incorrect decision.

When we surround the ref, he must be second guessing himself and wondering deep down if he indeed made an error. That should psychologically play into his mind for the rest of the game, or at least when there’s another big call to make later in the match.

So I’m glad we do it.

A Different George

Did we get done over by the referee in this case? It looked like a clear penalty to me (nullified by the offside). Don’t you think that City had–at least–as strong an argument against the penalty we got for Ederson’s foul on Eddie (which I think was also a clear penalty)? Do we think it’s okay for City’s players to surround the referee after that? Your post makes sense only if you ignore your own eyes.


Also they seem to be targeting us when every team does this over every big decision.

Boy Bastin

And what happens if, after so many charges we get a points deduction rather than fines? You would be able to hear the laughter from Manchester outside The Emirates.

Brady’s bunch

I hope they investigate Lee Mason while they’re at it especially now that has left the organization. That one stinks real bad.

Santi’s Thigh Grab



Are we able to charge the officials on the basis they failed to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion?


Perhaps this should say competent fashion rather than orderly.


Maybe they’ll dock us points next. Oh, wait – they already did.

Boy Bastin

Yes, but we don’t want any “official” deductions as well, do we? There’s a risk of that if we keep being charged.


Which is the implied threat in all this nonsense. At this juncture, Arsenal need to go into the meeting lawyered-up to the gunwales and with an hour long video of similar offences, broken down by each premiership club and put to the corrupt bunch of imbeciles on the panel the question of why Arsenal receive charges when others don’t. The implied threat being one of taking them to court. This ridiculous anti-Arsenal witch hunt needs to be stopped now and for good.


I am pretty sure we gona get our points docked if we accrue 1 more.

Boy Bastin

I think that is a possibility. I don’t really understand some of the comments in response to the latest charge. A points deduction really would end any hope of the PL title. What a waste of all the effort so far. Very odd.

Alan Sunderland

I posted months ago this season reminds me of 90/91. bring on a 2 points deduction. might be the catalyst to winning the league. think most of you are too young to know how a league winning season goes. we gave it away at least twice in 88/89 before we we went to Anfield and won it. this season is far from over.

Alan Sunderland

I forgot to include the fact you’re old enough to know better. I think you’ve been pissing against the wind in every post you’ve ever put up on here.


I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of a points deduction being a catalyst to winning the league, but it’s nice to see someone who actually thinks there’s no need to throw in the towel just because we didn’t get results from 3 games that could have gone either way, and that this is actually a fairly common occurrence in any title race and one that we have more than enough time to bounce back from.


Seriously though,, why are premier league refs SO bad? It’s weird

Karl g

Because they just make things up as they go along. Brighton might wonder why the 3rd players didn’t get a yellow each.

Personally I’mm waiting for another player to get 2 yellows in one go.

Merlin’s Panini

Next they’ll be sending off completely the wrong player… oh wait. That already happened didn’t it.


Most come from Manchester…

Brady’s bunch

The events around sacking of Lee mason could do with an investigation also. There must be accountability


This is beyond nonsense now, innit? No self accountability what so ever when it comes to the monopoly we know as the FA. Incredible!!!


The decision was incorrect. Shouldn’t be charged.


I believe the players were protesting the penalty (a correct decision imo) and not the offside.

Not that I’d like to defend the charge in any way.


It is a joke right?
What about city? They were circling the ref by every decision

Scott P

They also got charged, as mentioned in the article.

Boy Bastin

City did get charged. Don’t fall into the mind set that it’s only Arsenal all the time. It doesn’t make it easier if there’s obviously a bad decision against us, but the idea that it’s all against Arsenal is, well, nuts really.

Karl g

We seem to be constantly breaking new ground with referees though:

  • Granit Xhaka sent off for professional foul on the halfway line vs Swansea
  • Martinelli 2 yellows in one move
  • The Brentford offside goal forgetting to draw lines & costing us 2 points incorrectly
  • Martinelli goal ruled out incorrectly Old Trafford with VAR going back further than I can remember in a move

When will we see these repeated?


City (and United and Chelsea) have been doing it for years now, they’ve never run up multiple charges. Maybe they’re on the same “consultancy fee” payment scheme for referees as some of Guardiola’s previous employers.


To be charged four times in a season for an offence which others commit at least as often as we do gives the lie to your point I’m afraid

Santi’s Thigh Grab

How many other teams have been charged with surrounding the ref this season? Exactly. Pipe down.

Poom Xhaka Laca

Anything planned for de Bruyne shoving the opposition manager? You know, an actual disciplinary issue? Thought not.


Ah come on. Arteta was stopping the throw in, which I’m glad he did. But it would be very irritating if that happened against us. I’m sure Arteta was half expecting it!


Yes. It’s irritating. But you can’t just shove the irritant and take matters into your own hands. That’s not how it works. There is no motive in the rules. As proven by Saka getting booked more times than the players that kick him combined. He takes it and then gets pissed. So he reacts. And is punished for reacting.


Any chance of a Utah, USA gunner buying a single ticket to the Bournemouth match on 4 March? I’m traveling to London for a short work trip for the first time in my life. 🙏🏼

Non Negotiable

Aw man I really hope you find one but I’ve tried getting tickets the last few times they’ve gone on sale (red membership), and they completely sell out within minutes while you are in an hour long queue. Apparently its down to ticket touting so ironically theres a chance you may be able to get one , just expect to pay out you arsenal for it 🙁

Kevin Edwards

The FA make it up as they go along we suffer from piss poor officials no wonder the players re act to some their decisions. However we do need to calm down and just concentrate on winning matches before one of the numpty decides to make a example and sends one of our players off.

Boy Bastin

Look, however justified the players may be, we’re skating on pretty thin ice now in my opinion. The FA won’t just keep fining the club if the charges keep mounting up and we’re found guilty. They will use other sanctions sooner or later and that couldd well mean a points deduction. Do we really want to risk that? All the hard work of the season (so far) just thrown away? That’s crazy.


It is puzzling that Arteta hasn’t “transmitted” that to the players. Such behavior looks weak and never gains. But I don’t see points deductions for this sort of thing.


If they wanted to be fair they could tell us exactly how many warnings equals a points deduction. I’ve been watching players surround the referee for decades, and now we’re getting stick for it I’m meant to care? That’s a no from me.


There is no way they start deducting points for this. It happens literally in almost every game where there is penalty given. Every team does it, and more often than not when there is no ground for contesting decision. PGMOL just found ianither regular source of an income.
Lee Mason by the way has quit reffereing and it is stated by PGMOL that it was by mutual consent. So Howard Web might be indeed trying to change something. I will believe it if they apply it consequently in the future with other horrendous mistakes.


Relentlessly defeatist. When you’re being bullied, do you just kowtow to it or stand up and fight? Very poor.


If their point deduction investigation takes as long as the 100+ breaches by Man City, we should be safe for the next 10 seasons before any action is taken.


They are dishonest to their federation.


The only time the commentators mentioned players surrounding the Ref, was when Man City players did it….

David C

Man City have also been charged…


I know, I’m just saying I cannot remember any time Arsenal players surrounded the Ref.


City (and United and Chelsea) have been doing it for years now, they’ve never run up multiple charges. Maybe they’re on the same “consultancy fee” payment scheme for referees as some of Guardiola’s previous employers.


It’s pretty ridiculous that they charge players for remonstrating against wrong decisions which are then proved to be wrong by VAR. What is the correct approach expected in these instances?

Reality is if the ref’s were not so poor in making the right decision consistently there would be minimal complaints from players.


So to clarify, the incident in question is when the ref *incorrectly* awarded city a penalty and Gab a yellow, and we had the audacity to show offence at that?

Let’s never show emotion lads, especially in the face of incompetence, then maybe we won’t be treated by an ATM by the corrupt organisation overseeing the game🙄👍

Eric Blair

It’s insane, isn’t it? ‘We made a terrible incorrect decision which would greatly damage your professional careers and you have the gall to complain about it?’

Piss off FA.


Until the players can behave like their rugby counterparts then what is wrong with this?

Make a clear rule, let us hear the refs and get on with it.

Karl g

As long as it’s consistent with all teams, no problem in funding the referee’s Christmas bash. What about giving every team a free offside goal too?


The last paragraph is elite 😆


This is bordering on the ridiculous. Honestly you feel a systematic mental assault on Arsenal.

Bill Hall

It was a penalty, Gabriel’s hide was saved by the offside!


So we’re agreed, it was offside. So it wasn’t a penalty. So this comment is irrelevant.


Fucking FA.

Bollocks to the fucking corrupt incompetent biased cunts.

I fucking HATE them. Utter SCUM.


And there are still clueless idiots who won’t accept that there is an agenda against this club.


I see Lee Mason has been sacked.

How sad.

David C

Clive on Arsenal Vision podcast made a great point. “Where are the nerds helping with VAR?” Some people familiar with footie and technology should be in these rooms helping out instead of old refs with fading eye sight who probably don’t know how to program the clock on their stoves.

Why doesn’t the Arsenal vs. Brentford game get replayed from the point of error? Seems fair enough; Brentford couldn’t really have any complaints.


Apparently suspended, then decided to step down himself. In other words, “look, we as an organisation cant be made to look any worse. If we sack one, we have to sack half of them. So please, here is a bag full of cash if you just resign!”

A Different George

I don’t think so. It sounds like “it was mutually agreed” that he step down–in other words, he was sacked but allowed to save face (“grateful for his years of service” blah blah). I think the sacking is really about the distinction Arteta made–between making an error, which can happen to anyone, and not knowing what you job requires, which means you cannot continue.


He was sacked because Arteta cleverly used the word integrity in his comments. The point he was making obliquely is that ultimately the commercial value of the PL is impacted if the integrity of the competition can so easily be called into question by such ridiculously poor officiating. Of course a# we know, this was not an egregious event, it was simply the latest and most obvious in a long line but that is how PGMOL will seek to paint it. To the PL, one of the shareholders in PGMOL, money is the only concern. Once the revenue stream is… Read more »


I’m not going to suggest that PL refs are entirely competent, far from it. However, if the referee makes a decision we don’t agree with, then the captain has the right to ask the question of the referee. What is clearly out of whack is the number of incidents we have witnessed in other matches that are equally vociferous, and nothing is done about it. The referees clearly have some leeway in this regard. If there was true accountability for the referees, where teams could actually submit disciplinary requests for the referee, then perhaps there might be fewer incidents overall.… Read more »

The Arsenal Man

This proves that we have enough ‘haters’ outside of the Arsenal. Recently, we have witnessed a few voices amongst our supporters that are quietly trying to turn on some of our players such as Eddie and Martinelli. This ain’t the time for that. This season some special can happen let’s support our club, it’s staff and players through the good and bad patches. I strongly believe besides Arteta and the team being very very good, the unity and togetherness within the club have elevated the performance on the pitch. We need more of the same starting at Villa


If the refs put up with this on the pitch then the FA should keep out of it. I don’t like to see refs surrounded, but if the ref doesn’t like it they have the power to book players and it will soon stop.


Upside to all this is Lee Mason quit his job as VAR ref today. Either that or he was fired due to his mistakes. Having already retired as a ref, it means he has left PGMOL altogether.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

No charge for the melee near the end of the Merseyside derby


I agree with the decision and I hope the push on arteta gets a ban too.


Match officials in England are very poor, I wouldn’t go as far as corrupt but some teams are treated differently for sure…. VAR definitely not fit for purpose.


The SOONER football adopts the rugby principle that only the Captain can speak to the referee the better football has been spoilt by the constant mard arses surrounding the ref how many times have decisions been overturned NONE

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