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Four Arsenal fixtures moved for TV broadcast, two may move again

Four of Arsenal’s fixtures in April have been rescheduled following the latest round of broadcast selections.

In total, the Gunners have six Premier League fixtures in the penultimate month of the season. If we come through the Europa League knockout round in March (draw to be made on Friday), we’ll also have to squeeze in a quarter-final double-header on either side of the trip to West Ham.

In that instance, the new Friday 8pm kickoff against Southampton on 21 April will become a 7pm Sunday showdown on 23 April. It could also be changed if the Saints make the FA Cup semi-finals.

As things stand, there’s also a question mark over the timing of the Liverpool match. It has been moved to Easter Sunday (9 April) but the club advise the date could change again if Liverpool qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals and are asked to play on the Tuesday.

Still following?

To be honest, just looking at the fixtures makes us tired and anxious.

Arsenal may have a two-point lead at the top of the table and a game in hand on Manchester City but with so many huge games ahead there will be plenty of twists and turns to come.

Updated April schedule

Arsenal vs Leeds United
3pm, Saturday 1 April
Emirates Stadium
(not being broadcast)

Liverpool vs Arsenal (subject to change)
4.30pm, Sunday 9 April
Sky Sports

West Ham United vs Arsenal
2pm, Sunday 16 April
London Stadium
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Southampton (subject to change)
8pm, Friday 21 April
Emirates Stadium
Sky Sports

Manchester City vs Arsenal
8pm, Wednesday 26 April
Etihad Stadium
BT Sport

Arsenal vs Chelsea
5.30pm, Saturday 29 April
Emirates Stadium
Sky Sports

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Islamabad Gooner

Anyone want to share their experience trying to get tickets to home games lately with a red membership?


It’s a totally pointless exercise, gave up weeks ago


Even with Silver it’s been difficult. I’m actually going to use the match against Southampton on sales tomorrow morning as a “testing ground” to see what’s the time I need to queue up by in ordre to get a ticket, to try and get a ticket for the last match.

Crash Fistfight

I got on at 9:20. Will update once I’ve got on/booked.

Crash Fistfight

Got on at 10:12. Barely any tickets available. The areas with more than 1 seat available were in the Clock End upper.

Seems like it must be completely pointless to have a Red Membership at the moment. The club needs to sort it out, otherwise there are thousands of people paying £34 (which has gone up a fair bit in itself) for nothing.


I went on the website even earlier, and kept refreshing, nothing happened for me until 9:31 which I got into the queue. And I wasn’t in until around 10:18, by which time only 3 sets of family enclosure was left. Crash Fistfight – Did you get into queue right away when you got on at 9:20? I remember at the beginning of the season, there was this one time I randomly clicked into it at 10:30, and I actually managed to get in with 5 minutes wait and there was still some seats left, but I guess that was before… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I did get on at 9:20, yes, as I kept on refreshing and it eventually worked (at one point it asked me to prove I wasn’t a bot because I’d obviously been refreshing so much!). Initially it gave an estimated wait time of 21 minutes, but after about 5-10 minutes it changed to “you’re in a queue”, without any wait time, but with the green bar. When I got to the end of the queue, and after it had said “you’re next”, it said “sorry, your session has timed out”, but I refreshed and it took me to the tickets… Read more »


Then I guess it’s a matter of luck of where you’re in the queue once you actually managed to activate the queuing screen. But then I did take my eyes off the ball for a little while, because it didn’t even have an estimated wait time for me, until the “You’re next” and the “timed out” thing. I’ll practice again with the Chelsea match. I read the thing Arsenal posted with regards to tickets and scalpers and the general situation. They did mention there are a specially large amount of season ticket holder compare to normal because of Covid (can’t… Read more »

Islamabad Gooner

Appreciate the feedback everyone. I guess the only way to guarantee one would be to pay the ridiculous prices stubhub/livefootballtickets are charging. Very sad


Or become a season ticket holder.

Crash Fistfight

I don’t want to do either, ha.


Ticket exchange has been good to me recently. I have managed to get up to about 4/5 league games using it. I just go on at random times of the day and keep refreshing until i get lucky!

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, it seems hit and miss. I have got on at about 9:20 the last couple of times I’ve tried, so I’d advise perma-refreshing in the minutes before/after then.

The whole “your session has timed out” thing is a bit disconcerting as well – they could do with sorting that out.

Even when I got on, I clicked a seat and by the time I’d confirmed “yes I would like to choose where I sit” it said it wasn’t available. Just to be safe, I chose a couple of seats a few rows back and was finally successful.

The Stress Sessions

Two words. Shit show


Game by game


One game at a time, sweet Jesus.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Your prayers have been heard. Jesus back in full training. One game soon…


One goal over the line, sweet Jesus. One goal over the line.

David Hillier's luggage

The scheduling for the weekend of 22nd is ridiculous. Right now you have 3 teams due to play European football on the Thursday the week beforehand, yet none have been given one of the two the Sunday slots. To make matters worse, if Man Utd make the QF, Sky will swap Utd’s Saturday match with Chelsea with Newcastle vs Sp*rs on the Sunday – meaning massive late travel rearrangements for fans traveling from London to the north for both games. Surely re-arranging late on must be a ball ache for the broadcast team too. Why on earth not start with… Read more »


is it really true that some games are not televised at all in the uk? not even through premium channels?


It’s really fucking true. 3pm kick offs not shown at all. At 3pm on Saturday, you can not watch live football, even if you have Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime subscriptions, which would set you back minimum £70 total per month. Only option is to go to the match, or stream illegally. It’s fucking nuts.


The reason the Saturday 3pm slots aren’t broadcast (in the UK) is because, in the stone age, the league (and I guess the clubs,) wanted supporters to go to the stadiums to watch the game. How this is still a thing in 2023 is beyond insane.

The Surry Hills Gooner

It’s still a thing as the EFL Clubs would object, but I gather it’s up for review soon


By blocking the 3pm Saturday games and not showing others, it leads fans to seek out moody streams. From this they learn it’s not that hard and subsequently why pay a subscription fee at all….
The downside is if u get an American stream you have to listen to the questionable opinions of Tim Howard…

Gus Caesar

And if anyone has any good ideas for reliable stream sites for this Saturday then i’m all ears!

A Different George

Howard has been very positive about Arsenal this season, as have all the NBC analysts. And you often get Lee Dixon on commentary.

Gus Caesar

Showing my age here, but i remember a time in the 1980s when not a single league game in the UK was televised live. It’s still archaic, but better than it was. The 3pm Saturday blackout is one factor, but there are many other games which aren’t on tv here, such as Everton next Wednesday – in fact, 4 of Arsenal’s next 5 games aren’t live on tv.


I bought my son tickets for the West Ham match at London Stadium. I live in the states now and he was born here. But he is a lifelong supporter and is visiting London for a few days in April. This was to be his first time seeing Arsenal play in the flesh. Unfortunately, he will be somewhere over the Atlantic when the game is now scheduled to kick off on Sunday. It’s all pretty disappointing for him but I should have known this was likely to happen if I had bothered to look at a calendar. Assuming everything goes… Read more »


Bank of Friendship on Blackstock Rd is always pretty good, although the screens aren’t massive. Can’t really go wrong around there

Eric Blair

Don’t think we need to worry about rescheduling the Liverpool game. Easter Sunday it is, and it could be a pivotal one.


Aren’t they all pivotal now?


Wo do have Jesus though, no need to worry.

A Different George

So, you’re not expecting a Miracle in Madrid?


Liverpool Easter Sunday?? Jesus will be back!

Arsenal Fan

total bs. arranged so that we play chelsea three days after city?

Gus Caesar

The worst thing for me is that we might be playing Southampton on Sunday at 7pm before we play City on Wednesday.

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