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Injured Elneny signs one-year contract extension

Mohamed Elneny has signed a one-year contract extension at Arsenal that will keep him at the club until 2024.

Signed by Arsene Wenger in January 2016, the 30-year-old is already the Gunners’ longest-serving player and, aside from a season spent on loan at Turkish side Besiktas during Unai Emery’s time in charge, has always been viewed as trusted cover in midfield.

The player’s sunny disposition and dedication to the cause are also held in high regard by staff and players alike and have no doubt been a big factor in the decision to keep him around.

Arsenal were under no obligation to offer the player a new deal, however, with Elneny facing a spell on the sidelines that could last through until next season, the club has demonstrated that it cares for its own during their time of need.

In so doing, Elneny doesn’t have to worry about becoming a free agent while injured and can instead focus on his rehabilitation. It’s unclear at this point whether he’s on the same wages or if new terms have been agreed given his circumstances.

“I’m so happy, I love this club and our supporters so much and I’ll give everything to help us be the best we can be, every day I’m here.” the midfielder told

“It makes me so proud to have represented this amazing club since 2016. The spirit and togetherness we have in our squad right now is so positive and I’m so happy I have extended my contract.”

At the start of the month, Arteta hinted that Elneny would be retained saying: “Our way of treating people, our way of living together and what we expect from people is to give the maximum. When it’s the other way around and things become difficult, I think the club has to behave in the right way. We have some really good examples and we have to continue to do that.”

Congratulations, Mo. And get well soon.

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Santi’s Thigh Grab

Great servant to the club. Get healthy Mo.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arteta’s strength and weakness is to always support players he likes. Ruthlessness does not apply to them. Just hope he doesn’t sell Flo to protect Nketiah.

Red Cannon

There’s a human way of looking at this & there’s a practical way of looking at this. Both favor renewing his contact. The human way says that he was injured in service to the club. The right thing to do is to ensure he can rehabilitate on the club’s payroll so that he’s not left without a salary or even without insurance for the end of his rehabilitation. The practical point of view is that we’re in the middle of negotiating contracts with Saliba & Saka, big stars who would have their pick of clubs. Treating other players with respect… Read more »


Did Arteta clue you in on his dislike of Flo? Or are you basing your hope on players you like?

Imagine that, a manager who likes players that adhere to his principles and needs to be less ruthless with them so he can build his own squad.

If Arteta wasn’t ruthless with several of our players – that he did not like – we would not be where we are now. As of today, can only see the strengths.


Mo problem with this. Great squad player and top bloke


Mo money mo problems? Nah bruh
Mo money 4 mo no problemo


Quality approach from the club, the moral thing to do. At best he is a back-up though, so the money would have been better spent on someone that could have a bigger impact on the pitch. Let’s hope Mo has a big influence behind the scenes to help justify the cost.

Boy Bastin

Well, “Moral” isn’t a word that’s very often associated with professional football – doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be though.

The author of the article made an interesting response to another comment below that touches, in part, on that.


He is back up to the back up and as such is quite possibly the best back up to the back up in the league. Quality business keeping him around


His influence on the dressing room will be worth every penny alone.

You don’t penny pinch when it comes to guys like Elneny.

Cliff Bastin

Yeah why not.


Reminder that our season tickets are going up by between 6% and around 15% this season depending on how we do in Europe.


Do you blame Elneny for this?


I don’t blame Elneny for signing a contract that’s put in front of him, I blame the club for chucking £4m at him when he’s nowhere near good enough.

Arsenal are not a charity and Elneny is not about to be made destitute, he’s a millionaire.


You know that thing people say about how Arsenal are class? Part of that is because we handle situations like Mo’s with the players needs as a priority. That means making decisions that don’t prioritize the balance sheet or sporting performance. We’ve been plenty cutthroat in the market already and are making strides in that regard. Elnenys deal changes absolutely nothing except it gives him some security in a trying time in his career. I fail to see how anyone could have a problem with this, even Arsenals accountants won’t bat an eye at this.


Just let him train with us until he’s then, don’t hand him four million quid. Give it to the Arsenal Foundation if you want to obsess over class.


*until he’s fit


I’m only saying that the club have made a conscious decision to look after their players in difficult times. They’ve done it for years, often to the frustration and bewilderment of fans. This is a not a Diaby situation, with the manager saying “next year is the year”. Elneny is as loyal a servant as they come and may offer important backup minutes next season. He’s nothing but a positive, cheerful influence and I’m happy he’ll be with us. He’s our 4th or 5th midfielder, it’s not like we’re resigning Partey after a year out w injury.


‘That means making decisions that don’t prioritize the balance sheet or sporting performance’. Rehabilitating a player and offering them a new contract can be mutually exclusive things…

Crash Fistfight

All well and good (and btw I don’t have much of a problem with them offering him a new contract, I’m just making a point) but the decision to increase season ticket costs by that 6-15% is a decision to prioritize the balance sheet.

So it seems like they’re happy to make decisions without thinking about the financials when it affects ‘their own’ but the fans are a different issue.

Emi Rates

We are not “chucking” 4 million at him. We are paying him to do a job where he’s proven himself useful to us. Nothing more complicated about it than that.


He’s proven himself to be a completely mediocre player and a very nice guy. I feel like you lot are letting the latter cloud your vision on the much more important former.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

You’ve made your point, now please let it go. Watching you mouth off like this is deeply unpleasant to read.


Don’t read it then?

Heavy Gunner

If I knew what you looked like, I’d do my best to avoid you whilst having a great time with other Gooners down the local pub. I’m sure you would feel the same about me, though..!


Not at all on my part! I don’t have any issue with people having a differing opinion on the virtues of giving a player a contract or not. Can’t all agree all the time!


Spud talk.


How would he know that it’s ‘deeply unpleasant’ unless he read it? I agree with Ollie G here.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I keep accidentally stumbling across the dross opinions you spew as I’m scrolling- don’t flatter yourself by thinking I seek your commentary out.

Anyway, done with this. Love and light to you xoxo

Emi Rates

He’s proven himself to be a player decent enough to start in FA Cup, EL and Carabao games as well as being useful as a PL sub. While he tends to not create much he hardly ever wastes the ball either making him a safe pair of hands. That said he has been known to bang in the odd goal on occasion too. He’s happy to spend time on the bench inbetween and as such he is a rarity among players. Not many players on his level would settle for that but he does which makes him a good and… Read more »


Mate, he really isn’t that bad.


I would choose the judgement and opinions of Wenger, Arteta, and the players over yours.

Teryima Adi

He’s earning his wage- Mo is not a charity case either. The Club gave him a contract and he signed it. End of story.


You don’t know what you’re talking about mate.

This guy is worth his weight in gold for his experience and positive attitude.

This group of youngsters are going to need players like Mo and Xhaka in the dressing room and on the pitch in the Champions League next season.


you’re right, we should have cast santi into the street when he had that injury and not done a good thing for a fellow human. learn some empathy, pal.


Cazorla was a different situation, both in terms of his injury/recovery and the Arsenal’s potential culpability. The club might have had a case to answer if they didn’t do right by him!


Love ot when some pedant comes along to “well acktuallly” a sarcastic post


If he’s not playing next year then we can probably recoup most of that, so I really don’t think this is a big deal

Boy Bastin

We bring in a good % of income through matchday receipts (still higher than most of the other “big” clubs, I think) so it’s a gift that keeps on giving as they say.


Not relevant to the article. But since we are doing reminders…

Reminder that we are top of the league. COYG


That’s an interesting point. I don’t know whether the commercial value brought in justifies a new deal financially or not.

It’s not just the money though, he’s tasking up a non HG spot in the squad, blocking minutes for a young player in the league cup etc. I’m sure Elneny is a lovely bloke but that’s just not good a reason to give out a contract to someone who, on the pitch, isn’t good enough.


Subjective opinion if he is or isn’t good enough. I can remember some excellent performances from Mo. When we beat utd away for the first time in ages springs to mind. He’s a useful squad player


That was 3 years ago and he hardly put in a top performance since. When we relied on him for an extended period last season we ultimately fell apart and lost at home to Brighton, away to Southampton, away to Spurs and away to Newcastle. And to cap it off he’s the wrong side of 30 and completely buggered his knee. I’m sorry but if you want us to be truly ambitious you have to let go of this idea of “looking after” ageing millionaire footballers who are absolutely nowhere near the level. Imagine any of our rivals doing a… Read more »


Apprciate your thoughts and comment AJH, however it would appear the only people who really matter do not agree with your assessment. Arteta and Edu seem to think he is good enough. Congrats Mo and get better soon.


Appreciate that should be


Yeah of course that’s fair, I’ll take a bit of solace in that too.

Worth mentioning they’ve got it wrong in the past though, especially when trying to do things on the cheap (Willian, Cedric etc), and since it was seen as perfectly legitimate to question those deals, I’m not entirely sure why this shouldn’t be the same.

Emi Rates

Over half a billion pounds spent in two seasons is evidence that Arsenal isn’t doing anything on the cheap.


From what I read he is on 2.6m this season and as stated above maybe new contract is on reduced salary. Where did you get the 4m?


That’s a bit of moving the goalposts. Those players were brought in from external, which always runs a risk of not working out. Mo is our longest standing player, since 2016. I’d say that’s a pretty known quantity. They know damn well what he brings to the club. We also don’t know the financial freedom given to player acquisitions at that point vs. the following season, and then this one, and the head office staff has certainly upped its game since then. You obviously have your view of the player, but there seems to be a few differing views of… Read more »


Phil Jones anyone?

Alan Sunderland

he’s not blocking a young player. u21 academy players outside of the 25 man squad can be added to the match day squad for any game. that’s why the likes of nwaneri walters sousa Ibrahim cozier-duberry and others have been in squads/ on bench this season. there’s probably been others as well.


is it your money the club are spending


You’re spinning your replies to prove your incorrect opinion. Wtf does being a ‘a lovely bloke’ have to do with being a marketable asset that was the reason (added) to the list of reasons to give out a one year extension? Was it specifically mentioned in Allen’s reply that Mo is a lovely bloke and that is a reason he should be kept? I must have missed it. Your original point was about $$ and subsequent replies have found new and imaginative ways to bleat on about how our club is making a monumental mistake that will lead to it’s… Read more »

djourou's nutmeg

i get your point. elneny’s a millionaire, it’s not like we’re throwing him and his family to the street, like some make it seem. if we wanted to be class we could’ve allowed him to train with us, use our facilities and have an insurance until he’s recovered, no need to give away 3 million quid. that being said, you don’t know the details of the new contract; maybe he isn’t getting a penny after july and all of this argument is irrelevant. even if we’re paying him the same, he’s a good backup player: less than a year ago… Read more »


this is a ridiculous equivocation. the club are raising ticket prices because they can, not because mo is sticking around.


Doing the moral thing even when it does not make any financial sense, that is the mark of class.
This is Arsenal.


Morally, very nice. Monetarily, wise. If that’s 50k per week, an additional year is around 2.6 m.
He may find a team paying him more than 2.6 m this summer, so, the expected value of the risk would be positive!


“paying for him”


Good thing. You get what you give.

Apart from the gesture, can imagine Arteta sees a role for him at Arsenal in the future.

Per, Mikel, Mo, all guys that had to work and use their brain to earn a career. Love those at the club. The right DNA.

Boy Bastin

Good news. Clearly Arsenal wanted him tied up (in the best possible way of course) until the summer after next at least.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to do the same with Saka and Saliba. It’s gone a little quiet on those fronts but signing those two up would be a huge boost at a very convenient time.


Good vibes all round ✅


Not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. Mo may not be able to have an on-field influence this season, but he has significant off-field positive influence as stated by plenty of players and coaching staff members over the years.

Plus it sends out the message of “We genuinely care about the welfare of our players” to other existing squad members… and potential future signings.


Class move by a class club for a player with a classy disposition.


He’s idle. Doesn’t play till somebody is injured or needed rest and instead for him to be ambitious and go somewhere and play he’s happy spending time on the bench for years.

He’s average that’s why the club went in for Partey and were chasing Caicedo. Keeping players like this is why Arsenal stagnated for years.


You got this so wrong it’s embarrassing.
Define idle Howard ……


Are you the thick one with the lisp in Take That….?


we extended him this time because he deserves to get himself healthy. if you were injured on the job in any other line of work you might get worker’s compensation or disability insurance. this is no different.

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Mo. You’re our Egyptian Pirlo.😀


The scenes when Mo comes on after Rob Holding in the 89 th minute of our Champions league final as we see out a comfortable 3-0 lead over Bayern Munich. Perfect farewell with his trademark long range goal as he says goodbye and it’s 4-0

Mikels Arteta

Sambi to go out on loan again for all of next season


This would not make a lot of sense if Nelson is not renewed.


I thought the arrival of Jorginho would accelerate his departure but I’m pleased that the club has signed him on for another year, doesn’t mean he’ll stay for that year but it gives him security and allows the club time to decide his future and he’ll be a wise old head in the cup games if Arteta picks a few youngsters and who knows, he might earn an extension.


CONGRATS Mo, the gilles grimandi of this era


Mo wants a Champions’ League Winners medal!!

Great news – his influence in the dressing room, never mind the pitch, will be invaluable.

Good to have you sharing the journey with us, Mo.


This makes me happy, Mo loves Arsenal and we (apart from AJH 😂) love him. Get well soon Mo!


Good to know our values are still intact. We are The Arsenal. Get well soon Mo.


sure he might not be the most eye catching player, but you always know what mo will bring to the team. that consistency is one of the reasons he’s great to have around. good attitude, nice person, wish him nothing but the best- he might not have a future playing for us, but he very well might as a coach.

Man Manny

Gestures like this are the little hinges that swing big doors for Arsenal. Mo Haa been a great guy to have around the club. His ever sunny disposition is a priceless asset. Reminds me of Santi Carzola – another lovely soul who truly loved playing for the badge.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

The best Egyptian to have ever played in the English Premier League bar Mo Salah. Great personality. Puts in the shift whenever on the pitch. Gotta love our Mo! Class act by the club to stand up for it’s loyal soldiers when down (Rosicky, Wilshire, RVpussy, Diaby…) Though I feel we could have done more for Santiago Cazorla. Just one more year and the midfield king would have signed out in the most befitting drill!

djourou's nutmeg

i’d love to hear more opinions related to elneny’s place in the squad. we hear all the time from arteta and other managers how they don’t want players that are happy when they’re not playing, that they want competitive people that constantly push you to play them and hate being benched. we also hear how important it is for players to be professional and respect the manager’s decision, understanding not playing and continuing to give their best. so, what’s up with elneny? he’s been backup for the vast majority of his career with us, and i don’t think you are… Read more »


Happiness. Your confusion probably stems from the fact you think Mo is ‘happy’ to be on the bench. Or if he is ‘happy’, then you seem to be equating being happy to be part of our AFC squad to being complacent, unambitious, doing cartwheels on the bench while checking on his financial portfolio (which is what I assume Willian was doing), and telling his teammates to not tire themselves out too much. If he understands he does not have the quality to play in our first team but has a high enough standard as a back-up (or back-up to our… Read more »


Love Mo. Glad we have another year. He reminds me a bit of Nacho Monreal, no fuss player. Great servant.


Class….!! The reason why we support this club

Rotten Egg

Abu Diaby, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla….and now… Mohamed Elneny…(long sigh) ….4 OLD base midfielders next season in Arteta squad. HOWEVER…. If I am employed as a foot soldier in a company, this caring, humanly and give & take approach is exactly how I would like to be treated by my Boss. …. This is absolutely the right thing to do and I m glad Arteta is on the same page with Arsene on this…and I m pretty sure he is glad too. For me, Elneny exhibit traits common with all the guys mentioned above, good people, good attitude,… Read more »

Rotten Egg

After the above post went missing for more than 24 hours I thought of ringing my close buddy Jack (Bauer not Wilshere) but decided against it because I distinctly remember what I wrote and I firmly believed there were no subversive elements/content in it that could threatened Blog or UK National security. Then I thought of engaging an acquintance of an acquaintance Harvey (Spectre) to file multiple law ‘Suits’ against Blog but then I curtly dismissed this idea cuz he is currently out of practice and I am not sure Harvey still has the relevant licence/jurisdiction to operate in the… Read more »

Rotten Egg

11.45 am ASEAN time now . My latest post also went missing . I am thinking this latest post have 50/50 probability of disappearing forever…just like MH370.. It’ll be quite interesting for me to see what will happen..Hope I will not be dissapointed.

Rotten Egg

I refreshed this section and was able to see all my post to date immediately. …Thank you Blog have certaintly not dissapointed me. But I m still baffled y? On second thought … naahh ..I will let it go …an insignificant criminal like me do not deserve an explanation, either public or privately.


Name some of the most important reasons why you admire Arsenal. Arsne Wenger, Mo Elneny, Mikel Arteta, Rob Holding, Santi Cazorla and what they all have in common.

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