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Arsenal 3-2 Bournemouth – player ratings

Arsenal staged an extraordinary comeback to beat Bournemouth 3-2 at the Emirates this afternoon.

1-0 down after 9 seconds, the Gunners dominated the game, but found themselves two down in the second half. Thomas Partey got one back, before Ben White grabbed his first goal for the club to set up a grandstand finish.

However, with the clock on 97 minutes after 6 minutes of added time was signalled, we won a corner, it fell for substitute Reiss Nelson who fired home with his left foot to take all three points.


Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 3-2 Bournemouth report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 3-2 Bournemouth – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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What a time to be alive. ESR with assist and Baby Face Nelson killer instinct


That’s the proper definition of bringing more firepower from the bench.


Allll weee are sayiiiiing . . . is give Reiss a chaaance


That’s his chance already. He will start the Europa games.



Johnny 4 Hats

Reiss just always has end product. When he plays, he does stuff. Even when he doesn’t perform brilliantly.

And although he’s maybe not as explosive or technical as Saka or Martinelli, he does things which lead to goals.

I think we need to reevaluate his contract situation. Players like that are priceless.


I think it’s interesting his end product seems to have exploded (over an admittedly small sample size) this season. I think there’s a lot of possible reasons for that, partly that he’s always been a naturally attacking player and this game (and the Forest game) in particular was one where it was just wave upon wave of attacking, and he was almost invited to just drive at the Forest right-back. In many ways it may almost have been a tactical masterstroke of Arteta to keep him in reserve even after Trossard was injured, waiting for the right time to bring… Read more »


That is some beautiful prose and very insightful too, thank you sir


Well written. I also think his “lack” of previous performances has been down to him not quite believing that he belongs at this level. He has incredible talent but I feel like his humility about his own talents was maybe holding him back. Hopefully, something has changed.


I love every bit of this post.Just start a blog already Sir.


Excellent post. All I would add is that I feel Reiss’s particular style of play is benefitting hugely from the creativity of players like Ode, Ziiiinch, even Vieira and Thomas – an element that has been lacking in recent seasons when he’s had a run in the side.


To be frank, he’s just as technical as Nelli. Maybe a better dribbler. Man just has to find his confidence. He was getting there after Forest when, against Brighton in the FA Cup, he was the best player on the pitch even though we went on to lose after he fell again to injury.

Maybe it won’t happen for him here, but the talent is there.

ASHLEY Gooner Aussie

Actually tbs Johnny he didn’t always have end product. That’s why he was on the brink of getting sold loaned out a few times honestly if it wasnt for injuries I think he would’ve been sold last summer. With that said the total of 2 substitute appearance he has made this season has come with a lot of end product via goals and assists and crucial times which is great. I think if he keeps it up maybe Arsenal will offer him a contract and he won’t leave this summer for free. I think the issue with Nelson is consistency… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Can’t take anything away from his great performance and superb goal today but all this talk of ‘give Nelson a new contract’ smacks of a knee jerk revisionism for a player most would have been happy to see the club move on last summer. He has talent certainly but ocassions like today where he took full advantage of his opportunity have been all too rare.


Loved his composure to let it bounce a second time before his strike. (last second of match with defenders steaming toward him)


Absolutely – one can only imagine the rush of energy, panic, pressure, desire, adrenalin, self-belief/doubt that was coursing through his brain as that ball bounced…

Man, did he master that energy and channel it ALL through his boot and into that top corner.
Magnificent moment and so richly deserved by that lad.

Naija Gooner

We are winning the league…COYG!!!




Better to score the leading goal in the last 9seconds then in the first


Not for the heart tho, but loved it.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Exit the Lemming

Nietzsche was a Spurs fan (He died)

97 minute range between goals, has to be a Premier League record.


Nelson – 19847398/10 for me. I don’t even care, goal and assist to help us win it. Moments like that cannot be rated high enough.

Mayor of the Woolwich

I just love everything about this team.


What is the “flowers” thing please?


A quote by Arteta the poet after the Everton game.

Goodly Morning

Wrighty gives metaphorical flowers on his pod. Unless he does back them up with a delivery!?


Happy effing flowers!!!!


Oh my heart. Love the Arsenal. Reiss Nelson you fuking beauty!


Hello mate what can i get you?

Ill have the full Nelson please, plenty of sauce.

Arshavins left foot

Time to put in your suit hire and cigars order. St Totteridge day is back and coming soon.

And we’re mathematically top of the league until at least April.

Exit the Lemming

Really don’t care about St Totteringham day as Spuds aren’t our rivals any longer. We’re playing with the big boys now (not Europa league wannabees)

djourou's nutmeg

ramsdale was an absolute 10. how many one on ones did he save today? like three? kept us in the game and had nothing to do with the two goals. and another 10 for LORD NELSON HIS MAJESTY HIMSELF


Do these teams nevr learn, don’t waste time on us.


And 10/10 to the ref booking their keeper for pretending to be injured after Partey’s goal. Without that he’d have wasted more time and we don’t win the game.


Give him a new contract, he’s still got a future here, seems a lot more mature in his appearances this season, although limited due to fitness. What an end to that game though! I f**King love this club!!!

El Mintero

Well said. Reiss should not be allowed to leave at the end of season.


Lord Nelson on the day.


Not the players, but I would like to rate VAR a full (-10)/10. Arsenal looked leggy (to me at least) and did give the ball away sometimes horribly, and that’s a trend these past weeks. But so are the comebacks. I will take the former if we get the latter just as consistently.

Martin R

735 successful passes. They looked anything but leggy today. You obviously live in a parallel world.

Exit the Lemming

Does that include the 10 yarders between the centre backs? I remember Per Mertesacker’s pass completion rate was always close to 100% as none of his passes were longer than his 6 yard shadow.


Goal and assist of the bench with 100% dribble success and 100% final third passes what a game from Reiss.
Me personally I dont really see how you can give him less than a 10


I do find the ratings here sometimes lean a bit too conservative and result dependent. Pretty sure if Reiss had hit the post and it had finished 2-2 our centre backs wouldn’t get 8 and 8.5 ratings respectively, even though they had nothing to do with it (not saying they didn’t deserve it, but if they did then give them that rating even if we lose (something we thankfully don’t do much this season)). As you say, Reiss pretty much performed as perfectly as you can ask of a player coming off the bench, what more do you need for… Read more »


I’ve heard from at least 3 people at the Emirates who felt Partey was our best player (though Nelson gets the MOTM for delivering dopamine directly to all our necessary synapses). I guess not having access to slow-motion replays glosses over his culpability for their goals, but the general consensus was we were relentless in attacking them, and in wave after wave of attacks Partey was the one who made it possible.


Haven’t checked the stats yet but seemed like Partey broke down almost every one of their counter attacks with interceptions or steals, had to have had like 10 interventions


Partey bossed the forward momentum, as usual, but was also culpable on both Cherries’ goals. I’ve gotten repeated red digits on here for pointing this out, but… Next season is CL football, lads (YES!!!) – and we simply have to iron out these ‘brain-farts’/loss-of-focus moments where one lazy pass or switched-off missing a run in the box, costs us goals! This team is shaping to be as good as any Arse team I’ve seen (and I’ve been watching ’em for 52 years!)… but – scarily – I believe (as does Mik, from his various comments this season) that they have… Read more »

El Mintero

I actually found some of the ratings a little generous today…didn’t think our defense was at its best tbh and Vieira just doesn’t do it for me…don’t think he’s at a level to be starting every week…

Exit the Lemming

Only one premier league side has a better goals against record than us (Newcastle with 17) so the usual weekly ratings for our centre backs are probably quite close to reality


I agree! But then they both got a 3/10 for the 1-1 draw against Brentford, and I really don’t think there was much of a gap between their performance then and vs Bournemouth yesterday.

If there was, and we only conceded one goal (as opposed to two yesterday) then you figure it would’ve been an incredible game by Ramsdale, but he also got a 4/10 for that game!


Who cares about ratings!?! We got 3 points 😃❤


Very good. Top top sensation!
Oh and waste that time mofcukers!

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez

Hoping Nelson gets a contract/extension from this.

Sorry blogs, but the actual figure was only 143 penalties denied.

340 is a full months worth.


-10/10 for variable application of handball rules by VAR. Is it intent? Is it natural arm position? Is it just whether it’s Arsenal or not? WTF?

Chuck Felsea

And that’s not even all. In their first goal, their player was in our half before the ball was kicked. Of course it was after the whistle, but the whistle just starts the time. A player is only allowed in the opposition half after the ball is first kicked. Otherwise after the whistle one could run forward with 6 tall players and just hoof the ball into the box 5 seconds later when they have all arrived there.
Haven’t seen that before, have we? I wonder why?
I am not blaming the ref for that, but once again the VAR.

Exit the Lemming

For me , the player on the right wing moved at the same moment the ball was kicked from the centre spot. That said, even average non league defending would have prevented a goal. Odegaard admitted in his post match interview they knew that the vistors had a routine for kicks offs. We were caught cold. Kudos to Bournemouth


Mate, we won… no ‘ARM done.


Arteta 10/10. Never panicked and made substitutions that changed the game.


Gets a 10 out of 10 for his celebration of the game winning goal too.


A massive difference to the utd game at old Trafford. I love how he’s still learning, yet still working wonders!

Guns Up

What a squad. Player after player stepping up when called upon, today Reiss. Absolutely soaring over here. Just felt like the kind of day that title wins are built up on. Supporters were amazing again. Just keep going, boys!!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It’s amazing isn’t it. Our third last minute winner in six weeks, from ‘squad’ players Nkeitah against United, Jorginho against Villa, Nelson today, that have all come into the team and done the business. Not just their goals though, their overall contribution has been top class. Hard work on the training ground is paying off.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

What a squad we have. Love this team.


Reiss will not just go away. Another contract for this boy plssssssssssss!!!!

Sammy Nelsons Arse

That’s fucking brilliant Billy

Ian Wright Wright Wright.

West London Gunner

Sorry to ask..but what is #HappyFlowers?

It’s something Arteta said during his press conference this week.

Not sure where it comes from, maybe it’s a Spanish idiom.




#HappyFlowers is Chepau

A Different George

I thought Smith Rowe was pretty good. He played around 45 minutes, which I suspect is what was always intended (though probably the idea was to put him on for the second half with Arsenal comfortably ahead, not at 22 minutes and trailing).

Oh I didn’t think he was very good to be honest, but fully understandable, he’s not fully fit. He was neat and tidy on the ball but wasn’t really driving at players or attempting key passes like we know he can.

He could start in Lisbon during the week to get his fitness up. Maybe even a necessity with Jesus, Trossard, Nketiah injured.


He got the assist for Partey’s goal and looked pretty good considering his lack of minutes.

Exit the Lemming

It’s doubtful he would have had so many minutes but for the injury to Trossard. I thought he did okay but clearly looked knackered when replaced by Nelson.

Darren Kloomok

I agree. He’s not as flashy as Nelson, but he put in several really good crosses, always put himself in good positions, and I think he would have had a goal if Nelli had passed to him instead of shooting on that breakaway. Can’t wait to see him playing regularly, although there is going to be real competition for minutes. Yay!


Zinc was in his way most of the time and didn’t pass ball to him often enough. ESR we will get there.


He’s a class footballer. It’ll all come back with game-time. Keep the faith.


Fantastic comeback but we need solutions for these low block defenses. I assume the boys are working on long range shooting in training. Odegaard had 11 shots, he needs to score more of those.


He had a few that got blocked which, I dunno how the hell it’s possible for me to assess it, but felt like at least one of those was going in. So maybe what he needs to work on is to avoid getting blocked…


But he was way out of range with his free kicks.


One of them was close. But fair enough, if he doesn’t hit the target after 2 or 3 it should probably be Saka’s turn

Exit the Lemming

We could have been three down before we scored.


Bit tricky when that ‘low-block’ includes ‘high arms’… was like a bloody Olympic volley-ball final at times!


Saka odegaard Reiss all scoring nutty goals this week with their weaker pegs – you can feel the belief and confidence and the risk taking and anything is possible mentality
Coaching – / winning – / crowd / never say die / virtuous circle – good formula

Left Testicle

Lord Nelson.




It was 278 pens…


Believed until the last moment and relieved at the final whistle….. What a game..!! Love this… Can’t help saying fuck off to those fidgeting fans who think they know better than those who do it on the ground… Loved how Xhaka and Reiss changed the game… Come on you Gunners… Let’s see this through to the very end…


I must say – regarding Xhaka ‘changing the game’ – that I was very impressed with Fabio. Xhaka has been excellent this season but his ‘slow’ feet still worry me in those very advanced positions when we’re playing the hi-pace, ticky-tacky needed to unlock the low-block. Also true when he finds himself in ‘reflex snap-shooting positions in the box – it’s just not in his wheelhouse, despite all his other great qualities. Vieira has noticeably already developed a bit of physical steel, (more needed though) and has the same ability to pick a laser pass as Granit, but with the… Read more »


Unfucking real!!! 10’s all around, except ref and VAR.


What a way to secure a new 4 year contract on £100K a year ❤️

Fuck Mudryk 007 !

Andrew Schulz

Ben White celebrating in the face of Neto at 3-2! Odegaard tumbling in relief! All of us!


That was GLORIOUS! 12 games to go and we’re grinding out results like champions would. I have my comments on some of our performance but I’ll leave that for another day.

Proud to be a Gooner forever! #COYG


Not many clean sheets at home, but the defenders always get good ratings…..

Nainsley Aitland Miles

We don’t have defenders, we play a 0-7-3 formation.


I bet Arteta will be thinking about lack of clean sheets at home. Strange as we have lots away.

Heavy Gunner

Lord Nelson’s Cannonball- wham bam thank you man! Where’s my blood pressure medicine?😂⚽️⚽️⚽️


Man of the Match:

“10/10: The spirit and mentality of this team to come back and win, on a day when we were denied about 340 penalties. Love these boys.”
Loved this! Biased refereeing but The Arsenal prevailed.


I thought Partey was the difference, without his power and dominance in midfield we wouldn’t have had a chance of pulling that back. What a feeling though!


Thought Partey was awesome again today. Granted he made a couple of mistakes, particularly for the second goal, but he was a one man midfield out there. Just absolutely everywhere stopping counterattacks, being available for the pass, running past players and keeping everything moving forward all game.
Maybe that’s just what’s expected of him these days but blogs score seems a bit harsh to me. I absolutely don’t think we win that match with jorginho.

Aleksander Włodarz

These are the things the dreams are made of


Who am I, to disagree?…


10 out of 10 for the little kid running around shaking Artetas hand during the bedlam. Who was that?

Nainsley Aitland Miles


Merson's grin

Just spat my food out 😄


Nelson looked sharp since the moment he came in

Gunnar Eli Sigurjónsson

Happy flowers all-around

Ed harrison

Just back from the game. The perfect arc, from despair through to ecstasy. Everyone around me was hugging everybody at the end. the whole stadium was dancing It was lid off passion. I have never experienced anything like it. This season will go down in history, regardless, because the energy and synergy between fans and team is just extraordinary, especially considering how broken it all seemed even 18 months ago. Arteta is a genius.

ASHLEY Gooner Aussie

Honestly didn’t realize Viera was on the pitch until he was getting subbed. He needs to impose himself in games more. Was very quiet in a rare start for him.

Exit the Lemming

I don’t think he’s done himself justice to date but thought this was his best game to date. He’s a perceptive passer, quick and tricky on the ball. There’s a player in there certainly


Mudryk who? Nelson is outscoring him like crazy 😀, even with less minutes played

Akan Williams

Parteys rating is harsh, he was the anchor of our entire midfield.


Thanks for the extra minutes you time-wasting wankers!!


Think blog forgot 1st minute goal when handing marks to Saliba and Gabriel.. But then again – who cares when Arsenal keep going and keep winning 😁👍

Chuck Felsea

You got a bit of a point here, cause when we win 5-0 and defense got nothing to do they get a 7. Now they got basically nothing to do, but looked dodgy during the first goal and get 8 and more. The corner goal was also not well defended, but it seemed like the guy escaped Partey.

On the other hand I would say that tightening the screw on the opponent starts with the center backs and a good attack build-up starts through them. So I can accept the grades due to their great involvement in our attacking effort.


0/100 for all the referees cunts

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