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Report: Arsenal 3 – 2 Bournemouth (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 3 – 2 Bournemouth
Competition: Premier League
Date: 4 March 2023
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Partey, Vieira, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Trossard

Subs: Turner, Tierney, White, Kiwior, Holding, Smith Rowe, Xhaka, Jorginho, Nelson

In what can be described as the most frantic game of the season (yet), Arsenal came from 2 goals down to win 3-2 at home against Bournemouth in the final seconds of the game.

Bournemouth went ahead within the 9th second and doubled their lead early in the second half. Arsenal rallied back with goals from Partey and White but the biggest moment came from substitute Reiss Nelson who volleyed from outside the box with the final kick of the game for Arsenal to take home all 3 points.


Arteta rang some changes on the pitch after their big mid-week win over Everton. Xhaka was rested for Vieira who took up the “left 8” position to combine with Martinelli. Tomiyasu slotted in at right back in place of Ben White.

Trossard retained his place upfront as Nketiah nursed a minor injury.

First Half

9 seconds. That was all it took for Bournemouth to draw first blood at the Emirates. The away team kicked off by playing the ball to the right wing. Dango crossed it in which evaded everyone except for Billing who ghosted in from deep to tap in a goal and send the stadium into shock. 0-1 Bournemouth

The Arsenal had to respond. They pushed high up and stretched the play while playing at a high tempo. The immediately had 3 attempts in the next 5 minutes by Odegaard and Saka which were well saved by Neto. The home side had to stay patient and stretch the pitch to break down a stout Bournemouth side.

Despite the dominance, the next big chance came to Bournemouth. The away team countered after defending a corner and Billing was put through. He squared for his strikers only for Ramsdale to rush out and deflect the ball to keep the score as is. Arsenal had to face more adversity as Trossard hobbled off with what seemed a muscle strain, and was replaced by Smith Rowe on the 20th minute mark.

Arsenal won a lot of corners, but can’t just couldn’t find a cleat cut opportunity. Bournemouth were solid and compact for the rest of the half but the Gunners also looked off the pace – especially with Tomiyasu and Saka not always combining efficiently with each other.

The home side should have been given a penalty for a tackle on Tomiyasu but oddly again, VAR didn’t think too much about it after review.

Second Half

It wasn’t the best first half by Tomiyasu and it wasn”t a surprise White replaced him as the team came out of the break.

The game continued in the same vein as it ended – the Gunners had 87% possession but just couldn’t apply the killer touch. And Neto was slowing the game down every chance he had the ball in his hands.

Bournemouth took their time again with a corner kick on the 55th minute but unfortunately, left Senesi unguarded, and conceded a second and had a mountain to climb. 0-2 Bournemouth

The Gunners striked back just a few minutes later through a corner. Neto punched the ball away and Smith Rowe headed the ball back into the box for Partey to tap in amidst ball watching defenders. 1-2 Arsenal

Solanke had an attempt from an acute angle saved again by Ramsdale and confidence was a little rattled among the fans. It seemed like nothing was going well. A push on Martinelli in the box wasn’t penalised for a penalty and Smith Rowe, a sub himself, was substituted out on the 65th minute as he had a quiet game even after providing an assist for Partey.

On came Reiss Nelson, himself coming back from injury, to provide some pace down the left. He provided the afterburners to beat his defender and whip in a cross from Ben White who volleyed home an equaliser. 2-2 Arsenal

Confidence flowed and a new found urgency was found again. Saka’s strike hit the post via a deflection, Martinelli missed from a counter attack and the Gunners kept pushing on. In their haste to find a winning goal, Arsenal’s passing started getting sloppy and Bournemouth players were more than happy to waste time by going down for cramp.

The pace remained frantic and nerves were frayed. With all the time wasting and nervous energy, fans were ready to call it in and accept the draw. All except Reiss Nelson.

With the last kick of the game, he collected the ball outside of the box after a corner clearance and calmly half volleyed into the top corner with his left foot. 3-2 REISS FREAKING NELSON

What a ride. What a game. What a goal. It’s moments like this that could propel the team to finish the season strong and build that belief that they could be champions.

It’s time to belief. C’mon Arsenal!

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Nelson…cameo of the century!


Breathtakingly awesome!
Pheww…… that was amazing spirit. Give Reiss a new contact please

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m trying to work out when I died in the summer of ’22 and slipped into this afterlife where everything’s exactly the same apart from Arsenal keep winning in the most outrageous of ways.

United? Villa? THIS???

Oh my daze.

Oh my daze.


Thank you Arsenal!!!

This is just unreal.

Big love to all of you.

Oh to, oh to be, oh to be a GOONER!

I need a drink.

Johnny 4 Hats

Also, and I’m really sorry because this is soooo TMI, but my wife said the noise I made when Reiss scored is the exact same noise I make when I… get there.



Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah. So embarrassing.

I really must try and stop shouting “GET IN REISS!!!” when I’m having private time with my lady…


10/10. You dangled the bait and now you have Qwaliteee stuffed and mounted on your wall.


Cute you call it Reiss though…

Emi Rates

I’m taking a guess:


Get where Johnny?


The pub?

Johnny 4 Hats

To the… er… age of Aquarius.


The place where the happy flowers grow.



Guns Up

My two year old son said from the next room, “Daddy… you scared me.” Sorry, my boy.


Missus said I scared the hell out of her with my howl as the ball hit the back of the net. Sorry, not sorry 🤣


I want to give you a thumbs up and a thumbs down for that comment.


Agree with everything apart from its “oh my days”… 😉

Johnny 4 Hats

I know. I was trying something.


Oh no it’s not!

Funsho Patrick

“Arteta time”!!!!!❤️


Unreal. I need a rest after that insanity.  When I saw the teamsheet (Trossard in for Eddie, Vieira in for Xhaka) I thought easy 3-0 win. Boy was I wrong. Give credit to the Cherries, they took two of their four chances but Ramsdale bailed us out big time at least twice. Bournemouth defended really well for so long. The number of blocked shots must have been in the dozens.  Huge win and in May we might look back at today as a very key moment in the race.  Crazy that we had three different goal scorers and none of the usual suspects (Saka, Odie, Gabby)… Read more »


What an amazing comeback!
Our biggest title rivals is VAR with City closely following it.


We should’ve got 4 penalties from fouls and handballs


Well one was nailed on……

Determination Cultured

Same owner


Madness! I stopped listening to commentary with about 1 min to go, by the time I get downstairs we’re winning.! Love it.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Gunners and Roses.


“One two three, one two three….”


My favourite comment of all time!


What did I just witness? I literally can’t believe my eyes… I honestly can’t remember us being this clutch, ever. Get started on building that Nelson statue outside the Emirates pronto.


Maybe thus is well and truly our year!


We can use the one from Trafalgar Square 😂

Mayor McCheese

It’s time to beef!


Sorry what’s “clutch”?


Something to get us into top gear once the handbrake is off?

adjective INFORMAL (US)

  1. (in sport) denoting or occurring in a critical situation in which the outcome of a game or competition is at stake.

It typically means coming through at a key moment of need; right in the nic of time. So, like today, getting the huge result we needed in the dying embers of the game.


I think it’s more of an American sports term so no need to downvote the question fellas. it really applies here though, this has definitely been the most clutch Arsenal team since the Invincibles, I honestly can’t believe what they’re doing time after time

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Coming up with what’s needed to get a win, right at the end when the pressure is on. It’s used a lot in American sports


A column, surely…


Great character from Arsenal, thought they were strong but not quite that strong! Incredible character to come back from 2 down and not get several dodgy handballs awarded. Sensational recovery and match!


They never give up! Special team. Against everything they pull out these games!


I’d resigned myself to the draw. We’d pulled it back from 2-0 down and under the circumstances I thought it was good enough. Then Reiss scored with basically the last kick, and all their timewasting came back to bite them on the arse leaving them with no chance to reply.

An amazing game. On to next week

karl g

Pure determination to defeat the PGMOL. How many handballs does it take to get a penalty? This Arsenal team won’t take it.

Well done Reiss!!!


Always one more shout than we have

A Different George

Efan Ekoku, the commentator I was watching, said something like “memo to Bournmouth players: if you catch it, it will be called,because pretty much everything else is apparently okay.” In fairness, I thought only one was an absolute nailed-on handball, though there were several more of “I’ve seen them given” variety. (Ekoku also pointed out that on the Tomiyasu penalty incident, neither Tomiyasu nor any other Arsenal player did anything to indicate they thought it was a foul; only supporters thought it was.)

A Different George

And, by the way, two Bournmouth players (on their far right) had crossed the centre line before the ball was kicked to start the game. In theory, the kickoff was therefore illegal and should have been retaken. Obviously, this one yard violation had zero effect on the play but–you know, it’s like taking a free kick while the ball is still moving.

A Different George

Our far right, their far left.


Thanks George.


What about Ringo?

Here’s a shot of the opening kickoff:
Their left wing is 2 full yards into the Arsenal half when the ball is kicked.
Add it to the long, long list.


Totally, I said the same thing at the time, it shouldn’t have stood.


Happy Fucking Flowers!


Good grief!


I just cannot tell you how my ten month old baby girl and the missus are suffering. I usually watch the game with the little one. And when we went down a goal I went quiet and two and completely withdraw but then we scored. Punch the air a bit. Then second one went it. I lost it. And then I was in a curious space of being satisfied with a point but not minding a win and then Reiss did the most Nelson of things and got us out of jail! I let out a guttaral scream of Neanderthal… Read more »


Unfucking real!!!


my 1 year old watches arsenal with me some days. and everytime a red shift gets the ball she stretches her arm out and yells a bit. She has seen her father go bonkers when a goal is scored and the poor thing doesn’t know the difference yet!! 🙂


Blessed are the youngest of gooners

Arteta’s hairspray

I jumped around the room with my 9 month old while yelling “you’re the best little magic mascot in the world”. He laughed with joy. I laughed out of relief. Someone shit themselves. Great times!




Wow! But you have to hand it to Bournemouth, they played a helluva game of volleyball.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Yeah got to hand it to Bournemouh basketball team


Thank you Arsenal. That is all.


Sign him up! What a moment!

Bossman Bill

OH MY GOD. GF Bollocked me for waking up the baby, but…

I just CANNOT….


I believed. I love this team, will never forget this season no matter how it ends. Impeccable mentality, the best standards. I love you Mikel!!


Hopefully not for a heartbreak, what a game!


We don’t like it easy!


T’was ever thus; we have NEVER done it the easy way. Ever.


Hahahahahaha Tottenham

djourou's nutmeg

we can mock spurs and complain about the corrupt pgmol tomorrow. today let’s enjoy the extraordinary team we have


Yes, whatever you say, Mister Celebration Police Officer Sir.



It’s their history they can’t help it


I know, great isn’t it?

And who the fuck is that road sweeper with the jug lugs they’ve got in tow now in the dugout?

Is Conte having his nuts chopped off before Levy can chew them off? 😂


Nelson MOTM

David C

Ben White really changed the game too!

Still can’t believe one of those handballs not given. My word….


Football, fucking hell!


I belief


Unbeliefable belief

Sammy Nelsons Arse

I love you Reiss


I love you to Reisses Pieces


Omfg what a comeback

Giuseppe Hovno



Give the damn contract to you know who !!!!!!


Beautiful I’m speechless .. last second winner don’t get much better then this

djourou's nutmeg

best football match ive ever seen. i’ve never wanted nor enjoyed a goal more than i did today. i can’t write too much because i have lots of things to do today after everything i swore i would do if we scored a goal, but what a day to be a gooner. enjoy it cause we will never forget this when we win the title. proud of this team and i’ll support it til i die COME ON YOU GOONERS


Fuck me lol.

That’s three games we’ve won in injury time that I can think of.



Incredible win! Nelson, what a beauty!!


Effing hell! We won with the last kick of the game. My poor heart can’t take much more of this!


Breathe deeply my friend.

12 games to go; It’s only just begun…..


Puer puer joy… What a goal at the last minute or second.


I screamed my heart out, I cried with tears of joy. Football, bloody hell. So damn proud right now.


Wow!! Unbelievable.


Reiss Nelson’s contribution in games agsinst West Ham & Bournemouth SIMPLY HUGE


I need a defibrillator and a change of pants. This fucking team!!


No kidding. Drink on the sofa and the floor. Dogs huddled under the corner table scared of whatever noises are coming next. My wife still not understanding why I cry when I watch Arsenal. Amasing.

The Arsenal Way.


Arsenal has to win title this season, looks like lords will


Stuff of the Champions


I really, really love this team!!!


A 12 vs 12 game, stadium beat the VAR

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Fans were great but what happened to the drumming that was present during the Everton game. Really adds to the atmosphere.


Lost my voice. I was screaming like we won the Champions League!!! let’s go boys. This result means we HAVE to win it now!

Mayor of the Woolwich

Damn it!
Somebody call the doctor!
My heart is out of my chest!
What a game!


Turned it off and 0-2 and was ‘fine’ with losing, but this is much, much better! Happy flowers saturday, top of the league enjoyers!

T dog

Blogs saying he never thought we were going to ever score another corner… I love it when this sort of shit works 😘

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Think I read somewhere that the percentage of corners that result in goals is so incredibly low, something like just 5%.

These small percentages win Championships.


He was deliberately tempting fate – a stroke of journalistic genius right there.

Sometimes the law of averages, fate, intuition, superstition, the lap of the Gods, whatever you want to call it can be bloody spooky.

The times I will the word GOAL!!! to appear on the live blog – and it does – has proper spooked me on more than one occasion this season.


He changed that game himself ! I’ve just watched this and cried my eyes out at the whistle Thank you Reiss so pleased for you ! Had an awful day to that point with my little dog & best pal clinging on ! God bless Reiss C’mon “Bear” let’s go to extra time my greatest companion


C’mon, Bear!


C’mon, Bear! 😊👍

Arshavins left foot

That was Vince Kompany and Aguerro winning goals moulded into one. What a moment for Nelson. Lord Nelson from now.



Sky can shove their “Aguerrooo!!!” crap right up their ring piece.


Saliba celebration Fantastic. Kicking his own corner flag. Bournemouth played football ⚽️ come on you Goooooooners

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Stick a pen on the end of that corner flag and sign the new contract Willy.


Games like this be, at Villa, home against United, etc with late winning goals tell me this team is destined to win the title.


Just wow.


Most entertaining game of the year.
I have no idea what var is for anymore.
great commentary line: bees manager should tell players just don’t catch the ball because that is only thing that will get a penalty today.
I don’t believe I had seen Nelson before today. I expected nothing. No wonder Wegner had such hopes for him.
start him Wednesday


You watch the Forest game?


Best substitute in premiere league, 3 goals and 2 assists


His fantasy points-per-match is ridiculous.


Too much to say, so I’ll point out that I’ve watched the goal on repeat about 100 times already, and that of all the player reactions, Odegaard’s is my favorite. COYG!!!!


Ha ha. Same here. Looked like he had been shot


Hoping for a reverse angle on MOTD to drink it all in. Reiss the calmest reaction on the pitch, trying to escape the inevitable bundle he was about to end up under. The audio in the last goal clip is fantastic too – cheering – silence – shooooot – eruption! Glorious. Last kick of the game, get in there!


Moments in love.


Tears in heaven


What happened today no words can describe. Not even winning the league will be celebrated as much as this win.


I get it you’re emotional, we all are, but that is really, really not true and you shouldn’t say things like that

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