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Arsenal 4-0 Everton – player ratings

Arsenal moved five points clear at the top of the Premier League table after a 4-0 win over Everton this evening.

A difficult first half ended well, with Bukayo Saka firing the Gunners brilliantly into the lead, before providing an assist for Gabriel Martinelli.

The second half was much more assured, and Arteta’s men played the visitors off the park. It could have been a more emphatic scoreline, but further goals from Martin Odegaard and Martinelli again ensured all three points.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 4-0 Everton report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 4-0 Everton – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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All I can say is I fucking love this team.


My 7 year old son demanded me today to tell him which Arsenal player I didn’t like An impossible question. Because all the names that got into my mind were players loooong gone. Only current one I could think of is Cedric and I don’t even dislike him that much. What an utter transformation this team have had. 💪


My 6yo son ask me every time “all of them are fabulous, right”?
Right, my son


Whoever downvoted this comment can fuck right off.



Exit the Lemming

Piers Morgan is someone’s son


Imagine being the dick who would down-vote this comment, lol, be ashamed, whoever you are


Could be: 1. Infiltrating Spuds supporters, 2. Arsenal supporters with PTSD from the end of last season, or 3. Contrary MFs


It’s just spuds supporters.
They hate our joy.
Bless their little ugly faces.


I think 4 – people with big thumbs


I think 4 people with 11 thumbs – Sp*rs supporters.


The team deserves a 10 all round for how determined they were to annihilate Burnley and remind the whole league that putting 11 players behind the ball will not save you.


Burnley? Whatever. I loved it. All is well.


Dyche, Tarkowski, McNeil, Keane, the complete lack of an attempt to play football…..
The list goes on


Don’t be so harsh! There was a few minutes around 35 minutes in where they did a few passes!!

Johnny 4 Hats

Scary thing for the rest of the league:

We didn’t get out of 3rd gear


Yep, didn’t get out of 3rd gear. At the end we just stuck it in neutral and still put them to the sword. We were just playing downhill.

It Is What It Is



All those attempts to play was because of that Arsenal Boy Iwobi. Apart from him no one in that “Burnley” teams know a thing about playing football.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I hope Everton go down but I always liked Iwobi.

Exit the Lemming

I’ve always liked Everton. Hope they stay up

Islamabad Gooner

Being clinical against an Everton side that was set up very well and weren’t giving anything in the first 40 mins is a great sign!

Teams coming to the Emirates with the intention of playing with a low-block without committing men forward will think again

Exit the Lemming

No they won’t


In love with this team. Partey is something else lol. I can’t quite explain it. He’s so important to us. Zinny has effectively created a new position in football haha. Was funny and kinda cute seeing KT trying so hard to emulate it. Amazing save by Ramsdale at the end. Love this team. Saka? Oomph. The boy is a joy to watch. That Trossard deal looks increasingly like a league title winning decision. Fanstastic. Onwards and upwards. Ten over fxcking ten everyone.


Jorginho has been great, but then Partey steps in and we turn into prime Barcelona. What a team.


Partey is just too cool for school. Everything is so effortless. He made two exquisite passes late on that deserved goals. Defenders stand off him he is that good. And then on physical side he more than holds his own. He’s gotten better since he joined us too. What a team we have, the vibes are immaculate!


Saka scored a similar goal earlier this season, and I was convinced that it was a bit lucky. The shot was too hard, and he shot it too perfect, made it look too easy, with his weakest foot.
And now, he just repeated it. Effortlessly. What a masterpiece.


“his weakest foot” makes it sound like he has at least three feet. Which he might as well I suppose, such a blur that they are as he dribbles past helpless defenders


Duno…Best analysis. Sums it all up


Partey is like the premium lubricant. Jorginho is a deserving cover for Partey.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Fair play to Tierney for trying to emulate it.

But if Zinchenko is unavailable for whatever reason, I wonder if we can just emulate it through White on the other side instead. That way Tierney can stick to his strengths and stay hugging the touchline.


Tomiyasu can fill in on the left and play the Zinchenko role instead


Have I really just witnessed strength in depth tonight ? Wow ! Awesome performance from all but what a good signing Trossard has been ! Odegaards Cruyf turn tackle while sat on his arse was just a thing of sheer beauty !!!

The legend of Salibaba

I also fucking love this team

The legend of Salibaba

Also just to point out spurs lost this evening. I am so so so happy I don’t support them, it is no exaggeration to say that my life would be so much worse if I was a spurs fan. When do they get any enjoyment from football?

Got a feeling Liverpool may pip them to 4th.

Exit the Lemming

There are phenomena we can only guess are somehow unpalatable but necessary evils in life: the skin that form on warm milk, wedding planners, real estate agents, girls called Michaela and…Spurs


Moreover, I fucking love this team.


Thomas fucking Partey. What a midfielder Zinny is, funny seeing KT slotting into that role. I just love these guys

A tetra

This is a team with no weak link, playing with coherence and attitude.
Today Everton was not really putting up a show, but this team got both the individuals, willingness and tactics to lock it up.

A valid scoreline in the grades – everyone was immense today!
And I really need to find a highlight of that Ödegaard-tackle! Crazy!




The sliding, seated Rabona – which shall henceforth be officially termed…

The Rabumma


Or – with due deference to the pleasure it gave us fans – the Raboner.


This one’s better, I think…

Emi Rates

I only saw the first half hour of the game so I missed this. He really bamboozled Iwobi. Amazing!


That finish by Saka! WOOF!

Emi Rates

“10/10: the annoyance on the face of professional irritant Neal Maupay when he was subbed off after doing the sum total of fuck all. Goodnight fuck face.”

I loathe that rat faced little cunt.


We should be able to vote multiple times on comments like these. Blogs?

Is loathing strong enough in Maupay’s case?

Forget about it

I double-thumb this.


He’s a nobody. Not even relevant.

Emi Rates

He injured Leno on purpose. For that he needs hurting.


And hurting, he is… scoreless for 19 games… joyless on the field… doomed to labour under the Dyche…

Karma is, truly, a bitch.

Emi Rates

“doomed to labour under the Dyche…”

Sisyphus just had an epiphany and realises his job is not so bad after all.


And there was I always thinking Epiphany was Mercury’s sister.

Exit the Lemming

In mitigation, he is the main reason we are rid of the equally repellent Guendouzi who now plays for a team knocked out of the French Cup at home by FC Annecy from the 2nd Division. No doubt he (3rd choice captain) can console himself with talk about the good old days with Alexis Sanchez, Kolasinas and Nuno Tavares


I have to say that we have really missed Partey. His impact was immense. His presence simply brings out the best in everyone around him.


This was absolute entertainment – everything about this game 🙂


That was so much fun in the second half. What a way to spend an evening


10/10 That finish from Bukayo

Hit with such fury it ripped open the space time continuum to transport us from a night of stubbed toes, traffic and dog turds to one of crisps, high pressure showers and brand new boxers. Forget your faux shouty run a lot bollocks, that is a fucking leader.

Master Floda

When ESR came on, nearly everything went through him and Vieira. I know the game was over by then, but it’s still telling. I’m so happy to see him back. LANS!
Eddie played with real intent, he and Vieira brought a lot of energy.


Love ESR and won’t hear a word against the lad… but I think you’ll find everything went through platinum-encrusted Rolex Master Mariner midfield cogster that is Thomas Partey.

Brazilian gooner

The game was easy like that because of Saka! what a player, took all the pressure off with that goal and ball recovery for Nelli’s goal


It was kind of scary seeing Everton have like 5 counter attacking plays early, but thank god they are completely shit. Then we just massacred them after that 2nd goal


Partey shut that the fuck down. He’s a class above Jorgs… Need the big man fit and firing to wrap this title up!

Man Manny

Arsenal’s collapse last season was largely down to injuries to Partey, Tierney and Tomiyasu. Incidentally, all three were on the bench today.
That is strength in depth on display. With Jesus’ return imminent, Arsenal look well stocked for the run in. Exciting times.


Game changed with Partey introduction, dominating the physical battle.
Ode was everywhere, spraying passes.
White appalling first half. Jorg lightweight. Martinelli must release ball earlier on wing.


For three games or so zen hi lo holding onto the ball. Now it is Gabriel. Keep it moving cross it change the field faster


Martinelli must something something score or create goals.


Look, I love Partey, think he is essential to the team. But to be fair, he came on in the second half at 2-0. Much easier task when they (theoretically) had to open it up a bit.


Only 6 for Jorginho is a bit mean


Came off at ht bcos he was ill. Surprised he even started tbh


I think he struggled a bit today. Lost possession a few times, a few poor passes, looked off his game. Maybe he had a knock?


Jeorginho is OK but we’re a different animal with Thomas Partey in the lineup.

Cranky Colin

Does anyone want us to beat Sporting Lisbon?
I mean really?

Brazilian gooner

Tomi – Kiwior – Holding – Tierney
ESR – Vieira
Hale-ender – Eddie – Nelson

Keep the subs happy and match fit, and maybe get some wins along the way!


Hale Ender is second only to Barnaby stingwing


My thoughts exactly. If we go through, great. If we go out, so what?


So… we lost the opportunity to give a host of new signings and younger, far less experienced player vital minutes in top-flight matches.

So… we keep building that wonderfully elusive, intangible sylph – that is a WINNING HABIT.

Don’t be a numpty.


Bloody hell – iPhone, iType,iSorry… edit function PLEASE Blogsta!!!


Chance to see Matt Turner, keep Tomi fit , see what Jakub is about, KT, game time for Vieira, ESR, Eddie, its all good to jeep squad fresh and on their toes


Yes. I don’t think the importance of this feeling unbeatable can be understated


Sure. EL is a trophy. Tanking in that competition will not help win the EPL.

Alan Sunderland

our record in Europe is abysmal. go full on in both competitions, how many times will the best team in premier league be in the Europa. I think we he have a massive chance to get 2 monkeys of our back in the space of a few weeks.

Exit the Lemming

We don;t have a deep enough bench to go ‘full tilt’ in both competitions


Team: 10/10
Arteta: 10/10
Fans in the ground: 10/10
Arseblogs bonus rating tonight: 11 belly laughs out of 10😂

We can do this!

Naked Cygan

You forgot Sheffield United


Tough choice for MOTM. I lean towards Saka – stunning goal, set up Martinelli’s first. Martinelli a close second. An honourable mention for Zinchenko – superb assist on Saka’s goal, set up Eddie’s assist on Martinelli’s second. Didn’t notice Odegaard much in the first half, but he lit up in the second. Trossard a great addition. Thought Jorginho was fine, but things picked up noticeably when Partey came on.


Agree with Saka and Martinelli. But would like to add a shout out for Big Gabi. He’s been excellent for quite some time now. Yesterday he had an excellent tackle to stop Mopey and strong duels against Onana!


We owed them a proper thrashing and thats exactly what they got.
Along with a correct var decision that sucked the very life out of them and there fans.
Job done.


Great stuff, I didn’t see any of it but lived it on blog live.
Delighted with these lads showing some serious determination and class .
Keeping clean sheets is superb, Zincky tooking into midfield and assisting and preassist King is class.
Top 3 men are such good interchangeable player and then two big men who are top ballers in Xhaka and Partey and Salibs and Gab behind them also pulling strings.
It all looks good have to watch out for the Fulham game, that’s toughest upcoming, Solomon chap we were linked to over summers on fire at the mo


We were so so good tonight! Bit concerned on 30 mins, we blitzed the next 30 thus allowing us to beautifully ‘rest with the ball’ in the final 30. Perfect game really. Oh and of course…:.spurs!


Two important actions from Saka at the end of the first half killed Everton’s hope and won the game for us. In the second half the weight of nerves was released and we were free to play. A great night under the lights and the Emirates crowd really give us a 12th man. It’ll be a goodly morning tomorrow!


Zinchenko is just fucking unreal, class act!


Was excellent today,. Love Tierney but he ain’t no Zinchenko-Oh!

Exit the Lemming

You’re comparing apples and oranges. Both are great at what they do


Neal Maupay’s face. Never seen a more punchable face in my whole life


Never will, either.

Wait, that’s only true if you’ve never seen Ryan Shawcross, Tony Pulis or Martin “Tiny” Taylor. Maupay is irritating, the others are/were agents of violence.

Master Floda

Remember Joey Barton


God – you just had to go there, didn’t ya!


Nah, that crown is taken up by John Terry for eternity.

Exit the Lemming

I’m sure Bruno Fernandes face has a ‘Lonsdale’ tattoo


neal maupay you belong in the championship, buh bye


What a lovely evening. My heart rate never raced higher than 80 BPM 😜 Let’s do it gooners!

Matt... SantiCazIsGunningYouDown

“that sliding tackle back flick thing was just 🤤”
Was trying to describe that to my indifferent Wife who was sitting beside me and missed it…
Picture me, half cut and with arthritic knees and all the grace of a one legged Riverdancer with an inner ear infection, flopping myself on the floor while shouting Ooooodegard!
No dignity.
Don’t care.


Where is that fucking prick who had whole lot to say against the signings of Trossord and Jorginho. What have you got to say about their contributions now you idiot


I mean, I was not ecstatic about their signing either, but got behind the team and was open to see how they contribute. They have been great help so far.

KJ Balan

Awesome performnce , true.league leaders

Determination Cultured

Looks good. No coincidence thay martinelli’s improvement is from playing woth trossard, whose style is to drops deep to support.


Wow… what an utterly enjoyable Wednesday evening romp! A few observations: Ben’s rating a tad kind – he still seems to have these periods of lost-focus… around the mid 30 minutes mark, FOUR passes straight to the opposition, once after the other. And too often, he reverts to the stop… stare… square (or worse, reverse) the ball, which robs us of momentum. I lost count of the times Gabi was in acres out left just waiting for the diagonal long ball, yet Ben stopped and passed it back to Big Willy? Downvotes will come and call it being ‘picky’ –… Read more »


A great win, and a very enjoyable performance. Now is not the time to be too critical, but if it was. Zinchenko is very hit or miss with his passing, a top quality pass followed by a poor, intercepted pass. He is much to casual in his defensive work. Against a top team, we would have been punished.

Kampala Gooner

I know as football team and fans we must hold to the hope that things will get good and one day get that silverware. But a sp*rs fan how the fuck do you hold on to that dream. They really are shiiit. And who said we didn’t have depth again.

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