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Report: Arsenal 4-0 Everton (inc. goals)

Result: Arsenal 4-0 Everton
Date: 1 March 2023
Competition: Premier League
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Jorginho, Xhaka, Ødegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Trossard

Subs: Turner, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Holding, Kiwior, Partey, Vieira, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah

Arsenal took their chance to finally turn their game-in-hand into all three points by putting four past Everton at the Emirates Stadium.

There was an element of payback about the result for the Gunners as they tasted defeat at the Toffee’s hands recently, but theres no tonic like a thrashing.


Mikel Arteta named an unchanged side from the win at Leicester on the weekend, with Trossard keeping his place up front – while Nketiah remained on the bench.

Arsenal wanted to make a statement after losing to Sean Dyche’s Everton just a few weeks ago. The prize? A five point lead at the top of the Premier League.


Everton unsurprisingly set-up to sit-in, in the opening exchanges – as Arsenal asserted early dominance in the game.

The Gunners struggled to find a cutting edge early on and Pickford left it no longer than 15 minutes before firing up the time wasting machine.

Arsenal had a half chance just after the 20 minute mark as Martinelli broke away after a Xhaka clearance set him free. But the Brazilian’s hesitation ultimately cost Arsenal the counter.

The other (fit) Brazilian Gabriel then made a crucial tackle to prevent what could’ve been a clear shot at goal for Maupay. Not long after, Gabriel held off Onana to shepherd the ball out for a goal kick, before the latter fell to the ground dramatically clutching his face for the second time of the evening.

For all Arsenal’s huffing and puffing, it was the first shot on target that found the net. Bukayo Saka, once again, fired Arsenal into the lead with a beautiful turn and rifled finish (on his weaker foot) into the roof of the net. Unstoppable. 1-0 to The Arsenal.

Five minutes later and Arsenal had the ball in the net again, as Saka nicked it off the defender to set up Martinelli, who slotted home. The linesmen flagged immediately, but on VAR review the goal was given! 2-0.

A nervy, laboured first half ended with Arsenal two goals up in the driving seat, thats Starboy power.


First point of order in the second period was Saka once again being fouled (specifically grappled and hauled over by Mykolenko) without a foul being called. Standard.

Trossard had a golden opportunity to make it 3-0 as a high ball dropped to him, but he scuffed the volley attempt. To be fair, Coleman’s attempted header probably put him off.

Just after the hour mark, Ramsdale was called into action for the first time as Dwight Mcneil drove at the Arsenal defence and unleashed a powerful effort, but Arsenal’s number 1 stood firm.

Saka and Martinelli nearly combined again as the former clipped a ball to the back post, but it was inches out of reach for the latter. Arsenal’s dominant pressure continued.

Everton received the first booking of the game on 66 minutes as Godfrey, who infamously stamped on Tomiyasu’s face last season, this time stamped on Trossard’s leg.

Trossard recovered well enough to provide the assist for Arsenal’s third, which came in the 70th minute from captain Ødegaard. The Belgian’s lightening run into the box was punctuated by a fizzed low pass to the arriving Ødegaard, who poked it home. 3-0.

Following the third goal, the Gunners really started purring – playing with a real sense of joy. The Emirates faithful responded in kind by cheering every pass.

With ten minutes to go, Arsenal made it four. Ødegaard slotted substitute Nketiah through at the near post and the finisher turned provider for Martinelli who tapped in for his second goal of the night. 4-0.

As the full-time whistle blew, it was mission accomplished for Arsenal who moved five points clear at the top of the table. Next up: Bournemouth at home on Saturday.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Jorginho – £10m
Saka’s new contract – 200k a week 
Arteta’s hair gel – £4.99 a tub

Slapping Brendan Rodgers and San Dyche in the space of 5 days? 






5 points clear on top of the table. It’s just awesome!

Hair on Ram's Tail

He’s Like a New Smith!


Lovely stuff ✅


Come on lads! Fantastic result!


Burnley got me really worried in the first half prior to our first goal. What a second half performance by the boys.

On another note, I am really surprised Lampard sold Iwobi to Burnley.


It’s a good day!


It’s a great day

Cranky Colin

It’s a goodly day


Bournemouth next, even lower than Everton in the PL! Great result today and crazy we didn’t beat them last time. Onwards and hopefully upwards!


Don’t think Gary O’Neil will be sleeping tonight, stressing how to stop our front 4 ripping them to shreds on Saturday

Wrighty’s hats

I love our team.


Perfect payback


Loved that Ramsdale save at the end, the man was no way letting those guys ruin his clean sheet


Since the All or Nothing doc, losing the clean sheet even when we are clearly up is much more disappointing. Just thinking everyone is happy and he’s sad and beating himself up. Our Rambo.


C’mon you beautiful gooners!


Let me say Vieira is going to be an absolute Fabulous player. What a talent.


Certainly has some magic in his feet


Who thumbs this down?


I think we have a sp*rs loose amongst us

El Gooner

Oh yeah and Spurs haha

Hair on Ram's Tail

What do we think of Tottenham?


Some sad little spud or other. Like the little worm that kicked Ramsdale.

The No Title Since ‘61 Cretins.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Fact. Erickson left the scum, died, came back to life, switched clubs twice and still win a trophy before Kane.


Love the fact that some spuds come on here to down vote our positivity.

St Totteringham’s Day anyone? I sure am looking forward to it.


St Totteringham’s Day, plus these other rib ticklers to look forward to…..

Tottenham Hotspur….

  • 62 years without a League Title
  • 39 years without a European trophy
  • 32 years without an FA Cup
  • 15 years since a major trophy

And back in the Europa next year – if they’re lucky.



Having more mobility in the Xhaka 8 position is fantastic as it really gives the defenders more to think about. The lad can pick a pass as well!


Well that couldn’t have gone much better than it did! Great to see Smith Rowe and Partey back and Jesus on the way. Trossard has been a great signing


That was incredible to watch. Start to finish.

Say what you will of the first half frustration, we controlled the game, broke them down and absolutely demolished them. Best of all, I can see a lot more of that coming!

Absolutely loving it!!!


Feels like our blip in form came at the exact right time. Reassess, recalibrate, and finding our form just in time for the final push. 13 games to go. CMON YOU GOONERS!


Sorry Bukayo, good finish and everything but that’s simply not the Arsenal way. Wins are supposed to be traumatic. Don’t ever let me catch you leading like that again.


I was getting ready with the thumbs down there til you pulled the old switcheroo at the last minute! You cheeky bloody marvellous scamp!

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love Bukayo Saka. What a finish.


I can’t remember a bigger ‘fuck you’ of a finish since Sagna’s header against Spurs.


What a perfect night, especially with the trophy-averse lot across town also getting dumped out of the FA Cup.


I didn’t even know they were playing! That’s fucking hysterical


By the mighty Sheffield United!


Unbelievable performance. Stadium sounded immense on TV so 1000/10 to our fans lucky enough to be there..a true 12th man at times. We played like Ajax in the 70s or Brazil at times. We are playing prestige,.technically brilliant football these days.


Ah no wonder we always have been screwed by PMGOL. Its a 12 v 12 match apparently 😅


The oles late on were amazing. Drowned out the commentators and went on so long. Emirates might just be the toughest place to play these days thanks to the fans. The fortress!


Last time Arsenal beat Everton 4-0:


Who would even down vote this?!?!?


Sp*d agent?


Some people get their kicks by being negative. Such a sad life to live. COYG


The video won’t play if you are in the UK. Possibly why the downvote… not by me.


I’m in the UK and it worked for me!


posted by sky themselves, so should be nothing wrong with it. It should work


Would you beleive it?


Read some of the replies. A year ago in real life, but in other ways a lifetime ago.


Emile Smith Rowe is back. Our opponents better get ready!


Gabriel MoTM for me. Stood out during the first 30 minutes when the game was sloppy. He is playing insanely good football this season. So secure and doesn’t make silly mistakes no more. Fantastic team play in second half as well.

David C

Which Gabriel? There’s so many, haha.


I really enjoyed that finish from Saka. Too many players would just try to square the ball in towards the middle and hope someone gets a touch to it.


Reminded me of the one at Elland rd. near post into the roof is completely unstoppable but very very hard to execute. Mentally even. To think to do it in that situation. World class.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

With his weak foot, too. He’s definitely worked hard on that, in training

Death by 300,000 Passes

Similar to the goal against Leeds, isn’t it? Marvelous!


He has unbelievable power in his shots. That was his ‘weaker’ foot


Reminds me of RvP’s chocolate leg. No finesse but raw power.


Seeing a video of Saka’s goal, it is similar to a chance he prodded to the keeper against Leicester. No worries about trying to be too precise with his wrong foot this time, just leather it!!


Dunno, seems incredibly precise to me. Pretty much the only angle he could’ve fired it that the keeper couldn’t stop it and he literally had 1 milisecond to make that decision and execute it perfectly, what a player


2.45 am kickoff on a working day for me. Ain’t mising this game with 13 left to play. Thanks for a splendid performance you lovely Gooners. And the Emirates crowd – wow. Can we have an encore on Saturday?


3.45 AM kick-off here. Yet to sleep. Going to be a productive day!


i woke up past midnight to catch the game a lot late, missed the first 40. but then, the fun started. glorious our team!! now it’s 3:30 AM here and I don’t think I am going to get and sleep now. 🙂 COYG!!


Wonderful to see how we can now maintain possession and territory when we take a lead. At 3-0 up, we were playing with the speed and intent like we were 1-0 down.


Brilliant. First and foremost – we won. Three points, simple as that. Most pleasing was that we did it without having to be at our very best. A night of mores. More goals for Saka, Odegaard and Martinelli, more superb play from Saka and more blatant fouls on him allowed to go unpunished. More idiotic decisions from the linesman (the goal stood, so fuck you and your corrupt eyesight pal) and the latest excuse for a ref. If Saka gets to the end of this season without sustaining a real nasty one, it will be a minor miracle. The anti… Read more »


I mostly agree with you except for the linesman…that was so tight and by putting his flag up after the goal was scored it meant we got to finish the move and then it could be checked by VAR. I don’t like VAR but that’s exactly how it’s meant to work…also, we got a minute of watching replays of Pickford being beaten again and again at his near post which did wonders for me!


The Lino got it wrong. End of.


“fuck you and your corrupt eyesight”

lmao, football fans man

Giuseppe Hovno

You’re the one trying to make out it’s more than just him getting it wrong!


You’re the one siding with generally useless match day officials.


Even you would get that wrong 9 out of 10 times as a linesman. That was millimeters.


Saka and Martinelli were both level with the Everton defender.

If you’re level when the ball is played, you’re onside. Simple as that.

But hey, whatever. You and your politically correct millimetres have a good day. 👍😊


Even Saka said in the post match interview that he and martinelli agreed that it was offside, so he was surprised and thrilled that the goal was awarded


They were both level.

If you’re level, you’re onside.


Did anyone notice what Odegaard done when he slid in withdrew and cruyff turned? Insane!


Am I allowed to say my pants turned moist at that very second ??


What the hell was that??

Thought I must have imagined it it was so smooth.


Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Something else to add to his latest 22/23 Youtube compilations.
Hopefully he sticks to fancy ball control and less of the dancing

It Is What It Is

Him and Iwobi both withdrew. Looked slow motion and then blaaaam…..schooled. That was filth of the match for me. And Benjamins chest-control-and-go was flawless. That ball will never be touched the same way again.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Eat shit, Sean Douche!


Judging by the sound of that throat, he already does.

I hope they get relegated now. They celebrated up there last month like they’d won the fucking World Cup. Scouse wannabes.

Man Manny

I love the scoreline. It will help in the goal difference.
I love the clean sheet.
Above all, I love the strength in depth.
Jorginho is good; very good; but Thomas Partey is something else.
Bring on Bournemouth.


I like the fact our players score goals, not just one player. Welldone boys…

Flaminis studs

I was going to say “take that you pr*cks “ but Saka’s shot to score said it for me. Fucking gave it some he did!


Neal Maupay would struggle to get into my Sunday pub side. Narky little prick got what he deserved today. Hope he’s playing Championship football next season.


Second to last paragraph should read Zinchenko slotted to Nketiah…
The Ukranian was instrumental today


Thanks, came here to write this. All those blond lads can’t tell them apart innit (plus Zinny showing up in areas on the pitch where full backs have no business showing up in, and feeding through balls a full back has no business being able to execute)

Also the link to the second goal shows the first goal again.


I thought the second goal seemed very similar to the first. Bit of a deja vu goal


We thougrougly thrashed them! Just what they needed.


I have long sensed Arsenal teams do not want to run up scores. You could sense that in the last 15 min today. With more intensity at end of game Arsenal may have picked up another two or even three goals further closing goal difference with city.

otherwise it was a beautiful game. Let’s celebrate with this tune


a game in hand is like two in the bush, if you win it 4-0, that is


Anyone else going on a bender when we win the title or just me?


I’m disappearing in and around Finsbury Park for a week if this happens


Uff, too early for this kind of jinxing behaviour

That said my dealers better be ready


Rare midweek live watch for me here in Toronto as I was off sick from work.

Brilliant stuff, Saka is heeding the call from Arteta to become one of the best players in the World. Lots of strong performances all over the pitch.

Also, shout to Eddie. Tross was preferred and he came on when the game was already done but made lots of excellent runs, bagging a well-earned assist.

So many good things happening in the squad, we just need it to continue!


Powerhouse display tonight, we are not going to roll over teams in this league in the 1st 30 mins of every home game, what is good to see whether we are winning or losing is our patients to stay within the plan, whatever happens this season our talented young squad knows success with our style of play is now within reach for seasons to come, big credit to Miki and his team when we were questioning his decision to get rid of Captain Aubameyang, Gendousi, keeping Saliba out on loan for another year and now nailing down some of our… Read more »


Did anyone notice the Martinelli signature celebration? Saliba and Saka should definately join sooon.


Beginning to think, we might just be fairly decent this season, , , ? 🤔

But more seriously, absolutely love this whole collection of players & staff, the group spirit, and how we play!

Fully Fucking Brilliant!


Missed the game but watching just the highlights it looks like basically every goal started with Zinchenko zipping up the field, dribbling past a player and picking a pass so sweet that just watching it spikes your insulin levels. Thank you Pep for gifting us this beautiful creature


Zinny the sonic hedgehog, zipping everywhere 🙂 . Had Eddie been more clinical I think we’ll all be talking about Partey’s assist-that-wasn’t. The bend in Eddie’s run to beat the offside, Partey putting the ball where Eddie was going to be – rather than where he was at that moment, just incredible. Alas, Pickford magically turned into a barn and Eddie hit the side of said barn.

Dennis Asiimwe

Zichenko was brilliant. Threading balls through with sumptuous ease…he would be comfortable cover for Xhaka…


Part of me thought that was exactly why we bought him: Full back while Tierney was injured, then move him further forward. that worked :(. Still its an option for the future (if Viera doesn’t work out).

The Arsenal

We need to find a really cool name for Zinchenkos role/position.
Im Happy with Jorginho but Partey is different. Easily the best in the World in that position when 100%fit.


Partey changed the game completely in the second half. He is as important to us as is Gabriel Jesus. And ESR cameo made me a bit emotional


The way we were playing between the 3rd and 4th goal, it reminds nded me of peak Barcelona!

Dennis Asiimwe

I liked ow VAR finally went our way…

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