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Arsenal update board member titles

Arsenal have announced revised titles for three members of the board to better reflect the current leadership structure.

Stan Kroenke and Josh Kroenke will henceforth be known as Co-Chairs and Tim Lewis takes on the role of Executive Vice-Chair.

Stan and Josh were previously Directors with Tim a Non-Executive Director. Lord Harris of Peckham remains a Director.

What does it all mean? Not much, although it sounds like Lord Harris may not get first dibs on the boardroom biscuits anymore.

Beneath them, CEO Vinai Venkatesham has direct reports covering all manner of other departments from communications and commercial teams to marketing and finance.

On the football side of things, he and Tim Lewis also work closely with Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Richard Garlick and Edu to keep things ticking over on a day-to-day basis.

In a statement published on, Stan Kroenke said:

“This is a simple evolution as part of us all driving Arsenal forward and further reaffirms our family’s long-standing commitment to this great club. Stability in football has never been more important as we move past the pandemic, and we believe this is the perfect time to formalise these roles.

“Our objectives and ambition will never waver – to field teams that compete for trophies at the highest level and lead our club in a way that inspires our passionate supporters around the world.

“Supported by our Director, Phil Harris, and together with our Executive Team and all our wonderful people, we have an incredible opportunity to build on the values and traditions of Arsenal Football Club.”

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‘What does it all mean? Not much, although it sounds like Lord Harris may not get first dibs on the boardroom biscuits anymore.’

Crumbs !

Jeff Harris

As his my cousin..I can only say..I love it.


Poor old Phil.


Does this mean pay rises for them? I’m struggling to see how keeping the same people there, probably doing the same jobs, means anything…


I think they have been showing real intent as well as successful execution and are therefore happy with everyone at the club for the moment. Just look at what is going on in Chelsea, United etc… I am convinced continuity on the top floor of management impacts the results we enjoy on the pitch, perhaps even more than you would expect.


100%. I think what C.B. might mean though is he’s not sure why just changing their titles is noteworthy news, which I’m struggling to see as well. But if it’s just an opportunity to show them some love for bringing this club to a great place, fine by me.


It is, just trying to understand it. Any ideas welcome…


Apologies my friend, I obviously misinterpreted your post.


Np, my question was why the name change.

I agree with all your points.

Rising Dough

Stan could be signaling his easing back a bit. Yes, Stan and Josh were both “Directors” before, but making “co-” explicit in both his and Josh’s title elevates Josh’s status. It also reinforces the idea that Josh speaks for Stan as well. Agreed, not that much has changed now, but the guard may well be changing soon.


Kroenke In


Honestly the first words I’ve ever heard Stan say.
Pleased Tim Lewis is there. His investigation into the Sanllehi regime led to his swift departure, no more Kia business, great signings and the club going through the stratosphere.


Agreed, absolutely no coincidence our fortunes on the pitch have improved significantly since Tim’s investigation into the Pepe transfer dealings and subsequent increased involved in the club. Can’t believe he wasn’t integral in keeping Arteta when we could have pulled the trigger and pulling out of some of the inflated deals we were linked to this January. Not a clue what he even looks like but I’m part of the fan club.


I think we have to give some credit to the Kroenkes. I was among many who thought there was no future with them. But they picked the right manager (and exec team), showed faith in him when times were tough and backed him with transfers on a regular basis. They also responded to criticism by showing more of a public face through Josh (although thankfully not too public). I know for some people the kroenkes will always be the devil (especially those who lost ownership in the club) but if we want to be critical we also should offer praise… Read more »


Yeh. But do we have a go kart track tho???



They’re no angels, I don’t think that’s possible for a billionaire, but they’re certainly not the devil. Just look at other top clubs’ owners, unless you expand your definition of “top” and include Tony Bloom our ownership situation is by far the most stable and least likely to be problematic in the long term.

A Different George

I think the Kronkes have responded (after a pretty long lag) to the changed financial picture of the Premier League and club football throughout Europe. Arsenal’s old model–which existed when they came in–was to finish top four every year, but in the cheapest possible way, to pay for the new stadium and make a profit. That also meant never making the investment necessary for a title challenge. But that sporting model won’t work anymore because top four is much harder, and the business plan won’t work if Arsenal regularly finish sixth (or eighth!). So, now, they are willing to pay… Read more »


One hopes that the relationship between the club and the Kroenkes will become something more aesthetic and tangible rather than purely business. In other words Stan and Josh actually giving a shit about how the club operates beyond its balance sheet. Recent transfer window investment cannot be denied, however, neither can the reports that the Kroenkes business profiles and subsequent revenues are set to sky rocket when (not if 😉) Arsenal become Premiership Winners and return to the European Champions League. At the end of the day, all we want is to see our beloved lads wipe the floor with… Read more »


A year or so ago I watched Josh in a lengthy interview on a US sports show. He seemed humble and relatable and quite immersed in sports culture. He seems to be passionate about sports and Arsenal especially. The fact that he has built strong relationships and trust with Arteta, Edu etc is very encouraging. Personally, I hate that top European clubs are owned by Americans and Arabs and that the stadium is named after an Arab nation but I do believe we have an ownership and executive structure that is highly competent and committed in moving the club forward.… Read more »


Favourites to take over naming rights after the Emirates?

1. JVC
2. John Player (so we can get cool branding like the F1 teams of old)
3. Piebury Corner


Agreed. You can see Josh taking up the David Dein role, whilst his father quietly (but of course) adopting the Peter Hillwood (father) figurehead. It is, essentially, an Atsenalisation of the Kroenkes – and I am just as gobsmacked as any other Gooner at the high improbability of all, only a matter of two years ago. This title win could be the most important (note the use of the word important and not dramatic – I was at Anfield in 1989 and nothing will beat it, ever) in Arsenal’s history, not only for the manager, the players and the fans… Read more »

New Chairs to match being top of the Table.

I’m enjoying all this new furniture.


And hopefully something new to place on top of the Credenza in May.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Long live the Kroenke’s!


On a slightly different track, The results are good so everyone is happy with the ownership 😛 Financially, Arsenal are much worse that where they were a few years back. Hopefully the return of Champions League football will bring us to the green. If not, then Arsenal will join the long list of clubs that requires their owners to fund them. I am personally against the idea of having owners pump in money for a club to compete. If the most succesfull league in the world cannot turn a profit then imagine what would happen if, say, the league goes… Read more »


Just wondering where the women’s team fits in. Are they part of Vinai’s brief?


Off topic as I can’t comment on Tim Stillman’s articles. I always get a woosh of excitement when I see an additional post to the blog. Tim’s latest deep dive on Trossard was perfect lunchtime reading. Big up Stillberto!

A Different George

Completely agree. I often find after reading one of Tim’s columns that my reaction is something like “yeah, I saw that too and now I understand it.”


An example of how to do succession planning. Stan to slowly take an increasingly diminished role.

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