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Partey not risked by Ghana because of ‘small injury issues’

Thomas Partey was left out of the Ghana side today as they drew 1-1 with Angola in an African Cup of Nations qualifier.

The Arsenal midfielder played the full 90 minutes of the previous game, also against Angola, but was left on the bench as they did not want to exacerbate what were described as ‘small injury issues’.

Speaking to the press afterwards, manager Chris Hughton said, “Thomas has some small injury issues. We felt it was too big a risk to start him.”

It obviously remains to be seen how this might impact Arsenal as we prepare for the run-in, resuming on Saturday against Leeds.

The club sent physio Simon Murphy with the 29 year old on his international duty, perhaps concerned about some ongoing aches and strains, and he will be assessed on his return to London.

We need as many fit and healthy bodies for this title push, and having already lost Takehiro Tomiyasu for the rest of the season, the last thing Mikel Arteta will want is to lose a key midfielder.

The former Atletico Madrid man has had a chequered history with injury since his arrival in North London, let’s hope this one isn’t serious.

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Funsho Patrick

We all saw it coming!!🥺

VAR will solve all the problems

Hope he plays against Leeds. Last game against Leeds we were lucky to win. Their midfield is very dynamic and will press hard. Need Thomas to control the show. I have this suspicion that he may not be here next year; hence the pursuit of a marquee midfield signing. I have not heard any new contract talks, there are some external issues that we all know of and not allowed to talk about and also we have to transition from him sooner or later; combination of all those things may hasten his departure. Hope it isn’t the case because he… Read more »


Leeds have their own injury worries. Gnonto, Adams and Wober all doubtful for match on Saturday, plus this game is not at Elland Road which is always difficult.


Yea I would be incline to take all cautions with him. Let him be on the bench for leeds and hope we don’t need him.
We will deffo need him to play lots of football so no rush if at all possible…..



Kwame Amaning

Hopefully just precautionary and nothing serious.


If it was purely precautionary they would’ve probably played him though no? What do they care about how fit he is for us the next couple of months, he’d recover by the time he needs to play for them again

Parlour’s Pay Packet

I imagine the player has a say and probably cares a great deal


I really hope he does have a say!


What are you in about? If Ghana didn’t care, he would’ve been strapped and thrown on the pitch to do a full ninety plus added time. I bet you have no issue with Gareth for playing Saka (who has played a lot of football minutes than Partey) for entire duration of a match they were comfortably winning.


Why would I have no issue with that? I think you’ve misinterpreted my comment.

Walter White

A scenario like this is exactly why AFC had their own physio at the place to ensure no risks were taken. Good move by the club.


100%, I didn’t think about the physio being probably involved in that decision till they talked about it in today’s arsecast. Genius move.

Luton Gooner

I believe it was precautionary. He was still on the bench, so wasn’t completely withdrawn from the squad.

Granit(e) hard!

Feck!, I just pray it’s not one of those “small” injuries we’ve all now learn to dread. We need this guy for the run in, he is simply majestic in midfield ☹️


Fuck I hate international football.


Doesn’t take much to make us all panic now does it

At least we have Jorgi


Pretty much exactly what we’re panicking over:
Jorginho is NOT a shadow of Thomas Partey. I’d rather Mo was fit Tbh, at least his mobility keeps his structure. Jorgs is horribly slow in a fast paced league that attacks possession dominant teams on the counter. Exactly why Jorgs got ripped to shreds with Chelsea all-season long.

Pray to yer gods TP isn’t crocked!


I think he should be fine against most opposition honestly


He hasn’t looked half bad when he’s been asked to play, definately an upgrade on Mo. Think its just the bias on Chelsea rejects talking.


He’s a great passer, but he’s slow AF and a liability against counters as a lone #6. Did you watch him play for Chelsea or Italy this year? He’s also been lucky against us as his mistakes and slow recovery speed have exposed us, but we have mostly got away with it. Sure, I hate Chelsea and their rejects, and there may be some bias there, but he’s massively overrated and both Chelsea and Italian fans know it. Partey is a miles better player.


He is slow but I don’t get where you’re coming from. He’s been very good so far. I feel like our system suits him very well. We have a lot of support in midfield with Zinchenko and are blessed with two strong and intelligent center backs. All things considered, Jorghino can play out his strengths while the team as a whole somewhat covers his weaknesses. But those are just my two cents.

Reality check

Partey pulled a sickey.. good sensation


I really think we have to put a lot of eggs into finding the “next Thomas Partey” basket. We shouldn’t feel like this every time. A difficult task, good luck Edu.

Eric Blair

Caicedo, no?


Caicedo yes


I fracking hate international football!!

Please just let us have our players back uninjured!!! We got a title to win!!!


Need to sign a replacement for Partey in the summer. As good as he is, his fitness can’t be relied upon.


At least they didn’t play him..


It does make me wonder if Thomas might have been persuaded to play if Simon Murphy wasn’t out there chaperoning him?

Doctor Perceptron

Suspect he was suffering from these niggles prior to going away, hence why we sent the physio with him. Even if he can only managed 80% for the next ten games I’ll gladly take it!


Seriously 80% TP is still daylight ahead of slow ol’ Jorgs.


Really putting the “support” into the word “supporter” there 🙄

Granit(e) hard!

I really don’t share the view that Jorgs is such a bad deputy, I believe he just brings a different skill set to do the same job to similar good effect. Yes, he dosent bring Partey’s physicality or pace to the midfield, but he compensates for that by good positioning and so can break up play equally as effectively as Partey, main difference between the 2 being instead of carrying the ball like Partey, he makes the ball run for him using his excellent range of passing…what i like about him is he can ping it in different directions, accurately,… Read more »

Man Manny

“I believe he just brings a different skill set to do the same job to similar good effect,” you say.
I agree with the first part – he just brings a different skill set to do the same job. But “similar good effect”? No way. Partey does it much better than Jorginho. That doesn’t take away the fact that he is a good deputy.


Thank you! He’s a decent deputy, but I’d still rather have Mo fit. His passing game is simple, but he can replicate Partey for mobility and defensive positioning much much better than Jorgs – who is more a Xhaka replicate in my opinion and we now all know very well where Xhaka is best served on the pitch (not a lone #6).


There is no way he was suffering from this (if it exists at all) before the break because we kept him on the pitch and even moved him to RB. If there was any doubt he would have been subbed off first.

Naked Cygan

We are always too honest in sending players over to play international games. Rashford and Haaland faked their injuries and will be back this weekend. Why couldn’t we just say he was injured from the beginning?


Presumably the player themselves have a fair amount of agency in the decision… unless there’s something you can see on an x-ray or MRI scan it depends on self-reporting, which is notoriously fallible


He probably just wanted some Sunshine and Warmth on his muscles / bones!!


Sod’s Law v Murphy’s Law Here’s hoping it’s the latter 🙏


I understand the fear and trepidation but perhaps it’s like Haaland and Rashford, not really injured, just got managers who have had a word to international coaches to do us a favour. I’m not going to fret until I see confirmation that these are legit concerns and not the derivations of player preservation. Chins up.

Cranky Colin

Fuck Off


We’ve had two seasons of this now. He’s too unreliable. I’d replace him in the summer, he’s one of our highest paid players, we shouldn’t be extending his contract and he’s getting older. Time to cash in while there’s still a value.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

We wouldn’t be top of the league without him. Cheese and bread, lord give me strength 🙏🏻


That doesn’t mean we can’t replace him with younger, fitter and better. Attitudes like this are why we end up with an ageing squad and giving players away for free. Yes, he’s good when he’s fit but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t better out there.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Attitudes like this 😂😂😂


Thomas Partey is the best #6 in world football. You’re freaking mad if you think we should be replacing him. Bringing in a really good rotational piece at #6 that can develop behind him? Abso-freaking-lutely. But Partey is a bloody monster man. He’s a huge reason we are where we are.




Should do what Man U and Liverpool do – just withdraw their key players from International duties.

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