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The FA are at it again

The FA have charged Arsenal analyst Miguel Molina for a contretemps with Aston Villa counterpart Victor Manas which took place during the Gunners 4-2 win at Villa Park last month.

The duo were seated in the press box, and exchanged verbals and possibly gave each other a few slaps after the Jorginho strike came off the back of Emi Martinez’s head and into the net.

Molina clearly found it very funny, while Manas did not. We know who we’re backing in this one.

In a disciplinary update today, the FA said:

Aston Villa’s Head of Performance Analysis, Victor Manas, and Arsenal’s Technical Analyst Coach, Miguel Molina, have been charged following their Premier League game on Wednesday 18 February.

It’s alleged that Victor Manas’s behaviour during the 94th minute was improper and/or violent, and that his behaviour in the tunnel after the final whistle was improper.

It’s alleged that Miguel Molina’s behaviour and/or language during the 94th minute was improper and/or abusive and/or insulting, and that his behaviour in the tunnel after the final whistle was also improper.

Both Victor Manas and Miguel Molina have until Friday 31 March to provide their respective responses.

It seems to have taken some time for this to be issued, with little time to respond.

This is Arsenal’s 645th FA charge of the season after failing to control their players, greeting goals with excessive vigour, blinking too rapidly, running too fast, disrespecting the Celebration Police, Ben White’s shorts being overtly sexy, and many more.

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Bring it on


I realise this place a little while before, but all the while nothing happens for Mitrovic man-handling a ref and setting an extraordinarily dangerous precedent at grassroots level.

Not even going to mention Fernandes

The FA can go and fuck themselves.

Kwame Amaning

.. . With a rusty old spoon





Merlin’s Panini






Santi’s Thigh Grab

Auger wins. Congratulations.


(D) All of the above.


FA response:
Nothing. As always manure and their scum players doing whatever they like with total impunity, while Arsenal get fined for complaining when they cheat.
Nothing to see here folkes!

A Different George

I was wondering how Casemiro’s yellow cards fit into your PGMOL conspiracy theory?


It’s pretty cute that you think a league run by crooked billionaires, sponsored by bent bookies, refereed by slow, plodding, balding middle aged white men and administered by a bunch of ol’ nepotistic English Lord’s that are as transparent as the Vatican during a priest sex scandal is 100% pure and squeaky clean.


What does race have to do with anything?

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Know British history please before you comment. The Guardian from yesterday would be a good start.


That’s a brilliant article. As always the people that should really read it won’t. Just in case:

A Different George

So I will give a serious answer. I think most referees in the Premier League are crap. I don’t believe anyone pays them off to help Manchester United or to hurt Arsenal. The reason I believe that is because there is no evidence–none whatsoever–to support that foolish and dangerous theory. The example of Casimiro was intended to show you that you simply pick facts that you like and ignore all those that contradict your “theory.” If you talk to Liverpool supporters or, for that matter, Burnley supporters, they also think the FA conspires against their clubs, that the referees are… Read more »


Blah blah blah you really believe there are no instances of corruption with that much money involved? It’s so blatant you just have to look at the inconsistencies of the foul calls. Who says that the fans of all those teams calling out those refs are wrong? Remember Juventus being relegated to série b for bribery scandals involving refs?


“No, no, no young chap. That could never happen in good ol’ England – the land of righteous dignity and especially not by us well to do folk with all the power and money. We know exactly what we are doing.

Now Giles, where is my Gin and tonic, it’s 11am and my head is killing me. Giles? Giles? Dam unreliable, lazy servants – if I could have a couple hours of your time, that is a topic that merits real discussion!”


lol. Facism?! I’m pretty sure the way the FA, PGMOL, and billionaire owners run the league with support of billionaire media tycoons like Murdoch has greater links to fascism than anything I’ve suggested. Chuck a healthy dose of sports gambling in and there is no way results in the EPL (or pretty much every other professional sporting league – football or otherwise) aren’t influenced by corruption of one means or another – a referee making decisions to bias probabilities of a certain result for bookies, or a group of referees biasing certain teams to favour larger TV revenues or for… Read more »

A Different George

So, there are literally millions of people in the United States who actually believe that Trump not only won the presidential election, but that he won easily, by a “landslide” and that the election was stolen by various “elites” (of whom Trump and his billionaire friends are apparently not part of). They believe this because Trump says so, and because they “feel” it must be true even though there is no actual evidence–facts–that supports this. That is the incipient fascism to which I referred. For what’s it’s worth (not much, but since you think I knw nothing about it and… Read more »

Emi Rates

I reckon they’ll throw the book at Mitrovic for that one. They have to.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

But can they wait to do it after April 30 when Fulham host Man City…


I have a mate who supports Wolves. He’d like to point out that Mitrovic had not been preceeded by two other players having a go at the ref, so it’s all OK.

Scott P

I, for one, am willing to open my wallet and chip in for as many of these fines for Ben White’s shorts as necessary


That could set a dangerous precedent. Then we’ll have to remain transfixed by Grealish’s calves!


How much did VAR get fined for making two decisions wrong that would have got us at least 2 more points?

Emi Rates

As long as Arsenal’s Technical Analyst Coach (ATAC) is controlled that’s all that matters. Under no circumstances must ATAC be seen to be having fun.


Reports are claiming the FA will try to control him by tying his legs together using a Snow Speeder.


Excessive celebration, gurning at his opposite number, mooning at the 4th official, showering the entire press box with his beer and making fart noises with his armpit at Martinez were all highly appropriate and understandable actions when the goal went in off the keeper for 3-2 at Villa Park. He should be congratulated and decorated by the FA.



Lithuanian fat gooner

Blogs you are amazing! Especially at the end i was laughing my arse off! Maybe we do a millennium this season!


So their guy was violent but ours wasn’t. ……

Emi Rates

These bloody Technical Analyst Coaches are all the same.


Yeah but our guy hurt the violent guys feelings which is a big no no

Richard Roberts

He’s not that kind of technical analyst…

He’s never analysed like that before, it’s not part of how he analyses the game and it’s out of character

Santi’s Thigh Grab

That works for other teams analysts but not ours.

Naked Cygan

What about that bastards Rodri? Will anyone look into that son of a bi”tch and ask why he tried to injure Odegard and Tierney?


F’d in the A


Damn you, **checks notes**, Ben White’s shorts


They got the date wrong, absolute numpties!


Meanwhile, T*ttenham.
They should be censured for being overly funny. I mean, they’re a running joke anyway but they’re milking it a bit now.

Emi Rates

Five years ago they were pretty good, probably better than us, but that was then and this is now. Everyone except maybe the most deluded Spud knew it wouldn’t last. True to form they won nothing during that time and now it’s over.

Let’s win the PL and really rub their noses in it. COYG!


Not only did they not win anything during the years they finished above us in the league, but WE DID!!


I mean, that’s a big call for a club that specialises in crises.


I’m guessing that’s actually worst crisis that T*ttenham have ever faced this week.


Specialist in failure

Emi Rates

He left for Roma a couple of years ago.


The day is coming when those cunts will charge us just for getting off the team bus.

Corrupt cretins; they truly are scum.

Please God we win this fucking title, because the champagne is going to taste oh so sweet.



I think we should pause and have a breather before speaking about Arsenal’s accusations. My experience is that we are always accused no matter who started the actions/provocations. It’s not easy to be a gooner. We are expected to behave more than a priest when our club or players are disrespected or belittled. So the best you can do old boy is to take a breather before you decide what to do. I will not tell you what to do, you decide.


Brilliant. Our lad took the piss we get charged for that because their lad is a baby and lashed out.


Wait until we win the league and they deduct 9 points for improper conduct while celebrating, as they take the trophy away from Odegaard and hand it to City.


Even our geeks are hard men.

This guy FUCKS.


By the looks of things, FA will go on and charge Arsenal if they happen to win the Champions cup come the end of May.

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