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Report: Ankle ligament damage ends Martinelli’s season

In not altogether surprising news, David Ornstein reports that Gabriel Martinelli will miss the final two games of the season after suffering ankle ligament damage in the 3-0 defeat to Brighton last Sunday.

The Brazilian was hurt by a nasty first half challenge from Gunners transfer target Moises Caicedo, and although he tried to play on, was replaced after just 19 minutes. He was then seen sporting a protective boot at the end of the game.

Martinelli has been one of Arsenal’s best players this season, with 15 Premier League goals to his name, and 6 assists in all competitions – making 46 appearances in total.

He’ll now sit out the remainder of the season, and hopefully he can recover sufficiently to take part in pre-season which will see us take on Manchester United and Barcelona among others.

With a trip to Nottingham Forest on Saturday evening, Mikel Arteta can choose between Leandro Trossard, Emile Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson to replace Martinelli on the left hand side of the front three.

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Not even booked


To be honest, it looked more unlucky than nasty. I didn’t think it was a bad or dangerous challenge. It was the type of tackle that happens many times each game, just cause an ankle to roll the wrong way.

A Different George

It may not have been intentional or nasty, but it was a clear yellow. He did a few more. I like James’ comment in the Arsecast Extra that one reason we should buy Caceido is that he apparently can never be booked at Emirates Stadium.


Well if you tackle someone from behind it will always cause lots of damage than if a player can see the tackle coming. Intentional or not any footballer knows chances of hurting an opponent are way high with a tackle from behind. Now falling on someone from behind is almost guaranteed to cause some damage

Mikels Arteta

You sound like the commentator. Unintentional or not, garbage tackle, a yellow all day long. Our last couple of games have seen the officials be much more lenient when it comes to challenges.
Officiating has been average at best this season


Ah I forgot, we love in the world of irrational rage.
Considering Martinelli himself didn’t get booked a minute earlier, I can’t see how this was any worse. Not a great tackle, but people here comparing it to shawcross…pfft… Come on…
9/10 there is no injury from that tackle. It was certainly a foul, maybe (probably) yellowish (but no worse that Martinelli clattering their guy), unlucky he rolled his ankle. It wasn’t malicious. It’s footy injuries happen. Seen far worse this season let go (on arsenal players too).


Hopefully we’ll buy Caceido early in the transfer window so as Martinelli can stick one on him in training, but still make sure he’s recovered for the season opener.
If too risky, I imagine a quick round of Roshambo where Martinelli gets to go first will sort it.


I don’t know who your commentator is but one of the guys on my TV channel is former Chelsea player and intolerable cunt Andy Townsend. He went on and on and on about how Martinelli was lucky to get away without a red card for that “nasty assault ” on Mitoma. Then Caicedo carelessly lands on Martinelli’s ankle from behind and immediately Townsend, that cunt, who was still talking about the Mitoma incident goes, “just a foul, just a foul, no malice in there for me, just a foul nothing more” he also hinted at Martinelli making a meal of… Read more »

Emi Rates

Not just a cunt, a Chelsea cunt.


Special Cunt.

Gooner Z

I know right, this guy pisses the piss out of me, he is the the Howard Webb of commentators

Harry Callahan

Me too…me too…Yeah I heard that too….


Bummer. He has had an incredible season. Most of the talk is around Odegaard and Saka, but his positivity, drive and hustle, have been an undeniable part of our success this year. I say give Reiss a start for the last two games. He’s looked good when he has played.

Spanish Gooner

People really overlook how good he’s been and how young he still is. He was one goal off breaking Firmino’s record for the most goals scored by a Brazilian, and had a better goal per game than Cristiano at the same age. Incredible player.

Heavenly Chapecoense

My preferred player, so exciting to watch. If he scores more, he will bench Neymar in the national team.

Big L HoP

And Vinícius?


Bless you


Why giving a start to Nelson who reportedly is on end of contract and has refused an extension


Yes, and also, i really dont rate him at all.
But from what i read here, everybody likes him.
Not good enough from us.
Should start Smith Rowe instead


You have to start Trossard on the left for Forest and Wolves.


To increase his sell on value.

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez

no sell on value, as his contract is about to expire


Sad for Martinelli as he could of added a goal or 2 to his impressive 15 PL goals this season in the last 2 games, expect Miki to use Trussard to take his place v Forest, do agree that Reiss deserves a chance of starting a game.

Emi Rates

Good post, top avatar!

Naked Cygan

When it rains it pours!

Spanish Gooner

The person who plays in his place will tell us a lot about this summer I feel. If Nelson seems like he’ll sign a new deal then he could get a lot of game time, but if Trossard plays 80+ minutes in both games then that could be ESR and Reiss both out the door.


The likes of Fabrizio Romano have already reported that Nelson’s contract will not be renewed

karl g

With this and his comments about money, Caicedo isn’t going the best way about getting that big move.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

He apologized to Gabby


And who gives a royal fuck.
Put a reducer in for no good reason. F that guy.

Oh, will he now want to come to AFC for say 40M b/c he blunderubssed Martinelli’s ankle? Ha, whatever.


Gabi put in a truly awful challenge on Mitoma. And very shortly after, Caicedo clattered Gabi. Seems to me he did it cos he’s the kind of guy who sticks up for his team mates, not ‘for no good reason’.
No idea of we will – or even want to – sign him…but if we do, I certainly won’t put a negative slant on it because of that challenge.

karl g

They both did it because the referee wasn’t doing his job. Now that ended with a needless injury.


So did Shawcross…

Adney Toams

That’s his transfer off MY books!


Well with the title up in smoke the timing is a good thing, but I’m still miffed at the two dickhead commentators feeling that he was asking for it.


Caicedo can fuck right off.


I hope this sends a message to Arteta. What if this had been in December. I admire how he wants them to get used to playing twice a week, and downplaying the risk of it. And I think some of that pushing players further is good. But the reality is you just cannot use players every 3 days for 90 min. They will break down at a certain point. Some lucky players can do it their whole career, most can’t. We need at least 2 more attackers that MA trusts.


We do need more players.

One point though is that if you destroy most teams without breaking a sweat 50 games a season starts to look more feasible. If every game is a battle maybe not so much.


That tackle was revenge for Martinelli’s foul on Mitoma.
His apology came not from concern for Martinelli’s wellbeing but rather smoothing things out because he wants the move to Arsenal.
Surely there are better players than him out there to fill that position – In fact, I believe there are better signings out there for Arsenal than Declan Rice, especially at the price West Ham are asking.

karl g

At a combined £170m I think you are right.



Teryima Adi

Get well soon, Martinelli. Cheers 🙏🏾


Don’t be a twat

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Going to need a bit more from you so people know whether to upvote or downvote you or was this just life advice?

Cranky Colin

Prem league referees are instructed to encourage mayhem.
It’s exciting for the punters and increases revenue but it’s unfair on the resultant injury on players.
Letting stuff go, is always gonna lead to mayhem as the game progresses.

To my knowledge you don’t get this shit in Europe or in intl tournaments.

Only ref who consistently does the right thing in England is M Oliver.

Been and Goon

Martinelli is a legend in the making, and I am confident that he will come back stronger and more determined. He deserves a well-earned rest. Regarding Caicedo, a sincere apology before his first training session will suffice 🙂

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