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Aaron Ramsdale talks to Kicker magazine – full transcript

Aaron Ramsdale took time out from Arsenal’s training camp in Germany to speak to local publication Kicker.

We’ve run the transcript through Google Translate and our keeper talks well about his and Arsenal’s ambitions for the future, the arrival of Kai Havertz and the excitement of playing in the Champions League.

On what he’s looking forward to next season…

Hearing the Champions League anthem is going to be really big, especially for our fans. But also for us players, many will be playing at the top level for the first time. The European Championships in a country as crazy about football as Germany will also be special. Other than that I would just be happy to play another strong Premier League season. Nothing beats the league. We are particularly looking forward to that.

On how he feels about last season…

We were so close but just didn’t make it in the end. But now we have experience of being in that kind of situation and hopefully we’ll go one better next season. We’re looking to strengthen the squad once again with a veiw to attacking all competitions.

On what Arsenal needed to do last year to win the league…

It’s difficult when you’re up against a team that wins the treble. But we should only have looked at ourselves. There have been a few games that slipped out of our hands that we should have won. But you never win on the first try.

On the aim being to win the league…

Naturally. We really want to win. We want to create a culture of winning here. At the end of the journey, we just have to win something, whether it’s the league or the cup. We set ourselves big goals that some might find unrealistic, but we want to be the best. Of course it will be difficult with the strong competition in the Premier League, but we know that if we prepare well, we have a good chance of being one place up.

On where Arsenal can improve…

We need to be more consistent with our style, which many players first encountered last season. More consistency in playing our game without adapting to some opponents.

On the arrival of Kai Havertz…

A very good signing. Havertz already has a lot of experience, was captain in Leverkusen when he was very young. He is an international player, has won the Champions League and scored in important games. He can play in different positions, which helps the team. He’s also a tall boy, so he can also help with standard situations, including defensively, which shouldn’t be underestimated in modern football.

On his thoughts of Havertz when they were opponents…

Above all, it is striking how different he can play. He’s so good with the ball at his feet but at the same time he can be a target player. You can never really rest against him because he is constantly looking for free space. In addition, he is very generous on the ball and likes to use the wingers or players who move up from midfield. We want to bring these qualities to bear in our game.

On what Arsenal need to do to beat City in the league…

Win more games than them! You have to be almost perfect all season, we’ve seen that in recent years. Liverpool lost just once in the league but still failed to win the championship. You have to win your games and take points from them when you face them. And then of course you cross your fingers that they trip up a few times and you can take advantage of that.

On his personal goals for the season…

To play as many games as possible. It’s easy to take the position of first-choice goalkeeper for granted, but that can be over very quickly. Otherwise, I don’t want to set goals that are too precise, because once you achieve them, there’s nothing left to work towards. Play a lot and help my team win games, which I’ve been able to do a few times this past season. I want to build on that.

On who he’d like to face in the Champions League…

The Champions League itself is so outstanding that it really doesn’t matter who you play against. Of course, there are sensational stadiums in Europe like the Bernabeu, the Camp Nou or the Allianz Arena. Playing there is what you want to experience as a footballer. But for me, who has a special fondness for the crazy things in football, it would also be great against Turkish teams, where there is usually an incredible atmosphere – even if, as an opponent, I didn’t like it that much at first. But I would like to experience that once.

On his goalkeeper heroes…

My first was Gianluigi Buffon. When he wore the gold jersey with short sleeves at the 2006 World Cup in Germany and became world champion, that stuck with me and is one of the reasons why I play with short sleeves today. And then there was Jussi Jääskeläinen, who played for Bolton, my club at the time. I watched him closely every weekend.

On how he’d describe ‘Artetaball’…

Exciting. Fun. Structured in the way we try to score goals. If you look at some of our goals, the build-up play before that was just great. I think the fans can see that we want to play football the right way. However, we can also play very directly, there is not only plan A.

On his duties as a keeper in this type of system…

To be ready at any time. We always talk about having 11 players on the field when we have the ball, so I have to be confident to be able to help my team with the ball at my feet. It’s something I enjoy, but still need to work on. But I am able to launch attacks on my own. Sometimes with a simple pass to a defender, sometimes with a long ball forward.

On playing for England at the Euros in Germany next summer…

That would be incredible. But first I need to play well for Arsenal to get into the squad and oust a superb goalkeeper there in Jordan Pickford. Of course, it’s every boy’s dream to represent his country in a major tournament. And that too in a country with such great footballing importance and culture, which appreciates football so much. That would be very special.

On his England debut being a career highlight…

Probably, yes. Mainly because my family was in the audience. For me it was a pleasant game, we won 10-0 against San Marino. So it was a very good way to get into the team, build connections and take the excitement out of my next assignments. Also, after that there was no discussion in the media as to whether I should go back between the posts at all. That was the highlight so far, yes.

On it being his aim to become England’s first-choice keeper…

Yes. As mentioned, I don’t have many goals, but of course there are the obvious ones. For one thing, being Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper for the next ten years. On the other hand, being the goalkeeper of the English national team. That would mean a lot to me. I definitely want to face this challenge.

On his memories of Arsenal under Arsene Wenger…

As a West Bromwich Albion fan, what I remember most is that we lost to them a lot. They had many leaders on the pitch who could dominate a game. I remember they were always very strong physically but also very elegant. Some of the best players in the world played here at the time, Thierry Henry made defenders look stupid and scored goal after goal. The legendary O2 jerseys also made a special impression on me. That was a great time for the fans.

On what Arsenal fans can look forward to next season…

Lots of energy, lots of desire. And that everyone feels connected to the club. It’s a fact that there are many games that we will win, but also some that we will lose. But the heads will never go down, we will keep trying – every three days. And I can well imagine that there will be a lot of beautiful and exciting football to watch again.

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If England were smart they’d have this guy in goal every game instead of a guy with arms shorter than a theropod.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

If Southgate* was smart.


Thinking back 2 summer ago my initial reactions knowing the club was targeting Ramsdale with that fee and with Leno in the team….. how wrong I was. Seeing Ramsdale’s energy brought to the team, firing up fans (friendly or foes)….. truly just love his energy…. He is definitely part of the uprising of the team! Just remembering his save on Maddison’s free kick! And many more…. From this transfer and onward, trust in Arteta and Edu and the crew will never be swayed.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

This time last year, I was excited for the start of the season, but I think my excitement for the start of this season has doubled.
The boys showed how they responded to the disappointment of finishing 5th. Now, with these quality additions, and the pain of being so close, I’m sure the focus will be there, and big things will happen

Naked Cygan

I still think we should sell either Nketia or Balogun and get a proper striker. Jesus will get injured again at some point in the season and we will be going around in circles debating if nketia is good enough.

A Different George

Really interesting guy–some unexpected thoughts, like playing in Turkey and the O2 jerseys. And “politically” aware, with the praise for Germany’s football culture. One small point, regarding Google translate: he talks about Havertz’s height helping in “standard situations.” I assume that should be “dead ball” or “set piece” situations.


Every time you see or hear Rammers, you know why Arteta signed him. Absolutely the right mentality, character and mindset. Imagine how he is in the dressing room. Inspired signing.

Teryima Adi

Ramsdale- Legend

Heavenly Chapecoense

“We want to create a culture of winning here” why the thousands of downvotes when I demand the same thing here.


You have no right to demand anything from anyone on any only media platform, stop this narcism please.


What are you talking about Coense?

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