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Arsenal Women bid for Mary Earps

Arseblog News can confirm (not that there was any reason to doubt!) Alex Ibaceta of DAZN’s information that Arsenal Women made a bid for Manchester United goalkeeper Mary Earps this summer.

News broke last week of a bid for the England number 1 but no club name was mentioned at the time. Alex has deciphered that Arsenal were the mystery bidder and she reports that the Gunners are prepared to go back for a second bid. Alex reports the bid is substantially higher than the record £100,000 for a goalkeeper paid for Kailen Sheridan by San Diego Wave.

In a summer where Arsenal have already taken United and England striker Alessia Russo from United, the bid has caused shockwaves in women’s football, not least because Arsenal signed Canada stopper Sabrina D’Angelo in January and extended Manu Zinsberger’s contract by one year in March.

Arseblog News also understands Gio is likely to go out on loan again with Atlético Madrid a potential destination. The Brazilian joined the club last summer from Barcelona but was immediately loaned to Everton, however, her loan was cut short in January and she returned owing to Arsenal’s injury crisis.

With Beth Mead returning to fitness and Cloe Lacasse and Alessia Russo also signed this summer, Gio is likely to go on loan to continue her development.

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Crash Fistfight

Don’t see why Man U would be interested. It’s peanuts to them in the grand scheme of things.
PS – somebody really needs to tell you lot how to use “however” in a sentence.

The Beast

Have a word with Alessia Russo, maybe she’ll be able to provide some insight.


Arseblog News reader Crash Fistfight here pointing out the misuse of a comma in place of a semicolon in a sentence that should have read “…but was immediately loaned to Everton; however, her loan was cut short in January…” Another common misuse of semicolons is replacing them with full stops, with an example here coming from Arseblog News reader Crash Fistfight in a sentence that should have read, “Don’t see why Man U would be interested; it’s peanuts to them in the grand scheme of things.”


However I try I’m unable to care! However, I did find to my delight that however these sentences are correctly constructed, the readership doesn’t usually notice. Crash Fistfight in this case, however, might be onto something extraordinarily pedantic; however, I’m still unable to care.

Little Cubby


Little Cubby



Niiice. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 20 years now and I’ve been dreaming of the day when Arsenal (men and women) will go after some big well known players. I guess the time has come.

Fun Gunner

I don’t care if they are big names, or unknowns as long as they are the best we can possibly get.

Glenn Helder's Perm

You think the men’s team haven’t gone after any big well-known players in the last 20 years?


Arsenal are building an army of keepers!

Left Testicle

Can any of them invert?



Teryima Adi

The Raya Factor it’s called.


For people wanting context: Manu is likely to leave at the end of the season to be closer to her wife, who lives and works in Germany. There have been suggestions (that I’m sure Tim can’t write here due to the speculative nature of them) that Mary Earps is not particularly happy at United (who can blame her) and that this is a similar situation to what Arsenal did in January where they bid aggressively to show a player—Russo in that case— how serious they are about wanting her on the team. Given the circumstances of United having no real… Read more »


Hadn’t thought about Manu going,but what you say makes sense,she must have taken a fair bit of persuasion to stay this season


Believe she had a plus 1 triggered, though unknown if it was a mutual plus one or a results based one, as it was triggered as the team made it into the UWCL QF against Bayern.


Yes had read about the plus 1,but not sure about the context, glad she’s still here but as you say that’ll probably be it

Little Cubby

Hi ‘Leah’ 😊


Fuck off!
…. as Mary might say.
Only the best for the Arsenal.

Little Cubby

I think she is the best!


British GQ published an interesting interview with Mary Earps a few weeks back which, among other things, touches on the contract she’s currently in the final year of at Man U. A few details – when her previous contract was coming to an end in 2021, she was offered a new contract. The amount on offer wasn’t enough to live on. Although they subsequently increased the offer, she still had to take out a credit card for the first time in her life to help her get by. She’s currently in the third year of that contract. It was a… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

So she’ll be a Gunner next season for free then! It seems our system is now where we register our interest in a player by offering a world record bid knowing full well that it will be rejected but it puts a thought in a player’s mind that Arsenal really want me and I can go there on a decent salary when my contract expires at the end of the season.
Just a thought or am I being cynical again? 🙂


Worth bearing in mind too that Russo is 23. Earps is 30 – her next contract, whoever it’s with, may offer her last chance of a decent salary and a chance to win stuff at club level.


I think Hemp also is in the final year of her contract. It’s about time we put a bid in and hope that she comes on a free next year.


Hempo would be a great signing tbh. Are you certain she’s in her last year? I can remember her signing a new deal but I’m not sure how recently that was


Yes she’s got one more season with them.

Fun Gunner

Yes, you are. And you are correct!

Fun Gunner

Absolutely staggering. And yet, no surprise at all from the club which had to be shamed into reviving its women’s team.
Everything about the way the women’s side is run screams “afterthought”. They really don’t care and they are getting what they deserve.


Good article,gives you more insight into how much further the women’s game has to go

Peter Story Teller

If United refused £500k for Lessi and then let her walk for free what makes anyone think that £100k is a serious bid for arguably the current No1 of No1’s in the world, record fee or not?
I’d love to see Earps between our sticks but it’s not like we haven’t got a decent keeper or several in our ranks already. Maybe this is another mind game a la Chelsea’s bid for Katie to try an unsettle the apple cart!


Alex reports the bid is substantially higher than the record £100,000 for a goalkeeper”


Bloody hell! Hope this happens. We’ll have an exceptionally strong defence if it does, and if we also get right back cover


Really hope we get her. She is the best goalkeeper in the world for many reasons but my favorite one is her communication and coordination with her defenders.

Fun Gunner

Can you imagine this even happening, three seasons ago?

I don’t think ManU will let her go, but I am glad we are trying to upgrade our keepers. Between Manu and D’Angelo we have a top class keeper, but unfortunately we can only field one at a time.


Eidevall has some crazy ideas about personnel. Last I checked, Zinsberger was an excellent keeper. Does he think that wasting money on Earps–also a good keeper–is going to put the Gunners over the top? I doubt it. It’s more of the zaniness that has him thinking Russo is another Kerr; she isn’t: 10 goals last season; plenty of people in recent years have made more.

Fun Gunner

I don’t think Russo is another Sam Kerr, pretty sure JE doesn’t either. He just sees her as exactly right for his system. In Blackstenius and Russo, he’s brought in the same player twice, if you see what I mean, so clearly that is his type of striker. And Russo is an upgrade on Stina, though it pains me to say it. A striker like Kerr or Miedema can shine in anyone’s system because they’re generational talents. Russo is not at that level but in the right environment she could be as effective a goalscorer. I’m afraid I have to… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

Agreed, Manu has improved hugely during her time with us but Mary Earps she ain’t and probably never will be! Also as highlighted above, this is likely the last season as a Gunner for Manu and if we don’t think Kaylan will be back up for Sabrina we’ll be looking for another keeper. I think this offer is just our way of saying to Mary we’re here and would like you on our side!


Massive! Talent and character. Positive stuff.


Mary’s good but the lack of respect for Zinsberger is odd. She’s a top three keeper in the wsl. Arsenal needs to get healthy and build a identity with all their pieces they have. On paper they have the players to win the league. I’m curious how stina and Russo fair on the field together. Niehter one of them is dynamic so it could be really stiff and awkward with them together out there.

Peter Story Teller

No lack of respect for Manu but there are better players in her position around and since it is highly likely she’ll be moving on through her own choice we need to put a plan in place for succession. I think she was talked into staying for another season if anything because it cannot be easy living and working in a foreign country away from your spouse.It’s no good waiting until she is on the plane home before we even consider a replacement. Your other point is you don’t play Lessi and Stina together. You play one or the other… Read more »


Mary is 3 years older than Zinsberger. She Is not a long term replacement in my eyes. If zins is hell bent on leaving then fine get mary but most likely arsenal will have to wait till next year. Another off mary prime. In theory stina coming off the bench for Russo sounds fine but i can see stina not liking that situation and wanting out. Stina is a starter level striker she shouldn’t have to play second fiddle to anyone.

Peter Story Teller

It’s more to do with rotation rather than simple substitutions because to compete at the top level in all 4 competitions you cannot keep relying on the same starting 11 as they will be exhausted. How you keep everyone happy as a squad is up to the management. It is something that Emma Hayes does quite well and is why Chelsea have been so successful in recent years. Jonas, et al, need to find a way of doing it unless, of course, the dreaded injury curse appears as it seems to every season and that makes the team selection for… Read more »


I understand wanting a deep rotation but it depends on the quality of the player. I don’t expect a good starter to want to be on the bench unless for health reasons or age. If I’m in my prime I want to start and show off my skills(Stina).
I also think emma Hayes deep rotations is over with the lose of harder and erikssons. Which is good. I can see a new league champion this year (Arsenal) provided they get healthy.

Mikels Arteta

We should be going in for Mackenzie Arnold from West Ham

Peter Story Teller

Not a bad shout! She had a good World Cup and we already have a couple of familiar faces for her to feel at home. Still prefer Earps though. She commands the defence as well as being decent at stopping shots and using her feet.

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