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Eddie Nketiah receives first senior England call up

Eddie Nketiah has been called up to the England squad for the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifier against Ukraine on September 9th, and a friendly game against Scotland on September 12th.

The 24 year old is the record goalscorer at U21 level with 16 goals, and now has his first chance to contribute at senior level.

England manager Gareth Southgate said, “”It is an area where we’d like to have a look at him, he has really good pedigree, and he’s very good finisher.

“He’s a player we are really interested in.”

Congratulations to Eddie, who has been in good form for Arsenal so far this season, scoring twice in our opening three Premier League games.

He is joined in the squad by fellow Gunners Aaron Ramsdale, Declan Rice and Bukayo Saka – while there is no place for the best English right back, Ben White.

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Funsho Patrick

Eddie,steady,ready!!! Yaaaay!! So happy his hard work is getting rewarded!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Southgate watched that Palace game. One very humble fan spoke about the very good things he saw from Nketiah that day and would like to remind you all of that.




Well done Eddie, 👏 and Southgate for rewarding a player to the senior squad who has represented England on every level with being the U21’s top scorer, a humble, grounded confident lad he appears to be hopefully this experience will bring him up another notch to his increasing level of performances for us.


Southgate is afraid of Ben white, there’s no other explanation

Emi Rates

I reckon Southgate got “The Stare” after saying something thick. It would put fear into anyone so no wonder if Gareth was rattled.


He’s a moron. There is no way you can explain BW absence and continuous including of slap head and Phillips.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Southgate is acting the way MA would have done in not selecting Ben White because he did not put the team first at the WC.


Southgate will be gone after the next tournament. Ben White will be in the England team after.


Please, do share this inside information you have about how BW didn’t put the team first.


I don’t think HC is suggesting that BW isn’t committed to Arsenal Hopefully, it was more “if MA felt player x, see Ozil, Auba et cetera…, wasn’t demonstrating the requisite commitment, they would be thusly treated. Like Mesut/Auba/the lad from accounts in my office.


Problem with late night posting is that you’re (I am), robbed of the ability to form coherent arguments/sentences. And that making sense and writing concisely without sounding like a twat isn’t possible. And that I don’t make sense or make a point properly.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

See what you mean, yeah it’s a problem.

Emi Rates

Only flaw in your otherwise watertight theory being that Arteta plays Ben White week in week out so I’ll assume he’d do the same if he was England manager.


would love to know what Bennie did wrong/why he left during the World Cup. Maybe he just didn’t like passing to Harry Kane? Sent home for being to handsome? Only likes spray tans? Hates waste coats?

Mikels Arteta

If I’m Benjamin White watching Harry Maguire be the first name on the team sheet, I wouldn’t bother with Southgate. He’s a wank

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I think this is exactly what happened. BW wouldn’t put up with GS BS so he went home. He doesn’t give a toss about playing for the national team when he doesn’t get enough time with the Mrs. Given the demands of modern post-pandemic professional scheduling, some players will skip national ream commitments, especially if you aren’t playing and have to practice for a month and not play. Easy decision for someone like BW. Imagine sitting on the bench watching slab head perform, never playing and practicing in the desert everyday.


Very happy for Eddie.
But no spot for Ben White, while Maguire gets called up again? WTF???


Also Henderson, who should retire from international play given he’s retired from competitive play already.


LoL @ ‘given he’s retired from competitive play already.’


He should be retired by Southgate, never mind his own ambitions. It shouldn’t even be his choice – though he must have acknowledged his England days were done when he went to play in Saudi. Southgate’s comments on the LGBTQ+ side of the argument sounded reasonable to me in the first instance. And then you think for about a millisecond and realise he’s trying to say “I’m just a simple football man, this is not my job”. When the questions were easier to handle e.g racism after the Euros, he spoke very happily. JH is wealthy beyond imagination/reason, he should… Read more »

Emi Rates



To be fair, the best English right back can’t get a game for Arsenal at right back at the moment.


And Southgate is still in also is mind blogging


It really is a bit mad that he is still making the team, even with Mings’ injury. There must be other options

A Different George

I don’t support England, don’t have either any particular liking nor specific animosity for Maguire, so I think I’m speaking as a neutral in this case. However bad Maguire might be for United, he has played well for England, sometimes very well. Given that, I think Southgate is being both loyal (not irrelevant) and rational to continue picking him. More troubling is not that he has been poor for his club, but that he does not get enough game time at United. At some point, one would think, he would lose the match fitness (such as he has) and Southgate… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Maguire is a victim of internet abuse. That’s all it is.


That decision demonstrates just how useless and out of touch Southgate is. You can’t pick a player for international duty if he’s not even playing at club level. Henderson should be ruled out too as he’s playing in a weak league. I’m surprised he didn’t retire from England when he left Liverpool.

England are a joke right now, coached by a mediocre man who could never manage a big club side.

Good luck to Eddie, but he’s not an international-quality striker.

The Beast

Lol, as someone that doesn’t support England, the animosity that Southgate gets from some section of the support even though he’s like the 2nd most successful manager in the country’s history makes me giggle.

Never change England supporters.


The head of Harry maguire makes it difficult to see who is behind him


Good progress.

For someone who many fans are underwhelmed by to see off Balogun’s challenge and now this.


Harry Maguire ahead of Ben White is just a mind boggling decision. To be fair, Harry Maguire ahead of any English centre back is mind boggling

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Well done Eddie.
The reality though is that any English striker on a good run of form, can expect a call up, as there’s no standout strikers apart from Kane


Again people coming here with reality this reality that, spewing reasonable and objective arguments of all sorts… this here is an Arsenal website sir, and Eddie is an Arsenal player, we love him and firmly believe he’s better than all other strikers, unless said strikers also happen to play for Arsenal (or in our weaker moments when we think Arsenal might buy said strikers). Eddie fully deserves the callup because he’s the best English striker on earth, simple as that.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Well said. It’s annoying as fuck when certain posters repeatedly spew out negative takes on our players in a bid to become “the all knowing, all seeing super fan” with a healthy dose of entitlement. Tedious.

The Beast

Reality is he’s started the season as well as just about any striker in the league & deserves the call up. Everything else is just noise.


Benjamin must have made some very cutting remarks about Gareth’s waistcoats.

Robert Ombogo

Southgate hates Ben White I can now believe that


And Ben White hates football.

The triangle is completed with “Football hates Gareth Southgate”.


Leaving White out has to be personal. And if it is personal then it is juvenile. But since I am not English and love Arsenal, I’m pleased by this


Pleased from an Arsenal perspective – totally pissed off from a Benny Blanco one!

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

But he doesn’t even like football does he? Less “work” he is forced to do, the happier he is, no?

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I don’t think he gives a fuck.


I want to know what’s the beef about between White and Southdoor

Death by 300,000 Passes

Probably something that happened during the World Cup, when Ben was sent home for “personal reasons”.

Emi Rates

Gareth probably said something daft and was put off when Ben gave him “The Look”.


Defending picking Maguire as “lacking depth” is a joke. Southgate freely said Coady was out because he’s moved down to Championship but a moral-less Henderson is an okay pick? Unacceptable squad yet again.


Super stuff


Does anyone know what happened at the world cup for White to leave the camp early? Perhaps that is the reason he is not in the England setup?

Teryima Adi

Why does Southgate keep snubbing Ben White?
Congrats, Eddie

Master Floda

Basically replacing Toney. I hope he gets the chance to proof that he belongs in that squad and when Toney comes back, it’s gonna be Wilson who misses out. I firmly believe Eddie is better than him.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

Might need to hope he even gets off the bench first… Unless he plays Kane+Eddie.

Let’s see if Southgate dares to experiment in the friendly at least. I hope Eddie starts that one and at least gets like 10-15 min against Ukraine.


…them in against Ukraine and Scotland is what he’ll be doing.

A Gooner in Valencia

Well deserved. He’s started the season nicely.

Cranky Colin

Please pick him upfront if Jesus is not available….. please, pretty please!


Southgate sees Maguire as better than White. That is why North London is always Red and he is South – Gate 🤣🤣


As someone who has backed Eddie for years I am so pleased. I was dumbfounded he didn’t start against Fulham.
And I am the guy who said about Saka after THAT Chelsea game he must start.
And I like how nasty he is. I really do


The triangle of truth…

Gareth Southgate hates Ben White
Ben White hates football
Football hates Gareth Southgate

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