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Report: Tierney still on Newcastle radar, loan mooted

According to The Telegraph, Newcastle United remain interested in signing Kieran Tierney.

The Geordies have been linked with a move for the Scotland international for several months but have since prioritised recruitment in other areas taking their net spend to over £100 million.

As they look to comply with FFP regulations, it’s looking unlikely that a permanent deal could be agreed to this summer, but a year-long loan is an option with a fee for the Scotland international being deferred for 12 months. The report claims they are also keeping tabs on Chelsea’s Marc Cucurella.

Arsenal aren’t thought to be in a rush to do such a deal, particularly as Newcastle are top four rivals this season, and are waiting to see if any other clubs make a move. Real Sociedad are also thought to be keen on a loan deal for the 27-year-old.

Despite making several appearances as a substitute in the Gunners’ pre-season friendlies, Tierney didn’t make Mikel Arteta’s squad for the opening Premier League game of the season.

New signing Jurrien Timber started Saturday’s 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest and Takehiro Tomiyasu came on as a replacement when the Dutchman picked up an injury. Both are right-footed players and have been covering for Oleksandr Zinchenko while he recovers from a long-standing calf issue.

Underlining the strength in depth at Emirates Stadium, Poland international Jakub Kiwior can also play at left-back.

Tierney is one of nine players that Arsenal are keen to move on before the transfer window closes on 1st September.

Goalkeepers Arthur Okonkwo and Alex Runarsson, defenders Cedric Soares, Nuno Tavares and Rob Holding, midfielder Sambi Lokonga and attackers Nicolas Pepe and Folarin Balogun could also depart.

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Newcastle can fuck right off. The cunts.

Why the fuck should we in any shape or form be assisting them? Fuck that shit.

canon fodder

It would have been better to say ‘I don’t like Newcastle’. Were all the expletives really necessary?


newcastle as a city is probably fine, and some of us can even forgive the shirtless drunks punching livestock… but mbs can fuck right off, the cunt.


Listen mate, I’m from North London and we call a spade a fucking spade. End of.


You OK, babe?

Heavenly Chapecoense

I disagree. We are in a case where the player’s interest should prevail. Tierney has been a very good player for the club. If the new system does not suit him, we should make sure he gets transferred to a club where his career and family life do not suffer from it.


So, with Zinchenko injured and Timber now out for the season, you’d still sell?

😂 😂 🤣 😊 😂 😊 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😊 😂 😂 😂

Blackpool Albert

Agreed Qwalitee. Those knuckle dragging bints can take a flying fuck through a rolling donut 🍩.


if a player of tierney’s level cannot be used, it shows that arteta still needs to learn to be flexible in his strategies. it is also up to the manager to use a player to his strength.


Nope, it‘s up to the manager to establish a philosophy and use players that fit this philosophy.


Except for those times when the opposition has you totally figured out and you have no plan B because every replacement is more or less the same.

A Different George

Just sticking to left back, do you actually believe that Zinchenko, Timber, and Tomiyasu are “more or less the same?” On the other side, do all our right backs bring the same qualities? Are Ben White, Tomiyasu, Partey (surprise!) and Timber (haven’t even seen him there yet!) really “more or less the same?” To have a plan B when you are mid-table means throwing someone on who does something different, and probably isn’t as good, and hope for the best. To have a plan B when you are a title contender requires high-quality players who could have started, and sometimes… Read more »


Isn’t Timber playing as an inverted left back, just like Zinchenko? Tomiyasu is mainly a right back. He can play elsewhere but surely it makes sense to play your players in their best positions? Tierney is a high quality player who does on the left side of the pitch what White does on the right. I think most people would agree that Tierney and White are quite similar in style. And there’s no escaping the fact that KT is a better defender than Zinchenko. I haven’t seen anyone argue that Zinchenko is better.


This is one of the most stupid comments I’ve read on here. And that’s an achievement.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He said:” it is ALSO up to the manager……”. Replace Tierney by Saka and this will be clear to you. Isn’t Arteta’s role to use Saka to his strength? The concept that managers should play a system based on players they have is even more true than that of a manager having a philosophy that players need to adapt to. Can a manager in relegation zone implement an attacking philosophy?


He did use him. A lot. And now the style, strategies and back-up plans have evolved to the point where he is not using him nearly as much.

White Rice

I don’t get why Timber inverting from RB with Tierney as a traditional left back is not an option, if Timber is fit. Surely a more natural fit than having Partey inverting from RB and Timber playing at LB?
Last year we constsntly played like this, but ‘opposite’, with Zinny inverting from LB and White being a more traditional RB, why not with Timber and Tierney?


Tierney and Arteta have clearly fallen out with each other.

Man Manny

This lame assumption keeps popping up any time someone is not playing. First, it was with Saliba, then Martinelli; now it’s Tierney. When will this lazy narrative of “falling out with Arteta,” or “Arteta does not rate rate him” stop?


Nope Martinelli was coming back from a serious injury and had people who were already playing in his position (Aubameyang, smith Rowe). Arteta has preferred to play virtually every other defender ahead of him. Including a right back who was coming back from injury.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why each other? It is all one way.

Johnny 4 Hats

They can fuck right off with a loan.

Richest club in the world.

Strengthening a rival.

Nah. Jog on. I’d rather keep him than send him there and make them better.


If it‘s an obligation to buy at the end of the season, I’d be ok with it. If it’s only an option, I’d send them a nice little fck off.

Johnny 4 Hats

I suppose an obligation and a hefty loan fee would be ok.

But no favours should be done for a club like Newcastle.

Eddie Howe claimed they only had £50m to spend at the start of the summer. They’ve spent £150m so far. And they’re doing a bunch of shady deals with Saudi.

Fuck them. Being a child of the 90’s, I used to have a soft spot for Newcastle, but they can get right in the bin now.


Since when have petro-tribes cared about FFP/


Obligation to buy at 100m.

Johnny 4 Hats

Just so they can do a Fiorentina…


the point of a ridiculous obligation to buy is to force them to walk away from the deal altogether and never darken edu’s door again

Anders Limpar

If it’s a Joao Felix and the chavs style loan then I’m not against them paying 13 mil (or some other crazy price) for a season loan and we get him back at the end.


Yes, they might have FFP. And agree not to strengthen the rival, unless a hell of a fees next year.
With Saudi Pro League competing in transfer, spending ridiculous money. The PIF own 4 clubs there, will they be using these to buy players this season and then sell or send players needed by Howe to Newcastle? Cheat code. Lol.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You didn’t seem to have had problems with City selling us Jesus and Zinchenko or even Chelsea selling Havertz and Jorginho to us but I fully understand you only care about your club.


Selling our only genuine left-back seems to be a bonkers move, but what do I know? Tierney didn’t even get a place on the bench on Saturday so it looks like he’s going. Stupid. Saturday’s game seemed to indicate that Arteta has learnt nothing. We dominated the first half and then allowed Forest back into it in the second with sloppy defending. Then we had to hang on for the 3 points. We can’t seem to keep a clean sheet at home and we still look dodgy defensively. I suppose that’s why Arteta is so determined to get rid of… Read more »


I mostly agree. we were 2-0 up and let them back into the game. NF used the exact game plan that the TNT sport commentators were forecasting.
we were ineffective at creating big chances,
15 – Arsenal took a total of 15 shots during the 90 minutes, 8 of which were from inside the box. Despite dominating possession, they failed to create a single big chance. (by the numbers)
we were scared on their corners and we were soft on their counter attack.

A Different George

I think a while back, Fats, you would have been unhappy with a marauding left back like Tierney. A fullback shouldn’t be racing up the pitch to cross the ball–his job is to defend! We need a “genuine left-back” who understands his limited role. We need a keeper who uses his gloves, not his boots. And why don’t Martinelli and Saka learn to cross the ball–always trying to take defenders on, pass the ball, do all these fancy things. I think Arteta learned an important lesson last year (actually, I am quite certain he already knew it). You need much… Read more »


If a full back’s “job is to defend” why does Arteta play Zinchenko whose main job seems to be as an extra midfielder and who clealry isn’t as good a defender as Tierney?


I wish Fats was our manager. He knows everything!

Bossman Bill

What fresh hell etc etc


Got to be worth £60m with the current inflated prices


He would do fine for Newcastle, as they seem to play Dan Burn who is very slow. So that’s a reason to refuse any loan deal, without an obligation. He won’t be happy with not playing here, but if he’s back at the end of the season we’re back to square one again. I’m very surprised there isn’t much interest in him, he is a very capable full back and probably better than every other first team choice left back outside the top 6. Very strange.


Dan burn can get in the sea.


I’d argue also better than them. Probably only Robertson and Shaw that you’d argue otherwise really- and whoever Pep decides to field, though only because Tierney would struggle in their system like ours.

The issue has to be injures. According to Transfermarkt, since signing at the beginning of 2019/20, he’s missed 48 games. That’s not shy of a quarter of our games per season. I love KT, really thought he was going to be one of those ‘a decade of service and a club legend’ type players, but he just can’t be relied upon sadly.

El Mintero

Sadly true but but not any different than Zinchenko or Jesus..:


Jesus until his major knee injury last year had missed about the same number of games but since 2016, so significantly better.

Zinchenko.. Well, you’re right. But noone’s trying to buy him either!

Eric Blair

Clubs are likely put off by his injuries and high wages.

Man Manny

Tierney’s case is a graphic illustration of how key players can become fringe players as a club grows in stature. Sadly, it is difficult to make a case for him after Zinchenko happened to him last season.
My only advice would be that the club makes his exit as respectable as possible, and as financially accurate as possible. The latter may be a tad difficult seeing Arteta has made it overtly clear he is surplus to requirements.

Norwegian Wood

While not making a team is not a good look on an experienced international like Kieran, many top players at City do not make the team on many match days and they still manage to get sold for fair amounts. Kieran is better than many of these players. We have to find a way to build our club enough to command such respect. I don’t know what needs to be done, but we need to. I feel there is a certain disdain that comes with Arsenal and dealing with Arsenal. If Pepe were at ANY OTHER CLUB, the Saudis would… Read more »


Zinchenko did well as an extra midfielder but he is one of our weakest defenders. That nutmeg by Alexander Arnold to set up Liverpool’s equaliser last season was painful to watch. He is frequently out of position, meaning the other three defenders have to do a lot more work to cover for him. I think the fact that Arteta believes four players – Zinchenko, Timber, Tomiyasu and Kiwor (none of whom is a proper left back ) – are ahead of Tierney (a proper left back) says more about Arteta than Tierney. This is the guy, after all, who insisted… Read more »


This is the guy, after all, who insisted on playing a really terrible Willian over Pepe for nearly a whole season.

That’s not quite right. Presumably you’re talking about 20/21, and Willian played regularly up until Christmas, at which point ESR and Saka dismantled Chelsea and that was pretty much it for him, right?


Im starting to think that all of the other clubs in europe and saudi have formed some nefarious cult in which one of the conditions of joining is that they don’t pay any money to arsenal for any player. We finished second last season, pushing city all the way and we can’t get a decent fee for one of our players. Meanwhile clubs are spunking tens of millions up the wall for bang average players like maguire, neves, mctominay, fred, ward prowse, etc. Are you telling me the likes of Tierney, Pepe, Holding, etc can’t do a job somewhere else?… Read more »


Look where the money is being spent and who it’s being spent on. It’s about buying influence. If this keeps up mbs will be making an offer for an entire league next summer, same as they did with golf and are trying with pro wrestling

Teryima Adi

Our players don’t interest other clubs, that much is obvious.


Quite. Why would anyone be interested in players from the team which finished second in the toughest league in the world? Its almost as if there are some dodgy arrangements going on with other clubs to help them get around ffp.


It’s because we’ve been the most vociferous against the impact of oil money on FFP. when i mention that, people reply that we are sponsored by emirates, on shirts and stadium.

Emi Rates

Well it’s true that we are. We’re now also taking money to promote products owned by Unilever, a company that pumps millions of pounds into the Putin regime.

Blackpool Albert

Tierney is staying put as he doesn’t possess the qualities of a Newcastle player:
Low brow ridge
Slack jaw
Knuckles that reach the floor
Pea brain


The injury to Timber makes me a lot more hesitant to get rid of Tierney. Yes there’s still other guys who can play there. But Zinchenko has already shown he can’t stay healthy and Tomiyasu isn’t exactly a beacon of health either. Plus if you resort to using Tomi as your LB who’s the cover for Benny Blanco?. It’s getting murky.

Kiwior could play there but then your CB depth is less impressive.

Karl g

I’d have thought Keiran would be a valuable player with the manager wanting to be less predictable. However, all our left back options now are right foot inverted.

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