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Arteta on the win, the terrace love for Havertz and new knocks

Arsenal climbed up to second in the Premier League standings with a 4-0 win over Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium.

After the game, Mikel Arteta faced questions from Sky Sports on the performance, the love shown to Kai Havertz and knocks to two of his attackers.

Here’s what he had to say…

On winning 4-0 away from home…

Yeah, it doesn’t happen very often and great credit to the players for the way we played and the way we have earned the right to win the game against a Bournemouth team that are really high intensity and a really pressing team that caused us some problems. But yeah, doing it in the way we’ve done it today, after game after game, every three days with injuries that we had as well. Huge credit to the team, well done.

On Arsenal taking control after the first goal…

Well I don’t know, as a manager we never feel in complete control but they played really well against certain teams this season, especially against the big team,  and they’ve been really unfortunate not to get more out of it. We knew there was going to be a big test for us today, but we’re delighted to win the game. 

On Arsenal’s fans being very loud and supportive…

They were superb, again. Thank you so much for the support. Thank you so much, again for the empathy that they are showing with every single player. What they’ve done today with Kai after the moving moment of the team, when they allowed him to take the penalty and step in. It shows who we are, having each other’s back and and being next to each other when we need him and to show that level of appreciation towards him, it meant the world to him. So thank you so much to all our supporters.

On whether he knew Havertz was going to be given the penalty…

No, no. And that’s the leadership and accountability and the space that they have within the team. And they have really won my heart even more today because something is to win games and to play well. But when you have the characters and the good people we have in that dressing room to recognise that situation and to show that level of, again, empathy but as well trust to say, go and do it for the team. It’s absolutely magnificent to be part of that. 

On the desire to keep a clean sheet…

We know that keeping a clean sheet is going to win us a lot of games and championships and big tournaments. Now we’re getting a lot of consistency on that and we have to keep on doing it. 

On Saka and Jesus having knocks…

Yeah, he [Saka] could not continue, I don’t know, it was a big knock. I think Gabriel Jesus as well, he was limping when I saw him in the dressing room. So let’s see how we can recover players.

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Hopefully this gives Kai some confidence. Eddie continuing to start is confusing. Good to see ESR get more than 3 mins of playing time man looks lively.

At some point when the game is under control and out of reach Arteta will learn to take out Saka in certain games to avoid something dumb like this happening.


This sentiment … “will learn,” about a manager who has transformed our team into title contenders and completely transformed most of the fanbase — it is clear that there will always be some who are unreachable. I think the coaching staff now how to manage the loads of players and how to increase or decrease those based on their daily training with the players in question. I mean … wow. But I guess it’s all there in the confusion over Eddie’s performance in a 4-0 win. Love it.


I personally think Arteta would be the first to admit he’s still learning. For instance about genuinely competing on 4 proper fronts for the first time. Game management is something I’m convinced Arteta will continue to improve at on that basis.


Of course he would.
He would also tell you that Saka, and Saliba, and Rice likely won’t play today against Bournemouth. 😉


That’s more mind games, feeding the opposing manager via the media misleading information. Another good skill for an elite level manager.


You’re being a little sanctimonious, you don’t think?


Oh, completely. Just playing the game: if fans think they understand how to manage better than our manager, can’t I follow up with a crack of my own?

Of course I can.

I took a break for a year and a bit from all this, but not only do I get so much joy from watching our team player, but also get so much joy from promoting how excellent and loveable this group of players and our manager truly are!


Yes, Mikel has transformed our team into title contenders and that is what the fanbase has got on board with him. However, as well as the plaudits for the remarkable job he has done so far, people are still allowed to give opinions on how to improve further, and critique which may not always be positive. Judging by Mikels personality and drive, I’d say he’d take it on board and appreciate the desire to improve.


Sure, of course. But as I say above, I think the comments are funny; I love reading them. To think that Arteta and his coaching/medical staff are not on top of every aspect of our players’ fitness is uproariously funny. They know what Saka can handle, they know how to load Saka up and how to ease him down, and they know when he needs a rest. Hasn’t he played something like 80 straight games or something? I think they know what they are doing. 😉


Eddie made the first goal mate


Eddie playing is confusing because of what? Or you just, love hating on him for no reason. May was involved in building towards our first goal, his burst of pace won us the penalty, isn’t that what a striker should do? Or you expect him to dribble the entire 10 Bournemouth players round the goalie and score? Martinelli and Trossard are out injured incase you didn’t notice or are unaware the bench was very thin, ESR is far from match fitness, and I don’t trust Reiss defensive work which made GJ the better choice, leaving only Nketiah who is far… Read more »


So proud of the lads today. The togetherness is just brilliant to see and they’re all stronger for it. Worth all the support they get from us.


Tsamina mina, eh, eh
Waka waka, eh, eh.
£60M down the drain,
Kai Havertz scores again!!!

this is our year

why getting downvoted


People don’t get sarcasm lol


“The Korean Guy” though.

Tankard Gooner

That away crowd today, my god! Absolute bonkers, the lot of you! Couldn’t hear the commentary for a good 10 mins because of that Kai chant.. Those fans are the MOTM for me!


Do you know what it is ? Eddie tried his nuts off for his club but it’s never going to be enough ? Maybe he isn’t the top notch striker we’d like but give the kid a break ! Same as Havertz who played well today again
Good solid win !


The hate Eddie is receiving from some fans is appaling I tell you. The man cannot do no right. He is involved in the first goal. And wins a penalty and still that isn’t enough.


We need Jesus and Saka out there (esp with Martinelli out and Trossard not 100%). Hope both are back for the City match.

Steve Vuolo

Not sure why we played so many of our players who didn’t train during the week after we went up 3 nil. I texted my son “Take off Jesus, Rice, Saliba and Saka- the game is in the bag”. 2 of those players hurt when the game was done and dusted.


Next time text Arteta mate. 😉


He did, he’s Arteta’s dad.




Wish our home support goes as hard as our away support. More reason to support the efforts made by the Ashburton Army.

Not saying the home support is shit but it’s definitely not great at times. Onwards and upwards.


I go home and away.You’ll find all away fans are able to galvanise better than the home support for any club. It’s much easier to get a compact group of fans in a minority to band together and create an atmosphere than 60,000 spread round an entire stadium. Historically and currently the largest and most vocal area of support is in the North Bank lower. The opposite end from The Ashburton Army. They’re just more noticeable in their black outfits. Not knocking them – they’re still great! It’s just I do not buy into the narrative that the AA are… Read more »


Including this season’s 7 matches, since the 19/20 season when he was 18 years old Bukayo has played 159 Premier League matches and started 81% of them, 129 matches. Don’t know if the stats exist, but as a devout Arsenal fan who watched almost everyone of those matches, I’d say he’s taken hard kicks in 90% of them. Saka is 22 years old. It seems that late in every match we watch him rise slowly from an accumulation of kicks throughout the game. Understanding that contact is baked into his style of play – it’s part of how he dominates… Read more »


I remember Edu was allowed to take a penalty during his last game for Arsenal in a 7-0 demolition of Everton in the 2004/2005 season. So, yeah, Arsenal has always been class

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