Friday, December 8, 2023

Bournemouth 0-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal took three points away at Bournemouth thanks to goals from Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Ben White and – at last – Kai Havertz.

The German was handed the Gunners second penalty of the game, and with real pressure on his shoulders, he tucked it away well. A good day for him and for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Bournemouth 0-4 Arsenal and see the goals here 

Bournemouth 0-4 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I know this is unrelated. But the ‘Relegation Derby’ between Utd and Chelsea will be 🔥


youve neglected another side who play in a toilet


we all appreciate the sentiment but have you looked at the table recently


It’s week 7.

Mayor McCheese

For the perfect weekend, a draw for them today. Or a loss.


Obviously they are easy to hate but their current team has a couple of players (and a coach) who are kind of easy to hate a bit less… Ahead of us on GD this evening so let them enjoy the view for a few days before they inevitably press the down button!

Exit the Lemming

PGMOL will have a say in that to be sure

Exit the Lemming

Who will probably finish top four and have one of the most underrated managers in the world. Postecoglu is destined for bigger things that Spurs in the future


Everything is bigger than spurs, it’s not a huge achievement.

Bill Hall

Pure class that was letting Kai take the penalty!

Really pleased he scored, hopefully it will boost his confidence. We need to get behind him not bring him down because as bloggs rightfully put it, if he does well, Arsenal does well!


0/? for the number of cards shown to bournemouth today. incompetence and corruption have the same appearance and effect when they’re implemented like this from pgmol. going to be interesting which rules they decide to play by when we host the money launderers next week.

A Different George

This was a classic weak referee being unable to withstand crowd pressure, no need for conspiracy theories. He did, by the way, give us two (deserved) penalties.


Doing the bare minimum at work is hardly worthy of praise. Every pgmol official is at the same standard (trash).

Exit the Lemming

Crowd pressure? At the incendiary cauldron a.k.a. Dean Court? Are you kidding? it’s a library


All you could hear were arsenal fans, just like when we played there last year. Ref was a pillock.


Good win. Easy, really. Zinny outstanding. Special player.

Good to see Havertz well involved, Eddie a solid game. But the sooner Martinelli is back the better, he adds a layer of dynamism to our attack.

Took care of business against a pretty poor team. Now comes the big test. Up coming fixtures are where we need this team to level up! Let’s go gooners!


Well, if Wolves can do it, then so can we.

SLC Gooner

Raya did make one very good save at the end of the first half.


It was a great save – but he also misplaced loads of passes? I gotta say based on his Brentford highlights and reputation I was unwillingly in favour of him supplanting Ramsdale but while he’s been good in his matches so far he still seems to twat a lot of long passes either out of play or straight to the opposition. I don’t know if it’s just him needing time to get used to different movements (he played a lovely ball to White in the first half) but he’s not quite meeting expectations as the trequartista-keeper we were promised. That… Read more »


raya seems to be outperforming ramsdale in pass success % this season for arsenal averaging 83% vs ramsdale’s 65.5%. so compared to ramsdale, raya is a lot more accurate. raya’s lowest in terms of pass success game was vs tottenham where his pass success rate was 66% is still better than ramsdale’s average. so raya’s lowest outlier game is better than ramsdale’s average in terms of pass success.


Remember though he has big Gabi playing alongside Saliba in front of him ! Rambo had Artetas fuckwit brainstorm inverted diverted converted defence in front of him early in this season ! Less pressure on Raya because of that I’d say ? Good keeper though I’d struggle to separate the two stoppers !


Unfortunately, rammers data from every other session in the EPL point to the same trend. Without question, Raya is far superior to ramsdale when it comes to distribution (and cross claiming/aerially). All data support that.


I think as far as numbers go, transfer value is playing a vital role. I think, based on current evidence, Raya will be bought this summer upcoming and Ramsdale sold for twice the amount, at least. My ‘head’ opinion is there’s not much between them on the pitch, but off it, with our recent outlays and FFP… can’t blame the club, really. Still, I don’t like it. To me Ramsdale has that crazy goalkeeper personality that seems to attract trophies, and he’s younger. This is my ‘heart’ opinion. But money talks bullshit walks etc…

Giuseppe Hovno

somehow the defence looks much calmer with Raya compared to Ramsdale


yea its unfortunate. rambo’s so good and hasn’t done anything wrong really but Raya’s just better. 3 clean sheets from 4. aerially strong, ball sticks to his hands. and we’re more serene at the back.


…& doesn’t get distracted engaging with opposition fans.


Not his fault that he has character.

Exit the Lemming

Sledging’s only funny if you win (remember Joe Hart trying to take the mickey out of Andrea Pirlo at a penalty for England v Italy? His career never recovered it’s trajectory thereafter)

Exit the Lemming

For the 23/24 season to date, that’s a sample size of just 10 games where Ramsdale has started 6 and Raya 4. The only two decent sides we’ve faced so far are Man Utd (W 3 -1) and Spurs D (2 – 2) (where Ramsdale started in our win) It seems like crass hyberbole to claim that Raya’s ‘just better’ and ‘we’re more serene at the back’ with him in goal. Personally, given the choice, I’d prefer vigilant to serene but that’s just me.


its not crass hyperbole if the manager is picking raya as the number, it naivete to pick at straws to believe otherwise. and we are more calm at the back in the 4 games I’ve seen plus rayas stats are better in the PL last season if you want a larger sample size. also because I’m good at math you can predict something with a 90 percent confidence interval with a sample size of just 10 (with each keeper having played 10 games).

Exit the Lemming

I think you meant “if the manager is picking Raya as the number one” (but you’re good at math(s) so who are we to judge?)


Havartz scored (at last). Its been what, 6 games. Don’t feed the narrative, he’s been fine, and will only get better.


Saka could have been subbed earlier. The game was dead at 3-0.

SLC Gooner

Arteta needs to be very careful Saka doesn’t end up as Wilshere 2.0. He should rested for the mid-week match.


Absolutely! It beggars belief why he’s still on the pitch at 3-0 when Bournemouth are kicking everyone.


Ødegaard MOTM – 8 too low for him. He was involvert in all goals.


Zinny MOTM for mine. He’s just everywhere and anyone else noticed defensively he looks much more solid this season?

A Different George

I thought Zinchenko was really good, as well as he’s ever played for us. I thought Odegaard played like he might be the best midfielder in the world. Yeah, it’s Bournemouth, but both very impressive.


10/10 to the Bournemouth PA announcer for his outstanding impression of a chilling Halloween exorcism. What the hell was all that about?


10/10 to Wolverhampton Wanderers


Nketiah was not fouled and simply fell because he wasn’t getting to the ball.


nketiah had an ok game – won a penalty – not a 7.5 game. but yea that was definitely not a foul – his last touch was heavy and took it away from him, so he went down knowing he wasn’t getting the ball


These comments on here, I mean, on here, today, are utterly hilarious!

Eddie NoKtiah

A very, very soft touch. If that was Maddison or Grealish people would be rightfully angry at the theatrics.
Worse than the dive was his shameless appeal for a foul. Eddie fcked that one up and he knew that.


I wouldn’t call it a push, maybe a gentle prod, but without doubt that interferes with Eddy. He is playing the ball right when that happens. That’s akin to a basketballer having someone put their hand on them right as their releasing a shot – it completely interferes with mechanics and rhythm. It’s a foul, and a red. Incredible Bournemouth received no cards – I mean the rugby tackle on jesus? The tit-for-tat foul on Havertz, right after Havertz’ yellow? Sigh.


And that spiteful shove on big Gabi left corner? RIght in front of the blind muppet lino who then gives them a f/k for handball???

Exit the Lemming

Another dive and it was the correct decision

Solomon Grover

O mighty one.

Eddie NoKtiah

He was through on goal until he had his poor second touch, when he realised he messed up his chances and chose to dive.
And no, I’m not siding with refs or anyone, but I’m not biased enough to ignore his cheating attempt.
Like I said, if that was against Arsenal everyone here would be going wild, we should raise our standards ourselves and call those things out.
A better player would have stayed on his feet and chased the ball (never mind actually having a better control).
That was poor from Eddie, whether he was gently touched or not.


The fact you made that your screen name and claim you are not biased while wanting others to raise their standards?

Irony is always lost on fucking haters with no IQ. Fuck off.

Eddie NoKtiah

I meant I’m an Arsenal fan who’s not biased enough to think our players don’t do anything wrong and whine about refs at every opportunity, when we have enough quality to do better and not resort to this stupid things.
But now that you mentioned the irony, let’s point out that Eddie is incredibly average (even though he’s very likeable and tries hard) and adds little to the team, so when Arsenal fails to produce in the offence, don’t complain later when you’re supporting mediocrity. So be kind and do fuck off with your low standards.

Exit the Lemming

What are you like when Arsenal lose…?

Exit the Lemming

I’ve watched that incident back a few times now and would admit there is a light push on Eddie’s back by retreating defender Senesi. Whether this was enough to make him go to ground is debatable but he had lost control of the ball at that point with a heavy touch and was unlikely to score anyway. And there alas, you have in microcosm why Nketiah is not going to lead the line for Arsenal in the years to come.


Well, he probably should have been sent off against spurs so maybe we call it even.


Romero should have been sent off for spurs when it was 2-1 but refs gonna be bad because pgmol.

Exit the Lemming

I’ve signed the guest book thanks. “Nice location but the owner is prone to conflate his opinions with facts”


If you get pushed in the back in full sprint you normally fall. The push does not need to be hard for it to have a huge influence and in this case effect (Eddie was through).

It was a clear foul. Agreed, in those instances the fall looks soft. But as I said, small input, huge output.


If that were Maddison or grealish the media would be frothing at the mouth about how they were denied a penalty


there was contact for sure. i’ll look at it again maybe there was more contact than i thought. but i think him going down was a mix of knowing the touch took the ball away from him and there was some contact on him. tbf that was the best option in that situation. but from a referees vantage point – it’s hard to give that unless the player’s been hacked down or cynically fouled especially if the forward doesn’t have the ball under control.


I wasnt sure it was a foul. But they keep talking about the bar being higher for fouls etc so maybe that was something to do with it


Lightly. If that was called against Arsenal, . . .

Exit the Lemming

Pushed by the same ghostly apparition that toppled the 190 cm and 87 kg Gabriel Magalhaes to the floor in the corner flag and got him booked (correctly) for handling the ball on the ground?

Exit the Lemming

I agree and he should be embarrassed


Thought Eddie was great. Seems to play better with back to goal each week. I think Raya is more fluid and stylish than ramsdale, but I don’t see much difference otherwise.
Substitutions drove me mad. Too late and wrong order.


Eddie needs some goals (not least to quiet the fans who can only judge a striker by goals scored) but his contributions otherwise have been superb.

Bleeding gums murphy

Jeez you are so blinkered it’s unreal. No wonder you get downvoted so much 🤓


Eddie has been decent in all the games he’s played. In fact his contribution could be at par with Haaland if only we found him more like City does with their monster. Nketiah is no GJ as a finisher Nketiah is definitely better. And there’s a section of fans that concluded years ago that cause Nketiah did not cost anything he cannot be a very good striker and would turn a blind eye to any good work he does. GJ gets all the plaudits despite having zero goals cause of his trickery why can’t Nketiah be given them same courtesy… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

It’s not just about goals. Cheese and bread 😂


What else is it about? Strikers create chances for some, help build up play, score goals and Eddie did some of that today. But still that isn’t enough for you.


Eddie is a static, central forward type player. He makes our attack predictable. Jesus, on the other hand, has the capability (and the football IQ) to play on the wings and could probably do a decent job in the 10 role as well. His movement (and the need for the other team’s defenders to account for him no matter where on the forward line he is) causes so much havoc that it frees up lanes and spaces for our other forward players. It’s no surprise that Saka, Martinelli, and Odegaard are all at their best when Jesus plays through the… Read more »


I can’t argue with that, GJ and Nketiah are two different players. All I was saying is let’s appreciate Nketiah as a traditional number 9 instead of slating him for no reason. Saying he’s static is a bit much considering he makes runs in behind which are hardly ever found. Closest they tried was yesterday when Captain Fantastic almost found him with that sumptuous looped pass. I feel we have been spoiled by GJ’s game so much we cannot appreciate any other player in the position. If given opportunities to score Eddie will, Haaland is far less involved in City… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I love Gabriel Jesus to bits but if he has faults, it’s that he misses too many chances and that his over enthusiasm makes him drop back too deep to try and get on the ball and contribute to the attack. This makes us easier to defend against as the focal point of our attack is now in central midfield.


People in glass houses who throw stones… end up with bleeding gums I guess? 🙃


To be fair, strikers are supposed to be judged on goals. Not runs. Or hustle plays. Runs and hustle plays are expected of every offensive player.

A Different George

To be really fair, strikers like all other players, are supposed to be judged on whether they give the team a better chance to win the game. For example, it’s pretty clear to me–and I’m obviously not alone–that we are a better team with Gabriel Jesus playing, whether or not he himself scores.

Exit the Lemming

He’s a championship player at best, Ditto Nelson


Have to love the togetherness and spirit of the team: everyone celebrating each goal as if it were their own, sharing PK duties especially letting Havertz have the second one, continually covering for each other on the field and dropping back no matter the position they are playing, the bond with the fans, etc.. Glad to see Arteta take key people off, but would love to have seen Saka go off with the first wave of subs to protect him knowing he was battling a tough knock and it was a physical game. I hope the delay in getting him… Read more »


I thought Raya made a big save in the stoppage time of the first half.


Going to be interesting to see who Mik plays at keeper vs Citeh – Raya, I reckon?

Merlin’s Panini

Hopefully the penaty does Havertz some good. He’s worked hard every game and he just needs things to start coming off for him. I really hope people get off his back because he’s an Arsenal player not a Chelsea player and we need to make him feel like one.


People will get off his back when he produces more offensively (why we signed him). He’s putting in strong shifts defensively (particularly the last two), but he’s still playing with a handbrake on offensively. He carried the ball a little more today, which was a decent sign, but his passing was still really conservative and he’s not taking people on with the ball at his feet (I showed data that highlights this yesterday). Add that, and some finishing, and I guarantee I’ll be singing his praises. As our third biggest signing ever, and directly helping a rival with FFP, the… Read more »


Luckily none of these ‘people’ you speak of were with our away fans. Busy on here being bitter cunts when the starting line up came out, long may that continue.


He did create a few perfect chances that weren’t converted last 2 games. Should have a few assists to his name. Besides the few perfect chances he blew. The creations will come soon enough

Exit the Lemming

One of the very few posts about Mr Havertz that I heartily endorse. Too much anti Chelsea bigotry round these parts


I have a funny feeling he’s state his Arse credentials vs Citeh… wouldn’t that be just fine?


Granit Xhaka played in 33(1) matches in the league last season and scored five goals.

Havertz has played in 5(2) and scored 1.

If you extrapolate, he’s on pace to replicate the goal contributions of the player he’s replacing, not to mention how he’s a huge defensive and possession upgrade.

I just don’t get why so many people get on him for not scoring goals. He’s a midfielder for us, for Christ’s sake. His defensive and pressing contributions far outweigh his lack of scoring. After all, that’s what we have guys like Jesus, Eddie, Saka, Martinelli, Trossard, Odegaard, etc. for…


Xhaka got 7 goals and 7 assists last season. What are you on about?


Saka is 10 for me. He was so generous and helpful with his mates to let them score the pens.

Bob McNabs Eyebrows

How can you say ESR almost scored two but wasn’t on long enough to rate?


Because he wasn’t on long enough to rate but had 2 shots that almost went in


If he scored both I’ll bet you the time he was on the pitch would have magically become enough to give him a rating. In any case, he had an excellent cameo. This is exactly what he did two years ago. He would come on late since Odegaard had taken his starting spot and score in that time, yet never really got rewarded with more playing time. With a bit more confidence he would have easily scored those. I think he’s 3-4 games away from back to his best. We are going to need him before long. Can’t wait to… Read more »



Exit the Lemming

I though he should have started ahead of Havertz after a decent 82 minutes in the cup against Brentford. What’s interesting about his two performance is that he missed good chances in both. That said, most of our best attacking players miss loads of decent chances….

Exit the Lemming

Wouldn’t better shots have actually gone in?


Zinchenkho was my MOTM.We are a much better team when he moves into midfield. And i thought Eddie was better than Jesus. On the Eddie “foul” he dived. It was amazing how many fans went over the top over the players who played at Brentford.Some calling for Nelson ESR and Ramsdale to start today.Listen with the exception of Martinelli this was our best line up.I’m looking forward to when Partey is fit because Arteta loves Havertz and there is no way Arteta can drop Gabriel like he did at the start of the season


I will say Nelson and ESR simply don’t play enough to ever develop the form to even compete with the regular starters. Based on his goal scoring record and overall technical skill I think ESR has a massive ceiling and before long will simply have to start.

Exit the Lemming

We are also a much better team when we play against incompetent dross like Bournemouth. On the Eddie ‘dive’ yes you are correct and he should be embarrassed

Master Floda

Bonus bonus rating: 10/10 that Korean guy


Nketiah’s rating is far too generous. I’d have given him a 5 at best.

Exit the Lemming

I thought he started very poorly but grew into the game after that


Zinchenko was excellent. I worry, though, about Man City’s right winger. Jesus will have to help out on defense.


Or play Tomi LB and trossard LW, we need to draw them onto us and hit them on counter , I think Leo will give Walker a tough time, he can deal wit pace but outright skill is where he struggles and Leo has that in buckets . Big game for Kai too arriving late in box or on edge of box . White will have grealish no issues , headland against gab and Salibs be OK, raya be good for distribution and safe hands so all in all be excited about city game and Jesus down middle , saka… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I don’t necessarily disagree with any of that reasoning but let’s hope the question:
What exactly will Havertz contribute against the best team in Europe?
Is answered by:
Scoring the winning goal like he did in 2021

Exit the Lemming

I agree he played very well and is a perceptive passer and controller of midfield but….he can’t defend. Especially against elite attackers. the likes of Liverpool and Man City just expose his defensive shortcomings


Havertz looked like a tidy midfielder today. If that is who he is, then thats fine with me.

Exit the Lemming

I thought he worked hard but contributed next to nothing

Exit the Lemming

Dumbest free kick conceded of the season award goes to: Gabriel Magalhaes. Trapped in the corner, felt a trepidatious hand barely brush against his hideous new away kit, fell over and grabbed the ball expecting to win a free kick. Most are given for that but ‘not today you silly big South American’ says the ref who quite correctly penalizes the numpty for hand ball. He played very well after that to be fair, in stark contrast to Mr Salisbury who was steadfastly incompetent until his own (probably mistimed) final whistle. He failed to book Billing for a much worse… Read more »

Blackpool Albert

4-nil to the Arsenal. 10 for everyone.

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