Friday, December 1, 2023

Arteta: We were good in both boxes

Mikel Arteta spoke to TNT Sport after our 4-0 win over PSV this evening. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s the most pleasing aspect of tonight for yourself?

Well, first of all, winning a football match, which is the most important thing, and that we enjoyed it from the first minute. We went for it, we wanted to create problems for them, and today I think we’re really good in both boxes. And the Champions League, when you’re really good in both boxes, you have a great chance.

I think in the process from box to box, there was a lot of things to still improve. But I think in the boxes we were phenomenal today.

When you take into consideration all three attackers scoring, Martin Odegaard also adding, how pleasing is that for a manager when you see your goal scorers being spread across so many different avenues?

This is what we need. They are used to doing that and as well they got involved in many goals, the four of them especially. So I’m really pleased to do that, really pleased for Gabi as well, because he had a couple of chances before that. So that’s what we need. Last year it was a big thing for us and we have to continue to develop.

Are you smiling right now because of the squad depth? You think about the players that came off, you heard the crowd reception for Emil Smith Rowe alone. As a manager it must give you so many headaches, but good headaches at the same time.

Good headaches! It’s probably the hardest thing in this job because you get emotionally attached to them. It’s been a beautiful journey with them. When you don’t play a play, you know how the player feels. And you cannot do anything against it. You just have to play him. And for Emile, especially, I was really happy. He got an incredible reception, so he should be really proud.

What are you now going to do when you sit down and you reflect? How are you going to feel about it?

I will enjoy tonight. I’m going to have a nice late dinner with my wife. My kids will be sleeping, but I’m sure they’ve been watching the game. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the victory. Tomorrow morning I’ll start with the rest because we have a big game coming up.

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What a time to switch gears. Liquid football today, just in time for the NLD.


Hopefully Angie the Vangie, really believes his own BS and tries to play against us, we will tear them a new one in midfield .
Their keepers a dodge only thing I’d be worried about is that crazy Argentina chap injuring someone

Cranky Colin

Esr getting a run was immense.
Nelson, is not just a bit player…… the strength and vision is very good.
I’m all loved up, and not Cranky.


Fact, Nelson looks confident that people will bounce off him and he will break a tackle, full scale impact everytime from him


Strong as a concrete wall ☝️


Havertz- I genuinely think his journey with us will depend on a slice of luck. Look how he started the match really confidently and looked sharp and dangerous. If that chance went in for him in the first half I think he could have went on to have a MOTM performance. Alas it didn’t and he ended up having a decent game as his confidence dropped and he ended up playing more safe. But that’s what he really needs, a take off/launch moment to announce his arrival and kick on. Trossard- Martinelli is genuinely my favourite player in the Arsenal… Read more »

Emi Rates

I love Trossard! Rooting hard for Havertz.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Seen some interesting stuff tonight. I wasn’t too sure what to expect post xhaka in that left mid position. With zinny doing what he does combined with the elite positional and recovery ability of rice do we actually need the defensive maturity from a left 8? Today I saw havertz and Jesus play together for the first time – and I think I’ve seen a glimpse of the future. Zinny can be the left back and left 8 now we have rice (rice is that good), and we saw havertz quite regularly ahead of Jesus and a lot of positional… Read more »

A Different George

I think there will be moments and periods like that in many games. Also other times where Havertz looks very much like he is simply replacing Xhaka. Because this team is full of technically secure players who are versatile which, as everyone now knows, is what Arteta wants. But most of all, from back to front, it is full of players who understand and read the game.


More needs to be said about trossard. He’s been incredible since his arrival and was close of not POTM here again. The guy conjures moments out of nothing and his finishing and technique is impeccable.

The team is starting to buzz. The quality of our depth is the best it’s been since the invincibles. I’m excited!


He’s an Albatrossard around other teams necks!


He also has that serious Johnny Sack look on his face so defenders and goalkeepers must be scared he will shoot any time

I guess lots more can be said about him

Finsbury Park Gooner

He DOES look like Johnny Sack!!


Emotional man, loves his daughter

Emi Rates

POTM – Penetrator of the Match?


I guess a different tnt than I thought

Naked Cygan

I hope the sp*rs players were watching that! We play like that on Sunday and the 3 points are in the bag.

Emi Rates

Spuds, what I’ve seen of them, are actually playing fun football at the moment. It’s as if losing Lord Diver of Openmouth has freed them up to play actual football again.

Not that I think it’ll matter on Sunday. We’ll win that one quite comfortably.


Nothing against Eddie but Jesus just brings so much to the table. He is special.


Eddie is a guy that would be a good week in week out starter for a team like Villa or West Ham or Everton. Jesus is a excellent week in week out starter for Arsenal – elite. But you can’t really have two of those guys, you need an Eddie level player to support that elite guy along with a trossard type that can pull magic outta thin air. Gotta love this squad right?


Jesus is Eddie + trickery. He can work in tight spaces and make a fool of opposing defenders.


I watched the encounter without any questions or panic attacks and what a fantastic display of football. Thank you, Arsenal I bow down.

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