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Rice: If you don’t shoot, you don’t score!

Declan Rice bagged his first Arsenal goal to help the Gunners to a 3-1 win over Man Utd at the Emirates this afternoon.

The club’s record signing drilled in a low shot, via a deflection, to put us ahead in the 4th minute of 8 minutes of injury time, before Gabriel Jesus sealed the win with an even later strike to make it 3-1.

Reflecting on the moment with Sky Sports afterwards, the midfielder said, “We were knocking at the door with the corners.

“I had a chance in the first half, but we was a constant threat. And then the one at the end, obviously I scored, I stayed back and I think first time controlled it with my chin and then scored.

“But if you don’t shoot, you don’t score. Yeah, it was just a such a special moment!”

And on the importance of the win, he continued, “Look I think if we’re speaking honestly, Man City have won 4 out of 4. If we didn’t win today, we would already be five points behind them, and to catch up points on them is a massive margin to make.

“We couldn’t afford to have that distance after 4 games, so to win that today was a must win, we said that before the game, and to now go into the international break with a couple of wins and a draw it’s really good.”

Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd – Player Ratings

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You absolute legend!


a bowl of rice and 2 dishes coming up


That shot sure snapped, crackled and popped past the keeper


You have to shoot to score. Rice is a simple countryman. Love his thinking!


It’s funny, right when Saka was taking that corner I was thinking that we really need to improve offensively on set pieces, we’re not making the most of the etc. Then, wham! Well deserved goal.


We do need to improve on set pieces but not from Saka’s side of the pitch (hint hint) 🙂


He should share that secret with Havertz.


It’s been 4 games. Give him time. Sir Thierry didn’t score his first goal immediately. Sir Dennis needed time to show what he could do. Havertz had at least 4 different managers at Chelsea, so that’s 4 different styles of play, and was made to play CF all of last season. He is obviously low on confidence, and is now playing another different style of football, with completely new players. People forget how good he was before he signed for Chelsea. Arteta sees something in him, and was willing to part with a great deal of money to procure his… Read more »

djourou's nutmeg

you can support a player, root for him and understand he needs time while also acknowledging he’s been shite so far


Yes, I know it takes time to settle with a new team, but unlike many transfers this is not a new league for him so no reason to look as shell shocked as he does out there. No problem with our signing Havertz and Arteta believing in him and thinking he will be a player that will justify the price paid for him, but it’s obvious he’s struggling and should not be given a starting spot just because of his price tag when other players have performed better in games (Viera) and throughout preseason (Trossard) that should be given a… Read more »


That’s a fair point mate. I think Arteta starts him to try to get his confidence up. Benching him could dent it quite badly, also to get as many minutes with the team as possible. I agree that Trossard and Viera have performed well, and could feel sore for not playing. The Smith-Rowe situation is puzzling too, but I suppose it’s a long season and they’ll all get chance to play their part.


their time will come, havertz needs to build confidence…


Rice is also new to the system. Quit the excuses. The earlier the better for you.


… and you’re the same as your neighbour¨

No foot Norbert

Enjoy the win, arteta can xhaka havertz. Just believe.

Naked Cygan

Great result, we deserved it and more, but I am still not happy with a few things. Ffs, Havertz shouldn’t start next match. Missed a tap in and made an error leading to their goal. I don’t give a sh*t how many blocks or passes he made, he is not ready to start for us yet. The subs were on too late, Havertz should have been pulled at halftime. Why does our defenders always back off when the other team is attacking? It was so obvious what Rashford was going to do. Two on him and they both let him… Read more »


White was lagging a bit. He’ll have better days.


I said before the game, without Partey Rice will have a spoon full today. Rice was cooking the whole match and he finally grabbed a bite on the 96th minute.


I may not be a pro analyst, but I’ve been into football my whole life, and I’m really loving what Arteta is building at Arsenal. I’m all in for it. Now, let’s talk about Kai. It seems like his confidence took a hit, probably from his time at Chelsea. He did lose possession a few times, but I appreciate his hard work for the team. He’s tracking back, pushing forward with the ball, making himself available, and creating space for his teammates, just like Martinelli with those runs. I honestly think he’s on an upward trajectory, especially with the right… Read more »

Death by 300,000 Passes

“..some players aren’t cut for the starting lineup”.
I don’t believe there is such thing.


Excellent comment re Kai. I don’t think Vieira’s conditioning is the issue with him playing 90mins, it’s than he’s an attacking player (he’s not an 8, neither in stature nor in defensive ability) and our attacking positions are filled by some of the best attackers on the planet. His skills also lend themselves slightly better to end of game type situations than to breaking a deadlock in organised play, that said I do think when we start rotating and he’ll get some starts instead of Ode and Martinelli he’ll show his quality even more.


Fantastic ? Really.. we could of got both Maddison & Ward Prowse for a little extra £s than this dud, our German Pepe, when are we ever going to learn..

Death by 300,000 Passes


Pat Rice and Beans

What an absolute beast!


That is why you play to the final whistle.
Well done to Arsenal ten out of twelve and we are still not firing anywhere near like last season.
Havertz is struggling but he has never played as a No 8 so that will take time – just happy to shut Neville and that scruffy hobo at pitch side up 😊


Oh god, that “Martinelli is known for going down easily” comment in the beginning had me wanting to punch him in the nose so hard that it inverted inside his face. God knows that’s the closest he’d ever come to being an inverted full back.


Lol. The fact that many of us got annoyed by that, says a lot. He’d never say that about Antony and whinger-cum-diver-in-chief, Bruno. Neville is a biased prick and it is shocking that he is allowed to commentate on games with United.

djourou's nutmeg

your first sentence applies to the fans as well. how stupid can you be to leave the stadium before the final whistle. just stay on your seat and enjoy one of the world’s best matches til the end, how hard can it be? im glad the people who did it missed TWO goals, how dumb must they feel. can’t support the team til the match finishes? stay at home buddy


I love that he is thinking long term re city and has the eyes on the prize

Finsbury Park Gooner

Just impossible not to love this guy!!

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