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Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd – player ratings

Just like last season, Arsenal left it late to beat Man Utd, but took all three points in an eventful game at the Emirates.

Marcus Rashford put the visitors ahead, before Martin Odegaard equalised inside 40 seconds. Kai Havertz was denied a second half penalty and in the 88th minute, United thought they’d won it but VAR ruled Garguncho or whatever the hell he’s called offside.

Then, in 8 minutes of injury time, Declan Rice fired us ahead, before Gabriel Jesus sealed the deal to leave United gutted. Which is the best way to have them.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 3-1 Man Utd – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Football hey? Annnnnnnnnnd breathe

Johnny 4 Hats

I petulantly turned my laptop off and put my kids to bed when Garnacho scored.

Just came on here to check it was 2-1 United.

Unbelievable. What a tit I am for missing a moment like that.



Next time we appear to go a goal down, you know what to do


The only thing better than scoring the winner is scoring the third goal. What a game!
Also, how the heck did Havertz miss that shot?
Lovely game overall, but the laziness before Garnacho’s disallowed goal was…

Johnny 4 Hats

Not a time for this now, after a win.

But, I have no Havertz agenda. I want him to do well. I do think he will do well. I think he’s a good signing.

But he’s out of form and confidence is clearly low and he needs to sit down for a few games. If he’s as good as Arteta thinks, he’ll fight his way back into the team.


Well said. I also really hope he shines soon. For now, we gloat until the interlull ends.


I’ve been his biggest defender on here the last few weeks, I clearly see both what Arteta wants from him as well as his ability to deliver it.

Unfortunately, you’re right. For such an experienced player, the pressure seems to be getting to him. Sit him, sub him, let him have 20 minutes or so per game without the pressure, and he will play himself back into form.


Someone said that Havertz is Arsenal’s highest paid player. Does anyone know if that’s true?


I’ve just checked – he is, by some considerable margin.

Arsenal F.C. 2023-24 Payroll Table | Spotrac

El Mintero


Crash Fistfight

No wonder we found it hard to get any takers for Lokonga. Yikes.

I still don’t understand why there was so little interest for Rob Holding, though. Those wages aren’t huge for a player of his ability/experience.

Exit the Lemming

Is he high when he plays? Doesn’t look like it


We were quite fortunate today. Arteta’s stubbornness nearly cost us 3 points. Leaving Havertz on after halftime was foolish and inconsistent, Trossard was just pulled for poor play, why the double standard? Bc of his price tag?Bc he’s an Arteta signing? I hope he does well too, just not so much I want the team to suffer for it. We were playing with 10 men at times in the 2nd half bc players clearly didn’t want to pass him the ball. Beginning to resemble the way Willian was managed. Sit him down already.

El Mintero

Why do you think he’s a good signing?

Johnny 4 Hats

I think in a world where Lavia costs 55m, Havertz is good business.

German international, CL winner and still young.

Arteta will need to mould him and he’s definitely a work in progress. But he’ll come good. I have no doubts.

Ok, I have a few doubts…


I think he’s a shit signing obviously.


I think he saw Martinez throwing himself down in front of him to block the shot and he hesitated… and the shots was off

Eduardo H

I was at the game and few people stomped off at EXACTLY that point. Gotta hang in there, man.


Reminds me of how the stadium half emptied after Bournemouth went 2-0 up.

I was watching that one at the Arsenal pub in Vancouver, and one guy got up after Bournemouth’s second goal, shook his head, and said “I can’t take this shit any more” before walking out. Haven’t seen him since, I think he’s too embarrassed to come back.

Sure is nice to get into a pub with 120 other Gooners in the early morning and watch a match like today’s!

Crash Fistfight

As someone who was in the stadium at the time, I don’t remember that.

Was it like how that bloke ‘walked out’ at half-time in that crazy game against Reading, when he actually just wen to the loo at half-time?


There was a shot on TV of people leaving after that second Bournemouth goal.


Did exactly the same. Walked out the pub before any sniff of a VAR review. Got home to see a home win! SMH.


Haha i did the same. My utd neighbour started screaming with joy (could hear him through the wall) Slammed the laptop shut in frustration and prepped the dogs for a walk. Then my phone pinged and i learnt what happened. Needless to say i left my neighbour a bag of uncle bens on his doorstep. Wonder if he’ll get the joke.

Crash Fistfight

Gotta call it Ben’s these days.


Lol…I called it offside live, but man it was tight. You can commiserate with the arsenal fans that left early only to hear the goals as they’re walking away from the ground…


I have never and will never leave a football game early. I just don’t get it.


Agreed. It costs me upwards of $2000 to see a match, why on earth would I leave before the end? I just don’t understand it. Is it really that important to get a seat on the train?

Crash Fistfight

I must admit, I did that once. I think it was the game we lost at home to Hull years ago.


Me too, but closer than I thought.
Turning off or leaving in a bad moment? For me that’s weak. Always there until the end, whether the old days on the Highbury north bank or watching at home.


When it’s a thrashing or around 2020 I admit I turn off. It hurts too much

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

3-0, 15 mn into the game at Stamford Bridge every season during first Mourinho time there. Never watched the game past 3-0 down.


Back on the North Bank… we used to sneak in a couple of hip-flasks with very decent Bushmills 16yr old in ’em. Then stay put after the whistle and watch the ground lads working the pitch while we either celebrated or drowned, depending.
Half hour later, with a warm buzz… we’d amble out of the ground and usually hop straight onto the Piccadily. Good times, those.


Haha indeed
Used to be on the terrace by 1.30 but after usually had to race back home to Hounslow – my parents didn’t even know I was going to games or that I could afford to (I couldn’t afford to but I had a “system” for tube fares)


I won’t judge anyone who left to catch a train. I totally understand that and I hurt for you. This new mandate to add ALL the stoppage time is a bit misguided I think. But if you walked out to make a point, what was the fucking point?!?


Commiserate? Never – bunch of fair-weather muppets. A seat on the tube more NB than pulling your team through in Fergie time… what bollocks!


I was worse , my stream was delayed, so when I saw on arseblog live that MU scored for 1-2 I just stopped everything and didn’t check the results until this morning . I’ve looked at the arseblog news page: only photos with Arsenal player smiling? What’s going on?
Oh Christmas has come early!

I miss santi cazorla

Rice was 10/10


He can really enjoy the moment. That’s a wonderful thing.


Even if he had not scored, Rice was our best player. Saka 4/10, ineffective, missed a good chance. Ben White was roasted more than once by Rashford. Havertz (1/10) should not have started and should have been subbed earlier. We got very very lucky with Garnacho’s goal being disallowed. Great to get the win but make no mistake that is a bad Man Utd team. They got what they deserved by playing Harry Maguire and Jonny Evans at the end. Happy to see Big Gabby back; no more experimenting with TP at right back please.


Look, I think Havertz had a few moments, but giving him 1/10 is a bit pathetic, don’t you think? He had some really good defensive contributions.

As for giving the ball away and conceding, I believe Odegaard did that twice last season, that I can remember. There was much more wrong with their goal than Havertz giving the ball away.


Don’t kick a turd mate… it just stinks all the more.

El Mintero

So good to see Gabriel back, he must start every game from now on. He pulls that defense together, total warrior for us. Rice, Odegaard, Martinelli were my other stand outs. Jesus was buzzing when he came on, also must start now. Havertz, nah, sorry, just not seeing it. Bench him.


Why are we lucky that a goal was rightly ruled offside but not unlucky that a correct penalty was overturned?


Because with VAR the right things done always happen

Exit the Lemming

The Havertz incident was never a pen but Gabriel’s challenge on Hojlund was a clear pen so maybe we got lucky there

Exit the Lemming

Were you perhaps becoming confused by the countless replays of him getting the better of White just the once shown from every conceivable angle the Arsenal loathing media could summon up?

Arsenal Fan

rice rice baby!

Gervinho is Driving

I can’t remember who’s shite.


jonny evans 🙂


Hilarious seeing Evans blocked by Gabriel for the Rice goal 🤣. A second earlier it was the other way round and he had Gabriel by the throat, so if you’re gonna give one foul it would have to be a penalty. Ten hag shut your maaaf!!

Don Cazorleone



That’s being awfully rough on shite…

El Mintero

Unfortunately they don’t look shite first 4 games…just sayin…


That doesn’t mean they aren’t = to shit, mate. Always will be…just sayin…


But are already out of the one of the cup competitions

Exit the Lemming

Ange Postecoglou is headed for much bigger and better clubs than Spurs but he’ll get them top 4 and a cup in the next couple of years

David C

Harsh on Martinelli. I thought he was brilliant today.

Well played lads! Clearly the better team today.


Our best player today, other than maybe Rice. Except for his corners, he’s pretty bad at those and I’m not really sure why we insist that he keeps taking them, we’re so impotent on dead balls. But other than that he was by far our most dangerous player and deserves at least an 8.

Public Elneny

If we’re insisting on inswinging corners, who else do we have to take them?

Trossard, Smith Rowe or Nelson when they’re on the pitch I guess. But every other right footer you’d either want in the box or positioned against a counter


Honestly I’d much rather have a left footer outswinging them than Martinelli at this point. Saka or Odegaard even with their right foot I don’t think could do a worse job. Or have Rice take them, maybe you’d slightly prefer him in the box but I think the upgrade in the corner kick quality would be much more significant, Martinelli isn’t bad to have in the box either.

And again, nothing against Gabby M I love him to bits and think he’s one of the best wingers on the planet. Just not his game.


Agree. Odegaard is left footed just like a number 10 we used to have that we don’t really need to speak of right now…

But he took corners from both sides, because his delivery was so good. Feels like Odegaard should have a similar responsibility now, especially because I’m not sure he’s won a header on a corner in his entire Arsenal career thus far…


Wan-Bissaka was really on his game and usually kept Gabi from making the killer penetration or pass. But yeah, Martinelli was his usual excellent self.


In fairness, both Manure wide backs played really well. Dalot also did a job on Saka, considering it’s not his usual position.

Crash Fistfight

I think Wan-Bissaka is a good player. Like usual, there is a narrative set about him that everyone follows, in that he is terrible.


I thought Eddie was really effective at times today! His close control, and ability to play with his back to goal, has improved massively! 7.5 for me.

Bleeding Gums Murphy

The difference in attack when Jesus replaced him was enormous. He did ok but he made some bad decisions and passes today. So glad Jesus is back.


We need to remember he is the backup striker. With the dearth of strikers currently, Eddie is more than decent as a backup


Just glad we’ve got two top class strikers with enough difference about them to keep the opposition honest. Eddie was great, so was Gabriel. Happy fucking days gooners


I sometimes think it is somewhat unfair to compare the two (Eddie and Jesus) straight up, they are not the same type of player. From what I’ve seen, it seems like Jesus could just as easily drop into a 10 role as play the 9, but Eddie isn’t that kind of player as he’s a straight up 9. So of course Jesus offers something different when he replaces Eddie, but as we’ve seen a million times before, the opposite is also true. I believe it’s why Arteta is so insistent on keeping both, they are so similar but also so… Read more »


That’s the thing with Eddie – he’s working hard on his few flaws, getting better, but still makes those poor decisions at key moments and you always feel he needs 3 or 4 chances to score one. Jesus was simply next level when he came on.


He made some very flashy moves too in tight spaces. He keeps getting better!


Lovely way to end the game. Declan Rice.. WOW!
Jesus is back, his footwork at times in that short spell were phenomenal. I feel like we need to start Saka, Jesus and Martinelli Again, Eddie has done well but Jesus adds that extra unpredictability that is soo hard to defend against.


My thoughts exactly. Nketiah has not put a foot wrong and given a good account of himself… But Jesus just elevates the attack to another level on his own! We really need him to be fit all season.


Yep, there’s also plenty of games for both this season! Also loved Nelsons cameo!

Giuseppe Hovno

I believe in REISS-NELSON!


long season. i’m glad they’re bringing jesus back along a little slowly. good to see his sharpness. nelson impressed me too, he has matured a lot. at this point, i do wonder exactly what havertz is doing in training to stay ahead of veira (and smith-rowe)


It is concerning that ESM isn’t getting a look. I have to believe he’ll be playing a lot in the cup competitions. Havertz did himself no favors today, but I’m not giving up on him, and I don’t think Arteta will either.


For me it has to be the defensive side and physical presence, that is all. None of the three are natural for that position but Vieira I think is the least suitable for it, he’s an awesome attacking player but offers next to nothing defensively, his opportunities should come further up front. ESR still remains to be seen, he hasn’t gotten enough of a run there to see what he can offer as an 8, but I guess Arteta is seeing some of it in training. Kai probably offers less than those other two offensively at his current form (though… Read more »


Don’t forget the part he made Dalot eat dust at the end.


Same thoughts here. To put it in context, would execute that drag back Jesus did before scoring or just shoot for the sake of it?


Same thoughts here. To put it in context, would execute that drag back Jesus did before scoring or just shoot for the sake of it?


Would Eddie*


Eddie would’ve been a stride quicker, have hit it on the run (maybe scored, maybe bobsled wide) and not have needed to drag back.


The thing about Jesus is also that his trickery ties up at least two defenders at any given time because he will always beat a single tackler. And even with 2 blokes on him, he still manages to hold onto the ball to allow others to get into the box… that is an invaluable skill.


Havertz. Let’s no say how he only has a few more games to prove himself but rather concentrate on an excellent win. Viera earning his place in the starting line-up, now.
Happy for Riess, was positive and got the ball out to Viera for Jesus’ goal.


Oh, and Rice. Wow.


only thing i can say is that while Havertz is no defensive monster he is stronger and taller than Vieira and plays better defense than vieira


He’s also tireless in the press and incredibly intelligent off the ball. I understand he hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire yet, but if you watch any of our games so far, his movement and runs and the space they create fly incredibly below the radar. He also is the one instigating our press at least 50% of the time.

But because he hasn’t scored 3,000 goals in four games everyone is already willing to just write him off. He is still a MIDFIELDER, in case anyone has forgotten.


U know guys I don’t Iike talking on this forum but it’s my go to place before n after any arsenal match cos it’s d best arsenal community out there..I have watched Kai very closely with us n I can confidently say that he will come good…y ? cos he tactical awareness is top notch his work rate is good d only thing lacking is just confidence and am very sure that when he scores his first goal, he will be more u guys should plz stay off him n am very sure he is better than fabio in… Read more »


great result for 11 v 12!


Only the Arsenal would have that pen referred to VAR, fucking bullshit


He dove. He felt the pressure and he tumbled. VAR bailed us out on the Garnacho goal.


Rubbish. He got squeezed and AWB knocked his leg enough to knock him off. Go look again.


Try sprinting with a ball at your feet and staying on your feet when someone knocks your thigh.


If that’s the other way round & it’s Fernandes going down, no way is that overturned


ManU got the exact same penalty last week, I believe. Rashford going down after being slightly touched on the knee in the outskirts of the penalty area. That was not overturned.


I said that on another post, what’s the difference between Havertz & Rashfords beside the badge on the shirt


Just imagine that was a City player going down like that… vs anyone? VAR would not even have looked at it. They’re allowed to put players offside to block a goalie and then dummy the ball into the net, ffs!!


Just look at the penalty City got on Saturday, unless I missed something, that looked extremely soft to me


they didn’t give eze one yesterday for a clear foul either, but the ref on field waved it away (var just upheld)


Because they are only meant to intervene when it is clear and obvious that the ref has missed something. In the Eze case, it was not clear and obvious the ref was wrong, so VAR didn’t intervene. In the Havertz case, it was not clear and obvious that the ref got it wrong by awarding it but intervened anyway. Nonsense.


He’s not stupid enough to dive when he’s clean through on goal! The initial toe contact from wan bisaka tripped him, not the knee afterwards. You can’t see that in slow mo from the one and only angle the ref saw.


Rice is an incredible signing. He fits perfectly.


He’s so secure on the ball, and looks for the forward pass. He caught all of the ball on the goal! What a hit.


What’s even more incredible is how he was somehow able to fake the cross right before he shot. It’s what allowed him to catch Onana so off guard at his near post. Watch it back in slow-motion, he definitely positioned his body for the cross then twisted his hips into the shot at the last moment (which also makes it so incredible how much power he got on it).

Exit the Lemming

Their keeper (and ours) should be stopping those


Wasn’t that just a deflection? Not that I care, it’s a goal!


I owe Dec an apology for all the years of watching him at London Stadium & saying that “all he does is point & pass sideways”, keep proving me wrong Dec but save one of those for Boxing Day yeah? 😉


We were more influential today with the familiar back 4. Our attacking Sub did great again today. Well done Nelson, Vieira and Jesus.

Man utd was happily waiting to counter but got 2 sucker punched in the end. Haha..


Rashford is real quality. Too bad he’s playing for that lot. There’s something about Antony and Fernandes that makes my skin crawl.

Oh yeah, the back four. I was very happy to see the lineup. They did very well, though Saliba once again made a bad mistake that could have led to a goal. The new boy for United did not bully big Gabby.


Great bonus rating – as an Indian who started watching PL & Arsenal in 2000s, I hate United and Chelsea more than Sp*rs.

P.S. Love seeing Bruno and Antony sad. Also have started to hate Onana already


Do you hate Onana for his time wasting that would have cost him 20 red cards if he was Tomiyasu, or because of his goatie?


Indians are brilliant. I’m a big fan.

Don’t hate Onana, he’s such a clown who will cost them points.

Great, great win for us.


Spot on!
a peacocking prima donna…


They are such a clown show. Rashford is the only one worth a damn. Ten Hag thinks its 2010 playing moaninho ball.

P.P.S 0/10 for Ten Hag’s fashion statement. If it’s one thing I know bold sideline attire only leads to sackings. Just ask Scott Parker


Nobody is worse than Sp*rs. But this lot are a very close second.

Man Manny

Great win. United will dread coming to the Emirates now.


I think they kind of do already. We’re 7 wins and a draw in their last 8 visits.


Vieira has looked good in these last two games. Hope he kicks on this season.


Nearly broke my telly with my vape when Garnacho ‘scored’ as I launched it across the room. My Mrs and my German Shepherd were not happy with my reaction either, made them both jump. Made them both jump again with the 3rd goal, and my neighbour banged on the wall telling me to “shut the fuck up”, but he’s a United fan so was obviously a bit distraught. I regret nothing. GOONERS!!

Pat Rice and Beans

Quit vaping mate. Otherwise COYG


Vaping replaced smoking, aiming to replace vaping with quitting completely. Up the Arse!(nal)


Best of luck to you.


I was very calm after manus 2nd. It was clearly an offside. Football is a strange, funny and cruel game. Just imagine the world and the Arsenal if that is a goal.


Live I said to the missus “was clearly offside.” Then saw the first replay and had the same reaction as blogs on the liveblog, “fuck he’s on.” Then they ruled it off by six inches and was like “hell yeah!”


it wouldnt be a surprise if utd won the game 2-1 on the counter.
somehow it felt like they wanted us to pass around and then they make the killer pass


lol thats the best post today in every forum. 😀


Gabriel deserves mom for his ’emergency stop’ to play the guy offside


Nelson may have come in late but he created so much unpredictability for the two goals. Made the block that eventually created the third goal too. I’ll give him an 8


Yes. Nelson’s late late contributions are crazy! His effort in the build up to the 3rd goal was tremendous.


Well, he did miscontrol a couple times. But you’re right, he was a very positive sub.


Forgot Jorginho?


Fuck united


Another Arteta time win! Absolutely loved watching their dejected faces at full time. But I daren’t check my blood pressure!

Jamie Ryan

Watch Odegaard after he scores…minimal celebration, calls the team back into position, sets the tone to get on with it. Lovely to see leadership like this.


The way at 80 minutes he was at left back spot after Saka’s shot was blocked. Must be an 80 yd run. He is our captain for our reason. Absolute warrior.


Vieira deserves a higher rating even though he was on for s short period. Havertz should be out of that starting eleven. Hope Arteta will find a way to integrate Vieira into the starting eleven instead of Kai. Saka needs to up his game as well. Happy with the result as I am the only Arsenal fan where I work and everyone was sure Manure would win.


Yes, it’s two poor games for Saka, but maybe he’s carrying a knock. He’ll be scoring again for us soon. ESR needs some game time. I hope we go up by three on someone early in the second half and he can come in.

Exit the Lemming

If he’s carrying a knock then why are we risking him further damage? Is it completely beyond the realms of possibility that Saka’s maybe just off form at the moment? It happens to the very best. He’s young, he’ll bounce back.

Exit the Lemming

Saka should have been red carded for his two footed lunge on Bruno (or given the freedom of the City depending on you level of disdain for the ‘shaved but bearded weasel’)


Big character…A captain performance from Odegarrd.
With Rice and Martin purring in the centre of the pitch. We will cook a lot of teams.
A cagey performance cos they came to play us dirty with pace on the counter. We played smart and we didn’t go in too tight..
They got us a couple of times.
But today was our day🔥🔥 COYG

Pat Rice and Beans

Odegaard is a baller


Crazy game, very tense. We’re still lacking a bit of fluency and confidence but we improved a lot with the subs. I think many forget that Jesus was arguably our best player last season until his injury, and our attack really came alive with him on the field. Nketiah has been fantastic for us but the gulf in quality is clear. Absolutely buzzing for Rice, was my MotM again, just such a monster.


Just sitting here in CA watching the match minute by minute without reading or posting anything, have to say that was sweet. Hope you all felt the same. Rice has been 105% worth it. Him shaping up that shot is legendary. But he also plays consistently well. (Bet we won’t see him dribbling through three players into the box for awhile though, leave that to Jesus.) Big Gabby reminded us of his mastery of the ineluctable dark arts. Odegaard’s goal. Oooof, emphatic. Benjamin White locked in and locked on. Martinelli – a credit to the club. Viera has got a… Read more »


Beautifully said!!!


Gabriel awareness for the offside was amazing. What a move. I ll give him an extra point just for that.


He was monstrous today. Kept Højlund at bay, was well positioned for every Manure counter (even when Saliba gave away the ball in the second half), saved our asses (with his own) for the disallowed goal.

He even was pushing up on their half around the 90 min mark.


On another note, is it just me, or does the standard of refereeing already seem markedly worse than last season’s (which was hardly stellar!)? Every game I’ve watched this season has been marred by some terrible calls – either by the ref or VAR. The new rules are useless – and already being inconsistently applied (e.g. Antony kicking the ball away without consequence today).


I thought Taylor was very good today. I was surprised he overturned his penalty decision; it looked a penalty to me. But it was close. VAR chalked off a United goal that would have been allowed otherwise. All in all, I don’t see the refereeing as a problem in that game.

A Different George
I will remind people, as I have before, that Taylor was the referee in our past two FA Cup finals. In each one, he sent a Chelsea player off, including once for diving. That should put any bias theories to rest. I was a bit surprised he didn't stick with his penalty decision, which was a close one but pretty clearly and obviously not a "clea and obvous error." But as far as I know, only one referee has stuck with his original decision since the introduction of VAR in England.

A Different George

I will remind people, as I have before, that Taylor was the referee in our two most recent FA Cup finals. In each one, he sent a Chelsea player off, including once for diving. That should take care of any theories about bias. I admit I was surprised he didn’t stick with his original call on the penalty. It was a close one, but quite clearly and obviously it was not a “clear and obvious error.” But I have heard of only one example where a referee stuck with his call after being called to the screen since VAR was… Read more »


Tell you what, this is the absolute worst way to lose a game…before an interlull too hahahaha.


One of the best part was (spoiler alert!)
Garnacho’ celebration, kissing the badge after his disallowed goel. The offside was never in doub.




I said “offside” when I saw it, and was surprised how close it was.

Pat Rice and Beans

Fvck me! Helluva of a player Rice is! Relentless, intelligent, classy – top class 🎩

On the other hand…Havertz is a dud. Ship him back to the blue mess in London.


Oh do piss off geeza, he needs time. Bergkamp, Henry needed time, I despair at some of our so called fans!

Pat Rice and Beans

Relax, next game I’ll be back saying the same. With time you’ll realize. Cheers.


Havertz missed an open goal. He gifted them possession for their goal. He dove to try and con the ref into giving us a penalty. Look at his body language, his confidence is shot. He has no rapport with Martinelli. He should not be starting.