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Brazil play waiting game with Gabriel Jesus

There was plenty of consternation when Brazil called up Gabriel Jesus for this series of international games, as the striker has been out of action since October 24th.

His hamstring issues meant he hadn’t trained properly with Arsenal, but as we know his national side insisted on his presence so they could assess his fitness themselves.

Brazil face Colombia on Friday, and Jesus has already been ruled out of that game. However, there is a chance he could be ready to play some part against Argentina next Wednesday.

Speaking to the media, head coach of the Seleção, Fernando Diniz sounded a relatively reassuring tone about the Arsenal man.

“I talked to Gabriel, and he didn’t come here without planning,” said Diniz.

“He said he is feeling good. We thought it was an interesting risk to bring him here, he is good condition, and we are doing things with great care.

“As soon as he arrived, he had a new MRI scan. We are treating him very carefully, and if he’s in good condition, he can face Argentina.

“If not, I’m sure it was still very important for him to come here, and he’ll return to Arsenal in better shape than when he got here.”

Let’s hope so.

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Heavenly Chapecoense

Brazilians always like to travel to Brazil. Who would blame them? Not me, I have going there on my bucket list.


That aside he’s desperately fighting to be the number one pick at that nine position for Brazil. He has that in the bag at club level. If he was number two to Halaand he’d probably take less risks with club affairs so I can’t blame him


Boring isn’t it, just staying in watching Peak Practice with your life? Not for me, I like it.

Peter Cechs helmet

Gabriel arrives with a leg hanging off

Brazil head coach asks ‘ how do you feel? Gabriel replies' I feel good - tis but a scratch'

Headcoach- . 'Excellent, we'll see how you are next Wednesday with no training and start you then!

Peter Cechs helmet

Ooo. What happened to that?


It wasn’t as funny on reflection?

Heavenly Chapecoense

You’re like Gabi06, you concede nothing to nobody.


As Lawrence of Arabia put it “Take no prisoners”


“Interesting risk” How does that work in our favour? Even, just even if he is fit to play against the Argies next week what sort of condition will he be in to face Brentford? We pay the players wages so we should tell the Brazilian F A to piddle off!!! Although in fairness he probably wanted to go anyway.

Merlin’s Panini

The Argies? What year is this? 1982?


Piddle off? What year is this? It is called FUCK OFF, KEEP YOUR DIRTY FINGERS OFF MY BOY

Crash Fistfight

You’d think so, judging by how they celebrated winning games during the last World Cup.


Going to rule when we have to seek recompense from brazil for Jesus’ new injury he picks up against Argentina because the manager is so worried about winning that he’ll rush unfit players to play… seems like some silly and shortsighted careerism by the Brazil manager


Brazil will play him. He will get injured. Arsenal will lose him for weeks/months. Arsenal will pay him, and nothing will be said.
To be honest though he is not essential like Saka or Odegaard, so I am not particularly bothered if he does get injured. My annoyance will be that he is paid a fortune by Arsenal and it seems that Brazil – who no doubt pay him fuck all will just walk away from it with no responsibility attached.


He is important, especially with only Eddie as official back up. He also fills in well for Saka so is more than just a No 9. Would be a big loss if he injures himself further. But you are right that clubs get a raw deal in letting international teams use their assets for free.

I miss santi cazorla

Eddie isn’t a back up.
We play with 10 men when he is in the pitch.
Trossard is the backup and Kai is the 2nd back up.


I watched Eddie from when he came on until final whistle on Saturday. Game state didn’t allow for much, but he did the sum total of fuck all after he came on.


He was brought into to be our main striker. When he is fit (which is becoming increasingly infrequent) he can, in no way be described as prolific goal scorer – a skilful player undoubtedly but given the opportunity I would sell him or part exchange and move for someone who scores goals because that is what we need.

Gavin Mcadam

Am I no right in thinking there are protocols in place if a player gets injured on international duty, ie paying/part paying wages? Sure I’ve read about it…


FIFA & UEFA keep on adding more international fixtures while insisting that a club must release players for international duty (apparently regardless of their fitness) but have to suck it up if the player is injured whilst playing in these games with no compensation. Complete bollocks.


The killer for me is that FIFA have the fucking balls to gift a WC to Saudi Arabia in broad daylight for blood money. Infantino is acting with impunity because he knows that the money changing hands supersedes the need for good intentions. They don’t even put spin on it anymore. It’s just “here you go, piggies. Another winter World Cup for our customer base and workforce, both of which we despise with every fiber of our being”

I miss santi cazorla

There is a big difference been saudi and quatar


This is a complete piss-take by Brazil. Jesus clearly isn’t fit and should have stayed at home. He wasn’t available to play for his club so he shouldn’t have been available for Brazil. There’s a real chance that he could be coerced into playing for Brazil and then gets injured long-term by aggravating his injury. Jesus should have been strong enough to refuse to play for his country this time, telling them why. If the Brazilian FA didn’t want to listen to reason then that’s tough. BTW: it’s time that the international FAs and the players themselves wake up and… Read more »

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