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Report: Arsenal 2 – 0 Brighton (inc. goals)

Result: Arsenal 2 – 0 Brighton
Competition: Premier League
Date: 17 December 2023
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Odegaard, Havertz, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus

Subs: Ramsdale, Kiwior, Cedric, Smith Rowe, Trossard, Lewis-Skelly, Walters, Nelson, Nketiah

Arsenal dispatched Brighton away 2-0 at The Emirates Stadium thanks to second half goals from Jesus and Havertz.

Jesus converted from a corner in the 53rd minute and Havertz put the game to bed from a counter late on. Despite the 2 goals, the scoreline should have been wider if not for our finishing and good goalkeeping from Brighton.

The result meant that Arsenal returned to the top of the league while Liverpool played Man United later in the day.


After resting a raft of first teamers in the Champions League against PSV, Arteta reverted to his starters against Brighton – a team who seemed to have had our number in recent history.

Raya started in goal with Saliba and Gabriel anchoring the defence, flanked by the inverted duo of White and Zinchenko. Ahead of them, Rice was complemented by Odegaard and Havertz in midfield.

Rounding it off, we had our first choice forward line in Saka, Jesus and Martinelli.

First Half

Spurred on by Man City losing points and the midweek rest for most of the players, the Gunners looked sharp from the start.

The team pressed high to win every ball and were crisp with their one touch football. They had to be patient as Brighton were compact in defence though the home team targeted Milner as the weak line with White, Saka and Odegaard orbiting around the veteran player.

Brighton were not fazed by the pressure, and were composed – playing their way out against all odds which made it for an intruiging battle. These were two teams adhering to their managers’ dogmatic approach to the game.

Arsenal had the better of the chances. Saka had an effort blocked after Rice dribbled into the box. Odegaard curled just past the far post and Jesus had a couple of half chances that didn’t go his way.

By the 30th minute, Brighton started to show signs of a wobble  and their concentrations slipped. Odegaard slipped in Saka who ran in behind Milner. Saka cut back for Martinelli but the Brazilian couldn’t keep the ball down with the goal gaping in front of him.

As the half ended, the Gunners tried to vary their movement to shift the Brighton team around. Jesus, Havertz and Odegaard took turns to drop deep and Zinchenko found opportunities to drift into the forward line and make runs in behind the defence – all to no avail.

It was 16 attempts to Brighton’s 0 at the end of the half. Arsenal just needed to add a more clinical touch in the box to take the lead.

Second Half

Arsenal came out with the same energy and verve to take the game to Brighton. The away team, however, appeared to have cracks in their execution as their passes out from defence started being wayward.

Arsenal also concentrated their press around the inside of the pitch with even the wide forwards tucking in to block central spaces.

The wasteful finishes continued as Odegaard didn’t pull the trigger fast enough after Rice won the ball outside the box after a poor pass out from Verbruggen. Jesus saved the team’s blushes from the resulting corner, heading in to make it 1-0 to The Arsenal. That was also Arsenal’s 8th corner goal this season, the highest in the league.

The passing and countering continued to be slick but nerves were fraying as Arsenal couldn’t finish Brighton off. Ben White’s near post flick from a corner was cleared off the line by Dunk and another Odegaard effort, created by a lovely counter and nutmeg dribble by Martinelli, saw a strong Verbruggen hand deny him a goal.

Fans were in shock when Brighton carved the home side open after the 80th minute. Pedro spun and played in Mitoma who cut back for Groß, but the German couldn’t hit the target from close range.

Arsenal had to make sure of the 3 points and it was another German, our very own Havertz, who finally killed the game off. Trossard’s reverse pass found Odegaard who passed to Nketiah in the middle of the park. The forward drove through the middle and played in Havertz who put the ball past Verbruggen. 2-0 Arsenal

We could have gone three up with Smith Rowe’s late effort but he hit straight at the goalkeeper. Overall, it was a good performance and result, even if we should have scored more goals.

Most importantly, Arsenal were top of the league again, putting pressure on Liverpool who were looking to take on Manchester United later in the day.

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We were imperious. Brilliant game.


When Odegaard is on fire, he is easily one of the most beautiful players in the world. So silky, that guy


He was a joy to watch today.

Jim the gooner

Until he got in the opposition box


On another day we’d live to regret the gazillions of chances missed. Odegaard and Martinelli often were guilty of overplaying in the final third, waiting for the perfect pass or shot. A few brilliant runs missed because they took one touch too many. Saka’s right foot remains frustratingly uncultured. No sir, this was a whole lot more nervy than it should have been. We can’t keep doing this if we are serious about winning the league!


I agree we should have made more of our chances but bar the one moment late on Brighton could not get near us and we dominated them from start to finish. We could have scored more to better underline the difference in quality but with how we played the win always felt inevitable.

Parlour’s Pay Packet

So we can’t keep scoring, keeping clean sheets and winning if we are serious about winning the league? Gotcha!




You can choose to take those words out of context. But the point can’t be clearer – we can’t always get away with those number of missed chances as we did today. If we had lost or dream this game, I’m sure you’d be one the first to rant here.




Mate, on another day we win this 5-0.
Bar that one good opportunity Brighton didn’t threaten us at all. Let’s enjoy the dominant victory, shall we?


It’s funny, when the team wins despite not creating a lot of chances we criticise them that we can’t always get away with so little chance creation. But then when they do make lots of chances and don’t finish them we criticise them for that too. So what then, is a good game only when we win 6-0? Because that’s the inherent outcome of both creating many chances and finishing them, plus defending well on top which I assume you also want. I’d be WELL satisfied with us creating 26 shots and 9 on target every game. Some days more… Read more »

A Different George

For sure. It helps to watch the game. If we play that well every game but miss that many chances, we would occasionally drop points that we should not. Also we would win the league easily.


Lord Bendtner must be fuming in his grave 🤣🤣🤣


Not sure which game you watched but Nelly properly torched the double team and Ode was brilliant.

Dr. Gooner

Nah, Martinelli’s radar is miscalibrated at the moment but he was eating the Brighton defenders alive and making final 3rd entry after entry, causing chos. And Ode was just sublime. The finishing will come.


There’s always one…


Hmmm reminds me briefly there of a cultured left foot. And to think how many cultures left foot are now in the Arsenal team.

Funsho Patrick

@imperious…you couldn’t have put it any better…for the quality of opposition it could have been our best game this season….we need to be ruthless to lift the PL though


Declan Rice, my word! Can’t believe I wasn’t too sure about getting him. Boy, don’t I look like a fool on that one.

The fact that we could get him for less than Chelsea get duds like Caicedo is even more incredible.

Him and a fit and firing Partey in midfield could make UCL nights really interesting.


Eager to see them back together. Fire and ice just like we have in defense. Power and guile it could be a special partnership.


For real, it could. Not even Bayern has that kind of midfield this season! Our midfield would be only behind Real Madrid’s and Man City’s!


When we signed him my number one objection was that he looked just a tiny bit like a less ugly Gareth Bale. On an objective level I’m not sure if that’s changed much, but I now see Declan’s inner beauty to such an extent that it hurts to even put Gareth Bale’s name in the same paragraph as him. And I just did it twice, ouch, OUCH.


Those downvoting, I take it you want me to keep comparing Rice’s appearance to Bale’s despite my spiritual epiphany, I shall not do it! He is as inwardly beautiful as Jesus Christ and Penelope Cruz put together! Set the Spanish inquisition against me if you will, I will not give in


Are you OK buddy?


Stroooong performance! Could and probably should have scored at least a couple more but apart from that very very good!


Odegaard was an absolute monster today


Rice is too good for words. Just wow, is there anything he can’t do?


So far, he cannot disappoint


Can he play in goal? because Raya had a couple moments today


Have to say a good word about Dunk today. That is a 5-0 game if he isn’t playing.
I thought arsenal were brilliant today.


Agree re Dunk outstanding player and kudos to BHA they stuck to their game, played how they wanted to but quite simply we were just too good. Exceptional performance by our boys and 6 1 wouldn’t have been an incorrect scoreline


If he hadn’t been playing, we’d have missed out on him blocking that Ødegaard netbuster with his plums.


How Maguire starts for England and Dunk doesn’t is beyond comprehension.

We were absolutely rampant today and with a little luck on our side could have run up a tennis score. Keep playing like this and the goals will come.


It actually hit his hip, but the power must have made is plumbs clank together.


He was down for a good while, in obvious genuine agony, all the while cradling his meat ‘n two veg in both hands.
Those are (IMHO) the actions of a man who has just been hit very hard, dead on in the happy sacks.


I had that exact thought during game. Fing land want a big strong boy, get one that can play.


So good for Eddie and Kai having a crucial contribution today

Red Cannon

Yeah, Eddie’s pass was excellent.


Maybe I was wrong about Havertz?


On another day we win this game 6-0. The quality in the final third, especially Martinelli was pretty poor and frustrating to watch. Time to rotate Nelson or even ESR on the left to remind Martinelli he is not irreplaceable.


And yet we never do.


Only someone of a particularly negative disposition would look for something to pick fault with in a performance like that.


And only someone who is short sighted would see that attack as good. Saka was wasteful and Martinelli got into about 6 good positions only to deliver poorly. If Gross puts his glaring miss away we draw the game and you wouldn’t be so positive.

this is our year

man i’d love to see chuffy chat to clive palmer and offer these dross takes. see how quickly and completely he gets eviscerated.


Hey- i complained plenty about mitoma and his diving!


Please until after the Liverpool game.
Martinelli does terrorise TAA


With the benefit of watching, not playing, G. Jesus makes a string of wrong decisions. I would gave preffeted Eddie. But the goal helps.

Bleeding gums murphy


this is our year

i honestly don’t know if these mandem serious with this nonsense. must just be trolling. ball knowledge low if you think martinelli does nothing or is having a poor season. try watching the game with your eyes and see how many final third entries he has and how he consistently beats one and often beats two men before retaining possession moving us up the pitch.

this is our year

i’d also mention that if you’ve read about martinelli’s history, and his character, you likely wouldn’t come to the conclusion that he thinks ‘hes irreplaceable’ based on your opinions on his final actions in matches, which of course, as we all know are the only actions in football that exist, right?

Mikels Arteta

I don’t know what game you were watching

this is our year

hey chuffster, i thought i’d update you with information from jon ollington’s by the numbers piece so you know what to look for and can maybe assess martinelli’s performance better next time. 5 – Key passes by Gabriel Martinelli (1st overall). Additionally, he completed 4 passes into the penalty area (1st overall), successfully played 1 cross into the penalty area (1st overall), attempted 8 take-ons (1st overall) with a successful completion rate of 38%, progressed play by carrying the ball 174 metres (1st overall), made 3 carries into the final third (1st overall), and executed 5 carries into the penalty area… Read more »

Holden Afart

This has to be the most fluid attacking football Arsenal had played in a very long time. Just beautiful football. What an exciting, and fantastic game!!! Yay, finally beat Brighton at home. Top of the table. Happy for the team, manager, and fans!!!


100 %! champions material!


and did you ever see a player who wanted off the field as much a Milner? He could wait to replaced.

Crash Fistfight

Vital typo, there


He did look a bit like a Boulton-Paul Defiant in a Battle of Britain dogfight.

Eric Blair

I was thinking more a Camel


I can see Milner saying upon his retirement “I knew my time had come when I couldn’t get near Saka” in December 23.


Oh surely he can join his mates in Saudi Arabia for the pay packet bigger than the attendance when he’s ready and then mbs can launder more money thru a premier league team.


Declan Rice is the Man


Brighton were outplayed from start to finish. Bring on Liverpool.

Eric Blair

Beat Liverpool and I put us as favourites.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Game at a time.
A couple injuries and the season could be much different, in a short space of time

Man Manny

Great game. Apart from that one scare, Brighton had no joy whatsoever. Four goals would not have been a surprise; such was our dominance.
We can now go to Anfield with confidence.


After watching Liverpool shit the bed today and miss twice as many chances against woeful Man Ure as we did against Brighton, I’m not as terrified of going up there next week as I have been in the past.

I’ll be laughing all week at Dalot getting two yellow cards for identical offenses two seconds apart. What a MORON!

Yakful Dodger

Totally deserved win. I still worry about our inefficiency in the final third however and why does Martinelli hesitate to attack the space when he’s one on one with defenders? He instead slows it down and waits for support. He should back himself, he has the pace and skill to do more.


I think to be honest GM has lost half a yard since coming back from his serious injury

Dr. Gooner

I don’t see physical problem. I see a player who is indecisive or too stiff when he does get into good positions. Overall I think he’s putting too much pressure on himself instead of letting himself feel the flow of the game and playing his natural game.

Glenn Helder's Perm

Let’s not forget he’s still a young and somewhat raw player. But what a talent. Love watching him terrorise defenders.

I remember a viewer on a stream commenting to say that Martinelli wouldn’t get a place in any other top 6 PL team. That viewer, dear reader, was an idiot.

Great performance today from the lads. Bar Gross missing that sitter, Brighton had absolutely nothing. Onwards and upwards!

this is our year

In my opinion, you’re all off the mark. I think its about letting everyone get into attacking structure so that if we lose the ball, we are in shape. We have easily the best rest defense in the league you know?


It’s probably something he’s been asked to do, given that it happens every time when he’s out on the left and outnumbered- when he’s thru the middle on a break there’s less hesitancy.

Like White and Rice

ManUre hasn’t drawn a match all season– 9 wins, 7 losses, 0 draws. Seems like it’s time for them to draw one.

Eric Blair

Good call!


Can you make a similar call for Liverpool next week, my good sir?

Like White and Rice

Arsenal haven’t won at Anfield since 2012. Seems like it’s time for them to win one.


Is it just me or does it seem like whenever teams push the boundaries of “physicality” with us, refs, pundits and everyone sort of applaud them and take a very lenient view? The moment we go somewhere like Brighton, though, and we are very physically dominant, whistle starts blowing, cards start coming out. I am absolutely not a conspiracy theorists, but it does seem like we’re reffed differently.

Anyway, we never really looked in danger, and more than a few players (Rice, Saliba, Gabriel, Odegaard) put in world class performances.


Dr. Gooner

We saw the classic “first foul by an Arsenal player is a yellow” thing with Ben White. That was kind of harsh but I understand it. The one I don’t understand was the yellow for MA after he waved his hands enthusiastically.


mitoma should have seen red for a second bookable offence when he dove in the penalty box.

A Different George

For me, the officiating was okay except for one thing, which we have been seeing over and over. This is the rotational fouls on Saka–even if none individually deserve a caution, and even if no individual player is guilty of persistent fouling (though sometimes referees allow a third or even fourth foul with no booking). In truth, this happens to other teams too–Edin Hazard was the best example, today Grealish, Salah, etc. But we don’t football to be a series of free kicks, we want players like these (and obviously, especially Saka) to be rewarded for being faster, or quicker,… Read more »


I absolutely think this was one of the better reffed games overall we’ve had in a minute (Arteta yellow aside). My point is that teams come with a plan to just kick and push us and it’s just us getting “outmuscled”, but when we get just a little physical with a team like Brighton, it’s not really seen the same way. Jesus protecting the ball and getting called for a foul when if someone else did it it’s just “good strong center forward play”. Anyway, I really have nothing to moan about. Good game against a good team and top… Read more »


Refs are either oblivious to rotational fouling (incompetent) or they’re allowing it against certain players with certain complexions. Rashford gets a bunch of the same tackles and sterling used to as well, yet foden and Salah seem a protected species

Eric Blair

It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you!


The links to the goals were great, but surely you should add the Dunk block from Odegaard as well. Highlight of the match…

Dr. Gooner

That’s about all you can ask for as a coach in terms of the control we exerted on that game. I’ve never seen Brighton so thoroughly dominated, home or away, and I’ve watched them a lot. They weren’t “poor” in this game either. I was impressed by their spacing and organization with and without the ball. They shifted across really quickly to close down angles time after time, and that’s partly why Arsenal struggled to get a clear sight of goal despite all of our dominance. Dunk and VanHaacke played fantastic games. What you have to conclude from this game… Read more »

Eric Blair

Yes, I’m so happy for Kai and how well he’s doing now.


and still- top of the league! united were atrocious today (all of ten hag’s signings are so bad) but liverpool tried to force it instead of playing in a measured way. if we can keep control of the ball and tempo of the game at anfield, we’ve got a great chance of winning there.

Mikels Arteta

Fuck the PGMOL
Fuck the FA

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