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Report: Cedric edging closer to Arsenal exit

Various sources, including Fabrizio Romano, report that Cedric Soares is edging closer to a departure as speculation builds that clubs in Turkey, namely Besiktas, will make a move before deadline day.

The Portugal international, 32, has been surplus to requirements at Arsenal for the best part of 18 months and will become a free agent in the summer when his four-year deal expires.

Soares moved to Emirates Stadium on loan from Southampton in January 2020 and made his Bosman move permanent the following summer. It’s possible he could do something similar this time around.

In total, he’s made 61 appearances for the Gunners, scoring twice and making five assists. His most recent was in the Champions League dead rubber against PSV Eindhoven in December.

This time last year the full-back moved to Fulham on loan but struggled for minutes. The wrong side of 30 and earning big money – rumoured to be a six-figure sum per week – he’s subsequently been hard to shift.

In recent years, the Turkish Super Lig has become a home for players winding down their careers and it looks a decent fit for a player who once won Euro 2016 with his country.

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Fingers crossed he goes in Jan!!!

Johnny 4 Hats

Pepe, Torreira and now Cedric.

You certainly know a signing has been shite when you’re selling to Turkey.

Heavenly Chapecoense

RVP and Drogba too?

Emi Rates

Man U sold rvp to Turkey, not us.


Well well you simpletons are made to feel that this is a wrong decision made by MA, Edu and now you have your fingers crossed hoping this pariah leaves now. Good luck! One thing is for certain with his departure certain nasty transactions could be buried deep in the Pacific.


What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


Very harsh on Billy Madison


Chat GPT has been at the sauce again I see.

A Different George

I think he’s saying (sort of): “All you supporters who think getting Cedric was just a mistaken assessment by Edu and Arteta fail to realize the corruption involved in that deal, which this move to Turkey will probably bury.”

Watch for further bulletins while I hone my translation skills.

It Is What It Is

Same conclusion. Buried, meaning Kia deals being a thing of the past.

Need a collective of experts on ancient languages, and a resident therapist.

Crash Fistfight

Thanks. That’s actually an interesting point if your translation is correct.


Cedric may not be the most inspirational signing we ever made, but he’s far from the worst. I always see him be willing to be on the bench and put in a shift when called upon to play. Don’t buy into the Blogs narrative that ‘he’s shit and so we must hate on him!” He’s an Arsenal player and always works hard for us. I wish him all the best where he ends up next.


Well said. Blogs has been bashing on Cedric for a while. Always felt a bit unfair for a player that has come across as a good professional and a decent bloke.

Per's cojones

I was wondering what the proposed fee was. Then realised we don’t do that here..


On players who were never quite good enough – I see Mavropanos played for WHam and had a stinker, costing them the goal that put them out of the cup against Bristol City. Thankfully we have moved on.

Emi Rates

Maybe he was good enough for mid table Bundesliga teams and should have stayed there.


Mavropanos was good enough to score against us and was one of the best player on that day.

Crash Fistfight

He was good enough for West Ham to spend 25million on him, after we sold him for the change down the back of the sofa and a packet of Space Raiders.

Emi Rates

Kia Joorbachian – what a cunt!


Let’s invest all of the 50p we’re getting in a new striker.


I’m sorry, he’s simply not good enough to be an Arsenal player; never was. His mistakes – and there have been many of them, have cost the team severely over the past few seasons. Yet a lot of people seemed to think that that could all be excused by his quirky personality and relentless photobombing of goal scoring team mates. The fact remains, however, that the man is prone to the odd howler or five every time he takes the field. I for one certainly don’t want him anywhere near our remaining Premiership and Champions League games. Let’s thank for… Read more »


Please let this be true. There are few players who are as annoying as Cedric with his stupid photo bombing and his “fighting for his place in the team”. Ugh.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Let’s not be rude. He was always doing his best, never had any complaints with his attitude or behavior.


I can think of plenty of players who were more annoying. He was not the best player to ever represent the club but seems a good character who keeps his head down. Even once stood up for an academy player who was getting bullied by a senior pro in training. Best of luck to him.


By no means a good signing. Not even an average one. But people do seem to talk like he is the worst player ever to appear on the carpet.

Genuinely thought he was decent against PSV.

Death by 300,000 Passes

It was so important to give him those minutes in the PSV game, instead of fielding Walters. Well palyed.

89 again

Perhaps the management team, operating without the benefit of hindsight, thought that Cedric was ahead of Walters in the pecking order and therefore would need the minutes more in case of an injury crisis. Perhaps not, It always amazes me when people are able to get excited about things like the rb selection in a dead rubber game. No football dows strange things to people I guess.

Crash Fistfight

Maybe those minutes helped whatever club is in for him make the decision to try to sign him.


Talking transfers – check out Vlahovic’s two screamers vs Sassuolo last night.
That, chaps, is what we are sorely missing – and since we were ready to drop 80m on him two years ago, just GO GET HIM, Edu!!!

His price has halved since then due to the unhappy marriage with Juve, which now though looks to be stabilising – so buy the bugger before his price goes up again.
His Juve fantasy hasn’t really worked out for him so he’d no doubt more a lot more willing to move.


We can’t spend anywhere near what he’s worth until we have sold players, unless you’re happy with a big points deduction.


Juve would never part with him for less than what they paid. He feels too flaky to me to be worth that much. I’m sure he’ll go on to win 12 ballon d’ors but I don’t see it, his two beauties from last night notwithstanding.


In the last match he was the only experienced defender on the bench. Some defenders need to become available from somewhere

Death by 300,000 Passes

Personally I’d trust Walters more than Cedric. Even Brooke Norton-Cuffy, if he was not on loan.


Let’s see how his agent works this time


Hopefully he will move to Inter Milan alongside Alexis who will then make a swap deal for De Gea after he signs for Lyon on a free.

Super agents can go uck themselves

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