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Arteta: The atmosphere was phenomenal

Mikel Arteta spoke to TNT Sports about Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Newcastle in the Premier League this evening.

Here’s what he had to say.

What did you like about tonight?

Everything, the way we started, the aggression and the positivity that we showed in our play from the beginning. We started to generate chances to go more, we scored a goal, we got the second one, we went for the third, fourth one. The team didn’t want to stop, you know, and you could feel that it was something there in the tummy.

As well, the atmosphere was phenomenal to play a big game that we had to play against a really, really good opponent. So I’m really pleased.

Being happy keeping the motivation in the second half and scoring more goals …

Absolutely. And because we know that 2-0 is not done and they are a really good team. They have a lot of tools and resources to create issues, and we knew that we had to get the game done and we’ve done it.

On Jorginho making a difference …

Yeah, he was really good. Again, we believe that it was a game for him for the way they are set up and the things that Jorgi generates but then it’s him that has to do it and he’s done it again.

He’s a fantastic player

Scoring four goals, do you have a favourite?

I like all of them, the ones that are more scrappy, the ones that probably don’t go on YouTube, but they’re as effective. It’s really good because we’re scoring in different ways and that’s something really positive as well for the team.

Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle – player ratings

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Arsenal have scored 2+ goals in their last seven halves of Premier League football, the first team to do so in the competition’s history (second half vs Liverpool, and both halves against West Ham, Burnley and Newcastle).


It’s much better than that. They have scored at least 2 goals in 7 successive Premier League matches.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

They haven’t


Taking into consideration that we still has guys like Ramsdale, Partey, Jesus, Tommy on the bench…

Hats off to Mikel and co.
They have built an enormus team.

Tom 007

Zinny n Timber too


Slightly off topic. I don’t normally watch Match of the Day, either at game or watch on TNT Sky etc. Ian aside, they really don’t like us do they.

The Beast

Lower down in the queue than I expected but at least we had Ian representing on our behalf

Spanish Gooner

To be fair that’s probably due to timings. Our game finished about 30 mins before match of the day started, so there’s a decent chance they were still recording our segment while the united highlights were on

Crash Fistfight

The atmosphere was indeed great.

Just a small nitpick from me, though. I wish people would get back to their seats for the start of the 2nd half. The atmosphere went flat for a good 5 minutes, until someone got the Ole, Ole, Ole song going.

I felt like it had an affect on the team for that short period. If Newcastle has scored to make it 2-1, the game would’ve got nervy.


This might sound like a daft first world problem (though aren’t they all here really) but from my dozen or so times there, if you want to get a beer, maybe a snack, and a quick run to the loo done at half time at Emirates, all things which you want to be able to do during a football game, then you’ll really struggle to get back to your seat in time, and most of that time is spent queuing. Which is even more frustrating considering how shit the food is there (keep in mind this was years ago so… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I don’t understand the need to rush to drink a shitty pint out of a plastic cup at half-time at the best of times (do you really need to have a drink to enjoy yourself?), but especially yesterday, when people could’ve been drinking earlier in the day. If you’re caught short, OK I can understand that, but the queues are much shorter than for concessions so I don’t think that would cause a good quarter of the seats being empty at the start of the 2nd half. On a Saturday, there’s no reason to have to get food in the… Read more »


Worse, to get back in your seat in time for the start, you have to leave before the first half ends and the queues become truly unreasonable. I think its a structural problem with the stadium, and why I gave up on using the concessions at all.

Santi’s Phonebox

I’ve never been to any stadium that there weren’t long queues at the half. Are Emirates abnormally long?


In England pobably not, but that just means the problem is widespread. I’ve been to a tennis match at the O2 and to North American sports arenas where this wasn’t nearly as much of an issue.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Agree with that. I’ve never (or maybe a drink once) bought food or drink at a football match


Well it happened to me pretty much every single time I was there, unless the match was so big I decided to forego the pint and/or snack. And now you’re getting into judging people for their drinking and eating habits. You might be different, I guess you need less to enjoy yourself and that’s a great quality, but some of us love a pint and a snack with our football, I find it a lovely combo. And not all of us like to eat so early either. Considering how much money those tickets cost and how fucking cold and wet… Read more »


And p.s. drinking earlier in the day instead of at halftime is a surefire way to make sure you miss some action having to go to the loo before halftime and/or to give yourself a headache during the match. I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom drinking isn’t nearly as much about getting pissed as it is about enjoying the act of drinking


And they have this stupid rule of not allowing people to take their beer to their seats. Here in the states, we got vendors walking up and down the stadium selling beer and things. And I had to dump half of my perfectly good beer to get back to my seat in time for the start. ugh!


Wasn’t that only during European matches? I think it’s because of the history hooliganism in European matches.

But yes that one made me really upset. It never occurred to them maybe just to find those responsible for being violent arseholes and punish those people instead of ruining the fun for the 95% who are perfectly civilised? That seems to be how you guys deal with it over there, just banning and/or charging isolated cases, and it seems to work well enough because even if you’re a complete c**t you don’t want to risk going to jail.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Tbf we should have scored within a minute of the restart

Celebration Police

What is really wrong with Arsenal? Why can’t they just be consistent? I don’t know how long Arteta will stay on the job if this continue. How can you thoroughly beat a team that cheated you last time and not give us work to do. No one to attack or arrest for over-celebrating. Even Saka refused to comment on world class saga that we invented to get something out of Arsenal. What are they smoking at the Emirates????


A little later than usual to post my two penny’s worth, but it would be remiss not to congratulate the manager and the players on another excellent performance. I said it was important that heads didn’t drop after the Porto game (more for the fanbase than the players). As a collective, we are well and truly back in the groove and can treat ourselves to a hearty laugh at all the media cunts who were desperately trying to carve out a crisis of confidence for us, particularly those two Tottenham cunts on TalkSport. Still laughing at us NOW, you utter… Read more »

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