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Lacasse, D’Angelo and Fox all called up for Gold Cup

Cloe Lacasse and Sabrina D’Angelo have been called into the Canada squad for the Gold Cup, which takes place between 19 February and 10 March.

Emily Fox has also been called into the USWNT squad for the tournament. Canada coach Bev Priestman has confirmed that she will allow Lacasse and D’Angelo to stay with the club for the home game against Manchester United on 17 February.

Canada and the US are entitled to ask for the players to be released on 12 February if they wish. Canada coach Bev Priestman said, ‘We have opted to leave the players in their club environment if they are in season just to keep the flow they have. The players will come in by the 19th.’

It remains to be seen whether the USA will adopt the same policy that would allow Emily Fox to play in the game.

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With Lauren Hemp on that wing (and some times Cloe Kelly when they switch sides) I would really like to see Fox playing

David Hillier's luggage

She’ll be available to face those two in the FA Cup game against City, it’s the Utd game on 17th she’s likely to miss.


right…I was mixed up


This means Man United will keep Jade Riviere as well then? If Fox isn’t allowed to stay then the Gold Cup would benefit United more than us but we should still be favorites given the rest of the squad. They have taken points off us the past few meetings so should be competitive nonetheless and vital for the top 3 battle.

Fun Gunner

Thank you for showing consideration to the club, Bev Priestman.
Now could you please follow Priestman’s lead, dear Interim Head Coach of USWNT? Ta muchly.

Peter Story Teller

It always hits a raw nerve with me that these single continent cups are scheduled right at the run in to the domestic season. I know people will point out that the North American season is different to ours just like the African season may be also, but these are professional athletes paid for by us for the rest of the year and our club’s success or failure could be determined by the availability of these players. I often wonder what my boss would say if I told him I was unavailable for a couple of weeks while I go… Read more »

Tim Stillman

But then the question comes about when you put the tournament? If you put it in June / July that is right in the middle of the NWSL and other CONCACAF seasons where the vast majority of these players play. These countries produce the players so they have a right to use them for international games, otherwise there is no incentive for a lot of these nations to invest in producing women’s players at all. Most players really value playing for their countries, especially those who do need to move away to other countries to earn a better living.

Peter Story Teller

I appreciate what you are saying, Tim. Perhaps it is just me but I am no fan of internationals at all. They are intrinsically biased towards the larger and richer countries, or at least those that are prepared to invest what capital they do have in a football heritage. Basing team selection on their birthplace appears to me utterly anachronistic. A small club can grow itself into a major force given time and investment (even Arsenal started as a kickabout in a factory!) but a small country is limited by its population capacity and wealth generation opportunities. As my example… Read more »

Fun Gunner

I hate the international breaks, but I love international football tournaments. Players are proud and happy to represent their countries and mix it with the big boys/big girls. You see different fan cultures displayed, which is fun.
My only issue with some of the tournaments is that they are too frequent. But on the other hand it keeps interest in football up, so… It means so much to the small countries just to be in a big tournament and if they score against a titan, that’s celebrated like a win!


I can’t think of a solution for the scheduling but I just realized that Emma Hayes has a big say in whether or not we lose Fox for our WSL game with Man United. If we were still 3 pts behind them then I guess this would maybe raise more eyebrows.

Fun Gunner

Why would Emma Hayes have a say? She is not head coach of the USWNT until her contract at Chelsea ends in the summer. And I think it’s the national football association of each country which has the rights and makes the decision.


American press is reporting that the Gold Cup roster decision was a collaboration between Emma Hayes and Twila Kilgore.

Fun Gunner

Hayes having input into who is on the squad makes sense, because she is taking over for the Olympics. That’s not a decision about *when* to call up players, though. Chelsea will lose Fishel – not as important a player for them as Fox is for us (already!) but she has been used a lot by Hayes.

Peter Story Teller

I’m no fan of Emma Hayes either and she certainly played the system post-covid, but to think that she would stoop so low as to try and get her future employers to disadvantage Arsenal in a WSL game has to be a conspiracy theory, surely?


It’s not whether or not she WILL actually do it that’s the problem, it’s the fact that she CAN because of this bizarre duo role she has between Chelsea and USWNT. It’s a conflict of interest in this case between Chelsea’s wellbeing and USWNT’s

Peter Story Teller

I agree there is a conflict there but that’s up to the Chelsea hierachy to sort. If I was paying her to manage my team I would say focus on this until your contract is up and forget about USNWT! But then, of course, it might be in Chelsea’s interests for her to have influence Stateside!

David Hillier's luggage

It would be naive to think Hayes hasn’t had any influence on squad selection, however I doubt she would try and use her future position for the USWNT to gain a competitive advantage in the WSL.

David Hillier's luggage

Canada kick off a couple days after the US, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox misses the Utd game for that reason alone. Hopefully I’m proved wrong though.

Also, looking at our fixtures, D’Angelo now misses only one league match (and possibly a cup game?). I’m sure Bouhaddi brings in a lot of experience, however her signing feels a tad odd now given the number of matchdays she’ll be required for.

Peter Story Teller

I’m hoping some of that experience rubs off on our long term goalkeepers. For example, Manu has been with us for several seasons but still does not command the area like she should. Why does she not direct the defence more? It often looks like a blind panic back there. It is all very well being able to play it around the area with her feet but at times it appears that the “basics” of goalkeeping are missing. How many times do you see the ball fly past a static, rooted to the spot Manu? Maybe Bouhaddi could be a… Read more »


Seems likely some will have play out position for some of 1 or 2 games. a CB at FB and a central player as wide forward

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