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“He’s doing well” – Jorginho agent plans talks with Arsenal

As the summer approaches, Arsenal are in a strong position on the player contract front.

Only four first team members have deals ending in June and three of those – Cedric Soares, Mo Elneny and Arthur Okonkwo – are destined to leave for pastures new.

As things stand, the future of Jorginho is the main sticking point. The Italy international signed for 18 months when he joined from Chelsea in January 2023 and it’s understood the Gunners included an option to extend the contract by a further 12 months.

While it’s unclear whether the clause is still valid – a deadline to make a decision may have elapsed – PA Sport claimed last month that Mikel Arteta still wants to retain a player whose experience and passing range have proved very useful in recent months.

In the absence of Thomas Partey, the midfielder has made 28 appearances so far this campaign, often freeing Declan Rice to play higher up the pitch.

So far, the noises from Jorginho’s camp sound positive if non-committal.

“The squad is Arsenal’s strength,” agent Joao Santos told TMW. “Today they’re a squad that lead the Premier League, they’re in a position of absolute importance.

“They’re in the Champions League, they face Bayern and there’ll be a lot of emotion until the end of this season.

“He’s out of contract with the Gunners, we’ll talk to them because he’s doing well. If they need him from next season…”

That Jorginho has regained a place in the national team despite not being a guaranteed starter at the Emirates no doubt helps Arsenal’s cause.

He was captain of his country when they lifted the trophy at the delayed Euro 2020 final at Wembley and is very likely to be on the plane to Germany this summer.

For all that, it’s clear Serie A, where he made his name, remains in the player’s heart. His agent thinks a number of Italian sides could make approaches and he’s not closing the door on a return.

He said: “It’s always like this in football: Jorginho has played in Italy all his life, he likes it a lot, why say no?”

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His agent is quite annoying. He’s starring in the team that leads the Premier League and is in the CL quarterfinals, he looks happy, he has a central leadership role in the team, his teammates and managers love him and now even the fans, and he’s lived in London for many years now. Why leave for some uncertain situation in Italy?

I bet he’ll stay and this is just a negotiation tactic, but if not, it will be this pesky agent’s fault.


“He’s out of contract with the Gunners, we’ll talk to them because he’s doing well. If they need him from next season…”

Hes basically said, we dont know whats happening next season, if arsenal need him they will sign an extension, if not his preference might be to go to italy.

Nothing wrong with that.


What’s he agent said that’s so bad? He’s doing well, if Arsenal want him then they’ll talk, if not then they’ll see what else is available. Seems pretty chill compared to most agent speak we hear.


Arsenal clearly want him to stay and have been negotiating an extensioj, thats been made pretty clear. This quote – “Jorginho has played in Italy all his life, he likes it a lot, why say no?” Sounds very much like he’s agitating for a move to Italy, or at least using it as leverage to get an extortionate deal either from us or from an Italian team, whereas I’m sure the player himself would settle for 10% less money to stay at Arsenal. This is typical greedy agent stuff but not all agents these days are like that, some do… Read more »

gav mcadam

Yep, agents rubbing his hands at the prospect of a bumper cut to the new deal. Parasites, the lot of them.
Love Jorg, he’s been invaluable this season, and hope he gets his just reward.


Not to mention how agents have muddied the transfer market as well. Wenger was right not to want to pay agents. Teams are held hostage by agent fees, richer clubs us included happily pay them, but it’s basically a shake down. Why on earth should an agent get tens of millions for being a glorified head hunter. Sure, you’re paying for their connection and network, but that’s it. What happened to 15% of the athletes earnings? Still very lucrative. No, they need the Lake Como house it’s got to be 15 mill agent fee.

Johnny 4 Hats

Our three oldest players are all CM. So possibly two will be moved on this summer. I still think Partey is just outstanding. So I don’t want to make a definite opinion until I’ve seen what he can offer us in the run in. Most think he won’t do much. But I think he will recapture some of the form that made us fall in love with him and be a big part of the run in. But at the moment I would definitely like to keep Jorginho, if nothing else but for his character and experience. It also helps… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Will City or Liverpool sign Jorginho at the end of the season? If it yes, we keep, if no, we let go.

Johnny 4 Hats

Will Arsenal or City sign Endo or Curtis Jones at the end of the season?

Will Arsenal or Liverpool sign Kyle Walker or Kovacic?

I’m not convinced that’s a great way to judge the value of a player.


It’s a bit more nuanced then that!
jorgi is an absolute baller. We don’t have anyone like him. He suits this team for many many reasons. My challenge to him would be: win more with us then you did with CFC.
Sign da ting Jorgi.

A Different George

I think it’s pretty clear that Arteta understands how to get the most out of Jorginho–play him regularly, but only for 60 minutes and, if possible, only once a week. Use him especially when Zinchenko is not available. In those circumstances, I think he can definitely play at this level another season or more. He’s not much slower (if at all) than he was three years ago–when he won the Champions League and captained Italy to the Euros. And came in third in the voting for the Ballon D’Or.

Eric Blair

I’d be happy for him to stick around another couple of years and help ease in a younger replacement. After that I’d seriously look at bringing him into the coaching team.

Really interested to see what we do this summer. There are some obvious holes in the squad and room for exciting upgrades. Trust the process and it’s Happy Flowers all the way.


Agree, Jorg will be a brilliant manager, both tactically and with the man management part of it.


There would be a considerably larger rebuild needed in midfield if he leaves, especially if Partey leaves as well. It makes a lot of sense for him to be retained at least for another year. He’ll be 34 in 2 years which will still give him some time to finish his career in Italy as he’s the kind of player who could comfortably play until 36 or 37 with his relatively unathletic style (compared to someone more ‘all action’ like Rice at least).


It’s quite strange that Jorginho is actually one year younger than our welsh Jesus.

Funny how with some players you always associate them with their youth, and how for others you just think that they are the veteran.

Whimsical to think about how it could have been Ramsey who could have been the wise old head in this team


Fair enough.
I was excited when we signed him and it’s turned out to be a move that benefited both parties.
If he’s out of contract and wants return to Italy good luck to him. He’s been a good signing for Arsenal and has been nothing but professional since he arrived.
I hope he stays, but if he does go, my memories of him will be good ones.

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