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Arsenal’s season finale to be broadcast by TNT Sports

Arsenal have confirmed that Sunday’s season finale against Everton will be broadcast in the UK by TNT Sports and discovery+.

As is the norm, all 10 of the Premier League’s final matchday matches will kick off simultaneously at 4pm.

Those wanting to keep tabs on Manchester City, who are at home to West Ham, will need to have another screen/ tab open with Sky Sports.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know by now that the Gunners can only win the title if Mikel Arteta’s side wins and City either lose or draw.

To put our chances into context, the last time Pep Guardiola’s side dropped points in the league was when we ventured to the Etihad at the end of March. They are on an eight-game winning streak.

Somehow David Moyes, in charge of the Hammers for one final game, will have to conjure up a miracle.

Alas, his players don’t have anything to play for. They currently sit in ninth and can at best finish eighth although that could be out of reach by the end of tonight’s midweek round of fixtures.

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Unfortunately, agree there is not much chance City will drop points. Just hope the fact it is Moyes last game helps. Also hope the players have a point to prove. They can’t be happy that all the media said trophyless Spurs were the last chance for City to drop points, whilst they have been written off despite the fact they won a trophy last season.

Arshavins left foot

We want to see a low low defensive block, a ref that likes jellied eels and permission for Declan to play one final game for the hammers. At least there might be one moment on Sunday when we are back on top.


At the very least big Dec should be brought back to do the teamtalk!


You never know, West Ham will go for it and have some really good attacking players like Bowen and Kudus who can hurt anyone. Having said that their defending has let them down this season and nobody is better at exploiting poor defences than the 115er’s. We still have to do our business and if we do and end up 2nd, we can still be very proud of the season. It’s been massively entertaining.

Dr. Gooner

Dyche’s teams have given us trouble in the past. He mixes a combination of aggressive pressing deep in our half and a tricky mid-low block. His players tend to be physically imposing and thus don’t lose many duels. It’s a difficult style to play against and their defensive record is really good. They got hammered by Chelsea but it’s much more normal for them to keep games within a 1-2 goal margin, even agaisnt the elites. Their problem has come at the other end. Their finishing has been abysmal most of the season with Dominic Calvert-Lewin the chief culprit, but… Read more »

I Like Eboue-boue

Some good points made – our own game on Sunday is not a foregone conclusion and we have to prepare to break down a strong defensive side with an energetic midfield and aerial ability in both boxes.

However, this is not a game to be tinkering too much in midfield. J20 for TP5 is a possibility, but as much as I like (and rate) ESR and Fabio, there’s no way they’re ousting Rice and Ødegaard.

Dr. Gooner

I agree, they’re not. I’m trying to highlight the fact that this type of game suits them based on the unique difficulties posed by the opposition. I think Arteta should do a better job of integrating those two in particular in the coming season because they can give us goals.


The best result is to give that bankrupt bunch of cloggers a hiding and Sean dyche gets sunburned so bad he stays red for the rest of his life

Dr. Gooner

Dyche’s teams have given us trouble in the past. He mixes a combination of aggressive pressing deep in our half and a tricky mid-low block. His players tend to be physically imposing and thus don’t lose many duels. It’s a difficult style to play against and their defensive record is really good. They got hammered by Chelsea but it’s much more normal for them to keep games within a 1-2 goal margin, even agaisnt the elites, home or away. Their problem has come at the other end. Their finishing has been abysmal most of the season with Dominic Calvert-Lewin the… Read more »


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a big and physical side these days. Everton aren’t going to be able to do anything egregious without help from Howie Webb and the unaccountable brigade

Dr. Gooner

Maybe it sounds negative when I say the aerial duels will be important but I’m not forecasting, I’m trying to highlight the elements of this game that I think will be important.


Well, they gave us a 100 million bargain which has to be one of the biggest reasons we are here today. Maybe they can lend a tiny bit of additional help to get us over the line..


I don’t understand this All games every week are broadcast. How is this different?


Not in UK


This is really so f-ed up. Everyone everywhere else can watch ALL PL matches for such low price. And folks in UK, the OG fans, are being milked dry. Shame!


Spot on. For $CAD200 per year I can watch every single PL match for a whole season. For another $200 per year, I get some Championship matches, every Champions League match from the group stage on, and selected Europa League and Conference League matches. I get selected FA Cup and League Cup matches (not every match, but certainly all the Arsenal matches) on my regular cable TV channels. You guys in the UK are getting absolutely hosed. I feel for you.


Hopefully Mr Moyes leaves on a high. Well we can dream can’t we.


Personally, I’m not even bothering to watch any football on Sunday. It’s over.

There’s actually more chance of us dropping points to Everton than City not beating West Ham.

I don’t want to watch those financial-doping c**ts celebrating yet another title while listening to all those “experts” on Sky telling us how great Pep is.

It’s a shame that we don’t have unlimited dodgy money too.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

I for one am happy that we don’t have unlimited dodgy money. I don’t wanna win like they did (115).


Surely you’re proud of the season we’ve had? Stayed on until the end, outside chance but perhaps pipped at the post by a club built on unprecedented financial doping. Back in the CL and getting to the QF. Huge improvement, they gave us great entertainment this season.


Yes, I am.


They will always be Man City* to me, as in having an asterisk* after their achievements for financial doping. They are the Lance Armstrong’s of football.

As for those c*nts down the Seven Sisters, I never minded them until now. I actually liked Ossie Ardiles, Ricky Villa, Hoddle etc. but their fans celebrating Son’s miss last night is too much. I hope we beat the living daylights out of them next year and they get relegated.

“Mate” Ange actually said he doesn’t understand their mentality.

Texas Red

Comparison to Lance Armstrong is not a good one. Everyone competing for the podium was doing the same thing. He was scapegoated for problems that were widespread in the sport and which they all turned a mostly blind eye to, until one day someone had to go down for it.

Dr. Gooner

Ange is the latest manager at Spurs to call out his new club. Conte went out in a similar blaze if you recall and Mourinho had some things to say too. Being spursy is not for everyone.

Arshavins left foot

The Arsenal game is televised on TNT Fatboy
Shame on you it’s been a great season be proud and there is always hope

djourou's nutmeg

i really try not to take people like you too seriously, but it’s truly disgusting how little supportive some people are, and how those same people are also often the most demanding. 11 random men have given their everything for months and are willing to do it again this sunday just so you can celebrate a title from your couch. might as well watch them til the end buddy

Man Manny

It’s been a brilliant season. At the beginning I wondered if Arsenal could replicate the title challenge of the previous season. But here we are, still with a mathematical chance on the last day. That is quite remarkable. I am certain the team will be back stronger next season.


Well, that’s quite shit if you don’t have sky…


There’s always a way around that…

Crash Fistfight

Those ‘outlets’ don’t seem to work very well for me these days. Constantly freezing and occasionally crashing altogether.

Any ideas for good ‘solutions’ to the problem?


I watch a lot of games delayed (avoid internet). You get HD quality 2 hrs after kickoff. Footybite for the love streams, with obvious good and bad. But certainly beats paying Murdoch…


After full-time*

Giuseppe Hovno

where can you find delayed games? the usual sources? i’ve never thought of looking. not that i’ll be delaying sunday’s games!

El Mintero

Moyes is a good manager and a good man. A personal friend and mentor of Mikel. I don’t know…I’m with blogs in thinking this just might…just might…be a trap game for city…moyes will have his team well drilled and fired up. Come on you irons!


Why did the competition commission force them to split up the rights across different providers? How is it in the consumers interest to have to have multiple subscriptions to watch every televised game?
Surely true competition would be banning exclusive contracts and allowing all televised games to be on more than one channel so customers have the option of which provider is better based on quality of production and/or value of price…

Crash Fistfight

But then the companies would pay less, because they wouldn’t get the same amount of subscriptions.

I suppose you could have a PPV model, where broadcasters paid an amount back to the PL per viewer, so that there is less price risk around the broadcast contracts. Not sure if that is even feasible?

Giuseppe Hovno

like most things in britain over the last 30 years or so, football subscriptions being split up in this manner has been a great success for tremendously wealthy companies and individuals by making the lifes of most people slightly more expensive and worse


That’s the whole point of the competition commission – if the companies with the rights have to compete with each other to get subscribers it would ‘drive innovation’ (to use the libertarian nutjob justification for everything) by allowing the customers to choose who has the better offering in terms of production quality , or drive down prices by allowing them to undercut eachother for the benefit of the customers.

Obviously it would never happen, but splitting up the last day of the season is the worst example of this problem

R. Tillery

Can we not send City115 a special consignment ot Lasagne made by the same chef made famous in 06?


They also employ 115 taste testers to ensure against this…


Cmon old dave, it’s time to do a solid for your old player mikel… they won’t, west ham are trash and likely to get worse under the checkbook manager they’ve hired for next year


I’ll even sing that stupid bubble song without mockery or a fake oi bruv accent if they do us a solid at the middle eastlands.

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