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Arteta: I’m really enjoying the journey to win

Mikel Arteta says Arsenal must enjoy being in a championship race having spent years watching rival sides battle it out for English football’s top honour.

After producing a stunning run of form in the second half of the season, the Gunners could end a 20-year wait for the Premier League title if Manchester City slip up in one of their final three games.

While Arsenal’s fate remains in the hands of Pep Guardiola’s all-conquering side, Arteta is determined to push them all the way with a victory over Manchester United that would take matters to the final day of the season.

“We are right in it with two games to go. We need to do what we have to do,” he told

“We need to go to Old Trafford and perform really well to earn the right to win the game, and if we do that we’re going to be another step closer, but there’s still a lot to do.”

“I’m just in a state at the moment where I just think how I have to feel right now to be in the best place to beat Manchester United.

“I’m really enjoying the journey to win. We weren’t in this position for many years and we are right now and I think it’s our duty, our obligation, to really enjoy it, be the best we can be and see where it takes us.”

Arsenal have already equalled their highest-ever tally of goals and wins in a Premier League campaign and with a couple of wins would fall just a point shy of the club’s best points total for a 38-game campaign.

Another noticeable improvement has come in matches against the traditional ‘Big Six’ with Arteta’s squad set to top that mini-league no matter what happens at Old Trafford on Sunday.

The four points apiece taken from showdowns with City and Liverpool is particularly promising given an abject recent record against the pair.

“We are improving. When you look at the numbers in position with the top teams, it’s really positive,” said Arteta.

“You need that – those head-to-head games become super important as you can see in the league table and it means that we are improving.

“It’s a challenge but at the same time, it’s very inspiring. When you have two of the best managers in the world [Guardiola and Klopp] with two huge clubs, competing and facing them in their eyes and willing to be better than them, you learn from it.

“You challenge yourself and seek excellence because it’s the only way to try to beat them.”

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Dave see man

I am also enjoying this journey xx


Yes agree and also the positive approach from all involved with the club.
Also, I think the speed of change since MA arrived both to the team and club in general cannot be ignored.
A lot was made about MA needing the 5th fewest games to reach 100 wins in the Premier league. However, there was not much said about the fact that the 4 managers that were quicker than him had managed many games beforehand. With MA, these were his first games as a manager.


Me too, but my one worry is how everyone’s saying if we don’t win it this year we definitely will next season, I worry that if the players don’t get any reward for literally giving everything they could this season, isn’t that a bit traumatic honestly? Can you really pick yourself up again so easily and do the same thing all over again after feeling that kind of disappointment? I mean the effort guys like Rice and Odegaard and Havertz have given at times this season is UNREAL, it’s almost inhuman. I don’t know how you do that again when… Read more »

Santi’s Phonebox

In Mikel’s world we have made a step forward both in reaching the CL Quarter finals and still being in the title race, both improvements. The players will understand that it is one small marginal game they have to change to be better. They should be optimistic that they can win that one game, especially considering the squad will be better. The players and supporters should be optimistic for next season.


Least our journey doesn’t have *115 by it


What bums me out is that two moments will lose us our race to a perfect City finish: The Jorginho slip v Spurs that cost us two points and the officials fucking up v Newcastle costing us one point.

Two moments


Arteta: ““I’m really enjoying the journey to win.”

What kind of English is this?

Come on, Mikel: you’ve been in the UK for long enough.


Why don’t you try the journey to most thumbs up? You are thumbs down winner every day, you might really enjoy the journey to ups.

Teryima Adi



Fatgooner, how many languages do you speak?

Not sure if you’re a troll or just a bit of a wanker. Either way, not a great look.


I’m sure your Spanish is just as good


Hablo Espanol muy bien – y Frances tambien.

Callete, idota!

Chris Kirkland

Cualquiera puede usar google para traducir del inglés al español


Det var nå så veldig til klagemål på deg da. Din tullebukk.


Key moments of the season, mentions no real key moments. I love Arteta. I hope in time he opens up slightly during interviews and gives (if it even exists) more specific opinions / moments / thoughts / feelings etc on topics, and less A** media trained jargon. I know, just enjoy the journey….(I am)


Though I concede shooting from the hip can have fans and your own mother calling you a worthless dingo in just 24 hours (unverified spurs source).

Death by 300,000 Passes

“…I think it’s our duty, our obligation, to really enjoy it,…”

If enjoying this is my duty and obligation, I will duly comply!:-)


Fancy us to win our last two matches so guess all on Fulham on Saturday as have zero faith in the other two opponents.

It has been an enjoyable journey.


Saw the push notification for the article on my phone and really hoped the image was going to be of Win for a laugh 😂


Win as in the dog?

Teryima Adi

We take this to the last game with Everton and have a great party celebrating the league win at the Emirates on that day. COYG!!!!!


Oh, Harry, Harry! You went to Bayern Munich and you won F**k all!

Billy bob

Hilarious, I detest Bayern – partly because they gifted ManUre and Chavski champions league titles!!! Also because they are arrogant and remind me of ManUre and Chavski!!


What a game at the Bernabeau. No cup for Kane! The Wenger Curse on one Messrs Hurricane persists!!

Emi Rates

There I sat rooting for Real Madrid for the first and hopefully only time in my life.


Clutching at straws who could be the spanner in the works for Man c’s demise, for some reason I can see Spuds getting a 1-0, a dodgy pen with straight red card, Bubbles utd will get Hammered, Fulham will be 2 up at half time to get a creditable draw 2-2, wishful thinking I know but whatever happens we have had another season to be proud of our team, our club, our supporters, 3 seasons ago had you told me we would be contenders for 2 years, narrowly lost in CL qtr finals I wouldn’t of believed it, we have… Read more »


I love this man.

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